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Whelp, no date for Geoff and me today. I forgot to set up a babysitter. *headesks*

Ah well. Fortunately, "Gravity" is dominating at the box office, which means it will be there next week, too. So Geoff and I have rescheduled for Tuesday afternoon (which means I need to reschedule an appointment, but if that gets done successfully, it also means no babysitter will be needed. Yay!)

Also, this gives me a bit of time to play catch-up for psych. Since I took last weekend off completely, I have a little bit of reading to do for this week. Not too much, though.

I do wish I could take a full week off, though. That would be nice. Ah well.
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Geoff and I are going to go on a date! Not today, 'cause I'm all tired from cleaning (not to mention there's a metric tonne of cooking to do), but on Thursday afternoon.

We're going to go see "Gravity" on the 3D imax screen up in Big Town (Manchester).

We're both psyched.

And tonight we're going to watch, er, something as a reward for getting the cleaning done.

Another good thing is that I think I've found a doable recipe for Page's birthday cake (gluten- and egg-free makes for difficult baking). It will involve prunes... It actually does sound delicious and adaptable.

I also perfected the chocolate almond pow* into a really delectable candy. The trick is to coat it in coconut powder.

(* Almond pow is the name Page gave to a goopy combination of almond butter, honey and coconut (either unsweetened shredded or coconut powder). When I make it without cocoa powder, I like to add a lot of ginger and/or garam masala, which makes the "pow" in the name a little more sensible, but Page prefers it plain, or with only a bit of cinnamon. Very adaptable little candy, though.)

Probably the best thing is that this is a four day weekend for me, and I'm almost all caught up on schoolwork. Only thing I have to do is my photo assignment, and I'm probably going to do that on Tuesday when my hostas arrive. (The assignment is tell a story in 10 pictures. I'll show myself planting the hostas. If it doesn't work out, I still have a day left to do something else.)

Yay! Relaxation!

So, I hope everyone else is having a nice weekend.
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("Secret of Photo 51" - about Rosalind Franklin)
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Because there has to be something to panic about, right?

*shakes head* Yes, we're looking at a fairly sizable storm. Thing is, unlike the Snowtober storm, this is supposed to dump 12-24 inches of fluffy snow, not 18" of the normal heavy wet shit. Meaning, traveling will be foolhardy for a day and a half (or less), and then everything goes back to normal.

Woo. Hoo.

That said, I did go out and get a tent lamp and a couple of rechargeable glow sticks just in case the power does go out. I'm calling it storm insurance. The lack of light was the thing that bothered me the most about the last power outage. You can't really read by candlelight. Not comfortably, anyway.

However, with the assumption that the power is going to stay on, I also checked out a few movies from the library: "Kung Fu Panda", "The Muppet Christmas Carol" and "Amelie". Might as well take advantage of the power being on by secluding ourselves in the darkest room in the house, right? ;-)

ION: Curry=yum )
ION: Poor friend )
ION: Gas leak )

Aaaaaaand... I need to get to my homework now. I've done a very good job of putting it off, but I can't wait any longer.


Jan. 24th, 2013 09:35 am
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It's definitely chilly out. Not as chilly (damned cold) as the upper Midwest, mind, but I think that 3F (-16C) without factoring in the windchill (-8F/-22C) qualifies as brr-worthy. At least it's a dry cold... (But that wind is bitter!)

Fortunately, I don't have to go out into the cold today. Well, now that I've 'fixed' the storm door closer.

That damned device has closed its last time. It's one of those push-button-stay-open pneumatic closers, which is great and all -- if they actually close. I don't know what happened to this one, but every now and again it needs to be prodded into closing (open a fraction to release the button, gently twist main portion and allow to close until it reaches the next sticking point, and repeat). Sometimes it works perfectly. Since the cold's hit, it refuses to close on its own, negating the benefits of a storm door (keeping the front door open for a full minute to wrangle the storm door shut in below-freezing temps doesn't help lower the energy use, now does it?).

So, after I went out to close it from the outside this morning, I locked the damned storm door so we can't open it from the outside, dead-bolted the actual door and put a sign up reminding us to use the other door. First day it's above freezing, we're taking the closer off and getting a replacement that doesn't have the push-button stay open feature.

In more cheerful news, I was pleasantly surprised by the movie "Big Miracle." Though, really, I shouldn't have been surprised, as Drew Barrymore's adult works tend to be better than average for Hollywood. Hell, even "Charlie's Angels" was a decent movie! This one was really quite good, despite a few teeth-gritting moments of "native person's traditions cliche speech" that was, undoubtedly, necessary cultural information for the masses. I think what really impressed me about the movie was it did allow for character development for everyone. Well, all the main players. And it didn't demonize anyone. Not even the oil baron. I was also charmed by the credits showing the real players and the actual footage from the event.

And now I'd better get to my homework. (sigh) Or go back to bed. (sigh) Or do something besides procrastinate in front of the computer, anyway. *nods*



I'm weird

Jan. 22nd, 2013 11:25 am
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Weird enough I can't quite figure myself out.

For instance, today was my first day of classes for the semester. Tuesdays start at 8 am, which means, ideally, I should be out the door no later than 7:40. 7:40 is usually when we sit down to eat breakfast, having ignored the alarm until 7:15, then staggering around in the upper level getting dressed and hygienated (hee. Um, clean, that is) until 7:30 when I look at the clock and start panicking about it being so late.

Today I rolled out of bed at the alarm (6:30) and had the car started at 7:30. I rolled out of the driveway at just about 7:35. I gave myself the extra time this morning because it snowed a bit last night, and I had no idea what the morning traffic would be like.

What's weird is I felt downright chirpy the entire morning. Well, until about 9:30, when my need for water and snack kicked in. Even now, as the (decaf) tea and focaccia sink in, I feel my mood elevating again to the chippier side of things.

Thing is, I am not a morning person. Not historically. If allowed to follow my natural rhythm, I will happily stay up til one or two a.m. and then sleep till ten or twelve.

So anyway, that's what weirdness I can't figure out at the moment. I won't even attempt to address the ream of my other weirdnesses now, as I have homework to do. And, seeing as tomorrow's my long day, I'd better get it out of the way now. Not to mention get into the habit...

Hoping you all have a cheerful week.

PS: To perhaps help in the cheerfulness, I'd recommend watching "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel". Perhaps a bit formulaic, but very sweet and uplifting without being at all saccharine. Plus, Dame Judi Dench!
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Brain wave! (No idea if it's a new thought or not, but it's new to me.)

What if Mr. Borgin, of Borgin and Burkes, was one of Dumbledore's spies? Talk about perfectly placed! Not to mention that would give Dumbles a very good idea of everything that was going on in HBP...

Just sayin.

(How about using Borgin as a wartime go-between after Dumbles' death?)

Re-watched GoF today. Lord, is it bad! It reminded me quite a lot of "Lair of the White Worm" - you know, that early, early Hugh Grant movie? Only GoF wasn't quite as funny. Lord, Emma Watson did a bad job! But then, she was in good company. Gambon was atrocious (YELLING!Dumbledore! Manhandling!Dumbledore! Pacing!Dumbledore!), Rickman played Snape as a caricature, and Fiennes was... well, unsubtle.

Granted, I should blame all of that on the director's shoulders. Well, director and writer's shoulders. Mike Newell and Steve Cloves, I shake my head at you. Very severely.

Right. Off to read a Superman comic of Geoff's (by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons) and then continue on with HBP. Though all that might get postponed if Page agrees to watch either Harvey or Tin Tin with us after dinner.

Oh yeah. Dinner. Better get started on that.

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It continually astonishes me how much we eat. I made 14 burgers out of 3 lbs of meat on Sunday (cut with another pound of carrot/mushroom mix), and how many are left today? Three. And we did that in only two and a half meals (lunch for the three of us on Sunday, dinner last night, and Page's lunch yesterday). *shakes head* This is why I don't buy organic beef...


Fall is getting closer. Not only did Geoff suggest adding a full size blanket to the bed last night (I've been using a light, long, baby blanket that covers just me), but the coconut oil was solid this morning. Yay!


I'm allergic to something. I'm assuming it's something I've consumed, as there's an itchy lump on my hard pallet. I'm hoping it's the muffins, not the tea. It's cold, I'm drowsy from the benedryl I took last night, and I WANT MY TEA.


I have two bug bites in a very inconvenient area. They itch, and it's really not an area that is polite to scratch. Just as well, I suppose. *sigh* *wriggles*


Geoff and I watched Thor last night. It wasn't at all what I was expecting, but I enjoyed it quite a bit. I think next up is Cpt. America.


Almost finished with re-reading GoF. Snape is so completely horrid in this book. Really petty and vicious. Meanwhile, I've rediscovered canon Harry, who is a delight. *sigh* That won't last long, now.


Life is pretty good, really. *nods*
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Well, it was a good summer vacation, but school starts in, ah, four hours and I still need to read the first chapter of the texts. Oops.

Oh, and I now so completely sympathize with my parents' policy of NO WHINING ALLOWED. I still think it was destructive, but boy do I sympathize.

Also, I still love Prisoner of Azkaban, the book. (Haven't re-watched the movie recently, so can't say whether I still love that.)

And I finally saw DH 2. Loved it. Will talk about that later. After school work is done. *nods determinedly*

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Need to get my head together and figure out what needs doing this week. It's rather important that I do so. (Oh, look! New library book!)

Only tangentially related to the previous statement... )
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And I don't like it, no I don't.

The heat has arrived with the solstice, allowing us to join in the misery of the rest of the country. It got up to 96 here (humidity of 74%) sorry, 98, with humidity of 50%, which is, really, rather nasty. Tomorrow is supposed to be a bit worse. However, at least I'm not where Geoff (still) is. There, tomorrow's high is supposed to be 100, with humidity in the 40's. *faints* Fortunately, he should be on a plane back north before it cracks 90. *fingers crossed*

I did get out this morning, though. I fed myself (Page not being hungry) and was weeding out back by 9:30. By the time I came in at 10:30, it was probably in the high 80's. However, I got the large bed as fully weeded as was possible (my arms are only so long) (even with the fork), and am now contemplating whether to mulch or not. Not today, of course, but when the weather turns reasonable again. I don't think I will, really, as a) I don't like the color of the mulch provided by the association, and it would be wasteful to buy something for a garden that's going to be obliterated in a year, b) when it rains, it stays damp back there, and I would rather not encourage the molds more than they already are, and c) it's an awful lot of work for not much aesthetic payback (see a).

Hey ho.

My gardens are growing fairly merrily, though. I hope that the orange daylilies (and yellow rocket ligularia) out back will be forced into bloom by this heat so that we have flowers on Sunday when our friends come over. If not, the red astilbe should be in full bloom by then, anyway. And the yellow loose strife is blooming away merrily.

I suppose my task for tomorrow, besides weeding the smaller bed out back, is setting the soaking hose up in the front garden. The lawn doesn't need as much water these days, but the poor little flowers sure do. They aren't so fond of this heat. *shakes head*

Of course, that's assuming I can get up early enough to do anything before my acupuncture appointment. There will be no gardening after the appointment thanks to the heat.

So, in pursuit of that early rising, I will need to go to bed on time tonight. Last night I stayed up far too late watching RDJ's Sherlock Holmes, which I enjoyed quite a bit. (Did BBC rip off the movie's score? It's very similar.) Again, Irene Adler's character was assassinated, but at least there was something akin to motive behind her actions. (A woman smart enough to outwit the likes of Sherlock Holmes just can't be anything but a career criminal, can she? Sheesh!) Nevertheless, I actually did enjoy how she was played by McAdams. And I would like to see the sequel. I don't think the library has it in stock yet, though, so I'll have to be patient.

Ach well. I have loads of library books to get me by, as well as a few birthday movies (Raiders of the Lost Ark, Little Women, and Ever After, which I enjoyed watching yesterday as I sorted papers). I am well on my way to crossing off the reading task from my summer to do list, even when counting books of the same series as one book together. The reading bug seems to have bit again. :-)

But now I should go do something. What, I'm not sure. The heat is getting to the point where my brain starts melting, so I probably won't manage to think of anything till it's time to go out. Aw. shucks, right?
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So, thanks to the snowstorm in October, Page had to go to school yesterday, which, being Presidents' Day, is usually a holiday. Geoff, however, had the day off.

OMG. Do you know how long it's been since Geoff and I have been able to just spend time together without worrying about babysitter fees? Lord, that was nice!

So, we used part of his Christmas gift certificate to go see "The Descendents" which was a good movie, though perhaps not great. Clooney did an awesome job on establishing a understated character, and I did enjoy his and Alex's developing relationship, but... The younger daughter's problems were not really dealt with. Not to the degree that the "happy" ending warranted.

But whether the movie was good or not is actually irrelevant. We went to a movie! That wasn't about comic book characters! It's been so long, and it's something we both enjoy so much, so it was wonderful.

When we came back, we had lunch and then he gave me a marvelous, relaxing, glorious massage. Yep. *nods with wide-eyed innocence*

And after that, he spent the afternoon watching a Jeremy Brett Holmes video while I studied for today's test until it was time to pick up Page from after-school. (And Page was cheerful all day long, it seems! Yay!)

Overall, it was a truly satisfying, love- and life-affirming day.

And today is his birthday. :-)

I need to get off here and into the kitchen to see if I have time to make his cake before I have to leave for class. If not, I'll have time after class. I'll just start the next batch of yogurt instead.

So cheers! Happy Tuesday!

Oh, and...

May. 19th, 2011 06:12 pm
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The last set of clues to the last three un-guessed movies are up. I went all obvious this time.

If no one guesses them by tomorrow, I will give the answers. :-)
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I've given more hints to the remaining movies on my movie meme post. :-)
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It was making the rounds again, and I have a couple new movies to add to my favorites collection, so here goes:

1. Pick 10 of your favourite movies.
2. Go to IMDb and find a quote from each movie.
3. Post them here for everyone to guess.
4. Fill in the film title once it's guessed.
5. NO GOOGLING/using IMDb search functions.

Read more... )
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So it's snowing, finally. A blizzard, apparently, though it happened after dark, so there wasn't really a way to see whether it was an actual blizzard or not. (I really think that hyperbole has overcome every aspect of American life. Last night, as I looked out the windows, it was snowing and blowing. That does not a blizzard make. A blizzard is when the snow is so thick you can't see through it, and it's getting blown around fiercely. Strong wind with a bit of snow does not a blizzard make. New Englanders have become such wimps about the weather.)

Babble )

And now I shall go. I want to make myself a cup of hot milk thistle water and stand by the window to watch the swirls of snow blowing around.

It's not a blizzard. Because of that, it's far more beautiful.
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Went to see Deathly Hallows with Geoff this afternoon. I actually enjoyed it in a good way. The other recent movies I've enjoyed, mostly, but in the it's-so-bad-I-love-it kinda way.

Impressions that probably won't be spoilery as I can't be arsed to be thorough )

I know I have more thoughts, but the movie wore me out. Sensory overload, ya'know. (I was verklempt in the opening sequence just because it was so loud and it was so overwhelming. I did adjust, but it took its toll.)

So, I'm off to bed.
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Meme first:

Full list here.

Day 8 - A precious item

Like Juni said, that which is most precious to me is not in the "thing" category. People, memories and hopes are all more precious than any material item could ever be. However, some "things" are reminders of that which is most treasured. And it's hard to choose which item I should tell you about. Should I tell you about the Tomatoes or Sargent's Boy as first proofs (to myself and others) that I am a capable artist? Should I tell you about my engagement ring and the rather unromantic story behind its acquisition? Or how about the photograph of my grandmother as a young woman holding a baby and looking so incredibly beautiful?

I think, though, I will tell you about a rock.

Read more... )

And the randomness is under this cut )
And finally, and maybe most importantly, I am wearing slippers. It has finally cooled down enough to need something on my feet. Yay! Of course, this means I'm going to have to start watching for frost warnings, so that I can harvest the rest of the harvestables before they're killed off. But that's cool. (Har dee har har.)

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And has been for more than 24 hours. A nice, soft, steady rain - the kind that soaks into the earth and nourishes rather than running off in great gushes and destroys.

I am happy. Even though it is a tiny, itsy bit clammy. It's still wonderful.

I just finished reading a very enjoyable ball of fluff called "The Princess of the Midnight Ball." It was recommended by [livejournal.com profile] ashfae, who is one of many founts of bookly knowledge I know and love, and was totally taken in.

How could I resist when she said that the hero saves the day by knitting?

It's a retelling of the fairy tale, The Twelve Dancing Princesses, and a fairly straight retelling, too. Except it puts the girls in a WAY better light than the fairy tale ever did.

And Galen, the hero, rocks. One of the most likable heroes I've come across in a fair while.

So thank you, Ash. And if you have any other recommendations while I wait for your story to be published (I'm patient. Sort of. Jealous as all get out at the people who get to read it now, even though I know I'm not any good as a critic except in the copy editing department, but patient), I would welcome more awesome balls of fluff.


Last night Geoff and I finished watching the third series of Dr. Who. I was really impressed with "Blink" from that season. It wasn't quite as creepy as the gas mask episode from first series, but it was close and so very well done! I am continually astonished at how well they do at making the cheesiest, corniest villains scary. 'Cause those statues were Scary!

Spoilers for those who are later than me to watch Third Series Doctor )

I'll be going to the library later today for the Christmas special and first disc of the fourth series.

This weekend we also watched Fly Away Home. You know, the movie about the Canada geese? It really was a little gem of a movie, if a little unbelievable here and there. They managed to keep the preciousness to a surprising minimum, and for that alone I would applaud them, even if the rest of the movie weren't delightful.

Babe told us he didn't like it, though. He didn't say so (or cry or show anything, the little Scorpio), but I think the mom dying at the start was too upsetting to him. But even so, he did watch it peacefully for an hour and a half! It is SO nice to be able to pick a wider range of movies to watch, now!

And this week... is school prep week. Need to go out and get Babe a new outfit (where, I haven't decided, since Target and Walmart are out), get his hair cut, and get him one box of 25 crayons. That and a backpack (which he already has) is all he needs for school this year.

Orientation is on the 31st, and first day is on the 2nd, with the 3rd and 6th off for Labor Day weekend. So, still two more weeks until he's in school full time, but the time is racing by.
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Just wanted to note that I saw and enjoyed it. But I also wanted to note that those were the WORST subtitles I've had the displeasure of not being able to read in a long time.

I'm sure they worked just fine in the theater, or on 50" sets. Not so much on smaller TVs. *blows raspberry*

Jane Austen Book Club is next movie up, though Geoff and I have the third season of Dr. Who (10th Dr.) to watch over the week, as well. (yay) It might end up that I watch the movie alone, depending on his priorities. Which would be okay with me.

It's kinda nice watching movies again. Even if it does lead to late bedtimes and restlessness... :-/


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