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I think I am beginning to wake up. Seeing as I've been out of bed for the last five hours, I'm viewing this with a fair share of surprise. I had lost hope for the day.

Of course, this means that I need to start in on my homework now rather than later, but, well, needs must. It's either that or vacuum out the computer, and really, cleaning doesn't need wakefulness. Well, not really, anyway. Not that I now know not to remove the CPU. ahem.

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Heh. Totting everything computer-related that I want/need in the next year or two, I'm thinking I'd better go do my homework so I can get a job closer to a year from now rather than 18 months. Modern life is expensive.

Hope you all are well, as are your families.
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- Well, I am typing this from a newly modified desk, including an adjustable keyboard tray. The old desk tray broke over the weekend, so I was motivated to put my old plans into action. Unfortunately, my old plans have since modified (i.e. grown) and so the old plan became the temporary plan. It's a decent temporary plan, however. Or will be when I find the right setting for this keyboard tray.

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- Night!
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My finger slipped and I bought a Chromebook (Samsung version) for a song on Amazon. First a cell phone (a smart phone at that!), and now a netbook? I do believe the end of the world might be nigh.

Though mostly it's all just for convenience. Page needs to start learning how to code, and, well, combine that with my increased computer needs over the next twelve months, and I came to the conclusion that more than one computer will be needed in this house. (It also means that I will be able to move to a different room and still be able to do my homework, if necessary. Or send the distractor to a different room with it.)

As for the cell phone... I've conceded that it's rude to not have one nowadays. And, well, I'm not going to be sharing my number widely, so I'll know that if I do get a call (in class, say), it's really quite important.

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Page, meanwhile, is doing remarkable well. Today, as we were driving back from dropping Geoff off at the airport, he said his stomach hurt but that it might just be from the anxiety of not having his dad around. !!! O_o !!! If he keeps this up, he will be a very centered, self-aware person, which would be awesome. (As long as it doesn't result in egoism, that is.)

He's actually been really great lately. I think it's the whole gamut of things we're doing - physically, mentally and emotionally - not just one or two things, but whatever it is, it's working. Hmm. Not being in school is almost certainly one of the elements... :-/

But, I mean, not taking into account when he's super hungry or tired, we can ask him to do something, and he'll do it! This is monumental! I just hope it continues for this entire developmental stage!

But now I've stalled for long enough. Need to go get a midnight snack and head to bed. Too bad the most pleasant part of the day is that which is designated for sleeping...

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Apr. 2nd, 2013 08:04 pm
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I should be taking advantage of the quiet house to try to catch up on my homework. Yep. I probably even will do that... in a few minutes. Especially as the construction next door seems to have halted for the day. Thank goodness. (IMO The worst thing about a neighbor's construction is that you don't get to see what was done.)

However, I have had a productive day, so I'm not feeling too terribly guilty about a few minutes frivolously spent saying in typed words what I probably wouldn't say in spoken words. (More for lack of opportunity than lack of discretion.) (Not that I'm necessarily going to be lacking discretion in this post.)

The next few weeks of school will probably be pretty stressful, as the snow days really cramped the teachers' schedules, especially where the testing was concerned. The second accounting test should have taken place last Friday, but seeing as we hadn't even started one of the chapters it covers, it was moved to this coming Friday. I hope to do well, but seeing as I was in a bit of a brain haze when we went through taxes and leases, it's possible I might not ace it. Those darn multiple choice questions always seem to trip me up even on the best days.

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But now I have spent far more of my time than I intended on this. I should go open my term paper doc and work on that a bit.


Jan. 5th, 2013 11:40 pm
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and not exceedingly happy about it. I need to figure out a way to finish my associate's faster so we can move closer to family sooner.

Ah well. 'Tis simply the regrets of a lovely vacation.

One thing I noticed with having spent a whole two hours on the internet over the past two and a half weeks is that I had a lot more time, energy and patience for everything else that makes up life. So I think that I shall be trying harder to stay away from the internets this year. Including lj. And *expletive* fb. This will be a challenge, seeing as so much of the stuff that makes up life now requires the internet, but, well, we'll see.

Anyway, in regards to that, I am going to admit that I am not even going to try to catch up with your posts. Please let me know what's up with you, tho. I don't not care. ;-)

Happy new year.
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Page is out of school for the short week with strep throat. This makes planning the week even more fun than it was originally going to be. On the plus side, he's getting a new dose of antibiotics today, so he'll be feeling better pretty quick.

Geoff is also home with crud. Probably strep throat (his breath stinks to high heaven). He's going to the doctor in a couple of hours. Hopefully he'll get antibiotics and feel better tomorrow, too.

Meanwhile, I have the swollen, itchy eye again. Conjunctivitis of some sort, though probably still caused by allergies rather than virus or bacteria. I am not going to the doctor for it. However, I did take a benadryl and some anti-inflammatories, so I'll be nodding off feeling better pretty soon.

Oh, and the hard drive is failing. "Hard disk failure is imminent," it says upon boot-up. Nice of it to tell us so we can back everything up liek whoa.

All this on the last day I have to work on my papers.

Fun. Fun. Fun. (At least there's sun, sun, sun.)

Plus side is that, aside from the bibliography/sources page, I am done with Wednesday's paper (it really was easy), and, with Geoff's help last night, I think I've got a plan for arranging tomorrow's paper into something a little less choppy. Still needs a lot of work, but, well, it's getting there. And I think it's at C level right now, as is.

And, perhaps with Geoff home from work, I can get out for a little bit today for myself. That might be nice. If I get enough work done, that is...


Anyway. That's what's going on here.

Hope all's well with you lot.
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This time my hotmail account.

Please trash any emails from me. I haven't personally emailed anyone in the last... oh, I don't know, year? Certainly not from my fandom email accounts.

I guess it's time to do a major sweep of all my accounts. Bleh.


Aug. 13th, 2012 07:31 pm
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Net card works! I can go back to using the keyboard I'm used to! I have my bookmarks again! I can upload photos (if I ever remember to)! Yay!

And now that celebration is done, I shall go back to my book.


Aug. 12th, 2012 02:42 pm
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Well... The rage of yesterday has passed, which is good. What's bad is I think the rage was a reaction to my asthma acting up. Of course, if I had taken my waking dream as omen/advice, I might have been able to bypass the massive temper tantrum that resulted in not being able to breathe properly. I woke up as I was on my way home to get my inhaler because I had an asthma attack at a friend's house.


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And in other news, I miss my computer with my bookmarks and programs. Hopefully the net card will come this week.
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So, I got my mid-term grade back in business. 100%. I'm stoked. It brought my average up to 98% for the class (it had been a shockingly low 96%).

I also managed to actually sign up to CLEP out of College Composition. I'm debating whether to spend the $10 to buy the official exam study guide or not. Probably will. And I'll probably get the microeconomics study guide while I'm at it, as that will be the next one I'll try to CLEP. Anyway, that happens May 31st. Yay!

I'm also debating whether I'm going to sign up for Computers 101 as an online course for the the summer. Assuming it's offered, of course. Can't find any information on whether any summer courses will be offered yet. I'm assuming it will be an easy course, but the software requirements might require that I get a laptop or netbook (aw shucks, right?) for my trip. Should I do that, do any of you have any recommendations on what you like or what to avoid? 2Gb RAM and 600 Mb HD Sorry, got that mixed up. 600Mb RAM, 2Gb HD would be the base requirements. (Also, do netbooks generally have sound cards? And I'm assuming all computers have ethernet...)

(Note to self: Look up how to get student discounts...)

Anyway. That's about that. Still completely unmotivated to be diligent about my studies in Business (though having a test on Friday has prodded me to do a bit of studying in accounting), especially as we're now covering accounting. woo. hoo. Ach well, at least that means I only have to skim the text.

But yeah. If you have any recs about laptops/netbooks, either pro or con, please do share! Thanks!
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Grump: I had to cook yesterday.

Good: I ate my nine cups of fruits and veggies.  Granted, about six of them were kale, but, hey, I got in other good things, too!  Like a good quarter squash (failed squash chips are still pretty yummy) and blueberries.  And lettuce.  Mustn't forget the lettuce.

Grump: Page was "ill". That is, he said he was ill, had a sore throat and doidn't want to go to school. He also napped for long enough yesterday that I allowed him to stay home, sacrificing my painting day.

Good: He felt enough better to go out with Geoff on a much-longer-than-expected errand.

Grump: He came home with a rash all over his torso. He is asleep now (probably due to the dose of benadryl I gave him to rule out allergies for the cause of the rash) so I can't check his throat for strep. *wibbles* (Please don't be scarlet fever!)

Good: The errand, while fruitless on one hand, ultimately turned out to be successful!

Which brings me to the biggest grump: The computer was acting up, as in, the fan was running on high under no stress whatsoever. I decided that the only thing other than a virus (which kept coming up a no) that could possibly be a cause was dust. So, I watched a video on how to clean the CPU fan and turned off the computer. That was at about noon.

Good news - I was right about the dust. Oh. My. Lord, was there dust. It was packed onto the heat sink, fan blades, and then there were the dust jackals just lounging around randomly. So, I did as the video instructed, pushed up my sleeves and got everything clean.

Cut for the expected, or at least tedious, story of a computer ignoramous at work )

And that is why the good things win.

Oh, that and I made another batch of pumpkin gingerbread.


May. 15th, 2011 11:13 am
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Happy belated birthday to [livejournal.com profile] septentrion1970 and [livejournal.com profile] apisa_b! I'm glad to hear your birthdays were nice, and I hope the year ahead is splendiforous for both of you.

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Okay, the computer is still messed up, but there are two more clues.

One is that the fafsa review page wouldn't open because it said adobe acrobat was open. Acrobat was not open according to the desktop (and task manager, as far as I can guess at this point... though right now task manager is showing a lot of programs running that aren't, like two open office programs (one .bin, one .exe), plugin-container.exe, HPAdvisor.exe and about a dozen others...).

Second clue is that I was watching a youtube video and navigated away in mid stream. The sound continued. Even after I closed that browser tab.

What the hell is going on? What settings could be messed up? Could it be that flash is completely fubar and I need to uninstall and reinstall adobe?

If you have any ideas about what's wrong, please send them my way!
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Page read his first book!!!! *bounces*

More on that )

In other news, it is bitter outside. It's only 14 F (-10 C)(oh, with wind chill of -2/-19), but seeing as yesterday was so mild (39/3), it feels way worse than it is.

Also, the pomegranate/cherry jello I made is really very nice.

Oh, and Geoff has regained his position in my good graces by fixing the computer. Properly this time. Unfortunately, it seems that the problem with the video stuff is that our bandwidth has shrunk to practically nothing, meaning I need to call (or get Geoff to call) the phone company and complain. We pay too much for DSL to have dial-up bandwidth.
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Right. I'm having technical difficulties, and I have no idea what the problem may be.

Nevermind. It's that stupid noscripts thing. I hate that no scripts thing. So. Much. )
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(Who cares what time it is, it's Monday, therefore it is the morning of the week.)

I have good things!

First is that we got our car back and it is driving smoothly. And the check engine light is FINALLY OFF! It's been on for the last, oh... three years or so? And seeing as it didn't turn on as soon as I got behind the wheel (which has been the case every time we've taking it in for repairs so far), I'm hoping that it'll be good for a while.

Second is that the gaping hole in my tooth is filled and it didn't take a root canal! Yay! Mouth is starting to regain feeling, three hours later, even though it never did fully lose feeling. I do have another cavity that needs work, but I'm going to see if this extra calcium and Vit C (and all the other diet stuff) kills the infection and lets the tooth heal first. I'm only giving it six months, though, as I don't want to risk losing the tooth.

The printer is now attached to the computer. Yay to the Big Box of Random Computer Crap!

Had an interesting meeting last night. It was a covenant group meeting ("small group ministry" supposedly) but we had a fellow church member who isn't part of our group in to record us talking about a few questions.

Really cool questions.

We only had time to tackle three, but all of them are really interesting and will be explored further.

The questions (about half are UU-centric) )

Anyway, I need to go spend some time with Babe and make some peanut butter candies. That's another good thing! I found a local source for powdered milk! Not the instant kind, but the fine powdery stuff! Yay!



Jan. 26th, 2010 02:38 pm
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Hours of pod racing and fighter planes shooting and attention mongering have destroyed my good mood. Perhaps because it was beautiful out, and the little bugger refused to go outside with me. Or perhaps because my good knee hurts. Or perhaps because I've had a few good days and now I'm good-mooded out. *shrugs*

However, we now have Windows 7 installed and running, which means I can play with GIMP again. Yay. And I'm only a few hours from finishing the main stage of last week's art project, which hopefully will be successful once I add a bit of subtle interest. Blah.

So far I like 7. It's far less obnoxious than Vista, although one of these days when I'm particularly bored I'll need to play around with it a bit to figure some things out and tweak it to my liking.


Jan. 15th, 2010 03:59 pm
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New computer is here and I am on it!

I have sent in for the upgrade to Win7, but already it's something like 1000 times faster than the old computer.

And it's quiet!!!!

I'll be fooling around with the settings to make it look better later, but now...

*contented sigh*


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Geoff and I are figuring that our next major purchase, assuming nothing breaks in the house, will be a computer. One that doesn't take two to five minutes to think about opening any program, let alone completing a request/order.

We are not gamers (except for crosswords and the like), so we're not looking at high-end stuff. My main requirements are that the computer can run firefox, open office/Word and gimp, preferably all at the same time, though I'm willing to do two out of three. I'd also like a faster internet connection (maybe 100Mbps? Geoff's laptop has that...) and a decent video/graphics card so that I can watch youtube videos as I listen to them and such.

And it has to cost less than $500.

This looks good to me. We don't need a new monitor but for an extra $30, I'm willing to splurge on a flatscreen! (If that deal still exists when we have saved up the money.)

So my question: Do you, oh knowledgeable flist, know good or bad things about this computer, company or its components? I've looked through the reviews, and it seems like the good outweighs the bad, especially as we are NOT gamers (or working on insane mathematical models) and don't need a spiffy spaz of a machine. But if you know of a better computer for about the same price, I am all ears.

Thank you!
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I know this is a "well, duh!" statement, but, good gracious Christmas is a lot of work! It's fun work, for the most part, but I will say I am not looking forward to cooking Christmas dinner. And I don't dare hand it over to Geoff.

Food wibbles )

Music wibbles )

And to wrap up on a completely unrelated, non-wibbly note, my computing experience has been improved tenfold since Geoff replaced our old replacement mouse with his laptop mouse. Oh! To be able to click and know it clicked! To be able to highlight with confidence! To copy, paste, drag and drop! It is almost like having a new computer. Only without the speed of a new computer. Ach well. It's better now, anyway. I might even get back into picture making. :-)


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