Mar. 23rd, 2016 11:56 am
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If it weren't for the wrong frequency (super fast, like daily switcharoos), I would swear I'm bipolar. I'm not, of course. I am depressed and having the occasional good day, but, geez.

Last night I went to sleep "writing" a screed on how deadly western society is. I'm not going to literally write it out, but let's just say that I'm glad I'm loved, as that gives me strength in the face of society's unending, ghastly pressure.

There have been good things, though. Page is maturing. I'm painting. The snow from the late storm is all but gone, and it came early enough that it didn't crush the daffodils. (The crocuses slough them off without a problem, but the daffodils' egos are too big to survive.) I'd post pics, but apparently I don't have enough space to spare here, so oh well. Maybe I'll get around to posting them on my website at some point. (ha ha ha)

Another good thing is that my GP thinks I shouldn't have a problem being approved for disability. I mean, she told me that I will almost certainly have to apply more than once ("I think they have someone whose sole job is to stamp 'declined' on the first application..."), but that's a weight off my mind. I really, really, really don't want to go to the effort required to file for disability only to find that I'm not disabled enough in my doctor's eyes. She thinks it's a good idea.

What else...

Oh, I've been rewatching (in binge fashion) Avatar: The Last Airbender. It really is a very good show. The Book of Korra sequel is okay, I suppose, but TLA is really very good, and not just as a cartoon. So that's, er, good. (<-- how words have been to me lately. Spoken AND written. *sobs*)

Anyway. Still here. Mostly lurking.

Oh, speaking of lurking, does anyone know what's up with [ profile] kribu? I've been gone so long, I don't know if there was an event, or if she just slid away like so many have. I've been thinking about her and her mom a lot, lately, hoping they're okay.
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- I accomplished the task I set for myself today (move and remove. Move a (small) cabinet so as to remove the half tiles underneath it). Unfortunately, I discovered that mastic supports life of the fungal variety. I vinegared the shit out of it, but it's discouraging to know that the battle of the mold is by no means won and will have more casualties than expected. (I knew that, but it still sucks to have it confirmed.) But still. I got those tiles up, and only shorted out the blow drier once. (It overheated, nothing dire.) I did not finish removing the mastic so as to prep the area for tiles, but that wasn't part of the task, so ner.

- Page and I finished Star Trek: Voyager, and a very satisfying ending it was.

- I more or less finished that painting. )

The colors aren't quite right in the photograph, nor does the lighting show off the texturing to best effect, but I think I like it anyway. Not sure I'll continue in that direction, but it was an interesting experiment.

- I was able to just chill for most of the day. I have set myself a task a day so that the depression doesn't eat me whole, but I mostly need to rest, I think. So achy and tired... So it's good that I'm able to do what my body requires. I'm lucky.

- I was able to help a friend in a professional capacity this morning. She said, "You've just given me a million dollars! No! Seriously! That's how excited I am about this!" And considering I was feeling pretty sluggish and brain fogged, that's pretty cool. I hadn't even had any tea yet... though I had consumed some magnesium and tylenol...

- Page is doing better, but not well enough yet to take him to his sax lesson tomorrow, which is all good where I'm concerned, given that his teacher is a 1/2 hour's drive away. I'm not up for that.

In other news, I'm trying to figure out a way to get a live furry pet into this house (after Purgatory has reached it's conclusion). We can't afford a dog, no matter how much Page and I want one. And we really, really do want one. But, well, realities being what they are, I've decided that we might get a rat (or two). Rats are the only rodent I have any interest in (besides rabbits, which I am even more allergic to than cats, if that can be believed) given their intelligence level. But, well, Purgatory MUST be finished before we introduce a slinker into the house. Not only will we need the room for its habitat (what a nice name for "cage"), but also because intelligent creatures tend to escape their confines, and I do not want to have to dig through the heap of our basement to find said creature's corpse.

I'd also like to get a betta for my desk, but I think a pothos for my bedroom is first on the expenditure list. One living addition at a time...

Speaking of living additions, I'm starting to think about what I'll be planting in spring. Lettuce for sure. Kale, probably (even if it's just to harvest what sprouts up on its own). Chard, probably. And maybe one of the beds will be devoted to the three sisters, even if I can't eat the corn or beans. It would be cool to try and grow a native species of maize in the traditional manner.

I'm also determined to finish the entryway to the garden this spring/summer. I want to have another garden party, and it would be nice to show that I haven't completely ignored my garden the last couple years (even though I pretty much have). Nice thing is I have a couple more pavers thanks to the basement quikcrete bucket leftovers. And I could probably use one or both of those buckets as lemonbalm and herb planters... Anyway, I need to get outside more often this year. My body has told me it's not negotiable. Even with mossies.

Anyway. That's the state of being here. Pretty good, all said, despite colds and looming flares and a demon in the basement. :-)

Hope all is well with you.
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I think I am beginning to wake up. Seeing as I've been out of bed for the last five hours, I'm viewing this with a fair share of surprise. I had lost hope for the day.

Of course, this means that I need to start in on my homework now rather than later, but, well, needs must. It's either that or vacuum out the computer, and really, cleaning doesn't need wakefulness. Well, not really, anyway. Not that I now know not to remove the CPU. ahem.

Television: BSG )

Obligatory weather update )

A possible new school for Page )

Computer woes )

Heh. Totting everything computer-related that I want/need in the next year or two, I'm thinking I'd better go do my homework so I can get a job closer to a year from now rather than 18 months. Modern life is expensive.

Hope you all are well, as are your families.
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- New Year's intentions:

-- call my diet what it is - a lifestyle. 'Diet' implies impermanence, while 'lifestyle' is a far more accurate description of what needs to happen.
-- exercise at least half an hour a week. Build up my sodding muscles to the point where I can start exercising my heart.
-- attend those parent corner meetings at the school.
-- Cut down on ellipses.

The rest of the bullet points )

That's about it. I hope this coming year brings all of you more pleasure than pain, or at least brings the changes that are necessary for you to become healthier, wealthier, and wiser. ;-)

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- Got my final Word lab to start on. It's due Wednesday. Don' wanna.

- Geoff is home (though not at this exact moment as he's taken Page to the last swim lesson of the session), which is marvelous. We've been walking hand-in-hand wherever we go.

- Lord the acting is terrible in 1st season ST:NG. Absolutely horrible. Not even Patrick Stewart is good. Actually, I think Jonathon Frakes is probably the best one of the bunch, which I find highly amusing. All the others make me cringe. Cringe!

- My house is pretty when it's tidy.

- I've painted this week. Twice. I thought I had finished one of the paintings, but on further reflection, I haven't. It needs glazing for more depth. The other painting is nowhere near finished as it still needs a bajillion layers of glaze to get it to the right colors/intensity. A layer a day should get it there within the next century, though. :-) (<--Artist's math is cool, isn't it? It's like the opposite of Writer's Math!)

- Alone time is happening. Right now! And I expect I can get more of it later on today, too! SO COOL!

- My stomach, while still on the fragile side, seems to have basically recovered from the rancid mustard of yesterday. No more cramping, anyway. Yay!

- Related: we now have non-rancid-mustard-infected food to eat in the house. Double yay!

- Have I mentioned how happy I am to have Geoff back? Cuz I really, really am. Just want to snuggle into his arms and stay there all day. Page wants that too, though, so I guess we'll have to work out a compromise. ;-D

- I suppose I've stalled long enough. Gotta go do my homework. I must say I am really looking forward to Freedom Friday (first day after the last day of class)!
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Because doing math at this hour, while waiting for the benadryl to kick in, is foolish.

Besides, part of the reason I can't sleep is because my mind just won't shut down.


Smash )

Possible confrontations wibbling )

School. And weather. )

Family health )

Aaaand I think the benadryl is starting to kick in. Itchiness in my throat is subsiding, and the drowsiness is setting in. Yay to both. Tomorrow morning is going to be a bother, but, ach well. I'll survive.

Damn it. Minor wibbles, go away! You can back back in when it is DAY!

Good night!
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1. It's beautiful outside. Seriously, seriously beautiful. It's about 12 (C), the sun is shining and the breeze is nonexistent. Beautiful. I plan on raking the front yard today as I soak up the sun.

2. I lost a filling last night as I was brushing my teeth. On the plus side, it doesn't hurt at all unless I happen to gnash the points of the remaining tooth with its corresponding upper tooth. On the downside, those points are sharp! Also, money I didn't want to spend getting it replaced.

3. I think I did well on the test this morning. I studied for most of yesterday, and even though I couldn't remember some of the topics when I started the practice problems, I did figure them out (for the most part) through logic, rather than cheating and looking in the book. Anyway, I think I did respectably on this one. (Being healthy helps. So much.)

4. Geoff, Page and I are watching "Avatar: The Last Airbender" (TV series) on Amazon, and, damn, but I love it. Last night I actually gasped in shock at a scene, though that might have been as much because one of my favorite characters was struck down as for the effectiveness of the scene. But, that's the thing - this show has characters! They have depth! They grow and change! Well, for the most part. Still not sure about Azula (the little sociopath), but I'm not ruling out the possibility of finding some depth to her. Yet. I'm looking forward to learning more about Mai and Ty Lee, though.

(And sorry, Ash, but right now I'm really not loving Toph. But it's early days yet. I didn't like Sokka much at the beginning, either.)

Anyhoo, it's something we all look forward to at the end of the day. And it's also a motivator for getting Page to do things in a timely manner! Whee!

5. Did I mention the weather? *happy sigh*

6. Yesterday was Page's first day after school on Thursdays, and daaaaaaang, what a difference that made to my day. Having the entire day to study (and play) was so much better! I respect his desires where after school attendance is concerned, (what non-essential days he wants to attend, for example), but I might have to put my foot down and insist he stay in Thursdays as well as Wednesdays for the rest of the semester. If he wants to attend a different day, we'll add it back in rather than changing out of Thursday!

7. I can take a nap if I want or need to. Also the guys are seeming like they're feeling okay, so I can guiltlessly toss them out of the house to do stuff this weekend! (Vacuum out the car, rake the back yard, go to the library, etc.) That will be nice.

But now I should go rake the yard. And maybe talk to the neighbors/contractors about NOT starting construction before 8 AM on weekends.

Happy weekend! And happy birthday, shiv!
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Well, a good ol' to do list will obviously help with that!

I hope.

Read more... )

In other news, Geoff is a complete sweetie who let me sleep in even though he had to get up and out early early. He even made Page's lunch (which we forgot we needed to do last night). He has been earning major brownie points this weekend.

And I am feeling way, way better this morning. I realized partway through the day yesterday that some of the more disturbing bits of my discomfort were due to (mostly) accidental antidepressant withdrawal. So I took a dose and feel much, much better. Still tired, but not out of it in that very special way. Now I'm out of it in a much more normal way. ;-)

On the plus side to yesterday, because I wasn't going to even try to expend energy on thinking because it literally wasn't possible, I finally started watching "Downton Abbey". I'm enjoying it so far. Total soap, but a well written and characterized soap. (I'm only three episodes into the first season so no spoilers, please.)

But now I better go. Food to eat, chores to do, textbooks to burn homework to tackle.

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Granted, it isn't a long list, but I DID actually cross a couple things off the (weekend's) to do list today. And I did it while suffering despite a ninety minute delay for Page's school, to boot! (Icy, icy, icy morning!)

I... )

And you know what?

I'm bushed.

'Twas a good day, though. Made even better by having started the tax return yesterday with the result that a lot of the recent worry went away as the forms (and god are there so many forms!) were filled out, and it was revealed that we were advised helpfully after all. Yay.

Haven't finished the return (that's one of the tasks for tomorrow) because I was too tired and wanted to double check a couple of things with a clear mind before submitting it (which is why I'm not working on it right now). But it's pretty much done, and yay.

And to top off the day, Geoff and I sat down to watch a Nature episode on Siberian tigers, and Page joined us on the couch within five minutes. It was a good episode, too.

So, that was my hump day. And here's hoping I have the energy to do what needs to be done tomorrow. Because there is a fair amount to do... *crosses fingers*

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Those who live in this house seem to be on the mend, thankfully. Page still has a nasty cough, Geoff is still tired, and my fingers and back still hurt, but otherwise, we're all doing much better than expected.

We're all well enough that I got us out of the house for another test drive. Last week we drove a 2010 Corolla around for a bit. It was okay, though I certainly wouldn't get that specific car as it had a loud driver's side window. Given my experience with our Camry's driver's side window, I know issues when I hear them. I also am not enthusiastic about the idea of getting another automatic when there are manuals of the same model on the market. And I know there are 2010 manual transmission Corollas out there. I've looked.

Today we test drove a 2008 Prius. Read more... )
The plus side to this search is finding out how luxe we've been living with our poor junker of a Camry. It really is a junker, but it's a very comfortable junker. Much like our '94 Cutlass Supreme was before we traded that in for the Camry in 2004...

In completely unrelated news, I'm rather (belatedly) upset with ITV for canceling "Kingdom". The show veered much more toward the silly side for the second and third seasons, but it was still lovely. that they ended it on such a cliffhanger is rather unconscionable. *tuts* Ah well.

Unfortunately, that end also puts Geoff and me at loose ends again for the time being. We don't watch all that much TV, but we do like to sit down together to watch an episode of something most nights. But we're running out of available-for-free shows that we're both interested in. And I don't want to pay netflix because their streaming selection is... unfair.

Anyway. Enough of my trivial first-world problems. I need to start considering bed now. I don't know if I'm going to go to church tomorrow (most likely not, seeing as I had practically no alone-time this week AND I was ill), but I should at least be open to the possibility by getting enough rest. Beyond the fact that rest will help with what actually ails me. ;-)

Hope ya'll have a lovely Sunday. *smooches*


Jan. 9th, 2013 09:18 am
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Another to do list. Because the end of vacations are like that. )

I hope to have the energy/ambition to try out the recipe for almond flour, squash gnocchi tonight, even if that means I need to go shopping for fresh herbs. Granted, fresh herbs would also be nice for stuffing the chicken(s) with, so that's not a bad thing.

I don't think Urban Poser bakes her cookies enough, for the most part, but overall, I have been quite pleased with her recipes. However, since I can eat eggs, I have been substituting most of the oil for an egg (and a bit more flour) in her recipes, as that way I can eat more of the results. ;-) (I still have trouble digesting fat. Even yummy fat, like coconut oil. )-:

Now that we're home, I really want to try out her recipe for sourdough bread. However, that can wait until all our tummies have recovered from the travails of travel. Because there were travails. Nice thing is, we seem to have survived the travails intact without too much indigestion. Yay for better digestive health! *cheers*

ION, Geoff and I started watching "Kingdom" the other night. What a lovely, low-key mystery series! If one can even call it a mystery series... There is a mystery, but, well, the series is much more about the characters than the mystery, isn't it? Granted, I've only watched the first three episodes, so I really don't know what's going on yet. :-)

Anything else?

I've been enjoying reading the exchange pieces. I'm being picky about what I read (I'm avoiding things that are likely to be all angsty, dark or otherwise weighty), but what I have read has been fun. I must say I especially enjoyed "Worlds Enough, and Time," though the others I read yesterday were also good. If you'd be so kind, I would love recommendations on the pre-holiday hiatus stuff.

But, I think that's that. Need to go start the day. Hope Wednesday is or was good!
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And you too, Ms. Espenson.

Rumpelstiltskin is eating into my brain.


Nov. 11th, 2012 10:05 am
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I haz it.

Actually, it might only be allergies, as a LOT of dust was kicked up yesterday in the white tornado that went through this level, but whatever the cause, my sinuses are inflamed, swollen and generally sulky. I think steaming them has helped a little bit, but, gah.

The worst bit is that I didn't get a good night of sleep because they were so upset. Had to raise my head every couple of hours to blow or wipe my nose. And move to a different part of the pillow. (Blech.)

Geoff is off on a week-long business road-trip after lunch today. First stop is Pittsburgh, then on to Buffalo. At the same time, Page will be going through sugar-withdrawal, as his last dose of sugar-bomb antibiotics was yesterday morning. And to try and heal the damage that was done (and there was damage done - underwear and behavior charts attest to that), I will not be buying any more fruit for a week or two. Poor boy. Fortunately, he likes cheese, nuts and sausage. And yogurt.

Meanwhile, I've made progress on my first term paper, although I'll probably have to rewrite it all as I've taken a slightly mocking/snarky tone. Hard not to, though.

FASB (USA): Oh, we are so into the idea of one reporting standard for the whole world!
IASB (Europe et al): GREAT! So let's get it together, baby. Come on over to our place.
FASB: Uh... noooo? Your place is... not up to our standards. How 'bout you come over to ours?
IASB: Um, no. See, you're kinda late to the party, and everyone else is already over here.
FASB: But, well, your party sucks.
IASB: Oh really?
FASB: Um, yeah. And, like, our research proves it.
IASB: Oh, really?
FASB: But we still want to get together... But later, Babe. I needs to do some stuff first.
IASB: ... *mutters* fucking tease.

Anyway, there are colorful metaphors and phrasing that I should probably get rid of ("The problem was, the entire process became one sticky point after another, which, in turn, slowed their progress considerably. However, even with everything moving as fast as molasses in January, the two boards managed to make progress toward agreeing on a path to take. Kind of."), but, well, it's a first draft. Words on a page is what's needed right now. I can edit later.

Speaking of, I should get down to that now. I'm starting to run out of time, and I have yet to start the research for my second term paper. *meeps*

But, before I do go, I'll share something I enjoyed. Geoff and I have been taking advantage of another free trial on netflix and have taken to watching Once Upon A Time. While there are some things that really bug me about it (does it have to be the Disney version of the characters, every single time?), I've been enjoying the complexity they're creating in the fairytale land. Happily ever afters exist, but at a price. Always a price. Last night was especially enjoyable, what with Little Red Riding Hood's story being rather twisty, AND a take on Beauty and the Beast. God, I love me a good Beauty and the Beast story, and that one was an excellent version of it. Spoilerish for first season ) Despite those episodes, I think what keeps me most enthralled at this point is wondering whether Regina actually does love Henry or not. It's really not clear whether she's capable of loving anymore.

But now I'd better go. I only have a couple of hours before the guys get back, and I have lots to do after that.
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Frankenstorm is coming!

I shall not mock the Fates and tell the truth about how utterly and completely worried I am. Suffice to say, we have not been part of the rush on the stores, or even (due to long lines and impatience) gas stations.

I suspect "Sandy" (Frankenstorm's official name) will be very much like Irene was last year, which was more bluster than muster up here. Unfortunately (although I can understand the reasoning), the school district has decreed tomorrow to be null and void. So yay. Page gets an extra long weekend. I don't get any.

School blather )

A nice dream, for a change! )

In less inspiring news, Geoff and I may have reverted back to the plan of replacing the car sooner rather than later. There really is something wrong with the front suspension. And the transmission is getting clunkier and more reluctant, too. Those two things, added to the list of things that we know are wrong, might actually negate the financial favor of keeping it. But, I don't know. It's still rather up in the air.

But, to end on a good note, I'm rewatching "Slings and Arrows" and reminding myself about what a wonderful show it is. Seriously, if you haven't seen it, do!

Also, because political season is (fiiiiiiinally!) coming to an end, I thought I ought to report that Joss Whedon has put in his figurative oar and endorsed Romney:

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To do list )

My shoulder hurts. What annoys me is it's the other side of the one that's been hurting for the last three weeks. No, what really annoys me is it's in that one spot that's impossible to massage myself. Ah well.

A more worrisome item is that one of Geoff's aunt's has been diagnosed with breast cancer. I haven't heard what stage it's at, but she'll be having a mastectomy quite soon on the doctor's advice. So we're rather concerned about her, obviously. However, it was caught early (and she's not young), so the prognosis is good.

It's not all doom and gloom, though!

Good things! )
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Muddled dream )

Today is my last day of this semester. School babble )

On Sunday, Geoff and I watched "A Scandal in Belgravia." I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it far less after I read "A Scandal in Bohemia," and realized how much they'd assassinated Irene's character. Spoilerish question/observation (cut for the one person out there who hasn't seen it?) )

So I'm wondering whether to read Baskerville before Sunday or leave it for next week... I did enjoy the show quite a bit before I read its basis. *weighs pros and cons*

Ah well. Nice to have such first world problems weighing heavily on my mind. ;-D

PS: Rest in peace, dear Mr. Sendak. And thank you for the stories.


Feb. 13th, 2012 01:16 pm
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It was such a gorgeous morning! It was quite cold (14F), but the sun was shining brilliantly, and, out of nowhere, little white sparkles started fluttering about. Can't say they were falling, because it was more like dancing as they twirled up and around, seemingly escaping gravity. Absolutely gorgeous!

Unfortunately, that was the highlight of the morning.

Grump )

On the happier side of things, Page seemed to get all the way better this weekend. Not that I was awake to notice much of it, but he seemed super cheerful and energetic and only mildly obstreperous. Yay!

Also, he enjoyed watching "The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency" with us. We have one more episode left before needing to mourn the fact that they didn't renew the series for a second season. Granted, even though the show is very good, the books are far superior. Maybe some of them would be good bedtime reading? ;-D

At some point I'll have to photograph some of Page's lego creations. I was really impressed with his recent version of an AT-ST Walker (Star Wars). No instructions, no proper parts, just a good imagination and The Knack. His star ships and speeders are all really cool, too. It makes me ashamed of the trite creations I made when I was his age. And older...

But before that, I need to post yesterday's photo meme entry. I did actually take the photo yesterday, but didn't have time (or energy) to process it. Or even download it? *checks* Yep. So, I guess that's next on my list of calming activities. Along with finishing this cup of tea.
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So, I don't suppose it's possible to have the delegates divided so evenly that no one gets the nomination? That would be so cool. And it would also showcase how undemocratic our country really is when it comes down to it, as the party leaders would then decide who gets the nomination, delegates or no.

In the meantime, I am quietly, and very warily, rooting for Santorum simply because I think he's unelectable against Obama. Though I'm not really sure of that, so I'm mostly keeping my trap shut. I really would love a three-way between Santorum, Romney and Gingrich, though. Ron Paul can go fuck himself, if only because that would be a fair representation of what Libertarians are all about.

Random good things, basically. )

May your day be bonny and blithe.
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I have a busy day ahead of me, I believe, and that is a wonderful thing. I am having a bit of caffeinated tea to make sure I actually get off my duff, but even without it, I do want to do things, and that is a nice change of pace. Considering I started the day off very uncomfortable and icky, it's even nicer.

The Page (nee Babe) went off to winter camp very, very reluctantly. I'm afraid I was not very helpful getting him ready, thanks to my discomfort and ickiness, but Geoff reported that once he was in the car, he was just hunky-dory. *rolls eyes* That child hates change so much, I sometimes despair of his future. However, I do recognize that his resistance gets worse when he's feeling off, and he is definitely feeling off, the poor kid. His molars are coming in and he's got a mild cold. That's enough to make anyone cranky. Having a cranky, ill mom nagging him only makes things worse.

Fortunately for both of us, he is out of the house for the day now, and probably having lots of fun.

(And so I'm not just recalling the bad, it is really neat to see him take up Magic with Geoff. It warms my heart to see them play together, and especially seeing him play a game by the rules so Geoff can enjoy the game, too. Perhaps we'll be able to break out board games I can join in on soon.)

The day itself is looking pretty nasty. It snowed yesterday and was raining this morning, despite the freezing temps. Geoff said he passed a few accident aftermaths after dropping Page off at camp. He called from work offering me the car, but warned me about the road conditions. I happily told him to keep it. There are errands I need to run, but they can wait till later, when the roads aren't slick.

Geoff and I have been watching a lot of his birthday present, the complete series of Daria. And that led to a revelation last night: I am Daria (that's not news), and as I age, I am becoming more like her dad, Jake (or Mr. DeMartino... eep).

Not a particularly nice revelation, that. However, I think that if I do diligently partake in stress management, I may end up more like Helen (Mrs. Morgendorffer), or, better yet, Aunt Amy (since Mom is so obviously an older version of Quinn).

I have been watching so much Daria that last night, when I saw that Aurette had updated "Of Muggles and Magic," I started reading the chapter, only to stop because I was reading it in Daria's monotone. I thought it prudent to leave it till this morning. That also made for a lovely wake-up treat.

Oh, and I forgot to write down my odd dream from the night before last, so I shall do it now:

We had just found our new home when the world died. )

And on that note... ;-D

Bah humbug

Feb. 22nd, 2011 12:01 am
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I hate it when good shows make dumb mistakes just for the sake of draaahma (and sweeps).

Spoilers for Castle )

In other news, three boxes that held Magic cards have been thrown out due to mold, and a fair chunk of the cards in them (all commons and uncommons, fortunately). And being downstairs with the cupboard doors open and the cards being aired has definitely made me wheezy and sicker.

As soon as Geoff is finished getting them out and sorting through them, he has the task of tilexing the shit out of the cubby behind the cupboard. And hopefully that will take care of both Babe's and my coughs.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day, as I'll need to clean the kitchen and start cooking again (as well as pay the bills, do the filing and prepare the paperwork for taxes). Geoff will be getting a flourless carrot cake belatedly. Too many cards and too little energy today to get it done, which sucks for Geoff. He's seems rather satisfied, however, because he's been able to sort through his Magic cards and watch Daria all day long. So that's a good thing, I s'pose.

But now I really do need to go. I think I need a hit off the inhaler, or some anti-inflammatories or something. (ETA: Yep. It's a bad sign when taking half a hit of albuterol actually makes you drowsy/relax. I feel much better now.)

Damn mold.


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