Apr. 3rd, 2017 12:22 pm
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So those who follow me on that other site will know by now that my life is in major flux right now, as Geoff accepted a job in Albuquerque, NM. Which is approximately 2000 miles from here. He moves (with our stuff) in the end of May, while Page and I stay here for another week or so to finish up the major school events.

It will be excellent, and we're happy and excited and all that, but, well, there's so much to be done in the meanwhile. We're fortunate in that two days after our home went on the market it received an offer (which we accepted). But... omg, there is just so much to do. On both ends. And logistics to unravel out the wazoo.

I'm writing this post as much to try and motivate myself to write a to do list as to communicate, because with the immediate blitz of activity out of the way, I'm struggling to motivate myself into doing everything else that needs doing. Granted, this is my first day of alone-time in nearly two weeks, so I may just take it as a (well-deserved) holiday. I'm happy to do all that I can do, but it's wearing. Especially the patience needed for everything.

That said, I really am looking forward to this move. I will miss my friends around here terribly, but I am so looking forward to sunshine almost every day. And the horizons. Both Geoff and I drifted toward the hotel's driveway to gaze at the horizon the morning after we arrived for our whirlwind house-hunting tour. It'll be weird to have the mountains to the east of us (volcanoes to the west!), but it's a surprisingly beautiful city we're moving to. Not pretty, per se, but beautiful. And the architecture is SO much more to our taste. While I like Cape Cod houses, and New Englanders, the preponderance of salt boxes and colonials here will make pueblo style buildings a happy thing to observe for the next decade.

The main benefit of the move, however, is going to be our proximity to family. It's only a 6-hour *drive* to my sister and her family, so if there are family emergencies or celebrations, we can go! (Alas, we'll be moving two weeks too late to attend my niece's graduation. Boo!) And everyone else in Colorado is way closer than she is. We'll be able to see Geoff's parents every month!

And, did I mention the weather's better in Albuquerque? Because, well, we left New England in the cold gray, and came back to it starting to drop cement-like snow two days later. This last week. We need the moisture out here, but I am not loving the fact we've gotten our winter's worth of snow (and frigid cold) over the past 6 weeks. That's supposed to be a Front Range thing, not a New England thing!

Ah well.

Anyway, that's enough muttering. And puttering, probably. I need to... do stuff. What stuff, I still haven't decided, but do stuff I must.

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Mold remediation. Full house mold remediation.

I am so not looking forward to the amount of work that's gonna be, but, lordy! I just watered the plants, and I've been itching, wheezing and uncomfortable since.

On the positive side, it's not like the house is falling apart due to mold. (Yet.) It would take another ten or twenty years of ignoring the problem before that would happen. The family would succumb to many various and nasty illnesses before the house's stability succumbed to anything.

But, oh. The work. I dreads it. Just the idea of re-potting every single plant in new soil (after having scrubbed out their pots with bleach) is daunting, let alone the massive overhaul of the basement that's needed. There's basically ten years' worth of crap down there!


But, yeah. This is a sick house, and I'm pretty sure mold is at the root of it. So mold remediation it will be.

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Whelp, they have finally started work on the backyard. I wish someone had let us know ahead of time that they would be chopping down our backyard tree, though. Geoff said he saw a shadow, both literal and metaphorical, pass over my face as I watched the tree come down. I was surprised by my reaction. )
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First, an apology. I'm sorry I haven't been commenting on many (any?) of your posts lately. I have been reading and sending good vibes and well wishes and cheers and such your way, but I have been in a less than communicative mood lately. Basically, I'm so peopled (or stressed) out that I don't even want to interact in the digital sphere.

I'm also sorry for all the whining, but I don't in any way expect absolution for that because I fully intend to continue doing it. In fact, I am about to start another round right now! ;-)

At least I will put it all behind a cut. )

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Because there has to be something to panic about, right?

*shakes head* Yes, we're looking at a fairly sizable storm. Thing is, unlike the Snowtober storm, this is supposed to dump 12-24 inches of fluffy snow, not 18" of the normal heavy wet shit. Meaning, traveling will be foolhardy for a day and a half (or less), and then everything goes back to normal.

Woo. Hoo.

That said, I did go out and get a tent lamp and a couple of rechargeable glow sticks just in case the power does go out. I'm calling it storm insurance. The lack of light was the thing that bothered me the most about the last power outage. You can't really read by candlelight. Not comfortably, anyway.

However, with the assumption that the power is going to stay on, I also checked out a few movies from the library: "Kung Fu Panda", "The Muppet Christmas Carol" and "Amelie". Might as well take advantage of the power being on by secluding ourselves in the darkest room in the house, right? ;-)

ION: Curry=yum )
ION: Poor friend )
ION: Gas leak )

Aaaaaaand... I need to get to my homework now. I've done a very good job of putting it off, but I can't wait any longer.


Jan. 24th, 2013 09:35 am
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It's definitely chilly out. Not as chilly (damned cold) as the upper Midwest, mind, but I think that 3F (-16C) without factoring in the windchill (-8F/-22C) qualifies as brr-worthy. At least it's a dry cold... (But that wind is bitter!)

Fortunately, I don't have to go out into the cold today. Well, now that I've 'fixed' the storm door closer.

That damned device has closed its last time. It's one of those push-button-stay-open pneumatic closers, which is great and all -- if they actually close. I don't know what happened to this one, but every now and again it needs to be prodded into closing (open a fraction to release the button, gently twist main portion and allow to close until it reaches the next sticking point, and repeat). Sometimes it works perfectly. Since the cold's hit, it refuses to close on its own, negating the benefits of a storm door (keeping the front door open for a full minute to wrangle the storm door shut in below-freezing temps doesn't help lower the energy use, now does it?).

So, after I went out to close it from the outside this morning, I locked the damned storm door so we can't open it from the outside, dead-bolted the actual door and put a sign up reminding us to use the other door. First day it's above freezing, we're taking the closer off and getting a replacement that doesn't have the push-button stay open feature.

In more cheerful news, I was pleasantly surprised by the movie "Big Miracle." Though, really, I shouldn't have been surprised, as Drew Barrymore's adult works tend to be better than average for Hollywood. Hell, even "Charlie's Angels" was a decent movie! This one was really quite good, despite a few teeth-gritting moments of "native person's traditions cliche speech" that was, undoubtedly, necessary cultural information for the masses. I think what really impressed me about the movie was it did allow for character development for everyone. Well, all the main players. And it didn't demonize anyone. Not even the oil baron. I was also charmed by the credits showing the real players and the actual footage from the event.

And now I'd better get to my homework. (sigh) Or go back to bed. (sigh) Or do something besides procrastinate in front of the computer, anyway. *nods*


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So, thinking about it further, I realized that taking the computer course over the summer would just be an excuse to get that little red Asus Eee, rather than the necessity that I was dubbing it. Taking it over the summer would, in effect, cost us $400 more than waiting to take it during the regular school year when I could use the school's fully loaded computers. Rats. Ach well. I will see what online courses the school offers over the summer that work toward my degree that don't require specific software. If they have any that meet that description, I will sign up. Otherwise, I have been lining up activities to keep my summer full.

One such activity (and expense) is redoing the front walkway. It's been a shambles ever since last summer when I thought the landscaping was going to happen all at once. And while the front yard's lack of grass is not my responsibility, I would like to leave the place with a nice looking front as I go off to my parents for three weeks. Or rather, I want to come home to a nice looking front yard after having stayed at my parents gorgeous abode for three weeks. It will help ease the luxury-withdrawal pangs.

Another (cheaper) activity on the docket is stripping the downstairs bathroom of its wallpaper. There's mold/mildew growing behind it, and it can't get put off for much longer. I am not really looking forward to this task, but at least it won't cost anything. We have loads of paint to cover the walls with once they're dry, so it should only cost us time and energy.

I'm loving my new shoes (and orthotics). I realized, though, that I still need something (cheap) in brown to go with my olive pants. *nods* I almost found a pair that would have been just about perfect at Marshall's, but they irritated my heel just a little. And the orthotics didn't fit in them. (I guess I'll have to go down to DSW to see what they've got.)

I just have to remind myself that every pair (or two) of shoes is a massage I'm depriving myself of. *shrugs* At least I'm picky where shoes are concerned. (Though I really wish the gold olive shoes had fit, darn it! They would have been totally worth it!)

Anyway, that's about all the blather I can come up with in a coherent fashion at the moment, so I'll sign off.

Maybe I'll go see if the other Marshall's has that gold pair of shoes in the right size...


Jan. 11th, 2012 12:46 pm
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You Are Made Of Charisma, Tease, and Glamour

3 parts Charisma

2 parts Tease

1 part Glamour

And a Splash of Friendship

Finish off with a squeeze of lime juice

Avery Goodun:

You Are Made Of Friendship, Flirtation, and Creativity

3 parts Friendship

2 parts Flirtation

1 part Creativity

And a Splash of Craftiness

Sip slowly on the beach

Real Name:

You Are Made Of Ingenuity, Boldness, and Vitality

3 parts Ingenuity

2 parts Boldness

1 part Vitality

And a Splash of Attractiveness

Finish off with a squeeze of lime juice

I thought I was tired yesterday. Ha. Granted, at least yesterday I managed to get 8 loads of laundry done, as well as the toilets. (I hate, hate, hate, hate, HATE cleaning the downstairs toilet! It always smells WORSE after I clean it! And I've no clue why...). Today I will be lucky if I get anything more done than the errands I've already run.

And it's early release day. Page should be home in *looks at clock and tries to do mental arithmatic* eight minutes or so. Meaning no nap. Woe is me. ;-)

Hump day, though! And by Saturday I should be done with the basic household chores, leaving Saturday for fix-up and specialty chores! Whee for progress? Yes. Whee for progress.

Also, Santorum got his butt whooped here in NH. That's a whee, fer sure!



Feb. 20th, 2011 11:54 pm
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I think I'm disappointed in my church's reactions to recent stuff. Which is disappointing.

I forgot how much I love the Eagles' good stuff. Damn, but "Hotel California" is a good song. I also forgot how much I remember of their songs. I was able to sing along with most of them.

Geoff's birthday is tomorrow. I should rewrap his gift (I gave him too much for Christmas, it seems).

Babe is sleeping over at a friend's house tonight. Which was a surprise, though welcome.

I think I'm sensitive to carrots of all things. Squash, however, is love.

Peeling squash is not love, however. Sliced my thumb pretty badly with the peeler. It hurtses, precious.

We have a mysterious bathroom ceiling. Seriously. Fortunately, it is not a moldy mysterious ceiling. Just mysterious.

Geoff has started getting out and going through his Magic card collection. There is hope yet.
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Dear Neighbor,

I understand that in your culture, the benefit of having a penis means you know more about the practical matters of living than us lowly females, but I still do not appreciate your condescending, sexist machismo when you CLEARLY HAVE NO FUCKING CLUE of what's going on because you WILL NOT LISTEN TO ME because I do not happen to have a penis.

Well, fuck you, you stupid asshat of a pigsucker.

No love,

Dear Neighbor,

Why do you think when I say "The sewer pipe has collapsed," it means that there's just a little plumbing problem with your washing machine? And that it's simple. And that I don't know what I'm talking about?

And why do you think I got angry when I repeatedly stated the problem, in different words, using gestures and pointing, you insisted that I did not know what was really going on?

And yet you need an apology?

Well, you can happily go fuck off and die.


Dear Neighbor,

I am so sorry I yelled at you. I know that's not the done thing, seeing as I'm a weak little female, but I just couldn't help it. It was either yell or cry, and I just couldn't cry in front of a big strong man like you.


I'm soooooooo sorry.

*bats eyelashes*


Dear Neighbor,


Oh fuck it, I'll probably go with that last one (without the implied sarcasm). Now to just get into an acting frame of mind... At least the tears won't be hard to come by, right?

Please send positive vibes my way that a) I don't collapse or go mad from the stress, b) that the plumbers can get out here to replace the pipe before next Tuesday (the 28th) and c) that I can pull off acting the submissive little woman successfully.

This week sucks so much.

I'm done

Dec. 21st, 2010 02:17 pm
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Merry fucking Christmas, everyone.

I don't know if I'll be around much before Christmas (as this week just keeps getting better and better). I'm only barely holding it together now.

But I truly do wish you and yours every joy and happiness. And may your holidays be a hell of a lot better than mine are shaping up to be.

Not that that would be difficult to accomplish.
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Hmm. Was in full-on grump mode today. Think I was sick. So, around noon I had a cup of honeyed tea, a bowl of sweet oatmeal and watched "Real Genius" on hulu while I worked on my art project some more. By the end of the movie, I was feeling almost human again.

I think it helped to know that I am one row of invisible thread stitches (i.e. no-one-will-see-them-so-I-don't-need-to-be-extra-extra-careful stitches) away from being done with that entire portion of the project. Then I need to bind it carefully and stretch the dowels through the binding. Oh, and figure out how to hang it (both the "which way is up" question and the "how to physically get it to stay on the wall" question. And then I can look at it properly and figure out if it needs any embellishments beyond what I've already got slated.

That all makes me happy, as it means I can move on to the next project, which is already starting to fade a bit, enthusiasm-wise, because Other Things are catching my attention, like ideas on how to fix/finish a couple previous sketches and such.

Around when I was feeling better, I made my way downstairs where Geoff had been hiding for most of the day (understandably so, me being in full grump mode and all) and found he'd finished rebinding the pipe insulation on the air-intake duct. It's all purdy(ish) now! And he'd started on actually insulating the rest of the duct.

It's only been two years since I put that project on the list, but it's actually done now! Yay! I had over-bought insulation materials, so we had extra to stuff in under-insulated parts of the wall, too. Hopefully all this will help the basement not feel like a Sub-Zero. (I'll happily settle for it feeling like an ice-box, instead.)

This came on top of me starting the cleaning of the workshop. It is not clean yet, but it is on its way, and there is hope for it being clean and organized within the next month or so, as attention and energy provide.

This weekend I also started working on Babe's Halloween costume. He's decided on being a knight, so the aluminum foil has come out of the cupboard once more to cover his rain boots. Removable covers mean they might last till Halloween relatively unscathed.

This week I will look for dollar store helmets/swords/shields and such, though I bet I could probably find enough cardboard in the house to fashion decent versions of all of those.

Anyway, I need to go shower off the dust and fiberglass from the basement adventures. And quick, too, as Castle is about to start!
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It's hard not to scarf food down when it's so darn tasty. (Salmon, onions, garlic and blueberries again for lunch. Yuuummmm!)

Received a very cranky, threatening email from the condo association about toys in the neighborhood. Grr. It wasn't aimed solely at us (though we are guilty of leaving Babe's bike out front on a regular basis), but it makes me cranky all the same. I hate being threatened, and I hate the anonymous nature of the complainers (mostly from Mr. Grumpy Gus, probably). If you have a problem with a neighbor's yard or behavior, TALK TO THEM DIRECTLY! It's the polite thing to do. If they ignore you, then go to the association and complain.

Yes, we have been breaking the "rules", but, you know, perhaps, Mr. Grumpy Gus, you should have considered that this was a family friendly neighborhood before moving in. Kids are kids and they don't like you and you can't expect them to be quiet or even sensible.

So ner.


So that was a downer this morning (on top of a downer of a dream involving childhood antics turning deadly, and then the child, as a teenager, having to face the social consequences of their past mistakes). But then I read an article about meditation in prisons. In this country!

Very, very cool. I hope it catches on, as that is certainly one step toward making the "correctional facilities" actually correctional.

Also, my lettuce seeds have sprouted in my garden beds! They are minuscule at this point, but they are growing and happy and yay!

I worked hard this weekend, and have a fair amount to show for it. The kitchen baseboards are in and painted, the island paneling is installed and will be painted today and I also figured out a way to install the toe-kick of the cupboards including the dishwasher, without having to adjust the dishwasher's toe-kick. Magnets! Then the toe-kick can come out if/when the dishwasher needs repair or replacement without destroying the toe-kick!


And now I should go get changed so I can get started on today's tasks: mow lawn (first, to do before it rains), prime, caulk and paint woodwork, cut toe-kick and... laundry? games with Babe? Cooking? Yeah. Cooking.

(Last week, Babe didn't want to do something, and Geoff told him it was one of the things that he needed to do, like work. Everyone works. Babe replied, "Mom doesn't. All she does is do the computer and eat." Geoff disabused him of that notion, but that sure hurt, because it is true those take up the majority of my time, especially in the last month. It's not what I wanted to do, but... Having no energy sucks. Fortunately, since resuming meat consumption, my energy level has shot up to almost normal levels! Yay, being able to do stuff!)
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This is what our sewer pipes are made of.


Oh, and seeing as our building is almost forty...

I say again: joy.
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I wish I hadn't left my camera at the church! Right now there's a wonderful photo-op of why it's a good idea to invest in good materials when building, rather than just cheaping out.

Our poor neighbors are without indoor plumbing at the moment because the sewer line out of their house needs to be replaced. I'm not sure, but I'm guessing it collapsed. After all, they are just cardboard with foil wrappings. *shakes head in disgust again*

This revives my desire to move. Soon. Before the association decides to replace everyone's. Because it is coming. These 'pipes' are more than 40 years old, which isn't young for actual metal pipes, and is ancient for these fuckers.

The upshot is that there are two back-hoes in our neighbor's driveway, a big pile of dirt and, I expect come Monday, another big tree down. *sigh*

Oh, and I heard one of the workers say something about finding asbestos.


Chore day

May. 20th, 2009 11:25 am
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However, so far it's going fairly well in that I've already started on a couple of the chores. Still rather a lot to do, however.

List )

We'll see how far I make it through the list.

On the plus side, Babe and I planted the peas and lettuce seeds yesterday, and I managed to plant all my other plants (black ajuga and varigated ivy in a steel pot, and white impatiens there and elsewhere), so the planting for the season is done. Yay! Oh, and I mowed the lawn. Yay! (I like my reel mower.)

I'm going to try and make it to choir tonight, so hopefully I'll retain my voice for the evening.
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Why is monotony so exhausting? I've used heaps less energy today than I have in the past three days, and yet, all I want to do is lie down on the sofa and go to sleep. Mostly to avoid the monotony of the chores.

However, today marks the day that I take back control of this house and get it in order again. Leaving things to Geoff has been a disaster so, organized multi-tasker that I am (I certainly excel at it compared to Geoff), I will get this place in shape even if the monotony kills me.

Digression )

But, without the monotony, there wouldn't be visible results. Like fresh baked bread. Or clean clothes. Or freshly made beds.

And at least I know that I can always escape for a little bit every day, if I need to, by coaxing Babe out (or following him) for a bike ride, frisbee throw or such.

But, but... can I just go play now? Please?
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This weekend was nice, if exhausting. Saturday we got a lot done, then Sunday we went to church. I had forgotten to iron my skirt Saturday evening, and so Sunday morning, I tried for a minute or two, but the creases weren't coming out, so I gave up and wore the strapless dress to church. With a white sweater top over it, of course.

Everyone loved my hat, most of them thinking that I'd dug it out of a trunk somewhere. Soem thought I'd made it, though, and were impressed when I told them that Geoff's sister made it for me. :-)

Verbal diarrhea strikes again. )

Anyway, I think I'm done with spewing words now. I should go find the receipt for the smaller Athena dress so I can return it. Though maybe (since I have the time before car pool), I'll first take pictures of the larger one. :-)

Happy belated Mother's Day to all of you moms! *hugs*
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Well, right now I am sitting here, waiting for Geoff to finish disconnecting the dishwasher so that we can move it and then go to bed. The kitchen is three-quarters demolished, with only the sink, dishwasher and side cabinet still in place. It's been a long, busy and productive day. Not bad, though, despite everything.

Read more... )
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So, we went out and spent a lot of money today, and boy did that feel good.

A sparse few details, couched in verbosity )

So, hopefully my computer will be working soon and I can retrieve all my photos and show off the good ones. And back up everything. And have GIMP to play with again, cause photoshop sucks forplaying around with drawings.


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