Apr. 3rd, 2017 12:22 pm
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So those who follow me on that other site will know by now that my life is in major flux right now, as Geoff accepted a job in Albuquerque, NM. Which is approximately 2000 miles from here. He moves (with our stuff) in the end of May, while Page and I stay here for another week or so to finish up the major school events.

It will be excellent, and we're happy and excited and all that, but, well, there's so much to be done in the meanwhile. We're fortunate in that two days after our home went on the market it received an offer (which we accepted). But... omg, there is just so much to do. On both ends. And logistics to unravel out the wazoo.

I'm writing this post as much to try and motivate myself to write a to do list as to communicate, because with the immediate blitz of activity out of the way, I'm struggling to motivate myself into doing everything else that needs doing. Granted, this is my first day of alone-time in nearly two weeks, so I may just take it as a (well-deserved) holiday. I'm happy to do all that I can do, but it's wearing. Especially the patience needed for everything.

That said, I really am looking forward to this move. I will miss my friends around here terribly, but I am so looking forward to sunshine almost every day. And the horizons. Both Geoff and I drifted toward the hotel's driveway to gaze at the horizon the morning after we arrived for our whirlwind house-hunting tour. It'll be weird to have the mountains to the east of us (volcanoes to the west!), but it's a surprisingly beautiful city we're moving to. Not pretty, per se, but beautiful. And the architecture is SO much more to our taste. While I like Cape Cod houses, and New Englanders, the preponderance of salt boxes and colonials here will make pueblo style buildings a happy thing to observe for the next decade.

The main benefit of the move, however, is going to be our proximity to family. It's only a 6-hour *drive* to my sister and her family, so if there are family emergencies or celebrations, we can go! (Alas, we'll be moving two weeks too late to attend my niece's graduation. Boo!) And everyone else in Colorado is way closer than she is. We'll be able to see Geoff's parents every month!

And, did I mention the weather's better in Albuquerque? Because, well, we left New England in the cold gray, and came back to it starting to drop cement-like snow two days later. This last week. We need the moisture out here, but I am not loving the fact we've gotten our winter's worth of snow (and frigid cold) over the past 6 weeks. That's supposed to be a Front Range thing, not a New England thing!

Ah well.

Anyway, that's enough muttering. And puttering, probably. I need to... do stuff. What stuff, I still haven't decided, but do stuff I must.



Mar. 23rd, 2016 11:56 am
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If it weren't for the wrong frequency (super fast, like daily switcharoos), I would swear I'm bipolar. I'm not, of course. I am depressed and having the occasional good day, but, geez.

Last night I went to sleep "writing" a screed on how deadly western society is. I'm not going to literally write it out, but let's just say that I'm glad I'm loved, as that gives me strength in the face of society's unending, ghastly pressure.

There have been good things, though. Page is maturing. I'm painting. The snow from the late storm is all but gone, and it came early enough that it didn't crush the daffodils. (The crocuses slough them off without a problem, but the daffodils' egos are too big to survive.) I'd post pics, but apparently I don't have enough space to spare here, so oh well. Maybe I'll get around to posting them on my website at some point. (ha ha ha)

Another good thing is that my GP thinks I shouldn't have a problem being approved for disability. I mean, she told me that I will almost certainly have to apply more than once ("I think they have someone whose sole job is to stamp 'declined' on the first application..."), but that's a weight off my mind. I really, really, really don't want to go to the effort required to file for disability only to find that I'm not disabled enough in my doctor's eyes. She thinks it's a good idea.

What else...

Oh, I've been rewatching (in binge fashion) Avatar: The Last Airbender. It really is a very good show. The Book of Korra sequel is okay, I suppose, but TLA is really very good, and not just as a cartoon. So that's, er, good. (<-- how words have been to me lately. Spoken AND written. *sobs*)

Anyway. Still here. Mostly lurking.

Oh, speaking of lurking, does anyone know what's up with [ profile] kribu? I've been gone so long, I don't know if there was an event, or if she just slid away like so many have. I've been thinking about her and her mom a lot, lately, hoping they're okay.
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I hate making calls. Really, I'm almost phobic about it. Not quite, but it's amazing how long I have to psych myself up to make any call besides one to Geoff. Even calling family makes me nervous.

Ah well. I do need to find out whether Page is a Canadian citizen due to the date of his birth or not. So I guess I will call. At some point. Soon. Honest.

In other news, it was almost 80 degrees here yesterday. I sunbathed (for vitamin D purposes), and even as exposed as I was (sports bra and swim-skirt), I was getting uncomfortably warm by the time my 15 minutes were up.

However, later in the day, I persuaded Page to come outside with me, and I cleaned and weeded the garden while he regaled me with details about the new world he's creating. I had the thought that perhaps JRR Tolkien's mum (or, more likely, his nurse), went through something similar. It wasn't too bad, as my body was busy and my mind idle, but, wow. He can still talk.

While he was talking, I managed to weed most of the strawberries out of the ornamental garden out back. I still have a dozen or so to pull up, but I think I may have a chance of keeping up with them come spring. I also managed to pull up most of the alders that had taken root last year. My poor neglected garden really was neglected last year. I think I got out only a few times in the spring, and then... nothing. For the entire summer. And fall. (I lay the blame on the basement. It sucked everything out of me. Everything.)

But spring is definitely coming. Crocuses are blooming, daffodils and hyacinths are emerging, my honeysuckle is budding, and the creeping phlox is greening. And the grass, too. It even smells oddly fertile around here. It's a month early, but spring is definitely coming. Most people are pretty happy about this, and I figure I might as well join them. As long as we don't get a front-range spring with two foot snow drops that break all the trees and kill all the flowers, I'm okay with winter being done. I certainly don't want a deep freeze to come along at this point!

I have also been productive in the basement. Two wall panels are done(ish), and cabinets have been installed on them. I've also put up one unit of pegboard and organized the more necessary tools on it. It's a temporary storage solution, as many things will go on the as yet unfinished walls, but it's getting there. And it's all accessible!!! Oh, man, is it nice to be able to use the basement to construct things again. And, I am constructing things. I've almost finished the column to cover the support beam, which is the first step to creating the storage cabinet for the laundry area (which will double as an art storage place; it'll be double sided), which should improve life for us me significantly.

Painting... I haven't been so productive. I did put in a week of labor getting "Herald" framed up nicely (enough) so as to put it in the Art Association's Spring art show at the mall. That went up last Saturday. I still have yet to go down to the mall to photograph the show. Ah well.

I've also started sketching with watercolors (well, watered-down acrylics; use what you have) in preparation for a painting I want to do. I overworked the first sketch, but it's not too bad. I'll share a photo of it eventually. I think that also happened on Saturday... Heh.

Otherwise, life has been spent drinking tea and running around in a daze. I sure would like this basement done so that I can take a guilt-free weekend off. But it's getting there. It is. Finally. Almost a year later... *grunts*

Anyway, I ought to go. Lunch to eat, instruments to deliver, husbands to ferry... Yep. Exciting stuff. ;-)
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Good things!

1. New glasses are on order! My current glasses are just over five years old. I got them when my bout of meningitis worsened my eyesight by a point (+1, not +.1). It seems my eyesight has devolved even more, but only +.75 over the last 5 years, so that's not too terrible. And what's best is that my new glasses should be better (HD progressive glasses? Apparently they are loads better, and not just hype) AND they're less expensive than my current pair was. So yay! I just hope that the lenses are as light as they felt with the plastic in them... They felt lighter than all the other frames I tried on, so it's possible that while they won't be as light as that, they will be lighter than my current pair.

2. Excellent soup. Seriously. It was so good that Page ate it without too much complaint! Best thing is that it was leftovers, so all I had to do was add the sausage to extend it and voila! 15 minute meal.

3. Geoff is better. Geoff's not been well for a while, but this weekend was particularly rough. )

4. Page's increasing musicality. He still absolutely refuses to sing in public, unless required by his school, but he'll happily sing at home, especially if he doesn't think we can hear him. What's best, though, is when he sings when he knows we can hear him. So there's that, and his saxophone skills are increasing, though not as quickly as he'd like. Poor guy. He suffers under the "everything comes too easily" curse, which makes practicing difficult (because, really, what's the point if you can catch up in a trice?). Yes, discipline in this house is not a force to be reckoned with, but we do try. Ever now and again. ;-) Fortunately, he's got Star Wars music that is challenging him (of course, it wouldn't be quite so hard if he'd slow it down until he learned the notes, but I'm just a mom...) and therefore keeping his interest, so getting him to practice hasn't been as terrible horrible strenuous difficult. Yay!

5. Snow! Okay, I can happily live without getting any more snow this winter (as long as we get a rainy spring), BUT I am happy we've got the few inches we have, AND that it's going to be getting quite cold this weekend*. I'm hoping that the chill will kill all those larvae that were tricked into hatching by the abnormally warm January and early February weather. Especially the mosquito and tick larvae. *nods* (*Note: We finally have sufficient lodgings for our remaining homeless population, so no one should die of cold here. Otherwise, I wouldn't be so happy about the cold snap coming.)

6. Reduced indigestion. I'm tired of having my stomach (not tummy, but stomach) hurt. If it weren't for everyone else in the house being just fine, I would suspect an ulcer, but none of them have anything close to the same symptoms, so I think it's just my body being an attention-seeking bitch, as per usual. But the good is that the pain has been going away, and even the discomfort is starting to go down. So yay. One less physical stressor. Now to just get my teeth sorted out, right?
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I think Spring has arrived! It's still early spring, as the cars and grass are still frosted over in the mornings, but, well, crocuses! Blooming, even! And signs of life from other plants! And surprises! Like, I gave my neighbor my orange poppy, because the color didn't go with the surrounding plants. I was away when she dug it out, and it seems she left bits of root, because I have three tiny little poppies sprouting up around where the original one was! Their color still won't go with the surrounding plants (and there's now a purple sedum there that'll crowd them horribly), but I figure I'll have prepared room to transplant them into as soon as they die back this summer.

Of course spring also means the onset of allergies. I've started Page on his inhaler and the controller medicine that he was given at his physical. I'm hoping his wheezing and cough is asthma, actually, as a friend recently had a bad case of pneumonia, and since we were all exposed to her germs pre-diagnosis... (After breakfast he coughed a deep-sounding cough and said it hurt, pointing to the middle of his left rib cage. *meeps*) Well, I'll know by tomorrow, I suspect. I was bad and sent him to school even with the wibbles.

Meanwhile, I've been single-parenting since Sunday, and it seems I will be doing so through Saturday. We both miss Geoff. And poor Geoff is going to be utterly wrecked when he comes home. I wish I could make doctor's appointments for illness in advance, because I'm pretty sure he'll be needing one by Monday.

And my school continues. Only a month left of classes, actually! This semester has been such a breeze so far! It's been far more restful than last semester was! Excel is fun, and Sage is... well, it is. At this point, it's routine. Easy as long as I pay close attention to all the details, especially dates and GL account numbers.

The thing that is stressing me out about school the most is the extracurricular stuff, actually. Like, I feel guilty about dropping out of PTK, but, well, also glad, because there's drama going on in there that I really don't want to deal with. And there's an art fair that I'm participating in on Saturday, but I'm woefully unprepared for. That's what I'll be doing tomorrow... *meeps*

But I should go and get moving. A friend is coming over to help me cook today, so I need to at least make sure the kitchen is presentable and the bathroom is clean. Oh, and do the shopping... :-)

Happy Spring, ya'll. Happy, happy Spring!
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Today is the first day of my spring break. It is going to be a busy spring break, but it will be a break. A getting rather desperately needed break.

I just hope that Page has school tomorrow, because, well, tomorrow is my only day off for the next week. (Please no ice storm! Please!!!)

Speaking of snow days, have I mentioned that this winter, despite the glut of snow days, there wasn't one that wasn't really needed? They were all completely legit snow days that I wholeheartedly approved of. I think. There may have been one that should have been a 90-minute delay instead of a snow day, but that's it.

It's been a long, cold, hard winter. And we've had it easy compared to the midwest!

Despite the longness, coldness and hardness of the winter, I find I can not blame it on my pissiness of late. The blame for that has since been laid on the foot of the unusual (for me) suspect of Aunt Flo. Usually her impending arrival depresses the hell out of me rather than making me want to use blunt, heavy objects on people. *shrugs* Ah well. All's well now, though, which is good. Well, except for the pain, but that's short-lived.

Speaking of pain, I finally got my broken tooth filled! As it was starting to get rather sensitive to cold and other sensations, I was happy to have that appointment! I expect the area will be sore and sensitive for a few weeks, but after that, my jaw should be able to relax a bit, which should help everything quite a bit. It was ouchie to the wallet, though. :-( But it was worth it, I think. (Still going to ask the rheumy about her take on my getting dentures.)

But I should probably go to bed. I would like to be up by 8am tomorrow to take pictures of the icy branches. Or snowy branches. Or snow-covered icy branches. Although, now that I think about it, there won't be any direct sunshine, so what the hell! Might as well sleep in!

Love to all, and hugs to those that want them.
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So fucking tired of the teenage attitude from my not-even-close-to-adolescence child.

So. Fucking. Tired.

I'm not sure what's up with either of us, because we've been at each other for weeks now. Actually, I'm not sure it isn't all (or mostly) on me, as he's been irritating the snot out of me for a couple of months. *thinks* Okay, maybe it's only been a couple of weeks, but they've been really, really long weeks.

That four snow days right before winter break didn't help, I don't think.


I don't know. I'm just generally pissy right now. Annoyed at everyone and everything. I hope I can blame it on lack of sleep (fucking daylight savings) and such, not on my body rejecting the anti-Ds. After all, last time an antidepressant wore off, it induced rage...

*breathes again*

Probably, though, it's that there's still lots of snow on the ground and even more snow in the forecast, and it's been one bloody long winter. I need to get my outside projects going so as to keep my sanity. I hate being on hold.

Right. Gonna go do something. Something productive, even, I think.

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I think I am beginning to wake up. Seeing as I've been out of bed for the last five hours, I'm viewing this with a fair share of surprise. I had lost hope for the day.

Of course, this means that I need to start in on my homework now rather than later, but, well, needs must. It's either that or vacuum out the computer, and really, cleaning doesn't need wakefulness. Well, not really, anyway. Not that I now know not to remove the CPU. ahem.

Television: BSG )

Obligatory weather update )

A possible new school for Page )

Computer woes )

Heh. Totting everything computer-related that I want/need in the next year or two, I'm thinking I'd better go do my homework so I can get a job closer to a year from now rather than 18 months. Modern life is expensive.

Hope you all are well, as are your families.
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So I was utterly useless yesterday because I had the absolute temerity to shovel out half the driveway the day before. It seems moving six inches of powder is too much for my delicate system, but it was too shy to say anything at the time.

*blows raspberry at shoulder and back*

On top of that, I actually missed church this morning because my back was hurting so much. As I was going through my early-morning ritual, I realized I was taking extreme care of how I positioned myself just so I wouldn't be setting off the huge pain sensors.

Fortunately, Geoff spared a few of his precious (not being facetious) pre-church minutes to give me a back rub. That and the short nap afterward seemed to help enough that I'm not clenching my jaw to the point of pain. Still sore and needing to be very, very careful about lifting things, but I can at least get comfortable in various postures.

But, oh, I do hate being utterly useless. Especially when everyone else around me is being active and helpful. Ah well. I will pacify my guilt with the knowledge that I have been doing lots and lots up until now. And there's lots I can do that won't injure me further.

And I have been helpful lately! tl;dr: A longer than expected winter vacation equals seriously hyped up kids )

My hair is no longer wonderful to me )

Today's activities )

Geoff starts his high travel season tomorrow )

Aaaaaaannnnnndddddd, that's about it. Given the time it is and the lack of people home from church, I'm guessing Geoff got Page a playdate, and is spending that time at work preparing for tomorrow's trip. He's such a good husband, giving me so much alone time. Although, really, what I'd like is a bit more time alone with him, but, well, it's human nature to never be happy with what blessings have been bestowed, right?

Hope you all are safe, warm and doing what makes you happy.

To do

Dec. 13th, 2013 08:33 am
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More or less in order:
Read more... )

So glad to be done with school for the semester. So. Glad.

And I will be so glad when, after I do my errands today, I will be done with this household's Christmas shopping and errands. So, so glad.

And, honestly, I am also glad that it is cold out. It makes it so much easier to want to get into the Christmas spirit, and, well, since I want Christmas-time goodies, I'd better get into the Christmas spirit toot sweet!

The only thing I'm not satisfied with in my life right now is that my words haven't returned yet. I assume they will, but, well, I have notes to send, and I'd like that to be a less than painful exercise. :-/

But, on the whole, life is good. I'll post photos at some point, but not today. Today's to do list is already full enough.



Nov. 4th, 2013 12:14 pm
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- There is a black, life-size, lego spider on the computer desk that gives me a start every time I spot it. It's shaped just like a black widow. I should tape it to the last 'spiderweb' Page had me hang up in a corner however many years ago.

More... )

Holy moly!

Sep. 12th, 2013 01:33 pm
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I... am rather glad not to be living in Colorado (especially the Boulder area) right now. Wow. They are getting pounded like nobody's business. By rain, of all things. And this rain storm's conditions might even be worse than the one that caused the Big Thompson flood (1976? '77?), because of the extreme heat drying out the ground (making it impermeable), along with the lack of trees due to fire. The landscape will probably be visibly different next time we're over there... Fortunately, there's a significant improvement in the alert system since the Big Thompson, so there should be far, far fewer deaths this time round.

But yeesh. Three dams have broken, Boulder is closed, Lyons and Jamestown are completely isolated (and very vulnerable), and the only way to get to Estes Park is by Trail Ridge Road...

I've heard from several of my friends in the affected areas already, kindly letting us know they're okay (though one has been evacuated, and I'm worried about her for her house because it's basically right on a stream), and I'll assume that the rest are okay until I hear otherwise, but my thoughts are definitely going out to all of them right now.

And then there's me... ;-) )
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- The humidity level is down to something reasonable, finally. The air isn't hard to breathe for its thickness, anymore. Yay!

- I got a bit of a back rub this morning, which helped tremendously. I might be able to skip the painkillers today because of it (though probably I'll still take the anti-inflammatories).

- I submitted my final Word Lab last night and got a 95%. Normally, I'd be a bit upset about that grade, but this prof is so persnickety that I'm happy. Only the final to go, and I'm done. I'll find out my final grade on Saturday or thereabout.

- Page is busy reading an old Superman anthology of Geoff's, meaning he's not talking or otherwise making noise. It also means he's no longer trying to jump on the furniture in a way that isn't disallowed.

- Shiv updated "A Law to Herself"! (Has it really been 5 years since the last update? Really?!?)

- I got my guys to pick up their stuff, leaving the house reasonably tidy once again.

- Upcoming vacation. Oh, god yes.

- I'm going to paint again today. In fact, I'm going to go do that right now.
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Now the Satanists are ganging up against the Westboro Baptist Church.

Color me pink, indeed. XD

Meanwhile, it's still unbearably hot, though the humidity level has (temporarily) dropped to a more manageable 50%, which means the sweat oozes out rather than pouring out. Too bad a thunderstorm is acomin'.

I also stopped by the school and switched up my fall semester. I will not be taking Excel with this teacher. I shall be taking Human Growth and Development, instead (ETA: with a completely unknown teacher, btw. Not the same teacher... *rolls eyes at self*). Yay! Spring semester will be unpleasant with its emphasis on using computer software, but, well, tough noogies. Better than another class with this ditz.

So, errands run, now to finish this week's homework so I can goof off for a day or two. :-) Or put my energies into housework... :-(


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- Well, I'm glad I took Page into the doctor, as, apparently, the skin all around his left eye is infected. It does look absolutely terrible, with red, swollen lumpiness taking over, and I gave him a tylenol tonight because the pain started spiking. I can't remember her diagnosis, but, yeah. Oral and topical antibiotics have been started, as well as lots and lots of mandatory cuddling (his insistence, not mine. I only use the corporate cuddling tactic in extreme anger situations).

Plus side: it isn't contagious.

- I am on the second to last week of computer class. Thank god. It is kind of nice to learn all some of the things that Word 2010 can do, but, lord I don't like my teacher's rubric. Still trying to decide whether to take the Excel class with her next semester or save it for the Spring when I can choose a different teacher... I think I'm starting to lean towards a computer-filled Spring semester. Maybe take Human Growth and Development this fall...

- It's hot out. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwt. And it's supposed to get hotter as the week wears on. I suspect that tomorrow will find me actually dailing a phone to call friends with pools. (That is if Facebook messaging fails.) At least it dips into the 70's at night, which lets the (rising) humidity sink onto the ground a bit.

- The backyard might be completed soonish. The last pile of dirt was spread out today and the capstones were put in place, so it looks like they only have to have a few guys with rakes come over and finish up the smoothing out before they spray grass seed everywhere. Except, of course, for where they're still trying to figure out the drainage problem related to this house.

Did I mention how the other night I dreamt that the construction of a throughway was endangering the entire neighborhood, with houses of incremental closeness being torn down by earthmovers, and the neighbors in complete denial? *rolls eyes at drama queen subconscious*

- My bowl of rocks is very pretty... (Geoff isn't here to mention how tempted he always is to reach in and grab one of the "cookies". They are nice and round-like. :-)

- I have the foundation plants of my backyard design picked and planned out. Basically. I still have to choose a variety of rhodo, but otherwise I'm set. The fence will be lined with evergreen shrubs (the rhodo, pieris, and one each of China Girl/Boy hollies), and a golden elderberry will stand in front of the rhodo and pieris. I have yet to figure out the placement of the detail plants (hostas, ferns and the like), but I will. Oh, and a Sweet Autumn Clematis will be encouraged to climb all over the shed.

Oh, I am looking forward to having a shed!

- Bully for England, passing the gay marriage law. I wish conservatives here could see it the way Cameron does. Ah well. In time. Related to that, Page and I watched ST:NG, season 5's "The Outcast," which was a blatant allegory about the place of gays in American society. I am glad that in twenty years it isn't quite so bad in most American urban areas anymore, but it is discouraging that we have to keep having the same conversation over and over again. And that Riker's voice of reason gets overruled again and again and again...

Aaaaand, that's about it. I am feeling better, both mentally and physically, than I was yesterday around this time, even if it doesn't show through my words.
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But when the temperature gets above 80 F in the house, I start feeling like I am melting and burning and feeling generally kinda icky. So I turn on the A/C.

That damned Rosby wave needs to move again. I'm sick of Midwestern summers in New England.

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First, an apology. I'm sorry I haven't been commenting on many (any?) of your posts lately. I have been reading and sending good vibes and well wishes and cheers and such your way, but I have been in a less than communicative mood lately. Basically, I'm so peopled (or stressed) out that I don't even want to interact in the digital sphere.

I'm also sorry for all the whining, but I don't in any way expect absolution for that because I fully intend to continue doing it. In fact, I am about to start another round right now! ;-)

At least I will put it all behind a cut. )

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Because doing math at this hour, while waiting for the benadryl to kick in, is foolish.

Besides, part of the reason I can't sleep is because my mind just won't shut down.


Smash )

Possible confrontations wibbling )

School. And weather. )

Family health )

Aaaand I think the benadryl is starting to kick in. Itchiness in my throat is subsiding, and the drowsiness is setting in. Yay to both. Tomorrow morning is going to be a bother, but, ach well. I'll survive.

Damn it. Minor wibbles, go away! You can back back in when it is DAY!

Good night!
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And by that I mean that I can now feel it through my warm fuzzy.

However, the air is still cold (there was a layer of frost on the car this morning), so the warm fuzzy is definitely still needed.

My front garden is giving me almost no end of pleasure. As soon as the sun is shining on it today, I will be taking pictures. I've already taken a couple pictures of my backyard daffodils (lovely, lovely flowers) through the window. When I'll post these photos is another question entirely, as I'll need to figure out where. I suppose my deviant account would do, but I'm not sure I want random garden photos there, and I'm not sure I want to take the time and effort to make these garden photos something that could be described as "art". *shrug*

But really, I need to concentrate on getting a fair amount done today.

I really don't want to.

I read so much yesterday that my eyes were stinging by the end of the day. Dimming the lights in the evening helped, but, sheesh. Such sensitive organs, eyes.

But. Need to get reading again. And editing. And write that damned bibliography (I really, REALLY don't wanna do that). And finish the stew I started yesterday...


And, really, there's no time like the present, is there? *blows raspberry in Buddha's direction*

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1. It's beautiful outside. Seriously, seriously beautiful. It's about 12 (C), the sun is shining and the breeze is nonexistent. Beautiful. I plan on raking the front yard today as I soak up the sun.

2. I lost a filling last night as I was brushing my teeth. On the plus side, it doesn't hurt at all unless I happen to gnash the points of the remaining tooth with its corresponding upper tooth. On the downside, those points are sharp! Also, money I didn't want to spend getting it replaced.

3. I think I did well on the test this morning. I studied for most of yesterday, and even though I couldn't remember some of the topics when I started the practice problems, I did figure them out (for the most part) through logic, rather than cheating and looking in the book. Anyway, I think I did respectably on this one. (Being healthy helps. So much.)

4. Geoff, Page and I are watching "Avatar: The Last Airbender" (TV series) on Amazon, and, damn, but I love it. Last night I actually gasped in shock at a scene, though that might have been as much because one of my favorite characters was struck down as for the effectiveness of the scene. But, that's the thing - this show has characters! They have depth! They grow and change! Well, for the most part. Still not sure about Azula (the little sociopath), but I'm not ruling out the possibility of finding some depth to her. Yet. I'm looking forward to learning more about Mai and Ty Lee, though.

(And sorry, Ash, but right now I'm really not loving Toph. But it's early days yet. I didn't like Sokka much at the beginning, either.)

Anyhoo, it's something we all look forward to at the end of the day. And it's also a motivator for getting Page to do things in a timely manner! Whee!

5. Did I mention the weather? *happy sigh*

6. Yesterday was Page's first day after school on Thursdays, and daaaaaaang, what a difference that made to my day. Having the entire day to study (and play) was so much better! I respect his desires where after school attendance is concerned, (what non-essential days he wants to attend, for example), but I might have to put my foot down and insist he stay in Thursdays as well as Wednesdays for the rest of the semester. If he wants to attend a different day, we'll add it back in rather than changing out of Thursday!

7. I can take a nap if I want or need to. Also the guys are seeming like they're feeling okay, so I can guiltlessly toss them out of the house to do stuff this weekend! (Vacuum out the car, rake the back yard, go to the library, etc.) That will be nice.

But now I should go rake the yard. And maybe talk to the neighbors/contractors about NOT starting construction before 8 AM on weekends.

Happy weekend! And happy birthday, shiv!


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