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Yesterday I suffered from a case of domesticgodessitis. Not that you'd be able to tell by the state of the house. No. It still needs to be decontaminated liek whoa (three weeks and two different bugs. It's been gross).

Nope. Instead I tackled the mending pile. Fortunately, it was small. Unfortunately, the majority of it was darning. Two of my favorite pairs of socks needed mending. And, since I had no brain-power or energy for anything else, I sat and darned. And "watched" Voyager. (I'm rewatching all the episodes Page watched without me.) Anyway, it's the first time I darned worth a damn, and, well, it turned out well. Go me.

Today I finished off the pile by finishing up a pair of fingerless mittens (from another pair of holy socks). So yay. I may take pictures of those, even if they aren't perfect.


I am mulling how to write a story idea. I'm kinda wondering if it needs to be a picture book. Thing is, if it were a picture book, it would never, ever, EVER get published.

Still. Mulling.


I took part in Podunk's Spring Art Festival on Saturday, and it was an almost complete bust. The only reason it wasn't a complete bust is because I had the time to finish a note card drawing, and figure out what my newest painting needs to finish it.

So frustrating. The people whose shop I was in said it was the slowest Saturday they'd had in a long time. Maybe a year. *sigh*


I think I'm in my week of misery (PMDD). Life is seeming pretty damn pointless, and I feel like a waste of space. Maybe even worse than a waste of space, given that I procreated and I'm not sure I am up for the task of raising a man. (Oh, yeah. Page has begun the teenage attitude. For real, this time. And who cares if it's two years early, because he sure doesn't. My mum said 11 seems to be the new 13.) I really am scared about that. He is so bad about certain things, especially reading body language, and... *sigh*

I wish I could redo the first few years of his life with the knowledge I have now. Ach well.


And finally, but foremost, my heart goes out to all of you who are suffering real losses, fears, or other stresses. I know a lot of you are, and please know I am thinking of you and sending you light.


Oct. 22nd, 2014 05:59 pm
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Page is obviously ill as he seems incapable of being more than five feet away from me at any point. Well, that and the stomach and head aches. (He's perked up a lot since the tylenol kicked in.) This would suit me well enough if it weren't for the fact that I have conflicting needs of getting homework done (1st draft of the story I'm writing) and napping like a napping thing. Oh, and the weight of the house on my shoulders...

Meanwhile, I am very, very glad that I have job. Our bank balance will remain in the black for at least the next three weeks or so! Yay! I will have to start seriously looking for work come December, though. Hopefully I'll find something besides retail because retail won't work. The unreliability of the hours would make life too difficult. Difficulty is too stressful for me and my silly body.

Life is piling up, and with it, anxiety. The more disorderly things become, the less stable I am. I'm not thrilled about that aspect of myself, but there it is. Unfortunately, Geoff isn't really in a position to help out more than cooking dinner every other night. Granted, he's actually been doing the majority of the cooking... And will probably be called on to make dinner tonight... (I'm such a bad wife.)

But otherwise things are pretty good despite fall definitely being on its way out (I think I may have seen a snowflake today. I hope to hell it was just a stray cigarette ash from the car ahead, though!). The colors are turning rusty, and the skies are lowering. Literally. It's supposed to be rainy and chilly for the rest of the week, and I can only hope that it is lighter the next few days than it was today. I don't like persistent twilight. Ah well. That's me complaining again, isn't it?

But I've now pawned my child off on Nanny Telly, so I should use the time to get to work. I only have a fight scene, a denouement and a Chekov-eque set-up description to write, so I should be able to get it all done tonight, right? (She laughs...)

My best to all of you. Keep hanging in there.
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You are awesome. You are more awesome than can be expressed by my feeble linguistic skill (at the moment. Aphasia sucks, precious). I admire you greatly for being able to create characters and worlds and then describe them in words!!! Even more so when it's original fic. Holy shit, ya'll. I didn't realize the difficulty levels between fanfic and ofic was in logarithmic order of magnitudes. Naive me. (Delusional me...)

So, yeah. Keep on keeping on. And know that you have an ardent admirer in me.


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Last stages of overdue paper prior to editing the crap out of it.

So not in writer mood.

So, so not.

Really, really Not.

That said, boys are in bed, caffeine is in my system and I've got all night. Right? *laughs bitterly*

Three more paragraphs of this section, a transition paragraph, an intro and conclusion. That's all. Well, and huge amounts of editing, because my grammar is missing along with my words. Oh, and a bibliography.

But. Last day. Handing in tomorrow no matter what.

And, oh shit, there's another paper due tomorrow, too. (eta: done. yay.)

At least that one doesn't require a bibliography...
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I think I shall name it:

The Crux of the Matter: Life sucks, but it isn't worth dying over.
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Well, it's only fair, since I got a drabble from her...


The first 10 (or so...) people to comment on this post get to request a drabble (a real drabble: 100 words exactly) from me in one of the below fandoms. In return, recipients must post this meme in their journals.

So... Fandoms include HP, P&P, AoGG, Narnia, Avatar: The Last Airbender (cartoon)... Sorry, that's about it, but feel free to mix and match.

(I'm taking the day off today. Still ouchie, but I think there's hope for non-ouchiness in the near future.)

Oh, and...

Oct. 14th, 2012 02:28 pm
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I've been tinkering with the idea of writing a Hermione/Kingsley alternative to She Married Her Choice...

*goes back to homework*
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I finally (finally, finally) wrote up the ficlet that Ayerf bought for the TPP auction early last year. She prompted me to write a sequel for her drabble series, "Deadly Truth".

So, here it is: Deadly Consequences.
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I'mgladtobe, all byyyyyy myyyyseeeeeelf...

The boys went to church without me this morning, and they've gone out to see the local baseball team play (the NH team, not the Red Sox). All so I could get homework done.

And at least I have made progress, but, geez, I don't want to work on that dratted paper any more. And I'm not sure my brain is up for technical reading, which is the bulk of the rest of my homework. I only have the conclusion to write before I can go through and edit it into something decent, but I don't want to do it. Probably because that would mean I would have to go through and edit it. And then write the bibliography. Fun fun fun.

I don't know why this paper is freaking me out quite so much. It's only worth 15% of my grade. And it only has to be 2-3 pages long! (Mine is a full 4 pages. Going over is allowed.) But somehow I've managed to freak myself out about it, and that threw me into a tizzy which got me on the wrong track, wasted a full day and... blah.

Ach well. Almost done now. Five or six sentences to go. That's it. So I should just go an do it. I even have the sentences summarized! *rolls eyes at self* *sprains eyes*

Right. I can do this. Yes I can. Fleshiness, here I come!
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I'm loving all of these voice posts for that meme (which should be one of the included words, btw). Perhaps one of these days I will get around to setting up the whole shebang myself to do it as well.

Though, really, I should be writing, not listening. Or reading. Or posting. But, well... I'm tiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrred. Thinking while tiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrred is hard! *whines unattractively*

(Jet lag sucks.)

And if I'm not writing, I should be attacking the bills, or taking Page out for his run or doing laundry or catch-up cooking or any of the million things that need to be done after an extended absence.

It also sucks that the next two weeks, minus both Saturdays, are going to be Geoff-free. Darn business travel.

I'm sure there's a plus side to all of this that I'm whining about, but I'm too tired to find it right now. So, I shall go stare blankly at my document and hope the muse is up to shouting in my ear (whispering ain't gonna cut it) for a few minutes before switching to bills. Yay.
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to chapter 11 on TPP and Ashwinder.

Snippet )

And in related news, I finished the story today. It is complete in 24 chapters and just over 73,000 words. A mite longer than I expected or intended, but Snape and Hermione would have their way, and would not shut up.

So yay. Now to see if those numbers scare off my alpha and beta readers... ;-)

And then start my exchange piece... eek.
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- Here's a not-so-daft article on animal emotions and the whys of anthropomorphism.

- I managed to make a good start on the penultimate chapter of Shelter yesterday. And, at the end of the day, I got my evil laugh out. Bwa ha ha, ya'll. Bwa ha ha. (Okay, I may exaggerate, but it's certainly not a nice laugh, even if it isn't actually evil.)

- I have done quite a lot of garden work in the last week. I have managed to plant all but two of the two dozen plants my neighbor gave me. In three years I should have a really quite attractive swath of yellow loosestrife fronted with orange daylilies in one of the back corners of the garden. That plus the yellow rocket ligularia will make for a cheerful summer view. (What I'll do with the rest of the back garden, I have yet to figure out. I think I will be plotting and planning with my mum on that.)

Yesterday I managed to dig out a new bed in the back, which meant desodding and then loosening the soil (and hacking out a few tree roots with the mattock), and transplanted my three withering huechera from the front into said bed, along with a couple of the yellow mums my neighbor gave me. I think, in the unforeseen future when we have a bit of money to spare, I will plant spotted deadnettle, lungwort and sweet woodruff in front of and alongside those five.

However, preparation for that can wait till much later. The task for today and the rest of this week is to dig out the edging pavers of the front walkway, extending the walkway to the corner and transplanting the plants in front to out back, in case the association landscaper comes while I'm gone.

- It is so nice getting things done. The drug dealer upped my dose last week, and I think it's helping. Granted, it would help more if I could remember to take the darn pills every day! But the depression is definitely going into remission. I had known I was depressed, I had no idea how depressed I was, though. Or for how very long. No wonder Page was acting out!

- We had a lovely thunderstorm yesterday that cleared up just in time for fireworks. We didn't watch, as per usual. If we had access to the roof, I would have been interested to see the view from there, but honestly, I think most fireworks in this country are pretty pathetic. Especially after seeing the international competition in Vancouver that one year. Now those were fireworks worth watching (and the US did not even place)!

- Geoff and I watched the first episode of "Wilfred" the other night. It's funny, but I'm not sure I'll continue watching it. I will, however, recommend it to my dad, who will think it's a hoot.

- And that's about it, really. My life at the moment is digging and writing with the occasional clearing of the dishes. Later this afternoon, I'll go out to the CSA with Geoff and Page and pick my veggies (mmm... scapes!) and maybe (finally) pick up a replacement tank for the grill, but honestly, life is pretty staid at Casa Goodun. Which is nice. Granted, there's a whole heck of a lot to do in the next week, but I might actually be up to doing it. =)
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I am currently trying to write a battle scene. As you can see by my presence here, it's not going very well.

I am tempted to go all Plants vs. Zombies and have the defenders shoot peas and nuts and such at the Death Eaters, but I think I shall refrain. It's an effort, but I'll try to maintain the proper tone.

Last night (or this morning, in my benadryl haze) I dreamt of inter-dimensional lovers. Talk about forbidden love! The problem was, it was easy for cute girl to be tempted by the lover because the portal to the other dimension was in the back garden. However, the penalty for a human caught in the other dimension was death.

And cute girl, when she plucked up her courage to go see her guy in his dimension, kinda made the faux pas of eating his dad. (She didn't know it was his dad!) Fortunately, dream editor came in, backed the dream up and only had her taking a bit of a snack off of him, leaving him alive, but unconscious.

(Oh, did I mention that a previous love affair had left her a vampire? And that her lover's dimension was a monster realm? Right. She had really bad taste luck when it came to men.)

Then there was a bit about a mystic, and her predicting that nothing good would come of the affair, and girl agreed, but boy found out about her trip and went after her, and... well, nothing good came of it. He ended up with a shaved head. Unevenly shaved, at that.

It was horrible.

(Ah, benadryl! You do weird things to my brain.)

Oh, and the real punchline of the thing was I woke up, came downstairs and Geoff was playing Gaga's "Bad Romance" on youtube.

And on that note, I should get back to my story. I would really like to finish it this week. I don't want to have to ask for an extension on my exchange piece, after all. *meeps*
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So, yesterday I told Page that I was going to be staying at my parents' place for a few days longer than him and his dad. This morning he woke up crying about a nightmare where I was gone for three years. (Fear of abandonment, anyone?)

I explained in as many ways as my tired brain could think of that I was going to be gone only a few extra days (one day more than the Aeternitas weekend), that it was to work on the mural there (a work trip and partial truth), that I would call every day and that he IS my home and heart, so I'm not going to be away for longer than that.

He seemed to accept that, but he's sticking very close to me today. Needing my attention every five seconds.

*sigh* It's Friday, isn't it?

Haven't been on here much because all of my effort has been going into writing Shelter. I'm almost at the end of chapter 22 (otherwise known as The Monster. It's over 8000 words so far), with only a scene to go, and then there's two chapters left. And it is definitely only two chapters left.*

Garden, Page and me. )

* )**

** )
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Someone to be writing this please?

Severus and Molly battling for control over the remote control.

How I see it playing out... )

Two formidable, manipulative people. One remote. Just how nasty does it turn?

Ah, dear

May. 19th, 2011 05:49 pm
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Babe was escorted to me at pick-up. I said, "Uh-oh," and then felt relief, brief but real, when the escort was because he was feeling very poorly.

*iz bad mom*

I do feel bad for him. He's up in his room right now, curled up asleep, which I am sure is a more comfortable location for a nap than the couch downstairs where he was stretched out asleep before. I'm glad Geoff had the strength to carry him up.

Geoff is also asleep at the moment. He came home and gave a very... erm, meditative recitation of just how slow his brain was at the airport. I told him to go have his nap twice in the middle of said recitation because I thought he'd finished his tale.

He's cute when he's sleepy.

I am also tired, but awake enough to be sitting here in front of the computer, trying to write. Actually, I'm trying to talk myself into going to the store to buy the last of what we need, but that's an uphill battle. I'm just proud that I got out for most of the things I needed! Yesterday and the day before were so icky and miserable, thanks to nasty sciatic pain and not even close to enough sleep, that getting myself in the shower today was an accomplishment. Everything on top of that has been gravy.

But I do need to get out and finish the shopping. I need yogurt to start a new batch of homemade yogurt. I have said to hell with having no dairy, seeing as my sinuses aren't playing nice with me anyway. I will try to find a source for goat milk and make yogurt from that this summer, but for now organic cow's milk will suffice. Thank god for Trader Joes, where the organic stuff is almost reasonably priced (and the milk isn't ultra-pasteurized).

I need to. But it can wait till tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I think I need to ax just about all of what I've written today. Either that or come up with a damn good explanation. *sigh* Ah well.
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(Especially because I've been awake for almost three hours now.)

I don't know if I can blame the weather for my aching bod, but urgh. I went to bed early last night specifically because I was achy, and wanted to nip it in the bud. Ha.

However, it seems what rest I got was enough to rejuvenate my brain just enough to get the ideas flowing for my story. This chapter I'm working on, which I thought I had wrapped up (granted in an unsatisfactory way), is being extended slightly, despite the fact that it is at least twice as long as any other chapter in the story. Damn the whole POV thing! Should have gone completely omniscient!

Speaking of stories and such, I got my exchange prompts. At this moment I am feeling dread rather than excitement, but I think that's just because of the exchange time-frame. I really want to finish "Shelter" before I start thinking about another project (art or fic), and then I basically only have the month of June. *wrinkles nose*

I can do it, but I hope that the bunnies bite harder than they have so far.

Yesterday I went looking for flights to visit my parents this summer, and it seems Seattle is a hot spot for mid to late July. Any idea why? Anyway, flight prices have increased by at least a hundred dollars a person since Sunday, and that's assuming the online travel sites show any tickets available. *frowns*

On the plus side, it seems possible that this is the Universe saying, "No, you really need to fly directly into Vancouver, hon. You are still not up for that long a travel day."

It's just unfortunate that that adds another two hundred to already expensive ticket prices. But, well, it'll save at least a week of recovery on each end. Traveling is so hard on the body.

And who knows, by the time I buy the tickets, prices might have shifted back to being in my favor. I can hope, anyway. (So shush, you, Reason.)

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand Page just woke up, so I guess that means I need to start the day. *sigh*

Oh, but first, I'd just like to say that Rick Santorum is an ass. But I suppose he's just living up to his name, eh?
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To chapter 3 on Ashwinder and TPP.

Snippet )


May. 15th, 2011 11:13 am
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Happy belated birthday to [livejournal.com profile] septentrion1970 and [livejournal.com profile] apisa_b! I'm glad to hear your birthdays were nice, and I hope the year ahead is splendiforous for both of you.

Family )

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