Sep. 4th, 2013 10:20 am
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Darth Vader's theme in the style of Beethoven (I think it's much more listenable, personally, though perhaps not as effective...).

Awesome leopard seal encounter.

A less asshole-y version of "Blurred Lines". (The video is actually kinda amusing, unlike the official video, though perhaps not as funny as Jimmy Kimmel's version...)

A generous, doodling mom gets awesome results from letting her 4-year-old finish her drawings for her.

Aaaand, Simon Pegg is an adorable douche to his Star Trek castmates.

There. Now to go read yesterday's readings and try to wake up enough for today's class.

(Also, the kid is home sick with the same thing Geoff and I had. I'm glad Geoff is in town so I can go to class.)


Mar. 15th, 2013 08:02 am
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First, a (darkly) funny video.

The rest of the (mostly) randomness. )

But now it is time for bed. Although napping during the day this week has been good, I do need more nighttime sleep if I'm to get all the way better before school starts up again.

Stupid LJ. Although, at least it saved the entire draft!

But on the plus side, I got lousy sleep because the stuff in my sinuses finally decided to really move. So yay. My headache is much better (although still there), and I feel like the end of this thing is near.

Also, Geoff is coming home in a few hours. That'll be nice.
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("Secret of Photo 51" - about Rosalind Franklin)


Sep. 30th, 2012 11:00 am
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is up with me and my sinuses and tummy? Whining )


Thanks to some morning aside I can't remember, I have this running through my head:

I love Jimmy Buffett.

Makes me think of of a picture a fb friend posted of freaking Twilight fabric, with the werewolf clan in nothing but tight shorts (against a night-sky shadow of a traditional Hollywood werewolf) beside Edward looking over his shoulder in a winsome way. Hilarious and homoerotic liek whoa, all at the same time!

(Sorry I can't link you to the pic. Privacy settings, you know. But it was very much in the same vein as this.


On another front, do any of you remember the title to the SS/HG story with a pooka in it? Geoff and I re-watched Harvey last night, and it made me want to reread that fic.


And... I think I'm gonna go back to bed now. Read myself back to sleep and hopefully wake up feeling less whingy.

Good luck to all who have the deadline looming. May the muses be cooperative.

Two videos

Mar. 2nd, 2012 09:46 am
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Here's a link to the first one. Women's Health Experts Speak Out

And here's a song I've been enjoying. I do like listening to songs about messed up relationships!

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But I had to share this gem of a spoof of the Tebow-mania.

(For non-American friends, Tim Tebow (the bow is pronounced as in bow-tie) is quarterback (throwing dude) of the Denver Broncos football (hand-egg) team. He has been a HUGE story over here because as soon as he was put in as starter (lead throwing dude), the Broncos suddenly started winning, rather miraculously. And by miraculously, I mean that they really shouldn't have won because they played like crap until the last quarter Every. Single. Game. Plus, he throws like shit. So, add to the miracle wins the fact that Tebow is OVERTLY Christian, like, in-your-face-thank-you-Jesus-for-everything type Christian, and takes to kneeling in prayerful thanks after every touchdown ("Tebowing"), and you have wonderful parody material.

Oh, and Tom Brady is the New England Patriots throwing dude. He is a seriously good quarterback who beats the snot out of just about everyone in the field today, talent-wise. Plus, he's hot. Google him.)

Anyway, I hope all of you can see this clip, because it's a thing of beauty.

You tube version of Tebowie )

A better quality version from Hulu.
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Here's a seasonal surreal greeting from Bob Dylan:

Happy holidays, all.
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First, here's a PSA video. It's a talk given by Dr.(MD) Wahls about how she cured (or at least has put into complete remission) her severe MS by eating right. Pretty cool stuff.

Video beneath the cut )

However, the expense of that amount of kale (not to mention the grass-fed meat) is rather mind boggling, and that's coming from someone who grows her own! On the other hand, she's certainly right about the costs coming from another side, if not food. Been there, done that.

Which reminds me, I need to get exercising. It's pretty pathetic that 8 hours of shopping in the last three days has me so worn out...

Which brings me to the fact that I am stalling. I have things I need to do this morning, but I am just so tired. I think I slept okay, but my body and mind don't want to wake up. I'm very, very tempted to take today off and do everything tomorrow, except that today is the deadline for one of the to do list's items. Of course, I could do that and put everything else off until tomorrow... Hmmm.

On the plus side, I am 99% done with the family's Christmas shopping (though wrapping has not even started), and my first semester back at school is officially over. I'm pretty sure I aced the other final, but I don't think I'll find out how well I did, as that professor isn't into the whole blackboard grading/reporting thing like my management prof is. However, I am positive that I got an A in the course, meaning my GPA is currently at 4.0. Hopefully it will remain there for the rest of my community college schooling, so that I may be eligible for merit scholarships for the more expensive years of my BAcc. Plus I am looking forward to (being invited and) joining Phi Beta Kappa, which is led by my Management Prof.

Finally, you'd think that a business, even a business that doesn't focus on items such as toys (anymore; it used to) would make sure that they are WELL stocked in the favorites for the Christmas season, wouldn't you?

Page and I logged onto last night to try and use his birthday gift certificate on Legos (so I would know what to buy for Christmas), and everything he wanted was sold out! I mean, sure, he could have used the certificate to buy from Sears marketplace (and pay twice the retail price for the Legos!!!), but, well, I'm not letting him do that. After all, one of my jobs as a parent is to teach him the value of money and, consequently, how to shop.

Anyway, it's annoying to see a good company being so stupid in the face of mass commercialism. No wonder they're failing. :-(

Anyway, should go do that one thing, if not all the things. Hope everyone is doing well.

ETA: Oooorrrrr, just sleep the afternoon away. I think I needed that. *grimaces*
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Hallelujah Corporations )

My brain has been displaying the blue screen of death pretty much all day today. I think it will be an early bedtime. Or I hope it will be, anyway.
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A couple years ago, a friend made a mixed CD for us. We recently rediscovered it and have left it in the CD player at Page's request. A few of the songs have grown on me quite a lot.

These are the highlights of my ear worms: )

Page now quotes "Beard Lust" at random. It's hysterical.

(And now I must be off to homework. Yay.)


Oct. 18th, 2011 07:09 pm
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There are a couple of intelligent (rather than just politic (or plain dumb)) answers in there, but for the most part... Ouch.

However, this parody is hilarious.

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And here's a wonderful video of a standup economist. Hilarious.

PSA videos

Sep. 5th, 2011 02:11 pm
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BTW: lots and lots of water is dangerous, ya'll. )

No idea where the first video was shot, but the second is Vermont. Irene wasn't a hurricane when she hit Vermont, she was only a tropical storm. @_@
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And then I watched this and now am more cheerful.

I will share the laughs with you. (Not food or drink safe) )


Apr. 20th, 2011 09:11 am
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I'm not into his interpretation so much, but omg, can this guy (Lil Buck) move!

Video beneath the cut )

I love watching people who are so in control of their bodies.

Also, I'm rereading "Sense and Sensibility" and chapter 2 caught my attention. It seems to me it's a perfect encapsulation of what the Republicans are doing in this country.
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First, go look at the Astronomy Picture of the Day (it's actually a timelapse video):

Nothing undercuts a guided relaxation gig like remembering near the end that you have an appointment in two minutes and you don't have the car. On the plus side, as I was calling Geoff for the car, I looked at the calendar and found the appointment (my placement test) is tomorrow, not today. Phew. (Downside, of course, is that all the relaxation was erased in that moment of realization. Plus side: I wasn't panicked.)

Geoff's sick. He's at work, but he's developing a chest thing which I really hope won't be bronchitis. He's prone to it. He hasn't had it in... gosh, ten years, but before that, it was a horrible yearly occurrence. (Maybe I'm good for something after all! ;-) No coughing yet, so hopefully it'll peter out, but... :-(

The robins have come back. Can hear them chirping away, even though it is bitter out. Beautiful, with the sun shining and bright, blue skies, but the wind feels arctic. And, of course, it is constantly breezy.

Made some Chinese chicken stock yesterday, and boy did it smell good. I still need to strain it, but seeing as there isn't all the detritus of western stock, it should be a small task.

I need to dust. Fortunately, there aren't any vampires around to dust, thereby creating more dust. Small consolation, though. (Season 4 Buffy is the best yet. God, it's good to laugh!)

Last day of algebra and math study, and then I can switch to writing and painting. I'm looking forward to doing both.

ETA: Oh, and this is going to sound very odd, but god, I love the smell of kimchi in the morning. I am so happy to have some in the house again!
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Dear Self,

Please don't read the comments on Yahoo. Because remember, they are, on the whole, written by yahoos, and proof of their existence is only going to aggravate you.

Aggravatedly yours,

Dear Self,

I love you. And I love your recent written restraint in matters political. Thank you for remembering that not everyone needs to know what a crack-pot you really are.

Much Love,

Dear Body,


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Even if you've already seen it.

Read more... )

Gotta love George Takei.

Life in the real world - or here, anyway - is... boring. Getting better is an extremely boring business. However, major strides have been made. I can now use my eyes for most of the day ~pets lovely internets~ and have recovered to the point of exercising. Tuesday I started with a two minute walk which happened to also be an exercise in what passes for democracy in this country, yesterday I went to Costco with my mum to buy three things (about ten minutes of walking, though leaning on the cart most of the time) and today we're going to the food store with a short list. Maybe two stores. Carts will be employed again, I suspect. As will restorative soup. (Wrote too slowly; mission accomplished with only a couple memory lapses.)

So progress. Yay!

I also went to the doctor yesterday for my follow-up appointment. It was a much better visit than the last one, seeing as I was able to stand up, talk and be normalish and all that. It had its squicky moment, but I will spare you the details and just leave it to your fertile imaginations as to what actually happened. Although I will say it was painless and easily dealt with. But it also was really very squicky. Ew.

My mum is helping out tremendously. The house hasn't been clean for so long in... ever? Before Babe was born, anyway. And she's actually getting Babe to pick up his mess! She has the energy to enforce it! It's awesome.

Another awesome thing is the meals from the church. There's a list of people who signed up to bring us meals, even in the face of my dietary restrictions! So three times a week, food is delivered to us. And will be for another week or so. It's not strictly necessary, as my mum is here, but it sure is nice and... well, comforting. (It's amazing to know that people I've interacted with really do care about me. Self-worth issues? Me? Never!)

Aaaaaannnnnnd... can't think of anything else. It's cool and rainy and perfectly miserable out - a perfect day for soup, blankets and Buffy. Or Due South, after Babe gets home.

(Can you tell that I'm still feelin' pretty happy to be alive and out of serious pain? =)
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Here? 'Cause I know I've complained somewhere about how invisible thread is a bitch to work with. HOWEVER, it sure beats having to see what crap stitches I'm actually making when using perfectly visible thread. I wish I had a machine I could use for this. But I don't. And wouldn't have the skill to use it if I did. My hat is off to quilters, though. It takes serious skill and patience.

*cue grumbling about how there's only 6 FEET left to do at this painfully slow 2" per hour rate*

On the bright side, here's a short video of cuteness:

And now to bed. Without book. Need to wake up to the alarm tomorrow. Oh. Joy.


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