Apr. 3rd, 2017 12:22 pm
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So those who follow me on that other site will know by now that my life is in major flux right now, as Geoff accepted a job in Albuquerque, NM. Which is approximately 2000 miles from here. He moves (with our stuff) in the end of May, while Page and I stay here for another week or so to finish up the major school events.

It will be excellent, and we're happy and excited and all that, but, well, there's so much to be done in the meanwhile. We're fortunate in that two days after our home went on the market it received an offer (which we accepted). But... omg, there is just so much to do. On both ends. And logistics to unravel out the wazoo.

I'm writing this post as much to try and motivate myself to write a to do list as to communicate, because with the immediate blitz of activity out of the way, I'm struggling to motivate myself into doing everything else that needs doing. Granted, this is my first day of alone-time in nearly two weeks, so I may just take it as a (well-deserved) holiday. I'm happy to do all that I can do, but it's wearing. Especially the patience needed for everything.

That said, I really am looking forward to this move. I will miss my friends around here terribly, but I am so looking forward to sunshine almost every day. And the horizons. Both Geoff and I drifted toward the hotel's driveway to gaze at the horizon the morning after we arrived for our whirlwind house-hunting tour. It'll be weird to have the mountains to the east of us (volcanoes to the west!), but it's a surprisingly beautiful city we're moving to. Not pretty, per se, but beautiful. And the architecture is SO much more to our taste. While I like Cape Cod houses, and New Englanders, the preponderance of salt boxes and colonials here will make pueblo style buildings a happy thing to observe for the next decade.

The main benefit of the move, however, is going to be our proximity to family. It's only a 6-hour *drive* to my sister and her family, so if there are family emergencies or celebrations, we can go! (Alas, we'll be moving two weeks too late to attend my niece's graduation. Boo!) And everyone else in Colorado is way closer than she is. We'll be able to see Geoff's parents every month!

And, did I mention the weather's better in Albuquerque? Because, well, we left New England in the cold gray, and came back to it starting to drop cement-like snow two days later. This last week. We need the moisture out here, but I am not loving the fact we've gotten our winter's worth of snow (and frigid cold) over the past 6 weeks. That's supposed to be a Front Range thing, not a New England thing!

Ah well.

Anyway, that's enough muttering. And puttering, probably. I need to... do stuff. What stuff, I still haven't decided, but do stuff I must.

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I can't read my FB page for more than an hour before I become too emotionally drained to do anything at all. So, there's that. Too bad it takes the disassembling of democracy to treat my addiction.

Lordy. It's all too much. I am trying my best to be as politically active as possible, but it's hard not to feel like end times are upon us. Not globally, I don't think. Just on this continent. Canada isn't even much of a safe-haven, because Trump's rise has empowered the fascist and racist scum there, too. (Not to mention that Canada historically has bent to the will of the States because they would prefer to keep what sovereignty they have.) And, of course, the end times are mainly for those of us who are vulnerable to begin with. Unless a full-scale revolt happens, the wealthy (who pander) will come out virtually unscathed.

Ach well.

Good things exist. Geoff's shoulder is strong and supple enough to shovel the wet muck that fell from the sky. It was only a few inches of the shtuff, but it was particularly heavy shtuff. He also is advancing in other areas that are meaningful.

Page is coming along on the saxophone. He's getting to the point where once he starts playing, he has fun (for the most part). Getting him to start, however... Well. He was startled at the nasty look I gave him last night when he commented blithely that he didn't think of his music being needed for practice. This was after soaking his reed, and futzing about for more than an hour (while we nagged at him every five minutes). He had a good practice, though. Too bad it took him an hour past bedtime to finish it. (I wasn't feeling well yesterday, which probably made the glare meaner than it should have been. We were on good terms before he went to bed.) I'm also super pleased that he's growing perceptive. He's a good man in the making, I think. An oddball, but a good and empathetic oddball.

I haven't been painting, but the basement progresses, and I did sketch out my next painting. I need to sketch it out further with colors today. I'm starting to conceive of a statement to go with this series of paintings. I don't want to use it, though, because I hate conceptual art that much. I am also practicing drawing faces again more frequently so as to be able to teach that better. Now I just need to figure out how to teach basic painting better. So much of it is instinctual for me, that it's hard to give advice that's practicable.

My health is... odd. I'm WAY better than I was leading up to the holidays, but I still feel pretty weak and fatigued. I really need to start exercising more, and meditating every day or else this administration is going to literally kill me from the stress. The trick is to remember to do it (which is a trick, given that my memory is the first thing to go when my energy is low). And I really dislike the amount of energy making decisions takes. I don't dislike it enough to give up my freedom of choice, but weighing things out is exhausting. (And some of it's stupid stuff, too. Like, I desperately need a haircut, but I also need supplies for finishing up the basement. I only have the money for one. And should I forgo both so as to subscribe to Teen Vogue and support the ACLU?)

But on the whole, life is pretty good for me and mine. And there are opportunities to make it better. So that's very good.

And here's hoping you all are doing well, too.
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Things are perhaps - knock on wood, do a hail Mary and whatnot - starting to look up.

- Geoff's shoulder is still messed. The orthopaedist says surgery isn't a good option at his age (he's not THAT old, is he?). HOWEVER, he has recently had two injections of cortisone, and movement within the shoulder itself is starting to return. He can now do the PT exercises without having to (figuratively) bite on a wooden spoon. He's under doctor's orders to take it very, very easy on his shoulder for at least a week, but it's better. Hopefully he'll be able to start sleeping through the night very soon, which will help loads and loads in the recovery process.

- Page has been ill, but he does not have pneumonia. Instead, he has thickened bronchial tubes (common in asthmatic patients) possibly caused by bronchitis, and a pleural effusion (effectively a large blister on the lung). The reason we know this is that his shoulder and lung were hurting him a lot when he took moderately large breaths. Since strep and bronchitis have been going around, and the pain wasn't going away quickly, I took him in. The doctor didn't hear any congestion, but sent him for an x-ray anyway. Anyway, since starting the antibiotics on Wednesday, he's improved dramatically, to the point where he's doing his normal "pew pew" bedtime avoidance routine. He's better enough, in fact, that he's at school! First day since Monday! He won't be going to his sax lesson today, though. I'm giving him till Monday to start that back up.

- I don't need a fifth crown! Or, at least I don't need one immediately. Instead, I had a cross drilled into my dodgy tooth. And, since it's a tooth they already worked on (one of the first), they're only charging me for the surfaces that they hadn't worked on (the grand total of which comes to $23). So that's better than the $230 for the first third of a crown...

- The back wall of the basement is ready to be covered. Already, I have most of the pegboard up, so now it's just a matter of getting the paneling. That will have to wait at least a week or so, because Geoff's shoulder needs babying, but that's okay. There's lots of other stuff that needs to be done in the meantime that doesn't require lifting. Or purchasing, for that matter.

- And best, the other day I went to a friend's son's birthday party, not expecting to stay long because of the noise and people factor. Fortunately, this friend knows and completely understands about sensory issues, so besides an understanding smile or two, I was able to retreat now and again without notice. Anyway, while there, but thinking about escaping, another friend came with loads and loads of presents. And it turned out, not all of the presents were for the birthday boy. One, in fact, was for me! She handed me a fairly heavy bag, and in it I found a Nessie tea infuser and a HUGE can of Troika tea.

I nearly burst into tears. I have felt so isolated and... unheard lately, and here she was, giving me a couple things I'd pointed out as being awesome a fairly long time ago on FB. Needless to say, there was hugging involved. And more retreating because I'm an ugly cryer and I needed to get my emotions in check. But anyway, that helped a huge amount. I love this friend, and I hate that we can't see more of each other (even though we live less than a mile apart... She's disabled and not terribly mobile, and I can't go over to see her in cool weather because she has cats). So I have to think of a way to thank her for her thoughtfulness. Beyond giving her more of my plants. :-)

So, yeah. There's still rough stuff, but, on the whole, as long as I avoid the news and politics, life is bearable and sometimes even good. Which, you know, is pretty awesome, considering. This weekend is looking fine, in the weather department, which means that I can get out and finish cleaning up the garden. The strawberries are still plotting a takeover, and I need to nip that in the bud. There shall be no coups in this yard, thank you! ;-)

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Good things!

1. New glasses are on order! My current glasses are just over five years old. I got them when my bout of meningitis worsened my eyesight by a point (+1, not +.1). It seems my eyesight has devolved even more, but only +.75 over the last 5 years, so that's not too terrible. And what's best is that my new glasses should be better (HD progressive glasses? Apparently they are loads better, and not just hype) AND they're less expensive than my current pair was. So yay! I just hope that the lenses are as light as they felt with the plastic in them... They felt lighter than all the other frames I tried on, so it's possible that while they won't be as light as that, they will be lighter than my current pair.

2. Excellent soup. Seriously. It was so good that Page ate it without too much complaint! Best thing is that it was leftovers, so all I had to do was add the sausage to extend it and voila! 15 minute meal.

3. Geoff is better. Geoff's not been well for a while, but this weekend was particularly rough. )

4. Page's increasing musicality. He still absolutely refuses to sing in public, unless required by his school, but he'll happily sing at home, especially if he doesn't think we can hear him. What's best, though, is when he sings when he knows we can hear him. So there's that, and his saxophone skills are increasing, though not as quickly as he'd like. Poor guy. He suffers under the "everything comes too easily" curse, which makes practicing difficult (because, really, what's the point if you can catch up in a trice?). Yes, discipline in this house is not a force to be reckoned with, but we do try. Ever now and again. ;-) Fortunately, he's got Star Wars music that is challenging him (of course, it wouldn't be quite so hard if he'd slow it down until he learned the notes, but I'm just a mom...) and therefore keeping his interest, so getting him to practice hasn't been as terrible horrible strenuous difficult. Yay!

5. Snow! Okay, I can happily live without getting any more snow this winter (as long as we get a rainy spring), BUT I am happy we've got the few inches we have, AND that it's going to be getting quite cold this weekend*. I'm hoping that the chill will kill all those larvae that were tricked into hatching by the abnormally warm January and early February weather. Especially the mosquito and tick larvae. *nods* (*Note: We finally have sufficient lodgings for our remaining homeless population, so no one should die of cold here. Otherwise, I wouldn't be so happy about the cold snap coming.)

6. Reduced indigestion. I'm tired of having my stomach (not tummy, but stomach) hurt. If it weren't for everyone else in the house being just fine, I would suspect an ulcer, but none of them have anything close to the same symptoms, so I think it's just my body being an attention-seeking bitch, as per usual. But the good is that the pain has been going away, and even the discomfort is starting to go down. So yay. One less physical stressor. Now to just get my teeth sorted out, right?

Hem hem...

Oct. 1st, 2014 10:52 pm
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So... Yeah. I'm not really on LJ anymore, am I?

That sucks. It was a good thing for a while, but at some point, it started sucking. So maybe this means I'll be a more frequent participant in the near future. I'm starting to catch up on what's been going on with all of you, but, yeah. It's going to take a while.

Life here is continuing in a fairly normal (for us) way. Well, except for me now being employed. It's a part-time, temporary gig, and hopefully the physical labor involved won't kill me, however, I've already earned enough to buy myself a new and good pair of walking shoes. So yay.

Page is in 4th grade. New school. Same problems. I told him today that if there's another incident with this one kid, everyone is going to start looking at it as if he's bullying him, and there might be something to that accusation. He took that to heart, but it still doesn't help. (Poor kids. Both of them. Page is really annoyed by this kid, but I think that this kid really likes Page. I'm not sure what to do... I've advised Page to stay away from him, but, well... That doesn't solve any problems, now does it?)

Geoff is currently five days overdue to return from a three-day business trip, and he won't be coming back till Friday. Late. I asked him if it was possible to set a limit, but, well... He was okay with the Friday limit, though. He'd told the client-boss that tomorrow was the limit, but that was before the thingamajigger had an allergic reaction to the new driver and came down with (cove) light hives. In a planetarium (and other theaters), cove lights being on during the show is a bad thing. It kinda ruins visibility.

And me... It's been a rough week. I've been fighting some bug, Page has been acting up, my new cell phone wasn't working (which caused problems at work - minor, but there), friends are being... *sigh* aggravating, and I'm not getting enough sleep. Oh, and the stress that that new respiratory bug is in NH, which makes me nervous every time Page coughs (which he's been doing more of this week. Probably because of all the cereal he's been eating...). All that has added up to me being utterly and completely useless. Useless to the point of saying that, sure, cereal is a perfectly acceptable breakfast and dinner. And not going in to class yesterday because it would have been an exercise in futility. Droopy, drooly futility. And watching fluffy princess movies instead of doing research...

On the plus side (something I notice most of you have been doing, btw. yay!), starting today I am covered by health insurance. My phone now works. Geoff is getting at least a little sleep every night. Page has hit the ten-year-old sweetness phase. I might have found my muse again...

So, while I'm not looking forward to two more days without a spouse, I think at some point today I started feeling better, so perhaps I'll be able to start scrabbling up the walls of responsibility in the morning. Hope so. There's lots to do, and no one but me to do it.

Hope all of you are well.
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On the friendslist, that is. Nowhere near caught up on things that need doing in the here and now... Ach well. If I didn't comment on your entries, I apologize, but I have read back a couple of weeks now. You all got very active here while I was gone and didn't let me know! ;-)

Life here is... life. I think I'm doing the post-stress burn-out thing. I never realize how stressed I am at the time of the stress (school), and I'm great for about three days after the stress ends, but then... boom. Or should I say "crash"? Anyway, I'm okay, but so tired because the subliminal pain is disrupting my sleep. I'm still not sure what to (realistically) do about it at this point. I did take a benadryl last night (I had been itchy all day), which resulted in me waking almost rested, which was nice.

God, I'm bored just typing this out. You've probably already skipped on to the next post. I don't blame you.

Spring here is in full swing, and it's more or less lovely. A lot of rain and cloud-cover, though. My daffodils were glorious. Absolutely worth every penny and bead of sweat. And now my bleeding heart is putting on quite a show, which is also lovely. Next up are the irises, and it's looking like they're going to be kicking it up to fantabulous this year. It makes this garden mum proud, it does.

And it looks like every plant I planted survived. Well, non-bulb plants. I have no idea how many of the 300+ bulbs I planted last fall survived, though a good deal of them obviously did based on the spring show. But even my late-hard-frost-bitten clematis is alive and growing! I hope to get its trellis made before it needs it too desperately.

Page is also doing pretty well. Since he started the controller asthma meds, he's had a LOT more energy. It's been wonderful to see him running and playing and being happy! He's still got issues, but, by gum, there's progress. (Which is something I need to remember, especially as I focus on the stuff that still needs improvement.)

Geoff is... tired. He's been pushing himself lately, and probably will be pushing himself even more in the month to come as the biannual Conference of Doom approaches. Fortunately, he's not going to be on-site. In fact, it's almost guaranteed he won't be on-site, as the site is in China this year, and he doesn't have an entry visa. YAY! (Three weeks is too little time to get even an expedited visa, yes?) However, he's taking a full month off later this summer, so he should be feeling better by the time school starts up again.

Let's see... what else? Geoff and I spent Mother's Day staking the arbor into it's final resting place. I have a bit of repair work to do on the side of the arbor thanks to wind-damage (i.e. it being felled twice by a sharp breeze) but that will happen. Soonish. Maybe. I also made a garden bed out of pallet crate slats. I don't particularly recommend it unless you really have NO money to throw around. Those boards are... cheap. My goal is to have my back garden in good enough shape to have friends over to celebrate my birthday. That's only 3 weeks away, so it might not happen, but we'll see.

I suppose next week I really need to buckle down and start studying for a CLEP. Haven't decided which it's going to be, though - business law or microeconomics? And at some point I need to work on my resume. If I'm going to be applying to temp agencies in the fall, I suspect I need to start compiling and editing now. Because, yeah. :-P

And that's about it except for a to do list that's even more boring than what I've already written. Fun stuff. :-)

Read more... )

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and for the Americans, may it be a lovely Memorial Day.
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I think Spring has arrived! It's still early spring, as the cars and grass are still frosted over in the mornings, but, well, crocuses! Blooming, even! And signs of life from other plants! And surprises! Like, I gave my neighbor my orange poppy, because the color didn't go with the surrounding plants. I was away when she dug it out, and it seems she left bits of root, because I have three tiny little poppies sprouting up around where the original one was! Their color still won't go with the surrounding plants (and there's now a purple sedum there that'll crowd them horribly), but I figure I'll have prepared room to transplant them into as soon as they die back this summer.

Of course spring also means the onset of allergies. I've started Page on his inhaler and the controller medicine that he was given at his physical. I'm hoping his wheezing and cough is asthma, actually, as a friend recently had a bad case of pneumonia, and since we were all exposed to her germs pre-diagnosis... (After breakfast he coughed a deep-sounding cough and said it hurt, pointing to the middle of his left rib cage. *meeps*) Well, I'll know by tomorrow, I suspect. I was bad and sent him to school even with the wibbles.

Meanwhile, I've been single-parenting since Sunday, and it seems I will be doing so through Saturday. We both miss Geoff. And poor Geoff is going to be utterly wrecked when he comes home. I wish I could make doctor's appointments for illness in advance, because I'm pretty sure he'll be needing one by Monday.

And my school continues. Only a month left of classes, actually! This semester has been such a breeze so far! It's been far more restful than last semester was! Excel is fun, and Sage is... well, it is. At this point, it's routine. Easy as long as I pay close attention to all the details, especially dates and GL account numbers.

The thing that is stressing me out about school the most is the extracurricular stuff, actually. Like, I feel guilty about dropping out of PTK, but, well, also glad, because there's drama going on in there that I really don't want to deal with. And there's an art fair that I'm participating in on Saturday, but I'm woefully unprepared for. That's what I'll be doing tomorrow... *meeps*

But I should go and get moving. A friend is coming over to help me cook today, so I need to at least make sure the kitchen is presentable and the bathroom is clean. Oh, and do the shopping... :-)

Happy Spring, ya'll. Happy, happy Spring!
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Geoff was a bit silly and booked a business trip today, so he's off in the wilderlands (OK, Boston-Lite (or dark, depending on your view of Worcester)) while I'm sitting here trying to get motivated to do the stuff I need to do. But computer programs are booooooooooooooorrrinnnnngggggggggg.

And I'm sleepy.

But. Needs must.

Just a regular 'To do' list )

Life has been relatively calm of late (well, except for my intense bursts of anger, which I've mostly held in check to maintain the outer calm). Page's health hasn't been top notch, but then, that's not surprising given how many bananas he's been eating lately. And he whines about me not buying anymore raisins... *rolls eyes at him* I'm trying to provide him with lots of foods he does like, but, being the negative nellie that he is, he's focusing on what he can't have.

On the plus side, for the most part, I'm feeling more energetic on this diet. I'm not yet convinced it's worth it, and I have "cheated" with a few cups of tea with honey in the past few days (probably why I'm so tired today), but it's interesting having the energy and the will to cook properly. And, oh my god, what a lot of food we eat! I've been filling half our large kitchen table with each week's shopping, which consists mostly of vegetable matter. I am very grateful we are able to eat this way.

ION, A lot of my friends around here have been wondering if they, or family members, have mono in the past few weeks/months. That makes me think that Geoff and I really did have it in November. No wonder that was such a tough Fall! At least we've both basically pulled out of it. Geoff hasn't really regained much energy, though, so his meds are now being adjusted. I hope that goes well and solves the energy and motivation issue.

Even though we now seem to be in the snowy season, I am starting to feel like Spring is coming. I think it's the lengthening days. Anyway, it's making me more flighty than usual, as well as making me anxious to go seed shopping! I might not get to buy any decorative plants this year (except for those mosquito-shoo geraniums), but my veggie garden needs planting! Of course, that means I have to decide what I'm going to be planting this year, especially as I have to give kale a break so the aphids don't take over again. :-( Turnips, I think. And cucumbers. And celery? And squashes of all sorts, of course. And that's on top of the garlic I planted in October.

But, it seems I've run out of quiet time. Page has decided it is story time and is dictating at me. *sigh* I love him, and his imagination is enviable, but I wish he were an introvert and would just write the stories down.

Ah well.
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Because I want to move there. For my marriage's sake. (<-slight overstatement)

I am cognizant of the fact that time and timeliness matters in this society. Like, a lot. Like, more than a lot. My husband (and son), however, have little to no inkling of the concept. It drives me absolutely batty having them ignore me on that (well, on everything, but right now it's that). When I say something needs to be done at X o'clock, that means it needs to be done at X o'clock, not X+1(2 or 3) o'clock! And I even give reasons for the time, and I'M STILL IGNORED!!! MORE THAN ONCE!!!!



*breathes some more*

Really, I think I'm just angry today and this is the spark that lit the fuse. Having it be another snow day isn't helping matters... Three days in a row of a chatty or cranky, stinky kid are wearing on me. (The stinkiness is from the new batch of antibiotics. Another ear infection in his lousy ear this week. yay.)


But this too shall pass. And good things abound. Like the fact that we have power, so I can have a hot breakfast and, if absolutely necessary, tea.


*breathes some more*

Hope you all are having a better day, and that your weekend is lovely.


Jan. 30th, 2014 11:17 am
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It is possible that my lovely husband is finally coming out of his mid-life crisis/slump! No details yet, but I am hopeful at this time. A bit worried, too, but mostly hopeful.
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- last week of vacation. Not sure I'm ready to go back, but I probably am. Have been pretty productive in the last week, so energy is at least returning.

- Definitely allergic or sensitive to commercial toothpaste (probably the sodium laurel sulfate). Since switching to homemade stuff, my morning rinse-out hasn't been nasty-colored once. Gum inflammation is also down.

- Painful period is painful. Probably taking today off because of it.

- It's nice to have Geoff home again.

- My free trial of photoshop is now kaput. I will be saving up for both the program and a computer that can really utilize it (as well as a tablet) over the next year.

- I've been traditional arting. Nothing to show yet, but I have been.

- right. Horizontalness needed now.

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So I was utterly useless yesterday because I had the absolute temerity to shovel out half the driveway the day before. It seems moving six inches of powder is too much for my delicate system, but it was too shy to say anything at the time.

*blows raspberry at shoulder and back*

On top of that, I actually missed church this morning because my back was hurting so much. As I was going through my early-morning ritual, I realized I was taking extreme care of how I positioned myself just so I wouldn't be setting off the huge pain sensors.

Fortunately, Geoff spared a few of his precious (not being facetious) pre-church minutes to give me a back rub. That and the short nap afterward seemed to help enough that I'm not clenching my jaw to the point of pain. Still sore and needing to be very, very careful about lifting things, but I can at least get comfortable in various postures.

But, oh, I do hate being utterly useless. Especially when everyone else around me is being active and helpful. Ah well. I will pacify my guilt with the knowledge that I have been doing lots and lots up until now. And there's lots I can do that won't injure me further.

And I have been helpful lately! tl;dr: A longer than expected winter vacation equals seriously hyped up kids )

My hair is no longer wonderful to me )

Today's activities )

Geoff starts his high travel season tomorrow )

Aaaaaaannnnnndddddd, that's about it. Given the time it is and the lack of people home from church, I'm guessing Geoff got Page a playdate, and is spending that time at work preparing for tomorrow's trip. He's such a good husband, giving me so much alone time. Although, really, what I'd like is a bit more time alone with him, but, well, it's human nature to never be happy with what blessings have been bestowed, right?

Hope you all are safe, warm and doing what makes you happy.


Nov. 26th, 2013 11:42 am
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Sometimes I really do have to remind myself that it is more likely to be mindlessness rather than passive-aggression on Geoff's part. It's just the repetition of the reminder that gets annoying.

(He never ever ever puts dishes away properly. Like, ever. It drives me batty.)

Oh, but in good news, Page is skipping around the house singing to himself. I'm thinking the antibiotics have kicked in. :-)
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So, I spent a good hour of this morning looking in my archives for the actual year of Page's last birthday party (Geoff thought it was pre-Meningitis, I thought it was last year; it turns out it was 2 years ago), and came across a few posts that make me so, SO glad that things are better now. Page really was Demon!Boy for a while there, and, with my 20/20 hindsight, I can see now that he was really not well. His moods have evened out so much, his meltdowns are so much less severe, he's happy more often than not, and he's not nearly (not even close) as obstinate as he was at five. OMG, how did I survive those years? (Oh, right, I nearly didn't.)

So, yeah. Grateful for progress. And a diet that seems to work (there was a lot more attitude this morning after a sugar-full party yesterday. Kid has been reminded of the correlation (which is almost certainly causation in this case)).

Speaking of diet, I've been looking over the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP), and I actually don't think it's going to be that big a problem for us. Still not starting it until the new year, but with coconut still available to us, we'll definitely be able to make do! Snacks will be tough, but there are tons of ways to make it work. Actually, the hardest part will be getting the organ meats into me and Geoff. Page actually likes liver, and while I like pâté, Geoff doesn't like either. But, well... (And this is assuming that the chicken guts in the gravy doesn't amount to enough organ meats for our needs.)

Well, that and getting Page to eat enough bone broth... Kid hates soup.

But I am positive we'll see a difference in all of us on this diet. I am scared of finding out who reacts to what (because I am pretty sure each of us will be reacting to different foods, making the cooking job that much more difficult), but it will be worth it.
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Whelp, no date for Geoff and me today. I forgot to set up a babysitter. *headesks*

Ah well. Fortunately, "Gravity" is dominating at the box office, which means it will be there next week, too. So Geoff and I have rescheduled for Tuesday afternoon (which means I need to reschedule an appointment, but if that gets done successfully, it also means no babysitter will be needed. Yay!)

Also, this gives me a bit of time to play catch-up for psych. Since I took last weekend off completely, I have a little bit of reading to do for this week. Not too much, though.

I do wish I could take a full week off, though. That would be nice. Ah well.


Oct. 21st, 2013 11:46 am
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I think I'm finally coming down with the cold that's been haunting this house. I say it's been haunting the house because it hasn't actually shown itself through manifestation, it just hints that it's there, lurking... an unwanted presence that will try to possess us should we make one misstep. All of us have been feeling off for a couple of weeks (since the last cold/infection), and, well... I guess I misstepped.

Tired. Really. )

Anyway. That's my little bitch and moan session.

Good things abound, but they're just a little harder to see through the blur of tiredness. However, the fall foliage has been beautiful, and I have had a very good view of it from my living room. Took a couple of photos of the currently glowing maple that colors our view orange. I missed the opportunity of photographing the other maple that made sitting on the couch a restorative affair. Ah well. Next year.

I had the time to just lounge yesterday away without getting behind on too much.

I was able to be the good guy to Page, despite my off-putting lounging.

I have about 10 quarts of chicken stock on the stove, needing to be dealt with. That should last a while (assuming I deal with it).

My problems are mostly first world problems. Not only first world problems, but (lower) middle class problems. We have a nice home in a safe neighborhood that we're not in any immediate danger of losing because Geoff has a good job with good people. And there's almost always enough food in the fridge (and if there isn't, it's usually because it's shopping day). That's always worth remembering.

ETA: Another good thing is that I won't have to go back to the money grubbers for my next scrip. I mean, I like my psychiatrist, I really do, but I hate the center she works for. So yay. And I just counted up the days and my pills, and I have enough prescription (and refill) to last until well after my initial visit with the new center. Yay!

But, yeah. Tired now. Gonna go make myself something to snack on. I may even choose something healthy. Maybe. It's been known to happen on occasion. ;-)
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Gemini - Everything you do today feels about one notch harder than it should be -- but don't give up! You need to keep pushing and try to get your people to back you up when the going gets tough.

Already it's proving true... *sigh*

Considering everything that's been going on, this week hasn't been all that bad, though. Long and wearing, but not bad.

Bullet points )

But now I should go try to do a bit of catch-up reading before class. Either that, or I'll go do a task or two in the garden to try an loosen myself up.

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So, over the past few weeks, I've been inadvertently weaning myself off my antidepressants by forgetting them at semi-regular intervals (like, taking the full dose every other day or so). A couple of days ago I decided to make it official, and when I took my dose, I reduced it by a third, with the intention of taking that dose every day for a week before tapering off again.

Unfortunately, I'm feeling the lack already.

On the one side, this is depressing in that my mental well-being is dependent on a drug, and, given the amount of time I've been on it (more than enough time to retrain my serotonin uptake regulator into doing its job properly), probably will be for the rest of my life. I hate that. I hate that so much.

On the other side, it's kind of awesome that there is a drug that helps me fight the negativity monsters in my head. I just wish this drug didn't give me dry mouth so severely...

So, anyway, I will be taking the full prescribed dose this morning. And next. And every day thereafter.


In brighter news, my back garden is almost done. I still have to plant all the bulbs (and a few other plants that my clumsy, impatient fingers bought online a couple days ago), make a rock wall border, and build a trellis for the clematis, but otherwise, it's done. And the rock wall and trellis aren't imperative.

So yay. Of course, I ache like the dickens today because of overdoing it yesterday (and the day before), but it's basically done. And once the bulbs are in (I might, if I feel better later on, put 20 minutes into planting some of the bulbs today so as to get that big job going), I will be happily anxious to see how it'll look in spring.

Meanwhile, I have yet to do any house cleaning this weekend, or any shopping, or any homework. Oops. Priorities have been skewed by the fall air, me thinks.

Actually, today is homework day. I am so far behind in my reading it's not even funny. Also, I need to start seriously thinking about my psych paper that's due on Friday. This would all be easier if I could wake up a bit (*points up to second paragraph*) and not need quite so much sleep. (Of course, it would also be easier if I didn't have a family to take care of, but that's moot.)

But Geoff is now home from Brazil, so that might should help. Hopefully. I will be *cough* letting him do the cooking today (and this week, should he not cook en masse), and hopefully the three of us can keep on top of everything else that needs doing while still giving me time to read. (I am such an incredibly slow reader. I'm starting to worry about being able to keep up in later school years because of it...)

Right. Time to get to work, since that's why I stayed home from church today.

Hope all of you are as well as you can be. Hugs and Light to those who need or want them.

Done dids

Sep. 22nd, 2013 07:14 pm
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Over the last few days I have:

I'm seemingly better now. )

I'm tired. ;-)

Geoff is leaving for Brazil tomorrow afternoon, so that's unpleasant, but Page and I will deal. (And hey, it means that much less cooking will need to be done! That's a definite plus!)

I just hope I'll be able to use the beautiful, wonderful, early-Fall weather to finish my back garden, including transplanting all my plants into their spots. Without injuring myself again. After school, it's my highest priority. After all, Fall is here, which means winter is just around the corner.

Anyway, that's the state of me right now. I'd better serve up dinner now, though.
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- Got my final Word lab to start on. It's due Wednesday. Don' wanna.

- Geoff is home (though not at this exact moment as he's taken Page to the last swim lesson of the session), which is marvelous. We've been walking hand-in-hand wherever we go.

- Lord the acting is terrible in 1st season ST:NG. Absolutely horrible. Not even Patrick Stewart is good. Actually, I think Jonathon Frakes is probably the best one of the bunch, which I find highly amusing. All the others make me cringe. Cringe!

- My house is pretty when it's tidy.

- I've painted this week. Twice. I thought I had finished one of the paintings, but on further reflection, I haven't. It needs glazing for more depth. The other painting is nowhere near finished as it still needs a bajillion layers of glaze to get it to the right colors/intensity. A layer a day should get it there within the next century, though. :-) (<--Artist's math is cool, isn't it? It's like the opposite of Writer's Math!)

- Alone time is happening. Right now! And I expect I can get more of it later on today, too! SO COOL!

- My stomach, while still on the fragile side, seems to have basically recovered from the rancid mustard of yesterday. No more cramping, anyway. Yay!

- Related: we now have non-rancid-mustard-infected food to eat in the house. Double yay!

- Have I mentioned how happy I am to have Geoff back? Cuz I really, really am. Just want to snuggle into his arms and stay there all day. Page wants that too, though, so I guess we'll have to work out a compromise. ;-D

- I suppose I've stalled long enough. Gotta go do my homework. I must say I am really looking forward to Freedom Friday (first day after the last day of class)!


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