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Geoff and I both have strep throat pretty badly. On the plus sides, it expressed itself today instead of this Tuesday, and urgent care was open to give us drugs. Feeling like this on Christmas day would suck donkey balls, so I'm glad that shouldn't happen.

Holy Mother of Medicine, though! Geoff's scrip cost almost $100!!! Ouch! Mine only cost $16, which is almost a steal for 80 pills. (Because I'm allergic to all the cillins, I get to take 8 pills a day for ten days. yay.)

Ah well. Hopefully we'll feel better by tomorrow. And hopefully the antibiotics won't mess us up too badly.

On another plus side, this will keep me from eating (what's left of) the rum balls. I've only had two so far, but Page secretly pigged out on them this week. And he wondered why his stomach hurt! *rolls eyes*

Besides the illness, life is pretty good. I'm looking forward to Christmas almost as much as Page is, but I'm enjoying the anticipation more than he is, I think. I'm sad that I won't be able to do all the cooking I wanted to do before hand, but hey, the holiday season doesn't end Christmas day!

But now I need to go be horizontal again. I've been horizontal an awful lot this last week, but, well, it's what feels good, so I shall continue to do it.

If I don't get back on beforehand, Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate it, and Happy Holidays to everyone else.
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So, that paper that was due today did get finished, despite my best efforts at dithering away the time. I think I messed up a little bit on the works cited page, as I left off the original citation that my source was quoting from, but overall, I'm as pleased as I can be about the paper itself. I even managed to write a semi-coherent introduction as well as a conclusion that was more than the obligatory two sentence sum-up. (I hate conclusions. I really do.)

Oh, and I finished it at 11:23 this morning. My class was at noon (and ten minutes away).

ION, it surprise!rained today, so no gardening till tomorrow, which is probably just as well. My other plants are coming in the mail tomorrow, so that'll be a nice break from all the house cleaning I'll be doing.

Aaaaaand... Yeah. Not much to say here. Oh, except that it seems I (think I) was wrong about who can apply at the health exchanges. I can apply, I just won't get a federal subsidy to reduce the costs because Geoff's workplace offers "affordable" insurance. Uh huh. Since the "affordable" insurance is based on a single person's premiums (in this case, $200/mo, or perhaps $400 if you count the employer's portion. I'm not sure if you can count the employer's portion, though), the fact that adding me would be $260 MORE a month (for high deductible insurance, mind)... that's considered "affordable."

*grumbles about shit bills*

Still. At least if I can sign up on the exchange, I won't be dinged price-wise for all my pre-existing conditions (or sex). That's pretty huge, right there. I'll just pay for my age.

Anyway, gotta go pick up the kid. Ciao!


Sep. 2nd, 2013 09:08 pm
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Well, whatever was wrong with me yesterday was cured by judicious lounging and dosing of medicinal teas. I lounged today away as well, just in case there was a relapse waiting in the wings. (And I mean "wings" almost literally, as it's been my pecks and shoulders that have been giving me the most bother.)

Tomorrow, school starts. I'm obviously prepared for it, as I've already had at least one anxiety dream about being so late for class that I missed it completely. Gotta love my brain.

I think that the pressure to finish this degree is starting to sink in, though. I suspect it will actually be better for us financially for me to be paying more to go to a big four-year university (though hopefully with lots of scholarships, so not too much more?) and get health insurance for the family through them than it is to remain/go back on Geoff's insurance (and ironically not be able to afford to go to a doctor, hence my decision to remain uninsured til then despite the law). So really, really need to finish before 2015, when the law will undoubtedly be in full effect for everyone.

Sigh. Stupid!Country is so stupid.

My Photography textbook is huge, ya'll. At least twice the size of the psychology text. Granted, I imagine it has at least twice the number of pictures, too... ;-)

I'm considering switching my psych class to the mornings, as that would eliminate a lot of extraneous stressors I hadn't thought of when I signed up for the afternoon classes. Such as early release days and odd acupuncture clinic hours... I guess I'll see if I like the teacher I've got before I meddle with things, though.

Aaaaaand, that's about that.

Hope your week goes well, and wish me luck in mine!

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Apr. 2nd, 2013 08:04 pm
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I should be taking advantage of the quiet house to try to catch up on my homework. Yep. I probably even will do that... in a few minutes. Especially as the construction next door seems to have halted for the day. Thank goodness. (IMO The worst thing about a neighbor's construction is that you don't get to see what was done.)

However, I have had a productive day, so I'm not feeling too terribly guilty about a few minutes frivolously spent saying in typed words what I probably wouldn't say in spoken words. (More for lack of opportunity than lack of discretion.) (Not that I'm necessarily going to be lacking discretion in this post.)

The next few weeks of school will probably be pretty stressful, as the snow days really cramped the teachers' schedules, especially where the testing was concerned. The second accounting test should have taken place last Friday, but seeing as we hadn't even started one of the chapters it covers, it was moved to this coming Friday. I hope to do well, but seeing as I was in a bit of a brain haze when we went through taxes and leases, it's possible I might not ace it. Those darn multiple choice questions always seem to trip me up even on the best days.

Laptops and tablets and Microsoft, oh my! )

Hellth care law shenanigans )

To art or not )

Spring! )

But now I have spent far more of my time than I intended on this. I should go open my term paper doc and work on that a bit.
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Because there has to be something to panic about, right?

*shakes head* Yes, we're looking at a fairly sizable storm. Thing is, unlike the Snowtober storm, this is supposed to dump 12-24 inches of fluffy snow, not 18" of the normal heavy wet shit. Meaning, traveling will be foolhardy for a day and a half (or less), and then everything goes back to normal.

Woo. Hoo.

That said, I did go out and get a tent lamp and a couple of rechargeable glow sticks just in case the power does go out. I'm calling it storm insurance. The lack of light was the thing that bothered me the most about the last power outage. You can't really read by candlelight. Not comfortably, anyway.

However, with the assumption that the power is going to stay on, I also checked out a few movies from the library: "Kung Fu Panda", "The Muppet Christmas Carol" and "Amelie". Might as well take advantage of the power being on by secluding ourselves in the darkest room in the house, right? ;-)

ION: Curry=yum )
ION: Poor friend )
ION: Gas leak )

Aaaaaaand... I need to get to my homework now. I've done a very good job of putting it off, but I can't wait any longer.
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I dreamt Geoff and I went to hear a modern witch talk about her experiences with healing. While a lot of what she said seemed counter-intuitive and silly (avoid all hot water because boiling water harms?), the idea that resonated was, "[Modern] medicine is not rational. If it were, we would have benign medications."

Her thesis was that western medicine pumps us full of toxic chemicals to try and kill the sick parts of us when there are other options that are more beneficial, even if they aren't "scientific" and therefore "rational."

Of course, science is trying to catch up with the alternative and intuitive remedies, like they now know why garlic might be an effective medicine, though they haven't, to my very limited knowledge, examined ginger in the same way, let alone the 'magic' combination of garlic, ginger and honey in hot water). Because, of course, science is limited to a very constrained methodology which is more about disproving rather than proving hypotheses. It takes a very long time to empirically "prove" anything. Especially in medicine where the placebo effect is a very powerful (counter)agent.

And, it seems to me, that healing is as much about intuitive knowledge of oneself and others. To be a healer of others, one needs to leave behind the personal blinders that are developed by dealing with our own issues, and be open to other possibilities we haven't experienced.
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Fuck this past decade, actually. Even if it has been a relatively good one for me.

Here's an interesting article about mass shootings in the US, however (with a quick aside about one of the author's points here). What's most interesting is how unclear the answer to this violence is.

Well, except for better mental health care. That seems patently obvious. And perhaps a good, long look at the national psyche itself. The individuals committing these heinous crimes are not a product of themselves alone, after all. Despite what Individualists will have you believe.

*shakes head*

I'm tempted to go pick Page up from after-school just so I can hug him. But on the other hand, school (and his incredibly upbeat after-school teachers) might be a better place for him right now.

But... I truly can't fathom how someone could do that (the killing of the kids, that is). The why, I actually can (though my hypothetical reasons are probably not the killer's reasons, i.e. killing as a matter of [really fucked-up, ill-thought-out] compassion), but not the how.

As I said, fuck today.
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Ranty rant rant )

In better news, I have managed two days of bicycle riding in a row. Yesterday's ride was far more enjoyable, mainly because it was drier out, so it was far more comfortable, but also because Page was less grumpy. Well, Page and my muscles. However, despite my muscle protesting ("WTF!?! We just did this yesterday!"), I managed the two miles in about 5 minutes less time today than yesterday (10 minutes instead of 15). And I managed to push myself to go a full mile before taking a water stop.

Page was an absolute stinker, though. He even lied about how many laps he'd done. grr.

I think I will probably take tomorrow off where riding is concerned, and do some digging, instead. My backyard, especially around the veggie beds, is looking rather unkempt. I'd like to have a tidy yard going into winter, which, happily, is not that far away.

This morning, when I stepped outside, I stepped right back in to get a jacket. A very light, canvas jacket to be sure, but it was actually cool enough that my shorts and cap sleeve T-shirt were not going to be enough! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Summer is ending! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!

Tomorrow morning I don't have to be anywhere. So tomorrow morning, I will get up reasonably early, eat breakfast and get out into the garden in my bug-suit while it's still cool enough to work.

*squees again*

Anyway, that's about it. I think I'm probably going to go read the rest of the day away, as there's nothing else that's pressing for my attention. I probably should read the first chapters of my textbooks (the big one arrived today), but I think I'll finish off Cannery Row, instead. :-D


Jun. 28th, 2012 12:17 pm
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So, I'm a whole mess of conflicting things lately.

Yesterday, I was an emotional wreck because we got news that Geoff's aunt (the one who was recently diagnoses with breast cancer) and her husband had to be evacuated from their house because of the Waldo Canyon fire on Tuesday night. And, of course, it was yesterday, Wednesday, that she went in for her surgery. (Prayers for her safe and speedy recovery would be appreciated.) Perfect timing, wouldn't you say? We think that their home is still standing, but her recovery will take place at their son's place for the foreseeable future. Hopefully that will be a good thing. I suspect it will.

It also bothers me, perhaps more than it should, that my childhood home, in a different part of Colorado, is under an evacuation alert due to a different fire. On the plus side, my in-laws' home (and my sisters' places, too) is probably safe from any of the wildfires raging, because its city is surrounded by sand.

Today, SCOTUS ruled that the individual mandate is legal. I am personally relieved about what this means for my family, although I do think the ruling is slightly... skeezy. No, this is not a tax as it is currently set up. If it were a single payer system, then yes, it would be a tax, but as it is... Falling under the federal imperative of interstate regulation is closer to the mark, but it's still rather unsettling to let the government tell us we have to buy insurance from a private business without a public option available to all. That said, HOORAY FOR UPHOLDING THE SOCIAL CONTRACT!!!!!!!

Meanwhile, I have basically been a slug of slothiness this week. I have been reading like mad when I haven't been under the spell of a ninja nap. I think Page has a cold, and I've been fighting it. (That's my story and I'm sticking with it!)

Yesterday's visit to the library found me carrying out "The Hunger Games." And, yes, I see why everyone's been raving about it. I'm torn between wanting to rush to the library to see if they have "Catching Fire" on hand today or just chilling and reading the other five books I've got out. Especially as "The Hunger Games" interrupted another book I started, "Mr g" by Alan Lightman.

I don't know if any of you have even heard of Alan Lightman, but he wrote "Einstein's Dreams" and "Good Benito" (among other things). He's a theoretical physicist, and most of his book revolve around science, and the interplay of science, philosophy and humanity. I really like his writing.

"Mr g" is his take on Creation seen through the eyes of God. I am loving it. It's a very meditative book, demanding to be sipped and savored rather than gulped down greedily (as "The Hunger Games" did), but it's an easy read nonetheless. It resonates at the same frequency of my daydreams and inner dialogues (yes, dialogues; I don't converse to myself, but with myself), and is... interesting. It's basically looking at the philosophy behind astronomy and evolution.

I'm probably going to get it for Geoff's birthday or Christmas (should I remember it). He would really enjoy it as well (and just doesn't have the time to read it right now).

What else... I have finally given in and ordered a bug suit from Amazon since I'm tired of either subsisting off of benadryl or avoiding the back yard. I would like to garden, but I refuse to slather myself in poison to do so (although I will be slathering my bug suit with poison... But that's once a season, and I'm not going to put it on until the poison has dried).

Meanwhile, I need to mow the front yard again already. This time, on a slightly lower setting, I think. Hopefully I'll be able to do that today after acupuncture (which has finally been scaled back to once a week).

Overall, life is going pretty well, really. I'm waking up cheerful, my leg is starting to ease off (loads of magnesium helps with that), and my body is even starting to cut back on its need for milk thistle and vitamin D. Yay! Now to just be able to work for 8 hours a day without crashing for a week, and I'll be healthy, right?



May. 14th, 2012 10:14 am
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So, I think I've mentioned how Page hates change, right? Because he does. He's not absolutely horrible about it, since, if he's given enough warning, he can adapt, but still. He hates change.

Too bad for him, as change is a comin'.

Doing the bills this morning, I found notice that as of July 1st, his insurance is switching over to Medicaid. On the plus side, this means there will be no copays, and, for the first few months, no premiums. On the downside, this means that we'll have to switch counselors, because the place the current counselor is at doesn't accept Medicaid.

Bah. At least psychotherapy/counseling is covered. That's better than Medicare.

I guess how to proceed is something to discuss with the counselor next meeting. At least we have a couple month's warning (if I'd opened it right away, it would have been nearly three months. Ah well.)

Meanwhile, I'm finding that I could be a perfect case study for modern malnutrition. Niacin deficiency symptoms, and other malabsorption issues )

On the plus side, I do seem to be absorbing nutrients now. Even if I do need to get them from pills, since the leafy-green foods still give me problems. :-(

(I wonder how much of my digestive/absorption problems are related to my prior chronic dehydration... A fair amount, I imagine. *checks hand for bulging vein* *drinks more water*)

Ah well. To end on a good note, while tomorrow is the day to get the official grades from school, I know I ended the business course with a 99%, so that's good. I can't imagine I got less than 97% in accounting.

(On the bad side, books for next semester are going to be really expensive. Over $200 just to rent! Ouch.)

But it's raining gently right now, which the garden is enjoying, I'm sure, and I can spend the day any way I choose. Haven't decided between reading "Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff" or more Sherlock Holmes (first two novels down, now onto the adventures). Should probably go "Lamb" because it's a library book. Which, of course, means Sherlock is the more appealing option. Silly, obstreperous me.

Anyhoo. I hope your Monday is as good as possible, given the day, and may the week get better from here on out.
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Religious freedom vs. Health care requirements...


All this hullabaloo about the legality of the Obamacare mandate is making me twitchy and sad. Honestly, I think the conservatives have a point about the legality of the mandate, which is why I wasn't crazy about this plan to begin with. However, I'm trying to be optimistic. Perhaps if this law does get tossed out (though please let it stand!), a single-payer system will be offered as the only viable alternative. (I do not consider rebates of a couple thousand dollars on $15,000 insurance plans as a realistically viable option.)

And it's not like it would be bad for insurance companies! After all, a government provided health insurance system (which is what "single-payer" is) would have to be pretty basic in nature, covering only basic doctor's visits and emergencies procedures/care. So, the current oligopoly of insurance providers would still be in the same business, and employers would still be able to offer "good" insurance as a perk in their benefit packages ("Our insurance covers all prescriptions!" "Our insurance offers chiropractic care!"). Who's to lose?

(The implied argument that breaking the tie between employment and health insurance will encourage layabouts is as false as "trickle-down economics." Getting everyone covered, no matter their employment status, would probably boost the marketplace because it would encourage entrepreneurialism, as people wouldn't feel tied to jobs they hate (and only put in the bare minimum of effort on)!)

Oh, and the best part about a single-payer system? None of these religious freedom claims could be made. Every single person in the world who pays taxes is paying towards something they morally oppose. Assuming they have morals at all (and if they don't, they probably aren't paying taxes). No exceptions. If an employer doesn't like the insurance options (birth control, blood transfusions, whatnot), they don't have to offer it! Their employees will still be covered! It's a total win-win situation!

However, I think that if the law gets tossed out, it's more likely to take us one step closer to revolution, simply because it will highlight even further the disconnect between the conservative ideals of "freedom" and the modern reality of living in civilization.

It will also highlight, once again, the questionable set-up of our unelected, unimpeachable "justices."

The upshot of all this is that I need to stay away from the news from now till June, if possible. I don't see that happening, but I need to make an effort. This plus the other injustices I see blaring out across the internet makes me feel very, very pessimistic about the future.

Well, that and the inevitability of a not-perfect score on my test tomorrow. It's hard to get a perfect score when more than one answer is technically correct (on a multiple choice test). *sigh* I so don't like her tests. (priorities: I haz them!)

Why is it?

Feb. 24th, 2012 05:41 pm
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Why is it that my leg/hip always starts hurting around 5:30pm? It's getting to the point of clockwork.

And it doesn't matter how much I've been sitting during the day, though if I exercise it too vigorously (like walk for more than fifteen minutes at a time), it will ache a little sooner. In my more paranoid periods, I'm afraid that one day I will wake up with no pain because the sciatic nerve will have been completely severed by whatever it's rubbing up against now.


Also bah is that it's coming up on midterm and I'm behind. This weekend (including Monday) will be devoted to homework, homework, and sorting through photographs that will fill out my gallery showing. Because I am showing in March, as I feared. And I suppose I'll also have to devote some time to framing up the few pieces of newer work I have.

Geoff will have to do the cooking. Or Page (ifn we wants scrambled eggs for all 'r meals)

At least the fridge is stocked with all the necessities. And god, my life is boring if that's the height of what passes for news around here.

Well, I suppose I could always talk about my accounting course... ;-)


Better go pick up the kid. I'll probably be commenting a lot this weekend, as I procrastinate on doing what needs to be done. I wonder where that get-up-and-go from last semester went? That was a cool experience. *shrugs*

On the plus side (since it's good to finish with something positive, as that's the thing the brain will put the most importance on), I received notification that Page's insurance application has been received and is in processing already. It'll probably take all month, but he should have health and dental insurance in April! Whee!
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I'm kinda at a loss for what to do, even though I can think of many things that need doing. But Page is still sick (he has an appointment with the doctor at 4:30), and I'm almost convinced it's scarlet fever, seeing as the rash has worsened. Even though there's no fever or misery whatsoever. In fact, he's busily playing with his legos and acting as if all is right with the world. Odd child. ;-)

(Btw: I find it ironic that since deciding to forgo his insurance this year (decision made in May or so), he's had more doctors' visits than I have. Granted, the most expensive of those were still while he had insurance (and we still had to pay thanks to the deductible) and we are still about $400 ahead, what with monthly insurance costs vs. doctors' bills. Actually, far more than that, as the only visit that would have been covered by insurance without having to apply the deductible would have been the yearly check-up. Health insurance in this country is such a scam.)

But his being home and contagious-as-all-get-out means I'm stuck at home and at a loss. My fledgling schedule has been thrown out of whack, leaving me feeling like I'm on vacation. Again.

I finished making the risers for the couch, but can't put them on, as it will need at least two people, probably three. I could paint, as I missed doing so on Monday, but I really don't feel like it. Lego droid war soundtracks do not get me into the creative mood for some reason...

I guess I should finish what I started in the kitchen (aw, do I have to?), and cook those roasts and make lots of veggies to nosh on... Oh, and do my homework reading for the next classes. Which I may be able to get to, depending on what the doctor says.

(I wonder if they'd be willing to swab my throat, too... Doubt it, but will ask anyway.)

Oh! Did I mention that this weekend saw another advancement in the completion of the kitchen remodel? (Yes, we did start the remodel something like three years ago.) I finally got Geoff to unscrew the light and pisozer (garbage disposer) switches so I could shim them up to fit flush with the tiled wall, and they now are covered by a proper light switch cover rather than blue painter's tape! Yay!

And I also got Geoff to figure out how to and actually attach the dishwasher bottom cover thingy. And I cut two of the needed pieces for the toekick. Now I just need to attach them to the cupboards...

So progress, anyway. Perhaps the kitchen will even be finished before it needs repainting... Maybe. ;-)

Hum. Anything else? No, not really. I should go force Page into the shower. I should shower myself, too. And then get started on whatever I decide needs doing.

But... do I have to? ;-)
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So, On Wednesday, Page had a snack of potato chips at his after-school program. Thursday afternoon, he peed his pants, and Friday morning he punched a kid he doesn't like in the face. Later that day, he peed his pants again. Needless to say, we've all been rather unhappy this weekend.

Dealing with Page )

Then there was Geoff. )

Today I am no longer headachy or crabby, having had a pretty decent night's sleep, though I'm skipping church because I am still rather peopled out. And to keep myself headache and snarl-free, I will set fewer tasks for myself (I accomplished a full load despite the intensive parenting yesterday!), though one of the tasks is to write a kid's tale about how starches become sugars and mess up the digestion of sensitive stomachs. Page responded really well to the (badly written) kid's tale of the good bug and bad bugs of digestion.

But first, homework. I've been coasting a bit myself, and I need to get back on the ball. So I shall go do that.
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Yesterday was rough, but, surprisingly, today is just fine because:

1) Geoff and I talked last night about our options and have more or less figured out what we're going to do. I am relieved that he feels the same as me that the business' health insurance offerings have got to the point of being a scam (or, more precisely, a sinkhole). He will remain covered for what seems an absurd amount for one relatively healthy person (who's been to the doctor twice in the last two years, though is on medication), I will get covered (either through State or pitiful school plan) and Page will be uncovered for 6 months so as to get him onto the reasonably priced state kids plan when he's eligible.

I always feel better once a plan is in place, even if the plan is kind of sketchy.

2) I'm happy. I realized, as I was driving to school this morning, that even though I was groggy and worried and whatnot, I was smiling. Perhaps it's the vitamin D kicking in (I started taking it again for the season), or maybe it's the anti-depressants. Probably, it's both those chemistry wizards combined with the intellectual stimulation of school, which is slaking a thirst I hadn't even realized I was dying from.

It probably helps that this morning was 3) an absolutely beautiful fall morning. It was foggy to begin with, but then the sun burst through until only a brilliant blue sky remained. Now it is a lovely temperature, sunny and calm. Perfect.

4) Because it is fall today (Happy Equinox!), the pumpkins and squash are coming into season. I do so love pumpkins and squash. I have missed their presence in my diet these last four months. I came home from the farm yesterday with a Trader Joe's bag laden so full of goodies that it broke. (It was an ill-used bag, poor thing.) And that was without the watermelon and two decent-sized pumpkin-y squashes! I am very much looking forward to cooking with this week's vegetables!

I also brought home a beautiful kale leaf.

Fall Color! )

5) My tea this morning was perfect. And it was perfect without adding any honey. Yay!

So, even though there are not so great things (I'm tired, Geoff left for three days this morning, Page is developing a cold and only has a half-day today, my vision is wonky, which makes the reading portion of my to do list difficult), I am rather glad to be alive. I hope you are, too.

Oh dear...

Sep. 12th, 2011 05:06 pm
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So, today was a pretty good day. Until 3:00, that is.

Good stuff )

And then I was one minute early for the bus bringing Page home, so I got to see him waving at me from the window of the bus and smiling up a storm. When he made it off the bus, he ran forward to give me a huge hug, yelling, "MOMMMYYYYY!!!"

Gratifying, that.

And then, halfway across the road, he told me he was on red today.


So, we went home and talked for close to an hour about what happened, why, and what could have been done differently. Like NOT FREAKING BITING ANOTHER STUDENT!!!!

The Golden Rule was mentioned. As was getting up and walking away from conflict (in six-year-old terms the other kid was definitely asking for it. However, that doesn't make his behavior right!). And the importance of listening! Ahem, I said, LISTENING!!! (Like that's going to sink in anytime soon.)

And, of course, I had to fill out the Yellow Form of Doom listing what's been done, going to be done and everything. I admitted I have no idea what to do about the (disruptive) gun sound-effects (seeing as I have no idea what the cause is, besides him being a boy), and if anyone has any ideas on how to stop or minimize it, I'm all ears.

So, bah.

And because he is talking my ear off with battles he's making up, I am going to go outside and start building my rock wall around the back tree. Or maybe mow the lawn... Yeah. I'll mow the lawn.
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and how utterly outrageous it is that it wasn't even allowed on the table when discussing how to fix the health care system in this country, here is a very good synopsis by one of the members whose team is implementing it in Vermont.

I wish Vermont weren't two hours away. That's too long a commute. :-(
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- Friends.

- A perfect cup of Bengal Spice tea this afternoon.

- I survived today's kid invasion with minimal interaction needed and only one minor referee job. My sense of humor was uninjured throughout. And now my kid has invaded someone else's house!

- Bribery is working. (Letting Page play one hour of Plants vs. Zombies a day = a picked up bedroom, a picked up living room and three days of (effectively) hassle-free errands.)

- Slept in again this morning. Hip didn't start hurting for hours!

- C is for Cinnamon! And Cloves! And Cardamom and Coriander! And the ever important Cayenne! (Cumin was also added, though I'd leave it out of that dish in the future.)

- It's cold. Yes, that's a good thing in my books, even if I do refuse to turn the furnace on. After all, I can always bake and roast to heat up the house!!! And make sooooouuuuuuup! Also, it being chilly makes me want tea, and that necessitates me clearing up the counter to get at the kettle, which leads to a cleaner kitchen which leads to a happier me. So cold for the win, ya'll!

Of mixed blessings... )

Life is still stressful but is getting more manageable as I become saner and more proactive. For those that expressed interest (bless you!), I will gather good photos of my available artwork and post that this weekend.
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Man robs bank of $1 to get health care.

But you know the reaction to this will be calls to either charge the prisoners for every penny they've cost or to drop their health care altogether. Because that's the kind of country this is.


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