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So, I've been thinking for a while that I need to find a new moniker for Babe, as, well, he's not a babe any longer (and I'd really like him to stop acting like one). And I need to get out of the habit of thinking of him as such.

So... what do I call him? His real name is out, as it's rather distinctive 'round these parts (my name? not so much) and I'd like to preserve a modicum of privacy. Geoff and I have been known to call him Dude and Little Dude on more than one occasion, but seeing as he hates that, I should probably refrain from those names, too.

So that leaves personality traits and interests. Gabby is a girl's name, besides being a bit too ironic for him. GI Joe is amusing, especially given his gut issues, but it's not something I'm comfortable with. He's not Demon!Boy all the time (besides, which, it's too long and complicated to type), nor is he Idiot!Boy all the time. ODD boy is too true, but I've been told not to pathologize little boys.

And then, last night, as I was moping around the house feeling sorry for myself, I realized there is an interest of his that is completely appropriate: knights!

So, from here on out, I will try my hardest to call my boy My Knight (or K for short, which is appropriate given his mood most of the time) rather than Babe. (And that leaves LOTS of room to describe my feelings without a lot of words, as well. For example, last week he was the Red Knight. This week, he was only Black.)
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1. Thank you so much, Mr. Neighbor, for setting such a wonderful example with your childish (repeated) door slamming. Hopefully this morning put the kibosh on future occurrences in my child.

2. Thanks to aforementioned door slamming, I am awake too early and am therefore tired. Which is unfortunate. I might have to make myself some tea (while actually wishing for coffee, which is delicious with honey).

3. LOADS of cooking to do (chicken stock, beets, dinner, cheesecake, cookies? squash), but first I need to clean up the kitchen so that there's room to prepare. Aw shit, and go to store for carrots.

4. I should probably not include cheesecake amongst the things I make today, but that will likely be the first thing I do make.

5. Tomorrow is soon enough to start another batch of yogurt. (And PS, I love you, remote digital thermometer with alarm! Happy valentine's day to you... *bats eyelashes*)

6. At some point during the day, I'll need to phone my three representatives. And call my dentist to reschedule (again... they must think I'm phobic!), and make sure my red shirt is clean and tidy. Going to Capital City on Thursday to show my support for gay marriage. (On the plus side, Republican Representative Friend has said that the people who put these bills forward are persona non grata within the party, even among the supporters of the bills. That's what overzealousness gets! Hee. [which reminds me, does anyone else think that Star Wars Ep. 1 is an example of the dangers of blind belief, with Qui Gon being the chief villain?]) Also, script out what I will say to representatives.

7. Right. Time to get started. I s'pose. If I have to.
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Geoff and Babe have both come down with the Cold from Hell. I made Babe go to school yesterday, but today his cough sounds bad enough that he'll be home. I don't think he actually feels terrible, seeing as he's pretty cheerful, but I think four days of pre-cold exposure is enough for the school.

Geoff, meanwhile, has been dutifully spreading the virus, like the good, hard worker he is. He's coming to the nastiest part, though, and might actually take the day off. Or at least the morning.

I, meanwhile, have almost kicked the bugger (the CfH, not Geoff) into submission... just in time for one of my painful periods.


So now I am reorganizing my priorities to make sure I have time to laze with the heating pad in-between tasks. And hope the magnesium kicks in sooner rather than later.

But now for a nice, hot shower before I go to the chiropractor. Man, have I been looking forward to this appointment!


Dec. 19th, 2010 09:02 pm
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Babe lost his first tooth today! Bottom front right when looking at him. It's so tiny!

Tooth fairy's got a tough job to not wake him up.
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TSA has officially done it - I found myself agreeing with a Fox News analyst. And I am seriously contemplating wearing, and tearing, a tear-away outfit (and a bikini) for the (public) pat down portion of screening, if they haven't backed down by then. If I have the money, I'll have a tattoo artist draw the fourth amendment of the Constitution on my back, in large, clear letters.

Who would've thought the 4th amendment would be the one that would bring me to quasi-legal activism?

But as I said, I found myself agreeing with Fox news and cheering them on. Fuel this fire, baby. Make sure TSA burns.

I got a lot done today. New tires means the car doesn't skid anymore. Gilded edges of two frames give the paintings in them just that little bit of kick (and separation) they needed, and I've got one side of my art project almost completely bound, front and back. Boy do I wish I were more ambidextrous.

I'm getting more rigorous about doing affirmations. Sometimes they still feel like complete crap, but I've been finding they have been helping. I'm not yet up to repeating "I open my arms wide and declare with love that I deserve and accept all good" without feeling sick to my stomach. But then, I'm only just accepting, "I am willing to change." And that in itself is progress. And feels Good.

Speaking of feeling good, I got a sun buzz today. The tire place smelled bad, so I sat myself down on a tire bumper and... soaked. Granted, with my coat and gloves, it took nearly the full hour before I was buzzed, but I haven't been so chipper in aaaaages.

I really need to make a list of what needs to be done before December 1st. That's when I hang the show. I really, really hope I get to at least get the basics of the next piece ready. The current project is quite nice and all, but the next one is (will hopefully be) far more... intrepid. Even in its conventionality. It also will not rely on sewing quite so bloody much.

I wish I had a thimble.

So much work to be done. Did I mention what an inconvenient time it was for me to get sick?

Oh, but that reminds me, remember that girl whose photo I pimped in the Brickfish "me and my BFF" photo contest? Well, she got news today that she won "the most viral" portion of the contest and got a $500 scholarship! Woohoo! So huge thanks to those of you who voted for her, or even just clicked to view the page!

(Speaking of kids,) Babe had a major, major meltdown last night. It was both heartrending and a huge relief. He's been bottling it (the fear, hurt and anger) up for so long; he really needed that screaming session. And, since my mum carried him upstairs while he was still only crying and not screaming, it wasn't overly unpleasant for us. Besides emotionally.

Read more... )

BUT, he has behaved well in school for three days in a row this week, and today he was very cooperative with us. So I think we're getting back to normal now. He will not be a little angel all the time, but he also won't be Demon!boy any more. After all, that was so two years ago.

And now I really must get myself to bed. I myself am back to normal, and if I don't get enough sleep, I shall be growling at everyone in the morning.
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Four thank you notes. That's all I have left to do. But not just any four thank you notes, but the four most important thank you notes. Thank you notes of import should not be so damned difficult to write. Or even face. Of course I know that the difficulty lies in their importance, but still... In the scheme of things, they are just little notes of thanks and friendship. And if I say something wrong, the recipients aren't going to lynch me. They're my friends after all!

Babe has had another jump in artistic ability. Geoff and I came home from church yesterday to a new sign on the door comprised of cartoon figures. I seriously wondered if one of his (younger) babysitters had come by and helped him out. But no, he's just progressed again. If he continues at this rate, he'll be beyond my abilities by the time he reaches high school.

Babe is also... *sigh* He's been such a good boy at home. OMG, has he been a good boy. He's sweet, affectionate, helpful, tractable (as tractable as six-year-old ODD kids get) and, well, lovely. At school, however...

Read more... )

Huh. Didn't realize I had that much to write. It's a bit of a relief to have written all that without any trouble, though, seeing as I've been having a difficult time with words lately. Nothing like aphasia, but... I've been jokingly excusing it as my brain bruise, though it's almost certainly more to do with my energy level than anything. Spoken words and I have never had an easy relationship, and it's always far worse when I'm tired.

And don't bother worrying about my brain. )

And now I should go do my day's work and make my bed. And after that, work on my art. I have fifteen days to get enough work done and ready for the church show in December. Eek.
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I have that song stuck in my head.

Other bad things )

However, there are good things. )

And now to decide what three things I need to do today. Two things, really, as cleaning the bathroom is automatically in the three, as someone's coming over this evening.

And what order to do them in...

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Hmm. Was in full-on grump mode today. Think I was sick. So, around noon I had a cup of honeyed tea, a bowl of sweet oatmeal and watched "Real Genius" on hulu while I worked on my art project some more. By the end of the movie, I was feeling almost human again.

I think it helped to know that I am one row of invisible thread stitches (i.e. no-one-will-see-them-so-I-don't-need-to-be-extra-extra-careful stitches) away from being done with that entire portion of the project. Then I need to bind it carefully and stretch the dowels through the binding. Oh, and figure out how to hang it (both the "which way is up" question and the "how to physically get it to stay on the wall" question. And then I can look at it properly and figure out if it needs any embellishments beyond what I've already got slated.

That all makes me happy, as it means I can move on to the next project, which is already starting to fade a bit, enthusiasm-wise, because Other Things are catching my attention, like ideas on how to fix/finish a couple previous sketches and such.

Around when I was feeling better, I made my way downstairs where Geoff had been hiding for most of the day (understandably so, me being in full grump mode and all) and found he'd finished rebinding the pipe insulation on the air-intake duct. It's all purdy(ish) now! And he'd started on actually insulating the rest of the duct.

It's only been two years since I put that project on the list, but it's actually done now! Yay! I had over-bought insulation materials, so we had extra to stuff in under-insulated parts of the wall, too. Hopefully all this will help the basement not feel like a Sub-Zero. (I'll happily settle for it feeling like an ice-box, instead.)

This came on top of me starting the cleaning of the workshop. It is not clean yet, but it is on its way, and there is hope for it being clean and organized within the next month or so, as attention and energy provide.

This weekend I also started working on Babe's Halloween costume. He's decided on being a knight, so the aluminum foil has come out of the cupboard once more to cover his rain boots. Removable covers mean they might last till Halloween relatively unscathed.

This week I will look for dollar store helmets/swords/shields and such, though I bet I could probably find enough cardboard in the house to fashion decent versions of all of those.

Anyway, I need to go shower off the dust and fiberglass from the basement adventures. And quick, too, as Castle is about to start!
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The Heavy Rain Curse has struck once more - I have no phone line. The DSL line (which is separate) is spotty, but the phone is completely dead.

I have emailed the phone company with a high priority repair request, but my faith in their knowing how to work the internets and email and all that is very low. This is Fairpoint country, after all.

And of course, all this means that Babe will have an unexcused absence on his record until the phone line is repaired, as I can't call the school. Granted, his cough is practically gone now (it being daytime) so I could just hand him off to the school, but I think that would be a tad mean. He had a bad night and needs the rest. As do I.

You know, this only happens when Geoff is out of town. Really, truly. It's like the Universe says, "What need have you to communicate with others? Save your words for your husband, child, like a good wife should."

*responds by making rude gesture at Universe*

Good thing? Netflix delivered Nanny McPhee yesterday, so Babe and I watched it. It was delightful, as expected. I may have to watch it again today, especially if the DSL gets as spotty as it was last night.
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Good thing? About half an hour after Babe tromped off in a toddlerish huff, he noticed the plate of goodies I made for him (partly as a peace offering): green bell pepper slices, cucumber slices and two halves of one "ants on a log" (almond butter on celery with raisins on top). His response? "AAAAAWWWWWWW YUM! Thanks, Mom!"

Also good (though of a much lower order)? There are signs that Dems are finally using that thing called strategy. News just came out that TARP - you know, that big, evil, expensive government take-over thing - that its actual cost was a whole $30 billion. Not $700 billion.

Yep. Real end of the world's capitalism program that was.

I still disagree with it on principle (DOWN WITH MEGA-CORPORATIONS!), but at least the Dems can honestly (not that that matters in politics) say that TARP isn't the reason we're so broke.


Sep. 27th, 2010 03:44 pm
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I'm going to catch up all at once, because all three answers tie in with each other and today's events, as it happens.

Day 21 – Your job and/or schooling
Day 22 – Something that upsets you
Day 23 – Something that makes you feel better

My job, as of the last five and five-sixths' years, is trying to take this wild young cub I bore and turn him into a decent, independent human being.

This job is upsetting. Often. A shitty example )

On the up side, though, there are signs that I am doing my job somewhat well. After all, he has only had one warning about keeping his hands to himself this month/year at school, and hasn't needed another yet. He is upstairs in the shower cleaning himself off without my supervision. And doing so without a big battle or rages or any of that wildness. He truly is become a decent little boy. There's a LONG way to go yet, but he's getting there. We're getting there.

And his hugs and laughs are worth it. Gosh, I hope his real laugh is as wonderful as an adult as it is now. It's one of those infectious, joyous laughs that just lightens the load, no matter what load you're carrying. I know it will change as his voice changes, but... Hopefully the joyous, infectious quality will remain, even if in a masculine form.
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I'm honestly not sure if I've mentioned how much I love quirky, old houses. The quirkier, the better. I mean, I would be awed and impressed by Malfoy Manor, but unless I found and accessed some hidden passages, ala "The Blameless Vestal's Lot", I would quickly become bored. The Burrow, on the other hand, would fascinated me.

The house we stayed at this weekend was more Burrow-style, i.e. really quite quirky, fairly old - though not ancient - and not at all grand. Built around 1840, it's obviously had at least one, probably two additions in the last 170 years. It was an old, family house.

House pic and mild description )

Next day, we saw the river shining at us through the remains of the night's fog. The house is - at most - fifty feet from the water. I opened all the windows I could in our part of the house, including the one over the stairwell, and then we started the day.

Our host asked what we wanted to do after I'd had time to look through the guide books he'd put out, and as I skimmed through it, something caught my eye: The Edward Gorey House! Edward Gorey had a house on the Cape! And it was CLOSE! O.M.G! I don't often turn into a fangirl (takes too much precious energy), but I literally bounced when I saw that. So, we went.

Gorey photos )

(The links to the scrapbook seem to be broken.  I'll try to fix later, but right now I need to just step away from it. Before I harm my innocent computer.)

So, that made me happy. We had also gone on a short nature walk a few blocks over and that was nice, but nothing special.

Botanical walk pics )

We then went back, had lunch and rested for the rest of the afternoon. Mostly on the screened porch overlooking the water. Babe entertained himself either drawing lighthouses (we hadn't seen a real one yet, but there was a large model of one near the living room that he was taken with) or playing legos. Geoff and I read. Our host napped. It was wonderful.

Two random photos from Saturday )

That night during dinner (I cooked: red cabbage and onions seasoned with garam masala and balsamic vinegar, sauteed zucchini, summer squash, onions, garlic and mushrooms, mashed sweet potatoes and salad, while Geoff cooked the steaks) our host asked Babe what he liked best about the house. Babe ignored him. After a little conversational wandering, I repeated the question. Babe ignored me. The host moved on to ask us grown-ups what we liked best about the house. Just after Geoff finished (the porch and the wood-paneled room atop the second staircase), Babe had to go to the bathroom. When all the adults were back at the table, I told our host that Babe was scared of the house. He'd admitted it to me earlier in the day, while the sun was shining into his room.  He'd attributed it to all the different angles of the roof, though that seemed more like a tangible excuse for intangible unease.

Our host was not surprised by Babe's fear. Turns out, the house is haunted.

He told a tale about how when his sister's friend first came over, she had asked who the older lady who'd been sitting in the living room was. Host and Sister said, "Um...?" and asked her to describe the woman. The description fit their grandmother. Seems she haunts the living room. The one room I found myself avoiding, even though it was rather central and light.

Host was going to go on about the other paranormal activity in the house (with the teaser that Babe's room was the most disturbed) when Babe was ready to come back. We talked about other things from then on. Unfortunately, I didn't get any further information after Babe had gone to bed, but we will eventually. Host has suggested that we all (including the rest of the group who was invited but couldn't make it) try again in the spring. I have no idea how some of the others will like the house, but I'm completely on board with the suggestion.

Sunday will be a separate post.  (Photo post is here.)
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So, Monday was a bad day. Babe was home sick and my mood went downhill really fast. And then I took it out on Geoff, who really didn't deserve it, which led to me feeling like the shit I was.

So I self-flagellated by cleaning. And cleaning. And cleaning. The house doesn't look much better than it did, but Babe's room is now clean (well, except for the patch of floor that needed wiping up this morning), the filing is done (I really need to do it more often than every six months), and the laundry is caught up.

Yesterday was better, though it started off rocky. But I managed to get out for a walk with a friend and go to the store for allergy medicine and non-sausaged meats. God, it's good to have non-sausaged meats again. There are also two HUMONGOUS tins of tomato products, which will be used with the non-sausaged meats to make two huge batches of spaghetti sauce soon. Maybe tomorrow...

So I basically got everything on my to do list done. In only three days (and considering the filing alone took three and a half hours, it would not have been physically possible to have done everything in one or two days)!

And now I'ma tired. But maybe not as much a turd.
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So, Geoff went to wake Babe up for school this morning, and as he approached the bed, stepped in a puddle.

Okay, no, he didn't, but that's the better story. But it seems Babe did wake up in the middle of the night and was sick on the floor. Twice. And then went back to sleep.

The odd thing, to me, was that as he was lying in bed while Geoff cleaned up the mess (he was mid-clean by the time I got up) and I rubbed his head, he asked for a back rub. And man is his back messed! He has a trigger point the size of my thumb's pad between his shoulder blade and spine, but he actually wanted his lower back worked on, 'cause that was the painful bit.

Poor baby inherited my back. :-(

So anyway, it looks like I'll be watching more kids movies today. And reading Bloody Jack when Babe usurps the computer for gaming (the non-violent, non-internet kind).

Fortunately, it's Monday, so no disappointment is felt. And Babe seems quite cheerful, so hopefully it'll be a pleasant enough day.

ETA: Ha. Fucking. Ha. Pleasant. *scoffs*
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But not in that order.

I must have used up my happiness quota for the week yesterday and the day before, because I am in a foul mood today. However, I have hope that it will improve over the course of the day, seeing as I managed to convince Babe to go to school (told him that if he still felt bad after a little while, he could ask to see the nurse and then ask to come home). He hasn't had a fever since Tuesday afternoon, so he's safe enough.

- Skimming over previous posts, I caught a word-order error that I've since corrected, but it impresses upon me that speaking aloud isn't the only place I often put my foot in it.As clear as mud? )

And memeage: (Full list is here.)

Day 12 – What’s in your bag

I just came home from shopping, so it'll be a little more interesting than usual. Oh, and a lot of this will not be going back in.

As good an excuse as any to clean out the purse )

So really, nothing exciting. And, I realized today while shopping that it's now jacket weather, so I can ditch the purse if I can find a billfold-type wallet in Geoff's drawer or Sally Ann. My back will be so happy!

Oh, and my mood has indeed improved with my outing. Not only do I have the supplies necessary to work on the art project (brown thread) I also remembered to get suspender snaps so I can make straps for my slinky black strapless dress (and not have to worry about it falling down). (No, I don't have a big bosom.) And I am also happy that I managed to find both sarsaparilla and yarrow at the vitamin shoppe I stopped in at when I went in for my copper! And alcohol-free milk thistle tincture! Yay, yay, yay!
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I must not murder my child... I must not murder my child... I must not murder my child...

(He doesn't want to go to school.)


Sep. 14th, 2010 11:07 am
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Babe's sick today. Probably not technically ill enough to stay home, but he suddenly has a cough and it sounds nasty. :-(

This means no (new) art group today. It also means no recovery time for me...

Yesterday was a shit day. Started off shitty with disturbed dreams, and went downhill from there. Ended up spending the entire day on (or over) the edge of tears due to hurt feelings that were overblown to gigantic proportions by hormones.

All in all, I'm glad it's a new day.

Even if it does mean watching Bolt three thousand times.


Oh, and because it's short:

Day 10 – What you wore today

Black, ankle high slippers, too-short gray yoga pants with white paint drips, low cut, too-tight, black t-shirt with white paint drips under a crew necked dark gray sweatshirt. With white paint drips.

In my chromatic and *cough*fashion*cough* defense, I wanted to wear my fuzzy, fleece pajama pants (a variety of reds and pinks with white snowflakes) that don't have any paint drips on them, but they're in the laundry pile. That I've been trying to ignore.

*sighs again*


Sep. 6th, 2010 07:24 pm
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I just harvested my coriander. About 1.5 tablespoons of seeds. Not bad considering it was from two plants of cilantro.

I am craving salt. Really, truly craving it. I was reading about someone having a slice of pizza and went, "Ooooooo, piiiiiiizzzzzzzzzzzaaaaaa," but then realized that what I really wanted, even though pizza is in itself a wonderful thing not to be cast aside lightly, was the saltiness from the cheese. So I had a pickle. Which helped, though it needed more garlic (and raw garlic is not quite the same as pickled garlic, as it's a little too potent). I still want olives, however. And cheese.

It took me 1433 moves, but I finally beat that f@*king spider solitaire set. Only two suits, too. Very embarrassing.

I'm here on LJ because I'm hiding from a fictional character's impending embarrassment. I've been needing craving brain candy lately, so I gritted my teeth and started reading further in the Princess series. Hoo boy. It's laugh out loud funny a lot of the time, but my oh my does Cabot turn up the embarrassment factor. A lot. More each book. So here I am, ten pages, if that, from the end of the book, and I... am hiding from whatever it is Mia is about to say to everyone. Because I know it's going to be embarrassing, since she's already delivered the cool "Oh, if only I could deliver that on the spur of the moment" fantasy speech.

Yes, I'm lame. I'm trying to live with it. So should you.

Ragweed season is here. Sinuses and throat aren't happy. Trying to psych myself up enough to take more than a teaspoon of ascorbic acid before bedtime. It's hard, though, even though it has an almost immediate effect on my allergies.

I've started wondering if Babe's insistent battles and goings on about warships and such is actually his well-intentioned gift to me. This weekend it was made very clear that he does the battle thing for me. He'll amuse himself with it, of course, but he wants to tell me about it, not Geoff.

I've been feeling rather down lately, both physically and mentally. Babe's a perceptive kid, and a nice one, at that. And seeing as doing the battles and such make him feel better, it has to make me feel better, too, right?

I think that's really the case. It feels more true than it being a punishment, because although Babe has his moments, he's not really a vindictive kid. Clueless, yes, but all kids (people) are. So, I will try to view it as his get-well gift to me, and just remind him to turn the volume down when it gets to be too much. Fortunately, school is starting for real tomorrow, so it won't be the entire day. And hopefully I'll start feeling well soon, and the battles will become a private joy of his own once more.

And, because I remembered I said I was going to do it: Day "2" of the 30 day meme.

Day 02 – Your first love

Oh dear. Well, I could cop out and say that it was my mum, because who else could I have loved first? But I won't.

And they called it puppy love )


Sep. 3rd, 2010 01:11 pm
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So, I think I mentioned at some point this week (every day?) that it was hot? Yeah, well, it was hot. Very, very hot. So hot that when I walked the four blocks to pick Babe up from school, and then the four blocks back - under a black umbrella with a cool water bottle in the other hand - I nearly collapsed from heat prostration. I came home, drank 16 oz of water followed by a small snack of cheese followed by mango juice and more water, and then managed to resuscitate myself under a cold shower.

At that point I felt good enough (not dizzy or nauseous anymore) to go swimming with Babe as I had promised.

And, gotta say, the swimming was a lot of fun. I didn't do much actual swimming (one lap, and some treading water), so it's not like I had gone round the bend or anything, but I did exert myself. Too much. Seems heat prostration and swimming was a bit much for my poor, stupid fragile body.

Damn, damn, damn, damn, damn. Have I mentioned how much it sucks not having normal limits? Only a million times? That's showing impressive restraint, that is! /snark

So anyway, I have an exercise hangover today. Even though I went to bed at 8 and got at least ten hours of sleep. Even though I had a nap before dinner. Even though I was good about staying hydrated. Fortunately, it seems to be mainly fatigue, no moderate inflammation. It's easy to deal with fatigue: lie down and rest!

Hopefully I'll feel better tonight. After all, we're having H. Earl over, and I don't want to be rude. Not that I think he'll be much company, mind, by the time he gets up here. Just a little bluster with lots of soppiness.

Just as well.

I think I'll dig out some (good) Disney movies to watch with Babe and count that as my parenting for the day. 

Yeah.  I know.

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How, how do you cope with gun/battle mania? How?

Babe is a good kid, but whenever he senses my energy is low, he follows me around. He entertains himself, since I don't have the energy to entertain him, but with wars.

Pewpewpewpewpewpewpewpewpewpew! go the guns, blasters, phasers, whatnot. Bhush! go the bombs and missiles. Bang go the nuclear bombs. And always, always, there's the narrative about how the rebels are shooting, bombarding, killing the bad guys (or vice versa). How they're winning. And always, always, always, he wants me to listen. To approve.

But I don't.

I hate war games. I didn't mind them as a kid, though I never found them all that interesting, but as an adult and a mother, I hate them.

I tolerate them, to a large degree, out of necessity. He's a boy, boys are wired differently. They go through these phases. But... he follows me around with them! And I just don't have the energy to play with him or fight to get him outside.

So, mothers of boys, how did you survive this? How did they survive? Because asking nicely doesn't stop the onslaught; it just defers it.


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