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I can't read my FB page for more than an hour before I become too emotionally drained to do anything at all. So, there's that. Too bad it takes the disassembling of democracy to treat my addiction.

Lordy. It's all too much. I am trying my best to be as politically active as possible, but it's hard not to feel like end times are upon us. Not globally, I don't think. Just on this continent. Canada isn't even much of a safe-haven, because Trump's rise has empowered the fascist and racist scum there, too. (Not to mention that Canada historically has bent to the will of the States because they would prefer to keep what sovereignty they have.) And, of course, the end times are mainly for those of us who are vulnerable to begin with. Unless a full-scale revolt happens, the wealthy (who pander) will come out virtually unscathed.

Ach well.

Good things exist. Geoff's shoulder is strong and supple enough to shovel the wet muck that fell from the sky. It was only a few inches of the shtuff, but it was particularly heavy shtuff. He also is advancing in other areas that are meaningful.

Page is coming along on the saxophone. He's getting to the point where once he starts playing, he has fun (for the most part). Getting him to start, however... Well. He was startled at the nasty look I gave him last night when he commented blithely that he didn't think of his music being needed for practice. This was after soaking his reed, and futzing about for more than an hour (while we nagged at him every five minutes). He had a good practice, though. Too bad it took him an hour past bedtime to finish it. (I wasn't feeling well yesterday, which probably made the glare meaner than it should have been. We were on good terms before he went to bed.) I'm also super pleased that he's growing perceptive. He's a good man in the making, I think. An oddball, but a good and empathetic oddball.

I haven't been painting, but the basement progresses, and I did sketch out my next painting. I need to sketch it out further with colors today. I'm starting to conceive of a statement to go with this series of paintings. I don't want to use it, though, because I hate conceptual art that much. I am also practicing drawing faces again more frequently so as to be able to teach that better. Now I just need to figure out how to teach basic painting better. So much of it is instinctual for me, that it's hard to give advice that's practicable.

My health is... odd. I'm WAY better than I was leading up to the holidays, but I still feel pretty weak and fatigued. I really need to start exercising more, and meditating every day or else this administration is going to literally kill me from the stress. The trick is to remember to do it (which is a trick, given that my memory is the first thing to go when my energy is low). And I really dislike the amount of energy making decisions takes. I don't dislike it enough to give up my freedom of choice, but weighing things out is exhausting. (And some of it's stupid stuff, too. Like, I desperately need a haircut, but I also need supplies for finishing up the basement. I only have the money for one. And should I forgo both so as to subscribe to Teen Vogue and support the ACLU?)

But on the whole, life is pretty good for me and mine. And there are opportunities to make it better. So that's very good.

And here's hoping you all are doing well, too.
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I hate making calls. Really, I'm almost phobic about it. Not quite, but it's amazing how long I have to psych myself up to make any call besides one to Geoff. Even calling family makes me nervous.

Ah well. I do need to find out whether Page is a Canadian citizen due to the date of his birth or not. So I guess I will call. At some point. Soon. Honest.

In other news, it was almost 80 degrees here yesterday. I sunbathed (for vitamin D purposes), and even as exposed as I was (sports bra and swim-skirt), I was getting uncomfortably warm by the time my 15 minutes were up.

However, later in the day, I persuaded Page to come outside with me, and I cleaned and weeded the garden while he regaled me with details about the new world he's creating. I had the thought that perhaps JRR Tolkien's mum (or, more likely, his nurse), went through something similar. It wasn't too bad, as my body was busy and my mind idle, but, wow. He can still talk.

While he was talking, I managed to weed most of the strawberries out of the ornamental garden out back. I still have a dozen or so to pull up, but I think I may have a chance of keeping up with them come spring. I also managed to pull up most of the alders that had taken root last year. My poor neglected garden really was neglected last year. I think I got out only a few times in the spring, and then... nothing. For the entire summer. And fall. (I lay the blame on the basement. It sucked everything out of me. Everything.)

But spring is definitely coming. Crocuses are blooming, daffodils and hyacinths are emerging, my honeysuckle is budding, and the creeping phlox is greening. And the grass, too. It even smells oddly fertile around here. It's a month early, but spring is definitely coming. Most people are pretty happy about this, and I figure I might as well join them. As long as we don't get a front-range spring with two foot snow drops that break all the trees and kill all the flowers, I'm okay with winter being done. I certainly don't want a deep freeze to come along at this point!

I have also been productive in the basement. Two wall panels are done(ish), and cabinets have been installed on them. I've also put up one unit of pegboard and organized the more necessary tools on it. It's a temporary storage solution, as many things will go on the as yet unfinished walls, but it's getting there. And it's all accessible!!! Oh, man, is it nice to be able to use the basement to construct things again. And, I am constructing things. I've almost finished the column to cover the support beam, which is the first step to creating the storage cabinet for the laundry area (which will double as an art storage place; it'll be double sided), which should improve life for us me significantly.

Painting... I haven't been so productive. I did put in a week of labor getting "Herald" framed up nicely (enough) so as to put it in the Art Association's Spring art show at the mall. That went up last Saturday. I still have yet to go down to the mall to photograph the show. Ah well.

I've also started sketching with watercolors (well, watered-down acrylics; use what you have) in preparation for a painting I want to do. I overworked the first sketch, but it's not too bad. I'll share a photo of it eventually. I think that also happened on Saturday... Heh.

Otherwise, life has been spent drinking tea and running around in a daze. I sure would like this basement done so that I can take a guilt-free weekend off. But it's getting there. It is. Finally. Almost a year later... *grunts*

Anyway, I ought to go. Lunch to eat, instruments to deliver, husbands to ferry... Yep. Exciting stuff. ;-)
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- I accomplished the task I set for myself today (move and remove. Move a (small) cabinet so as to remove the half tiles underneath it). Unfortunately, I discovered that mastic supports life of the fungal variety. I vinegared the shit out of it, but it's discouraging to know that the battle of the mold is by no means won and will have more casualties than expected. (I knew that, but it still sucks to have it confirmed.) But still. I got those tiles up, and only shorted out the blow drier once. (It overheated, nothing dire.) I did not finish removing the mastic so as to prep the area for tiles, but that wasn't part of the task, so ner.

- Page and I finished Star Trek: Voyager, and a very satisfying ending it was.

- I more or less finished that painting. )

The colors aren't quite right in the photograph, nor does the lighting show off the texturing to best effect, but I think I like it anyway. Not sure I'll continue in that direction, but it was an interesting experiment.

- I was able to just chill for most of the day. I have set myself a task a day so that the depression doesn't eat me whole, but I mostly need to rest, I think. So achy and tired... So it's good that I'm able to do what my body requires. I'm lucky.

- I was able to help a friend in a professional capacity this morning. She said, "You've just given me a million dollars! No! Seriously! That's how excited I am about this!" And considering I was feeling pretty sluggish and brain fogged, that's pretty cool. I hadn't even had any tea yet... though I had consumed some magnesium and tylenol...

- Page is doing better, but not well enough yet to take him to his sax lesson tomorrow, which is all good where I'm concerned, given that his teacher is a 1/2 hour's drive away. I'm not up for that.

In other news, I'm trying to figure out a way to get a live furry pet into this house (after Purgatory has reached it's conclusion). We can't afford a dog, no matter how much Page and I want one. And we really, really do want one. But, well, realities being what they are, I've decided that we might get a rat (or two). Rats are the only rodent I have any interest in (besides rabbits, which I am even more allergic to than cats, if that can be believed) given their intelligence level. But, well, Purgatory MUST be finished before we introduce a slinker into the house. Not only will we need the room for its habitat (what a nice name for "cage"), but also because intelligent creatures tend to escape their confines, and I do not want to have to dig through the heap of our basement to find said creature's corpse.

I'd also like to get a betta for my desk, but I think a pothos for my bedroom is first on the expenditure list. One living addition at a time...

Speaking of living additions, I'm starting to think about what I'll be planting in spring. Lettuce for sure. Kale, probably (even if it's just to harvest what sprouts up on its own). Chard, probably. And maybe one of the beds will be devoted to the three sisters, even if I can't eat the corn or beans. It would be cool to try and grow a native species of maize in the traditional manner.

I'm also determined to finish the entryway to the garden this spring/summer. I want to have another garden party, and it would be nice to show that I haven't completely ignored my garden the last couple years (even though I pretty much have). Nice thing is I have a couple more pavers thanks to the basement quikcrete bucket leftovers. And I could probably use one or both of those buckets as lemonbalm and herb planters... Anyway, I need to get outside more often this year. My body has told me it's not negotiable. Even with mossies.

Anyway. That's the state of being here. Pretty good, all said, despite colds and looming flares and a demon in the basement. :-)

Hope all is well with you.

Good things

Feb. 4th, 2016 11:44 am
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Since I seem to be in a bit of a funk...

1. The lengthening of the days. Not just the lengthening, but the lightening of the days. It feels wrong to have a warm wind blowing in February in New England (in Colorado, sure! Chinooks are de rigeur, but not here!), but I can't help but be a little excited to see some dogwoods and magnolias thickening up with buds already. I just hope we don't get a Colorado Spring (i.e. all the wet snow that winter didn't bring just as all the flowers and leaves come out, crushing everything).

2. Free trials. I'm trying out Acorn TV for the month because they had immediate access to season 2 of Miss Fisher's Mysteries. I've been enjoying various other shows since I finished off that series (3rd season wasn't nearly as good for UST, alas). Lots of good fodder for painting sessions, except I had the unfortunate luck to have three (different) shows in a row focus on incest. Incest is one of the few things that completely squicks me out (that and blood play). But otherwise, I've been entertaining myself with lots of good quality murder mysteries. Yay.

3. Our internet is now reliable. I don't know what it is about me and phones, but we have a problematic relationship. Maybe they sense my fear and react offensively, like a wild creature... Except the problems occur even when I have no fear; my cell phone often refuses to let me talk to Geoff (seriously, it will cut the connection as soon as he's picked up, if it allows the call to go through in the first place), and our DSL service through our phone company was getting beyond frustrating in its refusal to work for me (and pretty much just me). So we switched to cable internet (deal with the devil, unfortunately) and a VOIP phone service. Both are in perfect working order. The internet is still slowish, though that may have more to do with our processors than the speed, but it's available and reliable. And uploading pictures takes about 5 seconds as opposed to the 3 minutes it used to take. So that's awesome.

4. This painting of mine. )

It makes me very happy.

5. Having my little studio set up again. I was going to leave the living room in the configuration it was put into for Christmas until the basement was finished, but I kept tripping over my easel's legs and having to shift my painting things again and again and again, often while I was painting... It was a bother. So I rearranged the sofa ends to remake my little (seriously, it's an area of about 5 sq. ft./ .8 sq meter) painting nook. And boy, did that open up the rest of the living room! I am still anxiously awaiting getting the basement finished so I can move things around to better use the space (and make the book shelves behind the sofa accessible again!), but the room is functional again, which helps a lot.

ETA 6. Geoff gave me a hair cut last night. While it isn't the best haircut I've had, it did get rid of my mullet and make my head tidier overall. I am very pleased. :-)

It's unfortunate that I had to really dig for those five things, because really, there's a lot more good about my life than not, but, well, my health is getting spotty again, which makes it harder to see the good. But I'm still trying, at least.
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- The humidity level is down to something reasonable, finally. The air isn't hard to breathe for its thickness, anymore. Yay!

- I got a bit of a back rub this morning, which helped tremendously. I might be able to skip the painkillers today because of it (though probably I'll still take the anti-inflammatories).

- I submitted my final Word Lab last night and got a 95%. Normally, I'd be a bit upset about that grade, but this prof is so persnickety that I'm happy. Only the final to go, and I'm done. I'll find out my final grade on Saturday or thereabout.

- Page is busy reading an old Superman anthology of Geoff's, meaning he's not talking or otherwise making noise. It also means he's no longer trying to jump on the furniture in a way that isn't disallowed.

- Shiv updated "A Law to Herself"! (Has it really been 5 years since the last update? Really?!?)

- I got my guys to pick up their stuff, leaving the house reasonably tidy once again.

- Upcoming vacation. Oh, god yes.

- I'm going to paint again today. In fact, I'm going to go do that right now.
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- Got my final Word lab to start on. It's due Wednesday. Don' wanna.

- Geoff is home (though not at this exact moment as he's taken Page to the last swim lesson of the session), which is marvelous. We've been walking hand-in-hand wherever we go.

- Lord the acting is terrible in 1st season ST:NG. Absolutely horrible. Not even Patrick Stewart is good. Actually, I think Jonathon Frakes is probably the best one of the bunch, which I find highly amusing. All the others make me cringe. Cringe!

- My house is pretty when it's tidy.

- I've painted this week. Twice. I thought I had finished one of the paintings, but on further reflection, I haven't. It needs glazing for more depth. The other painting is nowhere near finished as it still needs a bajillion layers of glaze to get it to the right colors/intensity. A layer a day should get it there within the next century, though. :-) (<--Artist's math is cool, isn't it? It's like the opposite of Writer's Math!)

- Alone time is happening. Right now! And I expect I can get more of it later on today, too! SO COOL!

- My stomach, while still on the fragile side, seems to have basically recovered from the rancid mustard of yesterday. No more cramping, anyway. Yay!

- Related: we now have non-rancid-mustard-infected food to eat in the house. Double yay!

- Have I mentioned how happy I am to have Geoff back? Cuz I really, really am. Just want to snuggle into his arms and stay there all day. Page wants that too, though, so I guess we'll have to work out a compromise. ;-D

- I suppose I've stalled long enough. Gotta go do my homework. I must say I am really looking forward to Freedom Friday (first day after the last day of class)!
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- Well, I am typing this from a newly modified desk, including an adjustable keyboard tray. The old desk tray broke over the weekend, so I was motivated to put my old plans into action. Unfortunately, my old plans have since modified (i.e. grown) and so the old plan became the temporary plan. It's a decent temporary plan, however. Or will be when I find the right setting for this keyboard tray.

Randomness, mostly )

- Night!


Oct. 22nd, 2012 07:20 pm
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I did actually paint today! )

Not a good photo, and it's probably not done yet (besides the fact that this is only half of the entire piece), but it was nice to work on something rather successfully again.

And now I have a week to stare at it (while I should be doing my school readings) and ponder the edits needed. Though probably I should keep most editing to a minimum until the second half is around. *nods*

It was also nice to sing along to some of my favorite albums while I painted. Painting is one of the few times I prefer my music to be loud.
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Main things to do today:

Grocery shopping

There are other incidentals (laundry, dishes, dinner, homework, etc.) that need to be done, but they can and will be done around the main tasks.

I just don't know which to do first. I guess I should get the shopping out of the way first, so that I have time for a nap, should I need one, before I start painting. But, well, I've been known to excuse or waste away my time till there isn't enough left to paint. And I need to paint. I'm withering inside from the lack of art in my life of late.

But, well, we're getting short on food.


Right. Shopping first. Then lunch and maybe nap, then painting.

I can do this. *nods*

In other news, I'm giving myself (and Vitamin C and grapefruit seed extract) a week to make me feel better. I have some kind of infection going on in my sinuses/ears which has been hanging on for a few weeks now. If I don't see and feel improvement by next Monday, I will go in for (what seems to be) my semi-annual pharma-antibiotic booster.

Damned nuisance not having a spleen, sometimes.
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So, I'm not going to do a full write up of my vacation, seeing as it was mostly just sitting around chatting with family, which was lovely and all but the reporting of which would bore you to tears. And I didn't really get out to photograph much while I was there this time, because, well, I didn't get out much, really. But there were a couple of short outings I recorded... (Some sideways scrolling might be necessary.)

Bison farm )

Sunset pics! )

Mural! )

Lone garden shot )
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...I say without being ironic or sarcastic or anything.

Now that the sun has set, I'm ready to go to bed so as to welcome Tuesday, but honestly, this has been a pretty good day despite lots.

Pretty rote listing of done dids and other happenings )

Oh, and a moon meme:
Read more... )
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So, my mum reminded me that I never shared the final results of the mural of doom. Oops. My bad. So I thought I'd share that and this week's project that I finished today.

Piccies )

I'm hoping that with six weeks off till next semester, I'll be able to complete six paintings/projects by then. We'll see, however, as Christmas is coming and the house is a mess, so that gets priority this week.

However, I do need to get a lot more work done as I signed up to show at the church sometime next spring! And I'd rather not have repeats... Besides which, I need to build up my inventory again!

Right. Now off to bed. Hopefully that will chase off this cold that's trying to move in.

Map meme

Oct. 23rd, 2011 09:56 am
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visited 33 states (66%)
Create your own visited map of The United States or Like this? try: Word Color

Can you say "Road Trip?" I might have been to the pan handle of OK when I was a wee thing, and I've come *this* close to crossing the border into both WI and MI, but I don't think I actually have been to either place without counting airports. Which I don't. (Except for Atlanta, because we actually left the airport to go to a hotel.)

I do hope to eventually see more of the South someday. Maybe when we have a new car that doesn't have quite so many liberal bumper stickers on it... But, I'd also love to explore areas of the West that I haven't seen yet. Like Crater Lake, OR, and the CA coast... Not to mention that I really want to get the family out to Europe at some point. And maybe Africa, someday. Hmph. Decisions, decisions. Granted, none of these decisions are going to be made anytime soon. Need money, first!

But now I need to get to work. I'm skiving off church again so that I can get some painting done this morning. I'm so close to being finished with M's 'mural'! And I might even be pleased with it by the end!

This afternoon, we'll be watching "The Wizard of Oz," since Geoff just finished reading that to Page. I think "Wicked" will have to wait for a few years, though (like, ten?).

Happy Sunday!


Oct. 9th, 2011 11:04 am
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I woke up this morning and realized that despite my intentions, I never did take my meds last night. Normally, that wouldn't be too much a big deal, except I also forgot them the night before, too. So, I took the full dose this morning, despite that meaning I'll be drowsy for the rest of the day. Ach well. Better than going into withdrawal.

My not so great mood was not helped when I came down to discover that Page had somehow managed to strew jello ALL over the computer area. I have no idea how he did it, but it was disgusting! So, joy of joys, I got to supervise his clean-up, which took three times longer than it should have because he was being a ham and or resistant. Grrrr. However, he did do a decent clean up job, even if it did take me raising my voice and telling him I was getting angry and then watching him for the entire time. And perhaps, after a few more of these cleaning lessons, he will start actually seeing what needs to be done.

School is killing me. (Figuratively speaking.) I need to figure out how to read faster with the same (or better) sink-in-ness (drowsy brain is not linguistic brain), or I am doomed. As it is, I'm spending a good 20 hours a week reading for my three classes, and still not catching up.

However, I seem to be doing relatively well in all of my classes (97% on my accounting test) despite that, though this group project in management is freaking me out a little due to the lack of focus. Once I have something concrete to do, I'll be all over it, but right now I'm just floundering as I chase red herrings.

Despite being behind in my reading, I took a break yesterday afternoon and painted, as I have promised to have this done by November 6th. It was an unfortunate decision. While it wasn't a complete loss in terms of paint and time, most of yesterday's work was painted over this morning so I can start over on those sections. On the plus side, it will be better because I've also corrected some color, shading and placement mistakes I made in the rough-in. However, I am starting to get a bit panicky about getting this painting done in time. To my satisfaction, that is.

But that's a lot of whinging, isn't it? I bet I can think of good things...

Good thing - Page's attitude has been much, MUCH improved this week. Despite more chocolate milk. :-/

Good thing - my sciatica is getting better. It turns out that too much of a good thing is definitely a bad thing! I've cut down my exercises to the minimum, threw out a couple of them completely, and my hip and leg are doing much better. I think I even went without pain pills all day yesterday! First day in a few weeks. It still bugs me a lot, but it's better.

Good thing - My energy level is way up. Despite having to split my time between homework and housework, we managed to get the week's (plus a few days?) main dishes cooked, and a lot of chores crossed off the list. Of course, starting this week there was motivation! Sunday is now our play day, as long as everything is finished up on Saturday. Geoff did the majority of the cleaning (I did all of the cooking, and, as I said, there was coursework to be read), but even Page pitched in (eventually) and cleaned up his messes.

Good thing - Geoff got our tuner working again. Kind of. Maybe. It's still got personality, but at least we can use our CD player again.

Good thing - It's beautiful out. And the colors are finally starting to turn. It seems like it's a bit late this year, but it's nice.

Good thing - my dream last night, while weird, did not feature any really disturbing aspects, unless you count inadvertently buying an unstringed piano disturbing. Which some might, I'll admit. To me, the most disturbing part of the dream was that the majority of it took place in Costco.

And the last good thing is that even though I'm skipping church today, I'm not missing choir. However, even if there had been choir, I would have stayed home. Too much left to do, and not enough quiet time to do it in!

Which means I need to get to it. Cheers!
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Image heavy )

Coming later tonight: A Triptych!

Which is here )

Note: If you think my prices are out of line, please let me know. I'm not willing to give them away (because I value my time and training), but if you think anything is a bit steep, just send me word.

If you do happen to be interested in anything, please PM me. If not, this is a some of what's in my private gallery. Enjoy!
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Looking at my bank balance this morning and subtracting all the expected expenses in the coming month, I realized we are coming up on empty. Soooooo... here's a listing, with pictures, of all my artwork for sale. And seeing as I'm desperate, I've put most of them on sale - 30-50% off.

Please take into account that every monitor is set differently, and so the actual colors may be different to what is seen. I have tried to get them as close as possible, however.

Image Heavy )
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Howdy. Been a while, hasn't it?

I was just wondering, as I work out how to do the next segment of my Mum's mural, how to make purple.

I'm not bad at mixing colors (Americans, please read that as modesty), but purple has, as of yet, eluded all my attempts to master it. I kind of wonder if it's even possible to make a fully saturated light purple with paint. And without glazing.

It should be possible. It certainly seems like it should be possible... And yet, I remember one of my teacher's answers to my question of how to lighten red without making it pink was, "buy lots of different colors of red."

Helpful answer, that. But probably the most pragmatic.

Unfortunately, it doesn't really help with purple. There are only a few (half dozen at most) colors of purple out there (pigment-wise). Most colors have a dozen or more variations on a hue, but not purple. There's permanent violet, dioxazine purple, red violet deep, brilliant violet, medium violet and "purple".

All of them become sickly when tinted.

I have achieved a saturated purple before, but that was with glazing. I have neither the time, patience or supplies to glaze on this project.

So I guess that leaves the whole tromp l'oeil thing, in the pointillist's manner. Which is a bit of a bother, if you ask me. Surely some chemist somewhere can come up with a nice, light, saturated purple? For me? Please?


Apr. 21st, 2011 07:50 pm
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Haven't decided if I'm finished with this yet. I don't think I am, which means another staring session is in order. It's possible that I am just uneasy because it's so very different from my usual thing...

Something different )

The muse is being rather kind to me; I have two more ideas lined up, one of which I can start at any point (another watercolor! What's up with that?), the other I have to think a bit on and determine how best to do it. I think the second is going to be a multi-media work and make use of aluminum foil, though I'm not sure how to work it in (as in, how to make the foil bits stick). Will need to experiment and maybe even research.
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Should video taping the police be a crime?

It seems to me that in these types of cases (taping public misconduct of police), it would be a travesty to civil rights and democracy itself if it were outlawed!

(Wiretapping? Seriously?)

Putting up a video of an ugly conversation between officers in the locker room or their car or such is a different matter. But that's not what is being defended here...

The rest of the post is pretty silly )

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And for my stomach to be empty enough to take some flesh eating enzymes... (okay, more flesh digesting enzymes... but the good kind of flesh-eating enzyme! Honest! ;-)

LOL! (But a bit too true..)

Lovely and rawther amazing.

Vacation so far )

Speaking of health, it's late here, the nail clippers are cool enough to use (I boiled them), and my stomach is nearing the point of growling. So, I'm off.

Sorry for being absent in your elives, though I have been skimming through, trying to stay current. Except for the exchange, where I'm hopelessly behind, not having read anything since getting here. Ach well. Maybe I'll catch up next month? Or August?


PS: Oh, and did you know that raw turmeric is a pain and inflammation reliever? Nifty coolness.

PPS: Oh, and apparently, I bring spiders with me. My parents swear their house was spider free until we got here. A likely story! (Though interesting, if one is to believe in spiders being a sign of needing to vent, creatively speaking. I've never lived in a spider-free house...)


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