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Mold remediation. Full house mold remediation.

I am so not looking forward to the amount of work that's gonna be, but, lordy! I just watered the plants, and I've been itching, wheezing and uncomfortable since.

On the positive side, it's not like the house is falling apart due to mold. (Yet.) It would take another ten or twenty years of ignoring the problem before that would happen. The family would succumb to many various and nasty illnesses before the house's stability succumbed to anything.

But, oh. The work. I dreads it. Just the idea of re-potting every single plant in new soil (after having scrubbed out their pots with bleach) is daunting, let alone the massive overhaul of the basement that's needed. There's basically ten years' worth of crap down there!


But, yeah. This is a sick house, and I'm pretty sure mold is at the root of it. So mold remediation it will be.

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Geoff and I are going to go on a date! Not today, 'cause I'm all tired from cleaning (not to mention there's a metric tonne of cooking to do), but on Thursday afternoon.

We're going to go see "Gravity" on the 3D imax screen up in Big Town (Manchester).

We're both psyched.

And tonight we're going to watch, er, something as a reward for getting the cleaning done.

Another good thing is that I think I've found a doable recipe for Page's birthday cake (gluten- and egg-free makes for difficult baking). It will involve prunes... It actually does sound delicious and adaptable.

I also perfected the chocolate almond pow* into a really delectable candy. The trick is to coat it in coconut powder.

(* Almond pow is the name Page gave to a goopy combination of almond butter, honey and coconut (either unsweetened shredded or coconut powder). When I make it without cocoa powder, I like to add a lot of ginger and/or garam masala, which makes the "pow" in the name a little more sensible, but Page prefers it plain, or with only a bit of cinnamon. Very adaptable little candy, though.)

Probably the best thing is that this is a four day weekend for me, and I'm almost all caught up on schoolwork. Only thing I have to do is my photo assignment, and I'm probably going to do that on Tuesday when my hostas arrive. (The assignment is tell a story in 10 pictures. I'll show myself planting the hostas. If it doesn't work out, I still have a day left to do something else.)

Yay! Relaxation!

So, I hope everyone else is having a nice weekend.
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So I made an impulse purchase today. Kind of. I can't really call it an impulse purchase, as I've been planning on getting one at some point for years, although I had been telling myself that it would be a reward for having a job, or paying off one/some of our debts or... none of which have happened yet.

It was kinda a really expensive impulse (or any type of) purchase. Like, I'm not getting photoshop or the computer components to support photoshop or a better camera for playing with in photoshop in the next year. At least.

You see, I bought a Kirby.

The thing that sold me was the dirt that came out of Page's mattress. Ew. And to think that our mattress has at least twice that amount of dirt accumulation between the biannual cover cleanings... Also, the sofa and loveseat are ooooold. And our lungs are vulnerable...

So you see, I'm still in the justification stage. (It was a lot, though a hell of a lot less than retail.)


Of course, this means I'll actually have to use it. Well, and get Geoff to use it.

*gulps again*

At least I can be sure it will last for longer than it will take to pay it off - those suckers never die.


Sep. 10th, 2013 09:02 pm
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So far, I am not loving Tuesdays. Something has to change, because the week cannot start this way for the rest of the semester. Especially as relying on Geoff to be here to help is looking like a bad idea/assumption.

I'm thinking Page is going to be going into after-school 2 days a week after all, no matter how he feels about it. Oh, how I am looking forward to that conversation.

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It should have been 5 hours and counting, but, well, Geoff doesn't get home on time very often.

Still. He's got tickets and is in the airport and has a new itinerary and everything necessary to get home tonight. Even if it will be after midnight, so no going to pick him up for us.

However, that does give me more time to get the cleaning done. Three rooms (pretty much) done and only two to go! Granted, those two require Page to do his bit, so it might take the remaining five hours (to Page's bedtime) to get done.

Of course, I also need to study for tonight's test at some point, too. Only three hours till that... (And I really should have showered before I tilexed the tub... Oops.)

Ah well. Stuff is getting done. And if I can keep things done for the next week, we'll be able to come home to a clean house, which would be really quite nice.

I think I will go permanently mutilate an aspect of the old desk now. Well, after I make lunch (and dirty up the kitchen).

Gosh, I'm a negative Nellie, aren't I? I think it's because I haven't had any tea today. *nods* Yes, that's it. ;-)

Hope your weekend was good.
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Whelp, they have finally started work on the backyard. I wish someone had let us know ahead of time that they would be chopping down our backyard tree, though. Geoff said he saw a shadow, both literal and metaphorical, pass over my face as I watched the tree come down. I was surprised by my reaction. )


May. 23rd, 2013 09:30 pm
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First, I want to do this (#4). I very much doubt Geoff will let me, considering he likes to have drywall screws for hanging up half pound, glassless pictures that can literally be held up by thumbtacks. (I do the majority of picture hanging when he's not around. ;-)

Of course, I'm not sure where I'd do that, but still...

Mostly good stuff, but rambly and random )
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Especially when it's the second cup?

ION, today has been rather nice, in-between having to bully the youngster to do his bit to help out, that is. Woke up at the usual wake-up time, heeded nature's call and managed to get back to sleep for another two hours. Had a lovely, lazy rest of the morning hours, during which time the postal worker delivered our Christmas boxes we mailed ourselves last week. Which made Page very, very happy. And it made us happy that Page was able to take receipt of the packages while we continued lazing in bed.

Last night I proposed to Geoff that we spend one hour (timed) on cleaning today. And while I was in favor of putting it off another day because of the chaos caused by the boxes, Geoff was a good husband and insisted we continue with the plan. Which means we now have a house that is a lot cleaner (and even a little tidier) than before. Not much can really get done in an hour, but enough was done to make a positive visual difference. Seeing as all three of us were helping. Mostly. (At least Page wasn't hindering. That's something, right?)

And now the boys have gone off to find a television to watch the game on. Geoff is happily wearing his Broncos' swag (nice but old polo shirt; his new, gaudy jacket... can't remember whether he's wearing his new winter hat or not), and was even happier that I agreed to wear some, as well (his new Champ Bailey shirt). And that means I have a few hours to myself. Haven't quite figured out how I'm going to use the time, either. Fanfic, published fic, movie or nap?

Tomorrow looks to be a busy day, what with everything I haven't done in the past week plus all the social activities strewn throughout the day, but I hope to fit in a test drive while we're in that part of town doing errands. I have no idea what we'll test drive yet, but it's time to get started figuring the car thing out. I hate rushed shopping, especially on important and really expensive items, but if we test drive one or two cars a week starting now, we might have a good idea of what we want (and/or where to look) when it comes time to buy. And test driving now, while we really CANNOT buy, will give us a bit of practice dealing with car salesmen again. *blergh*

Anyway, happy weekend, all. Hope your corner of the world is being kind to you.

Ah yes...

Aug. 18th, 2012 12:00 pm
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I remembered the good thing. A very good thing it was, too! It's Saturday, and I was able to sleep in! Damn near 12 hours of sleep. I think I must be fighting something off, considering the amount of vitamin C my body is asking for, as well as the oodles of sleep it's taken (not to mention the rather severe case of the grumps I've had).

Trying to decide what to do today. Have already cleaned off the #1 suspect in the allergy attack department (ceiling fan blades. Were revolting. Ew), and now have to figure out whether to get Page to ride with me up to the art fair (2-3 miles each way) or sit around and read while he does his lego thing. I also have to do a bit of laundry...

I probably ought to write. My dreams have all been stories lately, with last night's being so interesting that I consciously put off waking up, if that makes any sense. I don't think I would like to write up last night's dream as a story, as it was rather misogynistic in its basis, but on the other hand, it was more a look at the power women can derive from what appears to be misogyny...

And the other night I had a surprisingly sweet parable of a dream about my character marrying the Devil (played by Benny C with long hair (and no horns)). The sweetness came from the revelation of what the Devil's job entailed, and how its overall purpose was for the Good.

However, I think I'm going to continue to laze and read. And drink tons of water. *nods* And maybe look for dairy-free pate recipes...
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I'm feeling just a little off, which, added to the heat of the day, makes for very little ambition. Or gumption. Or, you know, me doing anything. Even though there's a heck of a lot to do. *thinks* *shrugs* I'm too bored to care at the moment.

However, I did enjoy some fresh-off-the-vine sugar snap peas a bit ago. And the CSA produced a pint of peas which were absolutely delicious in their uncooked state. I have yet to wash and deal with all the veggies we got, but I will say that fried scapes are yuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmy! Not that scapes aren't yummy in general, mind. I got extra scapes this week so as to try scape pesto. Question is, what nut would be best? (Probably pine, but I'm not going there, as they're rather cher.)

(Scapes, for those of you who don't visit farmer's markets, are the curly tops of garlic. They need to be removed so that the bulb will grow. Clever, sneaky things, they are, too. But yummy enough that it's worth outwitting them.)

So Geoff and I de-scaped the entire lower field (2.5 rows) of garlic while we were at the farm. It was so yummy smelling! We were ravenous by the time we got home. Well, Geoff was ravenous and I was wilty. It was hot, tiring work. (A farmer I shall never be!)

Hum. While this gardening thing is great for my mood and most of my body, it hasn't been all that great for my fingers. I think several nail beds of my left hand are bordering on being infected. (And yes, I do clean my hands thoroughly after gardening, and no I will not wear gloves - they're uncomfortable and hot and take the pleasure out of gardening for me.) I s'pose I should put neosporin on them or something.

I think the spider solitaire program has run out of winnable games in the two suit level. I swear I've played some of these before. I probably shouldn't admit that, seeing as that shows just how many games I've played (though over the last couple of years. Not just this week. Honest). Too bad my mind's too murky to switch up to four suits just yet. Ah well, there's still Mahjong.

Finally broke down and played Plants vs. Zombies. There's some truly disturbing aspects to that game, but I will admit it's a lot of fun. I'm thinking Geoff and I will go in halfers with Page, who is currently saving up to buy the full version.

*sigh* Time to turn on the a/c and get to work. Whether that be writing or everything else that needs to be done remains to be seen... Probably (hopefully? Nah, too hot to hope) both.



Jun. 16th, 2011 09:19 am
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Page* woke up at about 5 this morning, and immediately came to talk to me. I looked at the clock and I thought it was 6 something, so I let him rattle on, even as I dozed in and out of sleep. Next time, I will be asking him what time it is. His eyes are just fine.

But it seems the steroids are working. He did not cough during the night, and coughed only a couple times this morning.

He's also talking up a storm.

Oh. My. Lord is he talking up a storm. Way more than his normal chattiness. I pity the teachers, even though I did instruct him to twiddle his thumbs should he feel the need to talk or fidget when he needs to be listening. We'll see if that helps.

Some more babble about Page )

And some babble about me )


* For the last week, I've been reverting to calling Page "Babe" again. So far I've caught it each time before actually writing it, but the urge is strong. I'm guess even when he's "Knight", I'll be tempted, as he will always be my baby, won't he? ;-)
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- Loaded the dishwasher three times to capacity. There are three dishwasher-safe items left in the sink (and one item that can't go in).

- started another batch of yogurt (although really, that was started 8 hours ago, when I boiled the milk. But the milk didn't cool down sufficiently till 8, so it counts.)

- peeled and cooked 5 pounds of carrots. They were starting to molder. Ew.

- baked a cheesecake

- uninstalled Spyware Terminator. Useless POC.

I am leaving the cleaning of the countertops till tomorrow, since my clumsiness has only increased through the evening, and I am starting to take things like falling utensils, or chopping boards, personally. And respond rudely.

I am also leaving the sweeping of the floor till tomorrow, but that's because I just can't find the nerve to face it.

But, considering the day started with a defunct drain (again) that didn't get fixed until 7pm, and piles of dishes stacked everywhere, I'd say I got a sufficient amount done this evening (and I wasn't useless before that, either). Enough so that I can concentrate on other things tomorrow.

There is so much to do in the next week, it's rather staggering. But, it will either get done or not, and either way it's fine. As long as a few key things get done, it'll be fine.

Now to just figure out which of those key things are the most important...
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I have that song stuck in my head.

Other bad things )

However, there are good things. )

And now to decide what three things I need to do today. Two things, really, as cleaning the bathroom is automatically in the three, as someone's coming over this evening.

And what order to do them in...

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So, Monday was a bad day. Babe was home sick and my mood went downhill really fast. And then I took it out on Geoff, who really didn't deserve it, which led to me feeling like the shit I was.

So I self-flagellated by cleaning. And cleaning. And cleaning. The house doesn't look much better than it did, but Babe's room is now clean (well, except for the patch of floor that needed wiping up this morning), the filing is done (I really need to do it more often than every six months), and the laundry is caught up.

Yesterday was better, though it started off rocky. But I managed to get out for a walk with a friend and go to the store for allergy medicine and non-sausaged meats. God, it's good to have non-sausaged meats again. There are also two HUMONGOUS tins of tomato products, which will be used with the non-sausaged meats to make two huge batches of spaghetti sauce soon. Maybe tomorrow...

So I basically got everything on my to do list done. In only three days (and considering the filing alone took three and a half hours, it would not have been physically possible to have done everything in one or two days)!

And now I'ma tired. But maybe not as much a turd.
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I am on my last load of laundry. I wish I could add the word "ever" onto that, but that would be naive in the extreme.

This is a rather large accomplishment, btw, as it was damn near every single piece of summer clothing (and a few cool weather items used out of laundry need rather than weather need) that got washed yesterday. That and finishing up the rinsing of all the linen closet goods.

I am now on the final rinse of the random things that didn't make it into the laundry yesterday because we were either wearing them, or didn't see them. And then I will dye a few items in that load. And then, after I wash out the laundry tub, I will be DONE!

The Weekend. )

But, I will try to concentrate on the good things now. Such as... )

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So, my house stinks. (I think I might have mentioned that recently, but it bears repeating.) I have reached my tolerance limit and am now trying to eliminate the stench. One itty-bitty place at a time. Last week was the bathroom. This week is the linen closet.

The whinge )
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I better be coming down with a migraine, 'cause otherwise I'm gonna be really, fucking mad.

(Explanation 1: Walked into the tiny closet of a bathroom that I spent 4 hours cleaning yesterday and smelled... mildew. That should. not. be.

Explanation 2: With the onset of migraines I get hyper-sensitive to smells, especially smells that are noxious to me.)

*holds head*

Maybe I should've say that when this migraine is gone, that bathroom better not still smell of mildew.

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This morning's adventures. So far. )

See you on the other side.
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The laundry is no longer avoidable. The bedroom is no longer tenable. Sheets, covers, blankets, clothes, everything! Into the washer it goes.

Sinus headache is being annoying. Not bad enough to take pills, but not going away with copious amounts of water. (Side note: why is it so dang difficult to drink water when mildly dehydrated?) (Or is that just me?)

Found $31 in change while cleaning the packrat Husband's closet. Also $17 Canadian, which will come in handy soon.

Oops, dryer finished. Gotta go.


Mar. 6th, 2010 08:36 pm
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Had meatloaf mixture to use up (my own, and a little too heavy on the onions [yes, it is possible]), so I spiced it up with McCormick's Hot Shot pepper mix, and about a teaspoon of mustard powder.

Perfect. Really, truly. Babe asked for THIRDS! (Happiness is making dinner your child(ren) like!)

I also made white comfort food and, as last time it was too watery, left it on the stove to evaporate a bit.

Much better and yum.

And then... We had about a dozen apples sitting on our table, not getting eaten. I was tired of that, so today I made gluten-free apple crisp (same crisp topping recipe, just using millet and amaranth flours plus xanthum gum). And I had some. (!) And Babe didn't!(!!) (He asked for seconds on his ice cream, and I told him that to get more ice cream he needed to try either the white comfort food or the apple crisp. He withdrew his request.)

Blah blah blah good things blah )

Night all!


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