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So, I spent a good hour of this morning looking in my archives for the actual year of Page's last birthday party (Geoff thought it was pre-Meningitis, I thought it was last year; it turns out it was 2 years ago), and came across a few posts that make me so, SO glad that things are better now. Page really was Demon!Boy for a while there, and, with my 20/20 hindsight, I can see now that he was really not well. His moods have evened out so much, his meltdowns are so much less severe, he's happy more often than not, and he's not nearly (not even close) as obstinate as he was at five. OMG, how did I survive those years? (Oh, right, I nearly didn't.)

So, yeah. Grateful for progress. And a diet that seems to work (there was a lot more attitude this morning after a sugar-full party yesterday. Kid has been reminded of the correlation (which is almost certainly causation in this case)).

Speaking of diet, I've been looking over the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP), and I actually don't think it's going to be that big a problem for us. Still not starting it until the new year, but with coconut still available to us, we'll definitely be able to make do! Snacks will be tough, but there are tons of ways to make it work. Actually, the hardest part will be getting the organ meats into me and Geoff. Page actually likes liver, and while I like pâté, Geoff doesn't like either. But, well... (And this is assuming that the chicken guts in the gravy doesn't amount to enough organ meats for our needs.)

Well, that and getting Page to eat enough bone broth... Kid hates soup.

But I am positive we'll see a difference in all of us on this diet. I am scared of finding out who reacts to what (because I am pretty sure each of us will be reacting to different foods, making the cooking job that much more difficult), but it will be worth it.
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Today was Page's 2nd birthday party. (Yes, he's 9, but he's only had 2 birthday parties, including this one, because, well, I tend to be a party-pooper, healthwise, this time of year. I decided to forego class as well as turn a paper in (5 hours) late so that I'd have the energy to deal with the party prep and all the people this time around.)

It went much better than his first birthday party, which was last year. I think having it here at home helped, as well as the fact that the majority of the invitees knew each other already. Also, Page was the games-master, so all we adults had to do was help with the food prep and such. (Next year will be a make your own tacos party instead of make your own pizza. OMG. It ended well, but O.M.G.)

I am glad I got a box of ice cream so that those who don't like coconut (the majority of the kids) could have a treat.

I'm also very glad I didn't bother washing the floor beforehand.

So, yeah. Kinda proud of myself, even though it would have been an unmitigated disaster without Geoff (and one of the parents) around to help. Still, I'm pleased. And pooped.

Gonna relax for the rest of the evening and take tomorrow off of church. And then it's back to the grindstone for me. yay. But only a month left of that particular grindstone, and then I get 6 weeks off. That should help a lot.


Aug. 13th, 2013 06:40 pm
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Despite the copious amounts of honeyed tea, coconut-milk ice cream, and other borderline (or outright) naughty foods, I am detoxing like mad here. I think it's the (copious amounts of) milk thistle I've been having. And the vegetable extravaganza. Oh, and the truly clean sea air. (That would be a check mark for applying to Harvard next year - Cambridge is damned close to the shoreline, though not nearly as clean a shoreline.)

One of these days I'm going to start working on the (everlasting) mural, though I have to do some studies on the lady's mantle beforehand. Hopefully it'll be sunny on Friday. We'll be car-less and nephew-less that day, so it's possible I'll be able to find the time and energy.

(Page must be enjoying not being the nagged one. His cousin is an order of magnitude louder and more active, which directs all the attention (deliberately, I think) to him. My god, I do not envy my brother. Granted, both my brother and SIL have an order of magnitude more energy than Geoff and I do, so it all evens out, doesn't it?

Fortunately, as long as the boys are rested and fed, they play extraordinarily well together, considering they're both wannabe alphas. Their mutual obsession with all things explody helps, of course.)

Right. Should go wash my feet. Then I can lie around and read some more. Or solve another crossword.

I love vacations.
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Whelp, they have finally started work on the backyard. I wish someone had let us know ahead of time that they would be chopping down our backyard tree, though. Geoff said he saw a shadow, both literal and metaphorical, pass over my face as I watched the tree come down. I was surprised by my reaction. )
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I think I'm fighting a cold. I ache that special cold ache, feel hopeless about ever having energy again, and have my sinuses bitching at me.

Geoff is fighting a cold as well. His ears hurt. He even took yesterday off because of it, though mostly because he knew going in was going to make it a thousand times worse than because he was feeling so ill.

Page, meanwhile, is a chipper little monkey, talking a mile a minute and begging for attention at every turn.

On the plus side, I had an unexpected day off from school yesterday due to the snowstorm that went by this past week. New Englanders are so wimpy cautious. But I'm grateful for their wimpiness caution, for once.

(It's kinda funny - I posted on FB about NEers being wimpy and one of my friends pointed out all the reasons for the cancellation (to which I rebutted that a delay was all that was necessary). The conversation evolved into my brother and I reminiscing (more or less) about how stupid Coloradans are about NOT canceling school for snowstorms. We both remember the blizzard of '86, him because he had to walk to school in it (some city bus drivers gave free rides that afternoon when they finally decided that canceling school was a good idea after all... after 2 feet had already fallen), and me because he was my hero and picked me up on his way home, freeing me from my powerless school earlier than everyone else. Good times.)

I slept in till 10. Probably would have slept even longer had Geoff not started talking... ;-)

And this coming week is spring break. Finally. I so desperately need it. Unfortunately, I already have a fairly substantial to do list going for what NEEDS to be done in that time frame. Fortunately, two of the items are "rest".

But still. Exhausted just thinking about it. I don't think my mitochondria are happy at all. Worn out, is what they are.

Anyhoo. I should go enjoy this alone time I've been given wrangled. The boys are out on errands; they are not to come back until they've finished watching a movie at the library ("Wreck It Ralph") and gotten their hairs chopped to reasonable lengths.

I think some reading is in order. Fun reading. And maybe napping. All in glorious silence.


Or not.

Jan. 6th, 2013 04:10 pm
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About the staying away from the computer, that is. I am still definitely home - the lasting snow and personal possessions prove that. I suppose last night's post was a case of delusional, sleep-deprived, messed-up thinking. Or something.

Anyway, I have gone back three pages of my friends' page and given up. I should probably go back until Christmas, so I can wish a few people extremely belated birthday wishes (Happy Birthday Keladry, Ayerf, Mollysister and anyone else I missed. Like my brother. *hangs head*), but the 29th was as far back as I got before I became distracted by linksies which led to other linksies and so on.

Sorry some of you had not-so-good holidays. Or utterly horrible holidays. *hugs tightly*

My holidays and related rambling )

But my brain just shut off (it's 2:00 MST, which means nap-time), so I think I'll stop typing now. Bye!
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Right. Lots to do today. I've even done a portion of what's needed... The portion that can be done in front of the computer.

However, I WILL get out today, because I am not missing my appointment with my fabulous hair snipper. I would call her a stylist, as that's truly a more apt title for her and her magic hands, but it would imply that she's giving me style, and well, I'm still stuck in pragmatic dowd mode. For now. But at least after my haircut, my head will appear less uncared-for. Even if the reality is otherwise.

And while, after the haircut, I should probably work on Christmas presents, I will probably choose something completely unrelated to gift-making from my list of chores. Even though time is really running out.

Though all I want to do right now is sleep.

I wonder... Why is it that the gravy Geoff makes goes bad far faster than the gravy I make? I just had to toss a couple cups of his gravy as it was smelling vinegary and had a suspiciously colored spot in one cranny. It's been out of the freezer (where it was put immediately after making) for all of five days. My gravy usually lasts a good ten days (at least) before it starts to smell funky. Of course, there's also the fact that my gravy tends to get eaten up far faster than his... It usually doesn't last a week. (I make "gravy" by the quart, which is how it can last as long as a week. Usually I get two quarts out of a batch. Also, my "gravy" isn't real gravy, but roasted veggies (usually carrots and onions, though adding celery for proper mirepoix is quite nice, too) pureed to smoothness with organ-meats and drippings. It's goooooooood stuff.)

Ah well. At least I have to make a roast today, so I'll have enough veggies to go with the giblets I fried up yesterday.

What else...

Huh. Tomorrow is my sister's birthday. I'll have to remember to (actually) call her. Or at least (actually) email her. That's the problem with me, is that while I do think of and remember birthdays and anniversaries, I rarely remember them for long enough, and at the right time, to wish happy tidings on the day. Bad me. And then, once the day is past, well... It gets harder.

And, now I should go. My out-of-house errands need doing right now, if I'm to make it to my hair stylist on time.

Happy Thursday!
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So, I'm not going to do a full write up of my vacation, seeing as it was mostly just sitting around chatting with family, which was lovely and all but the reporting of which would bore you to tears. And I didn't really get out to photograph much while I was there this time, because, well, I didn't get out much, really. But there were a couple of short outings I recorded... (Some sideways scrolling might be necessary.)

Bison farm )

Sunset pics! )

Mural! )

Lone garden shot )


Jun. 28th, 2012 12:17 pm
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So, I'm a whole mess of conflicting things lately.

Yesterday, I was an emotional wreck because we got news that Geoff's aunt (the one who was recently diagnoses with breast cancer) and her husband had to be evacuated from their house because of the Waldo Canyon fire on Tuesday night. And, of course, it was yesterday, Wednesday, that she went in for her surgery. (Prayers for her safe and speedy recovery would be appreciated.) Perfect timing, wouldn't you say? We think that their home is still standing, but her recovery will take place at their son's place for the foreseeable future. Hopefully that will be a good thing. I suspect it will.

It also bothers me, perhaps more than it should, that my childhood home, in a different part of Colorado, is under an evacuation alert due to a different fire. On the plus side, my in-laws' home (and my sisters' places, too) is probably safe from any of the wildfires raging, because its city is surrounded by sand.

Today, SCOTUS ruled that the individual mandate is legal. I am personally relieved about what this means for my family, although I do think the ruling is slightly... skeezy. No, this is not a tax as it is currently set up. If it were a single payer system, then yes, it would be a tax, but as it is... Falling under the federal imperative of interstate regulation is closer to the mark, but it's still rather unsettling to let the government tell us we have to buy insurance from a private business without a public option available to all. That said, HOORAY FOR UPHOLDING THE SOCIAL CONTRACT!!!!!!!

Meanwhile, I have basically been a slug of slothiness this week. I have been reading like mad when I haven't been under the spell of a ninja nap. I think Page has a cold, and I've been fighting it. (That's my story and I'm sticking with it!)

Yesterday's visit to the library found me carrying out "The Hunger Games." And, yes, I see why everyone's been raving about it. I'm torn between wanting to rush to the library to see if they have "Catching Fire" on hand today or just chilling and reading the other five books I've got out. Especially as "The Hunger Games" interrupted another book I started, "Mr g" by Alan Lightman.

I don't know if any of you have even heard of Alan Lightman, but he wrote "Einstein's Dreams" and "Good Benito" (among other things). He's a theoretical physicist, and most of his book revolve around science, and the interplay of science, philosophy and humanity. I really like his writing.

"Mr g" is his take on Creation seen through the eyes of God. I am loving it. It's a very meditative book, demanding to be sipped and savored rather than gulped down greedily (as "The Hunger Games" did), but it's an easy read nonetheless. It resonates at the same frequency of my daydreams and inner dialogues (yes, dialogues; I don't converse to myself, but with myself), and is... interesting. It's basically looking at the philosophy behind astronomy and evolution.

I'm probably going to get it for Geoff's birthday or Christmas (should I remember it). He would really enjoy it as well (and just doesn't have the time to read it right now).

What else... I have finally given in and ordered a bug suit from Amazon since I'm tired of either subsisting off of benadryl or avoiding the back yard. I would like to garden, but I refuse to slather myself in poison to do so (although I will be slathering my bug suit with poison... But that's once a season, and I'm not going to put it on until the poison has dried).

Meanwhile, I need to mow the front yard again already. This time, on a slightly lower setting, I think. Hopefully I'll be able to do that today after acupuncture (which has finally been scaled back to once a week).

Overall, life is going pretty well, really. I'm waking up cheerful, my leg is starting to ease off (loads of magnesium helps with that), and my body is even starting to cut back on its need for milk thistle and vitamin D. Yay! Now to just be able to work for 8 hours a day without crashing for a week, and I'll be healthy, right?

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To do list )

My shoulder hurts. What annoys me is it's the other side of the one that's been hurting for the last three weeks. No, what really annoys me is it's in that one spot that's impossible to massage myself. Ah well.

A more worrisome item is that one of Geoff's aunt's has been diagnosed with breast cancer. I haven't heard what stage it's at, but she'll be having a mastectomy quite soon on the doctor's advice. So we're rather concerned about her, obviously. However, it was caught early (and she's not young), so the prognosis is good.

It's not all doom and gloom, though!

Good things! )


May. 25th, 2012 01:24 pm
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As in the mood. There's not much actual content here.

Mostly good things. )

Hope you all have a marvelous weekend.
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So, my mum reminded me that I never shared the final results of the mural of doom. Oops. My bad. So I thought I'd share that and this week's project that I finished today.

Piccies )

I'm hoping that with six weeks off till next semester, I'll be able to complete six paintings/projects by then. We'll see, however, as Christmas is coming and the house is a mess, so that gets priority this week.

However, I do need to get a lot more work done as I signed up to show at the church sometime next spring! And I'd rather not have repeats... Besides which, I need to build up my inventory again!

Right. Now off to bed. Hopefully that will chase off this cold that's trying to move in.
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So, we just got back from a weekend on the Cape. One of our friends invited us to stay at his funky old house again. Once again, it was just the four of us, though more were invited, and that was fine by all of us.

Geoff and I did nothing. N-O-T-H-I-N-G. It was marvelous.

(And by nothing, I mean that Saturday morning (at a reasonable hour, as we got to sleep in!) I cracked open a 1000 piece puzzle and worked on that till it got aggravating and then did something else, like eat. With Geoff's help, we got the puzzle finished before we went to bed, somehow managing to complete the *&$%ing horrible Grecian blue sky by trial and error, because there were almost no clues otherwise.)

Anyway, I feel a bit less prone to panic now, and Geoff feels almost human. Page suffered for it a bit, as the house is very old (came into D's family's possession in 1892) and on the water, so a bit dusty and mildewy at the best of times, so his cough is still present, but he loved it as much as we did. Well, almost as much. He was far more freaked out about the house this time than he was last time, refusing to go anywhere alone. This time, he said it was the motion detectors that spooked him.


The only downside to the weekend was coming home to find that running the dishwasher and leaving it unopened without having activated the heated dry function resulted in mold. Ew. Washer is going again with the sanitizing function on. (ew.)

I got no writing done. I feel only one small iota of guilt over that. Maybe only a quarter of an iota. Much less than a smidge, anyway.

Tomorrow will be busy as it will be the third to last day of school for Page, though I will be happy to not have to worry about setting the alarm clock for a few months. That said, I am very glad it will only be three weeks till we leave for my parents', where Page will have all his cousins from my side of the family to play with. My brother's son (who is closest to Page in age) might even be staying for the entire trip.
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(Especially because I've been awake for almost three hours now.)

I don't know if I can blame the weather for my aching bod, but urgh. I went to bed early last night specifically because I was achy, and wanted to nip it in the bud. Ha.

However, it seems what rest I got was enough to rejuvenate my brain just enough to get the ideas flowing for my story. This chapter I'm working on, which I thought I had wrapped up (granted in an unsatisfactory way), is being extended slightly, despite the fact that it is at least twice as long as any other chapter in the story. Damn the whole POV thing! Should have gone completely omniscient!

Speaking of stories and such, I got my exchange prompts. At this moment I am feeling dread rather than excitement, but I think that's just because of the exchange time-frame. I really want to finish "Shelter" before I start thinking about another project (art or fic), and then I basically only have the month of June. *wrinkles nose*

I can do it, but I hope that the bunnies bite harder than they have so far.

Yesterday I went looking for flights to visit my parents this summer, and it seems Seattle is a hot spot for mid to late July. Any idea why? Anyway, flight prices have increased by at least a hundred dollars a person since Sunday, and that's assuming the online travel sites show any tickets available. *frowns*

On the plus side, it seems possible that this is the Universe saying, "No, you really need to fly directly into Vancouver, hon. You are still not up for that long a travel day."

It's just unfortunate that that adds another two hundred to already expensive ticket prices. But, well, it'll save at least a week of recovery on each end. Traveling is so hard on the body.

And who knows, by the time I buy the tickets, prices might have shifted back to being in my favor. I can hope, anyway. (So shush, you, Reason.)

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand Page just woke up, so I guess that means I need to start the day. *sigh*

Oh, but first, I'd just like to say that Rick Santorum is an ass. But I suppose he's just living up to his name, eh?
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Day 14 – Where you live

I live in southern New Hampshire. Picturesque scenes abound all over the place once you get out of the big mill centers and coastal towns. Not that there are many coastal towns, seeing as New Hampshire has only thirteen miles of coastline.

While I'm still less than overwhelmed by the beauty of New Hampshire - being the spoiled world traveler that I am - its tamed beauty has grown on me considerably over the years. And I will say that fall in New England is deserving of all the accolades it's drawn. In a good year. In a bad year, you might as well be in the Midwest. But in a good year... It's breathtakingly beautiful. As long as you aren't expecting great swathes of red and orange, that is. The maples do not change like the aspens, all at once and brilliantly so. They are individuals, and so must be looked at as such to see their incredible beauty, not as part of the whole forest.

Speaking of which, the maple in the back yard has begun to change. Bright red is creeping in from the tips and edges of the leaves. It'll be another week at least before it's in its full regalia, but I'm looking forward to seeing it again.

Day 15 – Your childhood

My childhood was one of freedom. I didn't realize just how much freedom until I had a child of my own. And even so, I remember chaffing at the restrictions that were put on me.

Read more... )
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I do have siblings, actually.

Describe them? Oh.

Read more... )


Aug. 6th, 2010 01:57 am
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Yesterday evening, I was thinking about my sister-in-law, musing that I really ought to send her a note, even if it was a pathetic scrap just saying, "Thinking about you and wishing you well." I figured that maybe a random note might reassure her that I sure do love and appreciate her, even if my telephone communication "style" leaves that in doubt.

I wish I had.

Today the news came in that her step-son (G, whom she raised from toddler to teenager) had died. He was in his early twenties.

Where I make all sorts of assumptions )


May. 3rd, 2010 10:46 am
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The first hot, sticky spell of summer has struck. It was 90 yesterday with thunderstorms forecast, and was still 79 degrees when we went to bed, with no rain yet having fallen. At midnight. Not fun, especially because the air-conditioners have not been installed.

However, I was so shattered, energy-wise, yesterday that I managed to sleep pretty well. Despite my four hour nap in the middle of the day and the heat and humidity and thoughts.

I think I'm going to have to be more careful about covering up in the sunshine if a day out (in long sleeves, long pants but no hat) wipes me out so thoroughly. This is without getting burned.
Maybe I should invest in or make a nice parasol. (Maybe I'll save my sheckles and get one in Victoria's Chinatown?)

Run-down of weekend, i.e. tl:dr )

There've been lots of things on my mind lately, but I think I'll save them for another, probably locked, post. But one thing that came up this weekend is the news that Geoff's dad's cancer has been rated as more aggressive than previously thought, and he'll be starting radiation therapy soon. I hope the oncologist is right in that the side effects will be mild and bearable and that this course of treatment is all it'll take. It's still scary and horrible, though.
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The European Union speeded up action on a sweeping reform of its air traffic control system Friday...

Shouldn't that be 'sped up'?

There is no rhyme or reason to it, but I am feeling 150% better today. My limbs aren't leaden, my brain is only minimally fuzzy, and I've managed to get something other than self-care done today! While being nice and loving and (mostly) attentive to Babe.

All on six-ish hours of interrupted sleep. (Maybe the night-sweating got some nasty stuff out of me?)

Granted, the only thing I've got done is cutting and installing the baseboard (all but one piece), but hey, that's been needing to be done for over a year and a half now!

One thing I want to jot down before I forget, however, is that I promised Babe that he could stay up to watch the sun set on the Summer Solstice. We'll be at my parents, so the sun shouldn't be setting till fairly late (I'll have to look it up). I also have to refresh my memory on what constellations are in the summer sky. He wants to count the stars. :-)

But now I have to go prepare some sweet potatoes for the potluck. The church is hosting an old time hymn sing-a-long tonight after a potluck. More singing! Yay!


Mar. 9th, 2010 12:11 pm
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Downsizing Detroit

Not sure what I think of that. Part of me thinks it's really really cool, but then the racial and societal impact comes into mind and...

Sloooooow moving day here. Feeling very anemic. I'll be better tomorrow.

Meanwhile, if I get the bills out today, we'll be about a month away from being non-familial debt free. That'll be cool. Now to just pay back my parents...


Geoff and work )

Health plans )

Anyway. Enough babble. Need to go get food of some sort into Babe and get some rest into me.



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