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You know an allergic reaction is pretty bad when two puffs of albuterol, two benadryl, two naproxen and two huge glasses of water bring it down to a stuffy nose and slightly itchy, red eyes, and have no inappropriate drowsiness.

I am drowsy, mind, but that's because it's almost 11 and I've had a damned long day.

I wish I weren't allergic to cats. I really, really do. The cat(-infested) house didn't even have carpet...

At least I met more cool people I hope to get to know better, and was able to see a personal library that is almost bookcase for bookcase out of my fantasies... GUH!!! Holy shit, ya'll! You would have been as breathless as I was. It is a polished gem hidden in the mundanity of suburbia.

I asked to move in, but was rebuffed. :-) (But seriously, I did ask!)

Anyway. Now forcing myself to go to bed like a good girl. Early morning tomorrow (without Geoff to help out), with lots to do. Oh. Yay.


Sep. 1st, 2013 02:19 pm
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Judging by my exhaustion and ache levels the last couple days, I either broke myself on Friday by screwing the final planter box together and putting the small, nearby pile of dirt back in (the least amount of work I've done on that project within a day so far), or I'm sick. Judging by Geoff's congestion, I'm guessing I'm sick, though with different symptoms. Perfect timing, too, as school starts on Tuesday.

Ah well. Better a bug than a flare. And hopefully the flu/cold brew, naps and lots of doing nothing will help enough so that I'll be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed on Tuesday.

In the meantime, I've got the house to myself today, because I am definitely not feeling up to going out role-playing/socializing. The fact that the role-playing/socializing takes place at a cat-infested house did influence my decision... Even if one of the cats is still up a tree... (Hopefully it's come down by now, poor thing.) :-/

Both my textbooks have arrived, plus some. Brief review of Dr. Terry Wahl's 'Minding My Mitochondria' )

Anyhoo. I'm gong to go rest some more now that I've finished my cup of brew. Hopefully that will lead to more napping, which in turn might lead to less aching. (I'm eschewing the pain pills today, unfortunately, because I want my immune system in fighting form.)

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend.


May. 23rd, 2013 09:30 pm
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First, I want to do this (#4). I very much doubt Geoff will let me, considering he likes to have drywall screws for hanging up half pound, glassless pictures that can literally be held up by thumbtacks. (I do the majority of picture hanging when he's not around. ;-)

Of course, I'm not sure where I'd do that, but still...

Mostly good stuff, but rambly and random )
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So, good things!

1. The best of recent good things. )

2. A neat dream was had last night. )

3. The rest of them. )

And now I need to go, as my eyes are starting to complain again.
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Eating the Dinosaur by Chuck Klosterman
Whitehorn Woods by Maeve Binchy

If you have suggestions, please comment with them! )
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The snow it is a-cumin down,
weather maps maybe be proven sound,
a-hum, a-hum.

However, I still think the hoopla is a bit excessive for what is essentially just a bunch of cold fluff. Perhaps a larger than normal amount of cold fluff, but it's not like it's the normal cold white shit. Don't drive (Boston's enacted a driving ban from now till 4am tomorrow morning) or otherwise be stupid, and everything should be fine. No power lines should come down from this unless they were structurally unsound to begin with.

That said, I'm looking forward to what we'll wake up to! It's almost better than Christmas, because there really is an element of unknown with a storm. I will be disappointed if we only get the equivalent of a lump of coal, though (less than 12").

Though, if more snow means the power will go off, then I'd be willing to be happy with that lump.

The only thing that worries me about this storm is that Geoff will have to get home somehow, and if he waits too long, it's going to be a tough slog, battling the wind the entire way as he will be. But, he's a big boy and can take care of himself, so I shan't worry too much.

The more pressing bad thing about this storm is that it's very difficult to maintain a sober enough attitude to do what's necessary. I just want to curl up and read. In fact, that's what I've done for the majority of the day. ("Sign of the Beaver" is really quite a good (Youth-YA) book, btw.)

But now I should go cook our dinner. Especially since the power may go out at some point. We want to have food on hand, now don't we? (She says quite reluctantly.)

Right. I'm off.

Yes, I am.

No, not to the couch, but to the kitchen.

Yes, the kitchen!!!

(I was not eying those movies! What innocent look was that?)

I'm off.

Yes, I'm going! No need to be rude about it.



Bossy boots.
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- acct: finish reading ch. 11; ex. 11-1
- bio: finish reading ch. 3; reread (again) the lab exercises for next week (minus butter); type up QfRs and email back to everyone.

House and home:
- zest and juice lemons
- deal with newly made chicken stock
- make more chicken stock
- make muffins/cookies (w/Page after school)
- make bed?
- clean one thing. Not an entire room, just one thing. Tub scrubbed.

Errands and other:
- make sure no errand running is needed on Fri/Sat: camping lamp; selenium(?)
- trim and file all nails

Friday - Sunday:

- acct: whatever exercises are assigned; go over chs 6, 10 in prep for test on 2/15
- bio: look up new class notes; check out Kahn Academy for bio/chem tutorials

House and home:
- clean tub, toilets and sinks
- laundry
- sweep a level's floors
- be prepared for cocoa-making in face of potential nor'easter
- test drive before if nor'easter is a joke

- finish "A Christmas Carol"; read "The Cats of Roxbury Station" and one of the Moominland books.
- soak myself. And exfoliate. And maybe even shave.


Aug. 28th, 2012 09:27 am
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I hate allergies. Grossness )


Today is Page's first day of 2nd grade. And it was a wonderful morning! He got up before me, got dressed, packed his lunch, and was really quite compliant in coming to eat breakfast, brushing his teeth and even putting on his lace-up sneakers!

(How long will this last?)

There was plenty of time to spare, which meant he got to play with his Legos, and I got to read my email. Win-win!


I didn't sleep very well last night. Geoff got trapped in a work site (rather literally: timer-set motion detectors kept him confined to the room he was working in), so I was worried about him. Not very worried, but enough to make my short night of sleep somewhat restless.


I don't want to re-read CoS. It's too embarrassing.


The GOP keep putting their feet in their mouths where rape/abortion/women are concerned. I do wonder about any woman who votes for that party. I know there are individual Republicans who aren't misogynists, but to support a party that has such a backward platform is... mind-boggling. There needs to be at least one other party, one that's for fiscal matters only and won't be highjacked by religion.

Granted, I'm kind of glad there isn't one, because it seems that most of the "fiscally responsible" plans out there are only good for short-term (immediate) prosperity, but would lead to long-term deficits.

Related rant )


On the other hand, tea is good.


General health, or rather, health in general )

And, speaking of routine, I should go do something. Either finish cleaning (I want this house clean before I start school!), read CoS, nap or art (yes, I am verbing that noun).

Oh. And I need to remember that it's Tuesday, not Monday. *nods*



You Are a Big Patterned Scarf

You are adventurous and bold. You don't mind being in the middle of the action with all eyes on you.

Fun is your middle name, and you tend to live big. You don't do anything halfway.

You always have something to say, and it's sometimes even very shocking. You don't hold back.

People love your refreshing honesty and attitude. You add spice to everything you do!

Book meme

Jul. 10th, 2012 11:40 am
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Snagged from alienor77310 and kribu.

The Big Read reckons that the average adult has only read 6 of the top 100 books they've printed.

1.) Look at the list and bold those you have read.
2.) Italicize those you intend to read.
3.) Underline those you LOVE.
4.) Put an asterisk next to the books you'd rather shove hot pokers in your eyes than read.

Read more... )
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Need to get my head together and figure out what needs doing this week. It's rather important that I do so. (Oh, look! New library book!)

Only tangentially related to the previous statement... )
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So, Sunday morning, after playing hookie from church (well... more like kidnapping Geoff into an unplanned social visit as I collected a couple of books from a friend), the three of us left for Orono, Maine. For those of you unfamiliar with the name, it is used in crossword puzzles frequently enough for me to be familiar with it, but not often enough to remember why it is familiar. Turns out, it happens to be home to the University of Maine. Beautiful campus, btw. Quite a lot nicer than CU-Boulder (though probably not quite as nice as UVic or UBC).

Blah blah Hunger Games blah blah swimming blah blah diet... )

Hope you all are enjoying your week. And may the heat-wave break and the power come back on!


Jun. 28th, 2012 12:17 pm
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So, I'm a whole mess of conflicting things lately.

Yesterday, I was an emotional wreck because we got news that Geoff's aunt (the one who was recently diagnoses with breast cancer) and her husband had to be evacuated from their house because of the Waldo Canyon fire on Tuesday night. And, of course, it was yesterday, Wednesday, that she went in for her surgery. (Prayers for her safe and speedy recovery would be appreciated.) Perfect timing, wouldn't you say? We think that their home is still standing, but her recovery will take place at their son's place for the foreseeable future. Hopefully that will be a good thing. I suspect it will.

It also bothers me, perhaps more than it should, that my childhood home, in a different part of Colorado, is under an evacuation alert due to a different fire. On the plus side, my in-laws' home (and my sisters' places, too) is probably safe from any of the wildfires raging, because its city is surrounded by sand.

Today, SCOTUS ruled that the individual mandate is legal. I am personally relieved about what this means for my family, although I do think the ruling is slightly... skeezy. No, this is not a tax as it is currently set up. If it were a single payer system, then yes, it would be a tax, but as it is... Falling under the federal imperative of interstate regulation is closer to the mark, but it's still rather unsettling to let the government tell us we have to buy insurance from a private business without a public option available to all. That said, HOORAY FOR UPHOLDING THE SOCIAL CONTRACT!!!!!!!

Meanwhile, I have basically been a slug of slothiness this week. I have been reading like mad when I haven't been under the spell of a ninja nap. I think Page has a cold, and I've been fighting it. (That's my story and I'm sticking with it!)

Yesterday's visit to the library found me carrying out "The Hunger Games." And, yes, I see why everyone's been raving about it. I'm torn between wanting to rush to the library to see if they have "Catching Fire" on hand today or just chilling and reading the other five books I've got out. Especially as "The Hunger Games" interrupted another book I started, "Mr g" by Alan Lightman.

I don't know if any of you have even heard of Alan Lightman, but he wrote "Einstein's Dreams" and "Good Benito" (among other things). He's a theoretical physicist, and most of his book revolve around science, and the interplay of science, philosophy and humanity. I really like his writing.

"Mr g" is his take on Creation seen through the eyes of God. I am loving it. It's a very meditative book, demanding to be sipped and savored rather than gulped down greedily (as "The Hunger Games" did), but it's an easy read nonetheless. It resonates at the same frequency of my daydreams and inner dialogues (yes, dialogues; I don't converse to myself, but with myself), and is... interesting. It's basically looking at the philosophy behind astronomy and evolution.

I'm probably going to get it for Geoff's birthday or Christmas (should I remember it). He would really enjoy it as well (and just doesn't have the time to read it right now).

What else... I have finally given in and ordered a bug suit from Amazon since I'm tired of either subsisting off of benadryl or avoiding the back yard. I would like to garden, but I refuse to slather myself in poison to do so (although I will be slathering my bug suit with poison... But that's once a season, and I'm not going to put it on until the poison has dried).

Meanwhile, I need to mow the front yard again already. This time, on a slightly lower setting, I think. Hopefully I'll be able to do that today after acupuncture (which has finally been scaled back to once a week).

Overall, life is going pretty well, really. I'm waking up cheerful, my leg is starting to ease off (loads of magnesium helps with that), and my body is even starting to cut back on its need for milk thistle and vitamin D. Yay! Now to just be able to work for 8 hours a day without crashing for a week, and I'll be healthy, right?

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Today has been a rather ordinary day, all said, but even as the errands that I needed to do were uninspiring, they went smoothly enough. (Well, except for the smoking oven, but the auto-clean is dealing with that right now.) I'm not terribly fond of the new driver's license photo, but then, I don't look horrible or insane, either. Just heavily-browed. >;-] On the downside, it's possible my vision has degraded even further, as I couldn't make out the numbers on the right side of the vision testing thingy. Not even when squinting.

However, that's not really worth worrying about now. Especially as there were two wonderfullnesses that expelled all the day's minor demons.

One: I had the pleasure of receiving notification of my passing the English Comp CLEP. That not only saves me many hours of tedium, but also many hundreds of dollars. So yay! I have 19 (non-art-school, i.e. transferable) college credits to my name, now. Whee!

And two: I got a beautiful bouquet of flowers from my in-laws. It, unfortunately, has to stay outside due to my allergies, but I've placed them next to the pot of geraniums, where they look quite cheery and pretty.

Otherwise, I've spent the day resting from my rather painful visit to the acupuncturist this morning (two nights of less-than-stellar sleep have reduced my pain tolerance significantly) and reading "Pride and Prejudice." I'm not sure if it's because it's a different edition (Norton critical) or if the previous edition I read was slightly abridged or if I just was a more careless reader in the past (or all three), but I am finding new gems of characterization and wit within almost every chapter. Needless to say, I'm enjoying the reread quite a lot.

And now I should go pick up Geoff so that he can go to the store to pick up propane for the grill and meat to grill on it (I've asked for steaks for dinner). We'll have the blueberry muffins I made in the smokey oven for cake afterwards. (I'll make a proper birthday cake on Saturday or Sunday, so that it can be a shared birthday/father's day cake.)

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Well, I picked Page up from school around lunchtime today after a call from the school nurse indicated he's come down with Hand-Foot and Mouth disease. Lovely. Sure enough, he has the beginnings of a nasty looking rash on his hands and feet, though thankfully, no mouth sores are present (yet? *wibbles*). He's also got a slight rise in temperature, so... guess we're home alone for the weekend. yay.

Geoff will be sent to the library tonight with the express purpose of snaffling a few good movies for us to watch tomorrow. *nods emphatically*

Meanwhile, the weather was nice and gave us a bit of a downpour just now, meaning we don't have to water our lawn today. Yay!

*sigh* I went to acupuncture this morning, and while it wasn't nearly as exhausting as Tuesday's session was, when I looked in the mirror after getting back home, I was looking pretty gray and grainy. I trust that tomorrow I will feel dandy again, though it's possible I am fighting off the HF&M, so I think lots of rest is in the forecast. Rest, reading, and kale smoothies. *nods*

Oh, and did I mention that I'm almost through the BBoS? Ten and a half adventures to go, and I will have read the lot. While I enjoy the stories, and Doyle's writing (especially his novels), I've got to say he is absolute pants at writing romance. Or even imagining romance. It's really laughable. *shrug* I've also noticed he's as bad at time-tables as Rowling is, though with more of an excuse, given his stories were published in serial format. I doubt he really thought they would ever be compiled into one giant tome to be picked over by fans. He might (might) have been more likely to keep facts straight, had he imagined so.

Aaaaaaand... that's it. Need to phone Geoff about that "15 minutes or so" in which time he said he'd be ready to relieve me of child care for an hour of errands. That was three hours ago. *nods* Not good with time, my man is. Not at all.


May. 25th, 2012 01:24 pm
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As in the mood. There's not much actual content here.

Mostly good things. )

Hope you all have a marvelous weekend.


May. 14th, 2012 10:14 am
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So, I think I've mentioned how Page hates change, right? Because he does. He's not absolutely horrible about it, since, if he's given enough warning, he can adapt, but still. He hates change.

Too bad for him, as change is a comin'.

Doing the bills this morning, I found notice that as of July 1st, his insurance is switching over to Medicaid. On the plus side, this means there will be no copays, and, for the first few months, no premiums. On the downside, this means that we'll have to switch counselors, because the place the current counselor is at doesn't accept Medicaid.

Bah. At least psychotherapy/counseling is covered. That's better than Medicare.

I guess how to proceed is something to discuss with the counselor next meeting. At least we have a couple month's warning (if I'd opened it right away, it would have been nearly three months. Ah well.)

Meanwhile, I'm finding that I could be a perfect case study for modern malnutrition. Niacin deficiency symptoms, and other malabsorption issues )

On the plus side, I do seem to be absorbing nutrients now. Even if I do need to get them from pills, since the leafy-green foods still give me problems. :-(

(I wonder how much of my digestive/absorption problems are related to my prior chronic dehydration... A fair amount, I imagine. *checks hand for bulging vein* *drinks more water*)

Ah well. To end on a good note, while tomorrow is the day to get the official grades from school, I know I ended the business course with a 99%, so that's good. I can't imagine I got less than 97% in accounting.

(On the bad side, books for next semester are going to be really expensive. Over $200 just to rent! Ouch.)

But it's raining gently right now, which the garden is enjoying, I'm sure, and I can spend the day any way I choose. Haven't decided between reading "Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff" or more Sherlock Holmes (first two novels down, now onto the adventures). Should probably go "Lamb" because it's a library book. Which, of course, means Sherlock is the more appealing option. Silly, obstreperous me.

Anyhoo. I hope your Monday is as good as possible, given the day, and may the week get better from here on out.
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The boyling is ill. The illness showed itself with a massive temper tantrum with his friends and then us. Pretty sure he has a fever (his legs are very warm), but mostly, his tummy hurts. Like mine has all day. (His pain is lower down, though.)

This combined with Geoff's exhaustion from having to stay up all hours to deal with clients in Australia... On top of being ill the last few weekends himself... *sigh*

Ach well. Hopefully it all will pass quickly (and literally), and tomorrow will be only slightly grumpy sunshine and roses (or would that be echinacea?). Grumpy because there will be a consequence for the tantrum, even if it's ameliorated a bit because of the cause.

Meanwhile, I'm enjoying Sherlock Holmes, though I was rather surprised at the back story/ motive of the villain of "The Study in Scarlet." Mormons never have got a good rap, have they? I wonder how much of that was true to the history...


Apr. 22nd, 2012 09:37 am
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Today's apod is neat.

Explosive Eighteen has a fight scene that made me laugh so hard it gave me a migraine. Still have the headache, but it was probably worth it.

Actually, I think the headache is a reaction headache. And I'm really not happy about it if I'm reacting to the avocados as I think I am. (That would be cruel and unusual punishment, body! You hear me?)

Where I start going into verbal spewing mode )

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So, I don't suppose it's possible to have the delegates divided so evenly that no one gets the nomination? That would be so cool. And it would also showcase how undemocratic our country really is when it comes down to it, as the party leaders would then decide who gets the nomination, delegates or no.

In the meantime, I am quietly, and very warily, rooting for Santorum simply because I think he's unelectable against Obama. Though I'm not really sure of that, so I'm mostly keeping my trap shut. I really would love a three-way between Santorum, Romney and Gingrich, though. Ron Paul can go fuck himself, if only because that would be a fair representation of what Libertarians are all about.

Random good things, basically. )

May your day be bonny and blithe.


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