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Geoff and I both have strep throat pretty badly. On the plus sides, it expressed itself today instead of this Tuesday, and urgent care was open to give us drugs. Feeling like this on Christmas day would suck donkey balls, so I'm glad that shouldn't happen.

Holy Mother of Medicine, though! Geoff's scrip cost almost $100!!! Ouch! Mine only cost $16, which is almost a steal for 80 pills. (Because I'm allergic to all the cillins, I get to take 8 pills a day for ten days. yay.)

Ah well. Hopefully we'll feel better by tomorrow. And hopefully the antibiotics won't mess us up too badly.

On another plus side, this will keep me from eating (what's left of) the rum balls. I've only had two so far, but Page secretly pigged out on them this week. And he wondered why his stomach hurt! *rolls eyes*

Besides the illness, life is pretty good. I'm looking forward to Christmas almost as much as Page is, but I'm enjoying the anticipation more than he is, I think. I'm sad that I won't be able to do all the cooking I wanted to do before hand, but hey, the holiday season doesn't end Christmas day!

But now I need to go be horizontal again. I've been horizontal an awful lot this last week, but, well, it's what feels good, so I shall continue to do it.

If I don't get back on beforehand, Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate it, and Happy Holidays to everyone else.

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Apr. 2nd, 2013 08:04 pm
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I should be taking advantage of the quiet house to try to catch up on my homework. Yep. I probably even will do that... in a few minutes. Especially as the construction next door seems to have halted for the day. Thank goodness. (IMO The worst thing about a neighbor's construction is that you don't get to see what was done.)

However, I have had a productive day, so I'm not feeling too terribly guilty about a few minutes frivolously spent saying in typed words what I probably wouldn't say in spoken words. (More for lack of opportunity than lack of discretion.) (Not that I'm necessarily going to be lacking discretion in this post.)

The next few weeks of school will probably be pretty stressful, as the snow days really cramped the teachers' schedules, especially where the testing was concerned. The second accounting test should have taken place last Friday, but seeing as we hadn't even started one of the chapters it covers, it was moved to this coming Friday. I hope to do well, but seeing as I was in a bit of a brain haze when we went through taxes and leases, it's possible I might not ace it. Those darn multiple choice questions always seem to trip me up even on the best days.

Laptops and tablets and Microsoft, oh my! )

Hellth care law shenanigans )

To art or not )

Spring! )

But now I have spent far more of my time than I intended on this. I should go open my term paper doc and work on that a bit.
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We have such shit timing...

So, Page was called into the vice principal's office today for hitting another kid. He did apologize to the kid, he briefly explained what happened to me over the phone (from the veep's office) and when he came home he was as sweet as could be until he took something I said the wrong way and assumed I meant I didn't like him (the conversation was about my troubles, and how I wasn't going to talk about them with him as it's just not appropriate. I said I talked about those things with friends. His face crumpled). I explained to him what I meant (he's my son first, then my friend), which took about ten to fifteen minutes of crying for him to accept enough to come back down to me.

And then he bawled - straight-up bawled - for ten minutes after crawling onto my lap with an apology for being so mean to me.

OMG. My poor, poor son!

Before the meltdown happened, I managed to get a fairly detailed story of what happened today. There wasn't any of his usual grandstanding or embellishments, so I think he was telling (his version of) the truth.

This is my letter to his teacher in response to what he told me:

Another long letter to the teacher. Oh. Yay. )

Anything I should add? Take out? Rephrase?

I'm thinking that the school's response to this (second) letter (including how quickly they do respond - vacation is next week) will determine whether I look into some of the charter schools around. I don't really want to pull Page out of the neighborhood school, but third grade is the beginning of the truly vicious behaviors, and he's different enough to be a target.

*sigh* God, this has been a fairly shitty fortnight. And, to top it off, tomorrow I have what's looking to be a difficult test. And then a three hour make-up lab. But at least then the week is over. I will only have to catch up on cooking, cleaning and shoveling (another snow dump is scheduled for Sunday). Yay.
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Granted, it isn't a long list, but I DID actually cross a couple things off the (weekend's) to do list today. And I did it while suffering despite a ninety minute delay for Page's school, to boot! (Icy, icy, icy morning!)

I... )

And you know what?

I'm bushed.

'Twas a good day, though. Made even better by having started the tax return yesterday with the result that a lot of the recent worry went away as the forms (and god are there so many forms!) were filled out, and it was revealed that we were advised helpfully after all. Yay.

Haven't finished the return (that's one of the tasks for tomorrow) because I was too tired and wanted to double check a couple of things with a clear mind before submitting it (which is why I'm not working on it right now). But it's pretty much done, and yay.

And to top off the day, Geoff and I sat down to watch a Nature episode on Siberian tigers, and Page joined us on the couch within five minutes. It was a good episode, too.

So, that was my hump day. And here's hoping I have the energy to do what needs to be done tomorrow. Because there is a fair amount to do... *crosses fingers*

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Oh, right. I mostly have. After my shower this morning, I went back to bed and slept for five hours. It helped quite a lot. Until the mail came...

Mail arrived bringing with it some of the forms I needed. And with the forms came a nasty surprise which makes me even more upset with Citibank than I was before. I hope that it'll resolve itself into what was expected (and what was advised, damn it), but... Grr.

Also, our main bank (not Citi!) recently redid its online thingy, enhancing security and all that. Apparently, part of the process involved cancelling (or at least invalidating) all previous scheduled transfers, which means we got dinged for a late fee. I might complain about that, though I imagine it was in some letter at some point beyond my memory's capacity. I'm also unhappy that the notice of the late fee took six days to reach us. It's a local letter. It should have been here last Friday.

So basically, I'm generally in a foul mood now. There isn't enough time to do anything on my to do list except my accounting reading (with minimal note taking. Maybe), which annoys me even more. Granted, I'm happy for the nap, seeing as I must have needed the sleep rather desperately.

But grr.

And *pout*
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I want to do our taxes. I really want to do our taxes. When the taxes are done, I can get a better understanding of our financial position, which will tell me when we can really go car shopping.

But I can't do the taxes. Not all of the forms have arrived. And seeing as one of the missing forms is vitally important (school financials), I really can't do the taxes yet.


Ach well. We still have at least three more cars to test drive, so I suppose there's no rush. Except that February is car inspection/registration month, and I'd really rather not re-register the car if I don't have to. *iz miserly*

In other news, I think I might enjoy biology. Read more... )

To do list for the weekend: )

I'm getting antsy to do something creative, as well. Might break out the sketchbook, as there really isn't time for any painting. Also, sketching can be done while listening to the boob tube, whereas painting can't really. Speaking of, know of any good links to whole(ish) episodes of QI? Also, is it possible to listen to the first seasons of "Cabin Pressure" without buying them? (If so, please PM me the linksies?)

Hmmm... Might have to introduce Page to "Jeeves and Wooster." It's silly enough that he might get it. And his horizons need some serious expansion... However it might be a bit early for it yet. Unfortunately, it's definitely too early to introduce him to Blackadder...

Anything else? Not really. Well, not that I can share without linking to facebook sites (cuz I'm WAY too lazy to look them up individually on the internet). Suffice to say that there's some good stuff out there. Might I suggest "I fucking love science" and "Old Moss Woman's Secret Garden" on fb, xkcd (just generally, though I find I must recommend this specific one), and ICHC.

Right. Getting close to pick-up time, so I'd... better finish my computering. ;-)


Dec. 4th, 2012 09:24 pm
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At the moment, Page is convinced that the funniest thing in the entire world is the word 'chicken'. He will intersperse conversation with random exclamations such as, "I like chicken!" and "is that a chicken?!" Sometimes, it's simply, "Chicken!"

I have no idea where this came from. I have no idea how long it's going to last. I do enjoy that this is a good sign where development of a sense of humor is concerned. I also enjoy his laugh, especially when it's pure and uncontrolled. He has such a great laugh (still).

On the downside, it doesn't exactly offer stimulating conversation. We spent dinner doing an odd, silly guessing game that concerned the definition of chicken.

On the plus side, I'm tired enough that I found it all pleasantly silly and quite enough stimulation for the time being.

Other ramblings )

That was a lot ramblier than I intended. Ah well. I'm operating on two (maybe three) hours of sleep, and you know what? I'm tired. And I'm also off to bed. Right. Now.



Oct. 6th, 2012 12:42 pm
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An article about a teacher who needs to be fired. Any teacher who bullies, humiliates or otherwise picks on a student, especially for a (relatively benign) political view, needs to not be in a position of power.

In other bleh news, the car came back from the "check engine light" class, and... there were three codes with $700 of parts (PARTS, not labor) required to fix it.

Soooooo... I guess we'll be test driving cars this winter. I think. What with that, the alignment/axle issues and how the body is getting to be in pretty bad condition, so I really don't think the car is worth that kind of money (especially because I'd have to add in the cost of renting a car to get around while the car's being repaired).

*sigh* On the one hand, it will be nice to have a car that has four working windows again (and isn't dropping interior parts every other week), but on the other, it means we won't be getting out of debt in the near future like I hoped we would be.

Ach well. It is a 13-year-old car. Possibly even 14-year-old, depending on its issuing date.
That's pretty darn old for a car. Especially in an area that salts the roads. No matter what the mileage.

In good news, I'm feeling way better. Still don't know what's up, though I've been staying away from chilies, bananas and almond butter just in case any of them are the culprit. I tried staying away from tea, but... well... yeah. I'm an addict. So sue me.

Also in good news, the house smells wonderful from the pumpkin muffins I just made. Now I need to go finish baking the rest of the batter, put everything away, pack up a bunch of food for us and clean up before we leave for Boston. (Oh yeah, that's another good thing: we're going to see some friends, and M and I will be going to Ikea this evening! Page's big birthday present is waiting there...)

So, hope everyone's having a good weekend!


Oct. 2nd, 2012 11:31 am
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So, in my quest to get my belly better, I've been avoiding tea the last couple of days (as well as doing lots of other things). I've been having coffee, instead (it's not my stomach that's at issue; it's my dang gut). Yesterday, I had a cup of coffee with almost no side-effects. It did its job and allowed me to wake up enough to study. Today, however, I feel the shakes coming on.


Guess my instant coffee (all I had) has more caffeine than the school's regular blend. Now I know.

In other insignificant news, I spent all day at school yesterday (my day off) while waiting for my car to get an oil change. That's the nice thing about going to a technical/community college. Considering the only thing I really needed to do yesterday was study (and it would have taken me an hour and two buses to get home), I packed a lunch and hung out at school. So, I got motivation to study (study, exercise or be bored to tears? Study it is!) and managed to finish reading the entire, horrible, boring accounting chapter in four two hours (it felt like four), I also managed to get the car's oil changed for $13.67.

And the assistant prof said the car looked like it was in decent shape. I'm going to talk to the maintenance guy today to see if I can schedule the car for that class... *crosses fingers* With any luck, this car will hold out for another four or five years without costing us a the price of a new car fortune.

(I love serendipity, btw. I vocalize worry about not being able to afford to keep this car, and the next week, a call goes out at the school for students' and faculty's cars to work on! Yay!)

In more significant news, I'm really, really happy that the voter ID law in PA has been blocked. I'm actually not against requiring voter IDs, but I really, really object to voter ID laws that are passed in election years. Also, I think that any voter ID law needs to grandfather in the elderly (say... those over 75 or 80) as not needing the same level of ID. Sometimes, birth certificates are just not available. For example, my grandmum's birth place's town hall was destroyed by fire, and along with the hall went all the records. (And the town didn't even exist any more by the time she went looking for it.)

Now if only the NH voter ID law would be blocked. Just for this election, mind. I think it's rather insane not to require ID to vote, but, like PA, the law was passed this year, and that's just trying to disenfranchise people, pure and simple.

Well, hum.

Sep. 25th, 2012 08:03 pm
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The next door neighbors are moving. Really truly. They've offered to sell us their shed. Their very nice, professional-quality, 10'x10' shed. For $800. Which is a steal.

Except... It's almost twice as big as I want my shed to be. I was just about reconciled to a 6'x8' shed (next year or 2014, after the yard is leveled off).

And also, well, we don't actually have the $800 right now. We will soon, but I don't know exactly when, and I'd rather not pay interest on those unhatched chicks. It would have to be bought pretty quick, as they're being foreclosed upon (or it's a short-sale, but really, same difference). But it's half the price of the shed I want. And already built, to boot...

*sigh* First world problems, I know (complete with the debt issue), but...

Something to sleep on, I guess.

(I hope the new neighbors, whenever we get them, aren't smokers. And don't yell at each other quite so much.)

Also on the hum front, we just came back from an organizational meeting of spiral scouts (a more inclusive Boy Scouts alternative). Um... While the idea of Spiral Scouts is fabulous, way better than Boy Scouts, I'm not sure any of our family is going to be able to cope with these meetings. The majority of the people leading and attending are ADHD. There was little sign of adult-led respect (i.e. be quiet while others speak) from either kids OR adults. And when the kids were released from the table, they went completely ape-shit on the noise and rambunctiousness, considering we were inside. And inside the church. And when finally called on it, didn't show any signs of listening.

I'm not sure I want Page in that kind of group. Even if he didn't participate in most of the rowdiness. (It was really quite amusing: all the kids except Page were circled around the box of finger puppets, making as much noise as possible, while Page sat himself down at a table and started drawing. Only he and the leader's autistic kid refrained from the self-led group activity.)

On the other hand, this was the very first meeting, and it's possible that as things progress, it'll get better and saner. I'm resolved to give it three months (till year end). If it hasn't improved, I think we might go back to cub scouts. As oppressive as that organization is. Or else just rely on karate for a group activity.
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Saw a protester with a sign basically saying that the war in Afghanistan is Obama's war.


At least my memory isn't THAT bad.


Geoff is getting better, but the kid and I aren't doing quite so well. Hopefully I'll be able to kick the boys out of the house (to church) tomorrow, but I suspect I will not be getting any alone time this weekend. *shrug* At least I picked up some good movies at the library for us to spend our time (and little energy) on. ("The Adventures of Tin Tin" and "Harvey")

Unfortunately, I will have to spend a fair amount of time today and tomorrow (should my brain ever return my calls) studying. First test coming up next week, and I have a fair amount to review.

Speaking of class, I got into a noisy debate yesterday during break with one of my classmates who thinks Social Security is only for those who didn't plan well. I wasn't the only one who said that was bullshit, but I was, perhaps the most ardent. He still insisted that he didn't think he should have to pay into SS, since he can invest his money better. And he really, really didn't seem to get the fact that society and economy are tied very closely together, and the economy suffers when the society does. At least in the current paradigm. His "good" investments wouldn't be worth shit should society either collapse or revolt, and that's what would happen should the safety nets go away (which is, in turn, what would happen should SS be an optional program).

He's a young thing, but his current job is also as a financial planner. Makes me feel scared and sorry for his clients. And our economy.

And it was kinda funny... My professor displayed a bit of his own personal cognitive dissonance shortly after the debate by saying in an aside that he wished Bush were still president, and then going on to complain about how high-paid execs get instant raises since FICA currently caps out at $110,100. I mean, I agree with him about the outrageousness of that cap (it doesn't even go up to the top earners of "the middle class!"), but Bush's record isn't exactly known for increasing the tax load of the wealthy.

Ach well.

I think I'm gonna go watch "Tin Tin" now. I hope it's as good as everyone said it was.
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But I'm too sleepy. (Also, there are only two pages left to read. I can do it before class starts.)

Turns out magnesium, of all things, is what my body needed to reduce the cravings for tea. I guess I've been stressed?

I guess one of the things that's been stressing me out is that Geoff and I have agreed that we need to start the search for a new (to us) car soon. Details of the heap )

Anyway, the gist is that our 13-year-old car is dying (but it only has 139,000 miles on it! Waaaaaah!), and it's time to replace it. We're both hoping it'll last another 12 full months (or 24?), but I suspect next spring will find us in car lots. joy.

Also, we want a manual transmission. Both because it's more fun to drive and gives us more control in all weather, but also because Page will be learning to drive in no time flat (okay, really it'll be 8 years), and if we buy a newish car soon, it'll be the perfect age for him to learn on without us cringing every time he asks to go out. However, finding manual transmission cars is getting trickier by the year. After doing some research it seems they are still out there, and they are, for the most part, still less expensive than automatics, but finding used ones in good condition might be a challenge.

Ah well.

Any advice on buying cars, and which cars to avoid/look at, would be appreciated. We didn't do too well last time, it seems, so I'd like to do better this time around.

Anyway, I should go prepare for school now.
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Ranty rant rant )

In better news, I have managed two days of bicycle riding in a row. Yesterday's ride was far more enjoyable, mainly because it was drier out, so it was far more comfortable, but also because Page was less grumpy. Well, Page and my muscles. However, despite my muscle protesting ("WTF!?! We just did this yesterday!"), I managed the two miles in about 5 minutes less time today than yesterday (10 minutes instead of 15). And I managed to push myself to go a full mile before taking a water stop.

Page was an absolute stinker, though. He even lied about how many laps he'd done. grr.

I think I will probably take tomorrow off where riding is concerned, and do some digging, instead. My backyard, especially around the veggie beds, is looking rather unkempt. I'd like to have a tidy yard going into winter, which, happily, is not that far away.

This morning, when I stepped outside, I stepped right back in to get a jacket. A very light, canvas jacket to be sure, but it was actually cool enough that my shorts and cap sleeve T-shirt were not going to be enough! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Summer is ending! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!

Tomorrow morning I don't have to be anywhere. So tomorrow morning, I will get up reasonably early, eat breakfast and get out into the garden in my bug-suit while it's still cool enough to work.

*squees again*

Anyway, that's about it. I think I'm probably going to go read the rest of the day away, as there's nothing else that's pressing for my attention. I probably should read the first chapters of my textbooks (the big one arrived today), but I think I'll finish off Cannery Row, instead. :-D


Aug. 16th, 2012 06:23 pm
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I had my first late-summer allergy attack this morning. Bitch and moan, bitch and moan. )

Politics )

But I shouldn't end on such a negative note. What's good...?

Payday is today. Due to mental fuzziness, I thought it was next week. That it is today is particularly good news because yesterday was an exceptionally expensive day, what with paying this semester's tuition yesterday, and next Wednesday I have two doctor's appointments.

Another plus side is that it's only a week and a half till Page goes back to school.

My kale is glorious. And I even have one zucchini growing on one of the squash vines. (I swear that's the first female blossom of the entire summer, however. And there have been loads of blossoms!)

Hm... good thing, good things... The dishes are clean?

I guess I'll just have to be a grump. At least I'm good at it. ;-)
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Yesterday was rough, but, surprisingly, today is just fine because:

1) Geoff and I talked last night about our options and have more or less figured out what we're going to do. I am relieved that he feels the same as me that the business' health insurance offerings have got to the point of being a scam (or, more precisely, a sinkhole). He will remain covered for what seems an absurd amount for one relatively healthy person (who's been to the doctor twice in the last two years, though is on medication), I will get covered (either through State or pitiful school plan) and Page will be uncovered for 6 months so as to get him onto the reasonably priced state kids plan when he's eligible.

I always feel better once a plan is in place, even if the plan is kind of sketchy.

2) I'm happy. I realized, as I was driving to school this morning, that even though I was groggy and worried and whatnot, I was smiling. Perhaps it's the vitamin D kicking in (I started taking it again for the season), or maybe it's the anti-depressants. Probably, it's both those chemistry wizards combined with the intellectual stimulation of school, which is slaking a thirst I hadn't even realized I was dying from.

It probably helps that this morning was 3) an absolutely beautiful fall morning. It was foggy to begin with, but then the sun burst through until only a brilliant blue sky remained. Now it is a lovely temperature, sunny and calm. Perfect.

4) Because it is fall today (Happy Equinox!), the pumpkins and squash are coming into season. I do so love pumpkins and squash. I have missed their presence in my diet these last four months. I came home from the farm yesterday with a Trader Joe's bag laden so full of goodies that it broke. (It was an ill-used bag, poor thing.) And that was without the watermelon and two decent-sized pumpkin-y squashes! I am very much looking forward to cooking with this week's vegetables!

I also brought home a beautiful kale leaf.

Fall Color! )

5) My tea this morning was perfect. And it was perfect without adding any honey. Yay!

So, even though there are not so great things (I'm tired, Geoff left for three days this morning, Page is developing a cold and only has a half-day today, my vision is wonky, which makes the reading portion of my to do list difficult), I am rather glad to be alive. I hope you are, too.
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Image heavy )

Coming later tonight: A Triptych!

Which is here )

Note: If you think my prices are out of line, please let me know. I'm not willing to give them away (because I value my time and training), but if you think anything is a bit steep, just send me word.

If you do happen to be interested in anything, please PM me. If not, this is a some of what's in my private gallery. Enjoy!
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Looking at my bank balance this morning and subtracting all the expected expenses in the coming month, I realized we are coming up on empty. Soooooo... here's a listing, with pictures, of all my artwork for sale. And seeing as I'm desperate, I've put most of them on sale - 30-50% off.

Please take into account that every monitor is set differently, and so the actual colors may be different to what is seen. I have tried to get them as close as possible, however.

Image Heavy )
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Plus side? Don't have to worry about finding a babysitter for Thursday. I also don't have to worry about stretching my energy limits excessively should I manage to find a job.

Bad side? Can't afford to go back to school. Tossers in Financial Aid didn't make it clear that I would only receive half of the Pell Grant award should I be below full-time. I did ask about the half-time factor, but I guess I didn't ask the right questions.

Think today will be a day for tea and muffins. Lots of both.

ETA - My parents have offered to cover the remaining tuition. They're awesome!   Even if I do feel guilty for still needing their financial help at age 33.


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