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On the plus side, at least I still have electricity. Not only can I come on here and complain, but I can also use my electric kettle (or a pot on my electric stove) to heat up water.

Which is more than I can say for my water heater.

And I had so hoped that tax return could go toward paying off our debt, but no. Windfalls are invariably met with emergencies around here.

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I knew I was signing a deal with the devil when we switched to Comcast, but the bleepers bleeping bleeped up with their bleeping billing. AGAIN. I am not pleased. This means I have yet another phone call (or possibly three, depending on whether I need to call the credit union if Comcast says it's their fault) to make tomorrow. I hate making phone calls. So draining.

Ah well.

The good thing I forgot last night was that this weekend (shut up) Geoff and I managed to get the kitchen floor clean. Considering we were both feeling off, that was a major accomplishment. And the best(/worst) part is that our work shows. It pleases me to see the floor clean.
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So, I've had a lot of trouble keeping various temporary crowns on for various reasons. After my latest crown appointment (to get the impressions made), the temp for tooth #30 was pretty wobbly and even after getting it put back on (it popped off fairly soon after), it was wobbly enough that the dentist gave me some of the temporary cement to use at home.


I haven't used it. I should, but at the same time, it often feels better to just leave the temp off, because the wobbles irritate my gum. That and I just haven't felt up to fiddling in my mouth, scraping off the excess cement. Not with sinus issues and whatnot. So, I take the temp out when I need to, and put it back in when I need to, washing it inbetween.

Today when I was washing it in preparation to putting it back in, I dropped it. Down the open drain.

I was able to retrieve it without much problem of course, but... EWWWWWWW!

Right now it is soaking in hydrogen peroxide, and then I'll rinse it with alcohol so I know that all the ickies are dead and gone, but still! EWWWWWWW!

At least it didn't skip over into the toilet, right?

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I was hopeful that having four adults (genuine adults, not kids-just-out-of-their-parents'-homes-adults) would make for a less stressful project.


Holy Hades in Herniation!

3 out of 4 of us are reasonably intelligent, reasonably mature adults. The other, the eldest chronologically, is... not.

She is also the self-imposed nominated leader of this thing because she is "a business management student." And I am guessing she didn't listen to a word the professor of those management classes said...


Where to start?

An LJ cut first, I think. Yes. That is the place to start. )

But now I need to go do my other class' homework. Which I have been successfully avoiding for two weeks now. Because I hate revision. Oh, do I hate revision. Because it's hard! Ah well. Needs must.

Anyway. Thanks for listening (or not) to me rant. I feel a smidge better for getting a bit of that out.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!
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Okay, I exaggerate. But, still. This was supposed to be my week of sleeping in and goofing off and all that jazz. And yet so far:

Monday: got up early to get kidlet off to school; had to walk him there (and DAMN it was cold!!!) because he missed the bus. Went out food shopping, then coffee with friends, came home to find message on machine saying I had to come pick up child because he'd hit another child. Yay. Sitting in school's front office as an adult is about as much fun as it is as a child.

Tuesday: Actually got child off in time to get the bus, but had to pick him up at half past noon because of a 1:00 doctor's appointment. Appt. led to bloodwork (they took a few tablespoons, the poor boy. I think it was ten vials?), which led to unhappy boy getting comfort food from irresponsible mom. I did at least get a (ninja) nap in the afternoon, but, well...

Today: Early release day. Kidlet will be home just past one. Then we'll be going over to manic house so kidlet can play and I can get my scholarship application responses (the real ones) reviewed.

Tomorrow: Get kidlet up yet again. At some point husband will show up, or that's the plan, anyway. At some point I will have to drag kidlet and maybe husband to see Frozen. Literal dragging will probably happen in the case of kidlet.

Friday: who knows. Probably get kidlet up again, though husband might be healthy enough to do so. We'll see.

Saturday: housework and homework.

Sunday: cooking and homework and school development meeting.

Monday: Class.

So, yeah. Not happy about how this week has been going and the projected course for the rest of it. Ah well. I just wish I could have got a bit more alone time this week. Again, ah well. I'll kick the boys out on the weekend, as usual.

In good news, however, Page DID get in to the new charter school! Yay! While I am thrilled about this on several levels, what got me dancing this morning was the fact that this new school will start at 9, so the alarm clock here will be set for an hour later, which will make a world of difference to me! Yayayayayayay!
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So fucking tired of the teenage attitude from my not-even-close-to-adolescence child.

So. Fucking. Tired.

I'm not sure what's up with either of us, because we've been at each other for weeks now. Actually, I'm not sure it isn't all (or mostly) on me, as he's been irritating the snot out of me for a couple of months. *thinks* Okay, maybe it's only been a couple of weeks, but they've been really, really long weeks.

That four snow days right before winter break didn't help, I don't think.


I don't know. I'm just generally pissy right now. Annoyed at everyone and everything. I hope I can blame it on lack of sleep (fucking daylight savings) and such, not on my body rejecting the anti-Ds. After all, last time an antidepressant wore off, it induced rage...

*breathes again*

Probably, though, it's that there's still lots of snow on the ground and even more snow in the forecast, and it's been one bloody long winter. I need to get my outside projects going so as to keep my sanity. I hate being on hold.

Right. Gonna go do something. Something productive, even, I think.

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Because I want to move there. For my marriage's sake. (<-slight overstatement)

I am cognizant of the fact that time and timeliness matters in this society. Like, a lot. Like, more than a lot. My husband (and son), however, have little to no inkling of the concept. It drives me absolutely batty having them ignore me on that (well, on everything, but right now it's that). When I say something needs to be done at X o'clock, that means it needs to be done at X o'clock, not X+1(2 or 3) o'clock! And I even give reasons for the time, and I'M STILL IGNORED!!! MORE THAN ONCE!!!!



*breathes some more*

Really, I think I'm just angry today and this is the spark that lit the fuse. Having it be another snow day isn't helping matters... Three days in a row of a chatty or cranky, stinky kid are wearing on me. (The stinkiness is from the new batch of antibiotics. Another ear infection in his lousy ear this week. yay.)


But this too shall pass. And good things abound. Like the fact that we have power, so I can have a hot breakfast and, if absolutely necessary, tea.


*breathes some more*

Hope you all are having a better day, and that your weekend is lovely.
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Mold remediation. Full house mold remediation.

I am so not looking forward to the amount of work that's gonna be, but, lordy! I just watered the plants, and I've been itching, wheezing and uncomfortable since.

On the positive side, it's not like the house is falling apart due to mold. (Yet.) It would take another ten or twenty years of ignoring the problem before that would happen. The family would succumb to many various and nasty illnesses before the house's stability succumbed to anything.

But, oh. The work. I dreads it. Just the idea of re-potting every single plant in new soil (after having scrubbed out their pots with bleach) is daunting, let alone the massive overhaul of the basement that's needed. There's basically ten years' worth of crap down there!


But, yeah. This is a sick house, and I'm pretty sure mold is at the root of it. So mold remediation it will be.

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"Global warming" is a term that needs to die a swift and very public death. It is at best misleading, and at worst diverting.

The Arctic is warming. Climates are changing. Those are irrefutable facts. Another fact is that weather records only go back a couple hundred years, which is approximately a nanosecond (and I'm being generous) in terms of a global timescale. Hell, it's only a nanosecond in terms of ice-age cycles!

Yes, the ice samples taken from Antarctica give evidence that there hasn't been a drastic warming like this seen, well, ever. But, well, they also recently uncovered evidence that, under approximately a mile of ice, there's a MONSTER canyon in Greenland that was formed by river erosion, like the Grand Canyon, rather than by glaciers. And that points to the arctic going through occasional severe warming periods.

Basically, the global climate is an amazingly complex interweaving of regional climates (with each regional climate being an amazingly complex interweaving of millions of factors) that we have only started to assess in any meaningful way. Kinda like studying biology in the early 1800's.

That said, the main reason I HATE, LOATHE and DESPISE the term "Global Warming" is because it is so easily dismissed.

"Oh yeah, global warming is a real serious issue," the chucklehead jokes as they put on their warmest coats to go shovel the last two feet of snow dumped on them.

But, well, climate change did bring in the cold and the unusual snowfalls. It is a serious issue that's going to continue impacting billions of people.

Is climate change coming from greenhouse gasses we're pumping into the air? Perhaps. Perhaps not. Correlation does not equal causation. If it did, then there would be a case against vaccinations due to their link with autism (which is purely correlative; they have definitely disproved the purported causation link).

That said, should we work hard to severely limit future greenhouse gasses pumped into the air? HELL YES!!! Not only because they could be causing climate change, but because they have been proven, over and over and over again, to be bad for us individually and collectively!!!

But let's lead that charge with hyping up "Climate Change" rather than "Global Warming"! Because only the most stubborn, obtuse or money-grubbing will deny that the climate is changing.

(Though really, how about we lead the charge with something that's closer to home/more relatable? Like, oh, the pandemic spread of asthma and other bronchial diseases; the increase in cancers and immune disorders; the dying fishing industries worldwide; etc.)
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Last stages of overdue paper prior to editing the crap out of it.

So not in writer mood.

So, so not.

Really, really Not.

That said, boys are in bed, caffeine is in my system and I've got all night. Right? *laughs bitterly*

Three more paragraphs of this section, a transition paragraph, an intro and conclusion. That's all. Well, and huge amounts of editing, because my grammar is missing along with my words. Oh, and a bibliography.

But. Last day. Handing in tomorrow no matter what.

And, oh shit, there's another paper due tomorrow, too. (eta: done. yay.)

At least that one doesn't require a bibliography...


Oct. 21st, 2013 11:46 am
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I think I'm finally coming down with the cold that's been haunting this house. I say it's been haunting the house because it hasn't actually shown itself through manifestation, it just hints that it's there, lurking... an unwanted presence that will try to possess us should we make one misstep. All of us have been feeling off for a couple of weeks (since the last cold/infection), and, well... I guess I misstepped.

Tired. Really. )

Anyway. That's my little bitch and moan session.

Good things abound, but they're just a little harder to see through the blur of tiredness. However, the fall foliage has been beautiful, and I have had a very good view of it from my living room. Took a couple of photos of the currently glowing maple that colors our view orange. I missed the opportunity of photographing the other maple that made sitting on the couch a restorative affair. Ah well. Next year.

I had the time to just lounge yesterday away without getting behind on too much.

I was able to be the good guy to Page, despite my off-putting lounging.

I have about 10 quarts of chicken stock on the stove, needing to be dealt with. That should last a while (assuming I deal with it).

My problems are mostly first world problems. Not only first world problems, but (lower) middle class problems. We have a nice home in a safe neighborhood that we're not in any immediate danger of losing because Geoff has a good job with good people. And there's almost always enough food in the fridge (and if there isn't, it's usually because it's shopping day). That's always worth remembering.

ETA: Another good thing is that I won't have to go back to the money grubbers for my next scrip. I mean, I like my psychiatrist, I really do, but I hate the center she works for. So yay. And I just counted up the days and my pills, and I have enough prescription (and refill) to last until well after my initial visit with the new center. Yay!

But, yeah. Tired now. Gonna go make myself something to snack on. I may even choose something healthy. Maybe. It's been known to happen on occasion. ;-)
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The government shutdown is over! Yay! And it will remain open for a whole... 90 days... yay?

*rolls eyes*

Bureaucracies are such a pain. And it's even more of a pain when they're close to home.

Church botherall )

Anyway. That's my little bugbear of the evening. I'm upset that I'm finding this church has turned into a church I'm not happy to be a member of, because, well, it's where all my friends go. And it felt so much like home when I first joined...

I'm not going to be cutting my ties to it as both Geoff and Page have too much invested in it for me to do so at this point, but I do hope that the new minister, after he or she gets established, will encourage and allow the church to relax into something a little lot less dogmatic and fearful.
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Dear safety razor company,

You are stupid. )

Anyway. Got a paper due on Friday and a set of photos to take this afternoon, so I better get going.

O another plus side (a genuine plus, not a practical plus), it's getting to be beautiful out here. The maple across the street is tipped with flaming red now. Absolutely gorgeous.
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I was just looking through the short-listed best and worst dressed of the Emmys, and, yeah. Some of those dresses were designed to be unflattering. And I don't understand why these actresses stand for it. So what if it's a big name (though the biggest names had the most flattering... hmm, wonder why that is)? Tell your agent/stylist to tell the designer to fuck off until he (it's almost always a he) comes up with something that makes you look like a million dollars, rather than a cheap accessory.


Anyway. I just hate seeing fabrics abused in that manner. And the feminine form.


Sep. 10th, 2013 09:02 pm
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So far, I am not loving Tuesdays. Something has to change, because the week cannot start this way for the rest of the semester. Especially as relying on Geoff to be here to help is looking like a bad idea/assumption.

I'm thinking Page is going to be going into after-school 2 days a week after all, no matter how he feels about it. Oh, how I am looking forward to that conversation.



Sep. 5th, 2013 09:26 am
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So... What is the rest of the world (namely European countries other than France or Britain) saying about getting into Syria, anyway? Because, from a US article I read (it seems I don't know the special linkies to find non-US articles/domains even in the foreign news providers), I am rather displeased to find I'm in agreement with Putin of all people.

“I do not exclude this, but I would like to draw your attention to one absolutely key aspect: In line with international law, only the U.N. Security Council can sanction the use of force against a sovereign state. Any other pretext or method which might be used to justify the use of force against an independent sovereign state is inadmissible and can only be interpreted as an aggression,” he said.

Not that it really matters what the rest of the world is saying, where US action is concerned.


Off we go again.
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Welp, the vacation is over, and we are gearing up for the beginning of school around these parts. Read more... )

I am sad not to still be on vacation, but it is satisfying to be getting things done. And, I suppose, that is the purpose of a vacation, to put the satisfaction back into the work. So success!



Jul. 26th, 2013 06:44 pm
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I just literally shoved Page out the door. I told him to go outside because he was giving me pretty major attitude, and since he wouldn't cooperate, I manhandled him out.

Probably not the best way to go about things, but I'm not sure what else I should have or could have done.

Damn, but I miss Geoff.

We both do, which is a big part of the problem.

And I do feel for Page. I haven't been socially proactive the last couple weeks, which has left him sinking ever further into his anxious mindset. Bad mom, me.

(An hour later) We've talked, I've apologized, and made him do what he doesn't want to despite everything (go with me to an appointment). We're both feeling more reasonable, though I'm drooping from it all.

Can I just say I am REALLY looking forward to August 26th (first day of school for him)? Again, bad mom, me.

Right. Need to go make dinner then shunt the kid off to the neighbor's kids and have drinkies (water for me) with the girls.
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Page is a sweet boy. He is. He is intelligent, enthusiastic, loving, kind-hearted, extremely cute and generally loveable.

And then there's the other side of him. )

Hope life is going better for you all.

ETA: Okay, he's taking a nap which means he's coming down with something. Again. His other eye is bothering him now. *sigh* I hope we don't have to go back to the doctor's this week.

Also, I've gotten a few things done which have helped clean up the place, which always helps my state of mind. Living in a pit really, really aggravates me. (The homemade coconut mocha latte I had has also kicked in, which also helps; chemical dependence rocks, ya'll. :-/)

So, yeah. Not everything sucks.
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One more week. Just one more week.

Going to go watch a movie to escape the constant babble coming from Page.

I can survive this. I can.

I think Page might survive, too.


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