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It's been a while since I posted any pics of fall foliage. So here's a (rather poor) sampling (from the first walk through the local park in... months and months and months):

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Also, I think I just had a brilliant idea for how to repaint my living room, when it's due. And if I can pull it off, it will be glorious. *tentative squee*
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So, I'm not going to do a full write up of my vacation, seeing as it was mostly just sitting around chatting with family, which was lovely and all but the reporting of which would bore you to tears. And I didn't really get out to photograph much while I was there this time, because, well, I didn't get out much, really. But there were a couple of short outings I recorded... (Some sideways scrolling might be necessary.)

Bison farm )

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Only two pictures, so I hesitate to call it picspam...

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Of course the garden is still very much a work-in-progress, but it's getting there! I managed to put in all the edging stones today, so this weekend will be for planting the contents of those pots, dividing and planting a few of my bearded irises by the power pole, procuring and planting the magnolia (where the little orange flags are) and tidying up the back garden. Which has been sorely neglected, poor thing.

I need to go to a nursery or somewhere to get lots of (cheap?) pretty annuals to fill up the spaces that are left. My mum suggested verbena and alysum. I have a few snapdragon seeds left, as well, so I'll probably scatter those around when the planting is done. Hopefully next summer I'll have the finances to add more perennials (daisies and poppies are on the must-have list, though I don't know where the poppies will go...)

But progress! Definite progress! Yay!
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Nothing much to report. Oh, except I have a front lawn. (squeeee!) The landscapers worked their behinds off on Friday (they put in a 12 hour shift!) and managed to get all the trees in and all the sod laid, leaving our little community looking quite nice. I really wished I were a beer drinker so I could have had some cold ones for them to enjoy. Ach well.

While they were busy at work, I took pictures of my beautiful irises. And, I am pleased to report, I somehow managed to avoid featuring any of the landscapers' behinds in the pics! Go me!

Large photos of the Siberian irises )

(Ooh! I like the new uploading app! eta: Hum. Need to figure out how to adjust the sizes of posted images. eta 2 Aha! I see the resize tab.)

After they moved on to our neighbor's yard, I managed to sand the pavers of the walkway into place, and wow, what a difference. It looked good before, but now it looks quite professional. And, as unplanned bonus, when looking out from the doorway, the dry pavers are like an extension of our entryway tiles, so it's really quite cohesive. Yay!

(Sorry, no photos of the walkway yet. I want to tidy up the garden area that borders it before taking any. And that will have to wait until it stops raining.)

Ah, yes, and that brings me to the best part of all this landscaping brouhaha! It's been raining ever since. Meaning we haven't had to water our new sod since Friday, which is absolutely dandy! We probably should have watered it on Sunday evening, since the morning rain was light, and it tapered off into a dry afternoon, but the amount of rain we got on Saturday probably did the job. And it's been raining off and on all day today, too.

And you know what? I think I'm even more pleased by the neighbor's lawn than I am by our own. It's so pleasant looking out at a tidy green yard (instead of a weedy, dry yard that might as well be a parking lot).

So anyway, that's my happy from the weekend.

It was actually a really busy, eventful weekend, but this post is long enough and has gone far enough off topic, so I'll end here. :-)
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So here's my new helmet. (We also got Geoff a replacement for his 21-year-old temporary replacement helmet, but his is boring, so I didn't take a picture.)

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That should keep my head a bit safer. And hopefully, I will never need it!


Apr. 10th, 2012 05:45 pm
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Garden first.

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And me, with my new haircut.
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This will be the other wall, which is misleadingly labelled in my file as "Trees and Landscapes":

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Here's part one of what I'm going to get printed up to show: Flowers.

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And now the heating pad has relaxed me to the point of being able to contemplate bed. Yay! So, cheers, y'all.

Cool pics

Feb. 23rd, 2012 09:03 am
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I especially like the plankton eddy.

Well, so far Page has been really well behaved and in a much better mood since Tuesday. I know it's only been two one and a half days, but there are lots of encouraging signs that, perhaps, all he needed was his fears to be voiced and then refuted. Poor kid.

He's still going to counseling, however.

Today is cooking and homework day for me. Bleh. I need to make chicken stock, or stock from whatever the animal bones in the freezer are, and stew. And I probably should roast that chicken, as well, if only to make room in the fridge. Oh, and the requisite jello.

I don' wanna.

I want to go back to bed and get another few hours of sleep. I then want to get up and fritter away my day on the computer playing crosswords and sudokus. I want a day off. But, well, I need to cook. And I need to do my homework reading. And I need to find out if I'm showing in the church gallery in one week or five. And if it's one week, I need to find out where I can get good prints made of lots of my photos, as I don't have enough work to show otherwise.

So, a busy day.

Maybe tea is in order? *smiles hopefully* Yes?
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Day 16: Long Exposure

Geoff had an awesome idea for playing with light, but it didn't work out quite well enough to post, though I might get him to try again later. In the meantime, here's Page, in the living room, with the flashlight:

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Day *cough* 15: Silhouette

Not what I wanted to post as the silhouette, but the timing/weather/kid has been uncooperative. So here's the back-up plan, hatched this morning.

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Photo meme

Feb. 13th, 2012 02:20 pm
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Day 14: Eyes

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Photo meme

Feb. 11th, 2012 09:30 pm
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Day 13: Thirteen things and me

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ION, there's a GI bug going around the house making me and Geoff unhappy. Probably picked it up from Page. Blergh.

Photo meme

Feb. 10th, 2012 06:27 pm
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Day 12: Sunset

A bit difficult to do around here, what with all the trees blocking the horizon, and the cloud cover tending to the thick, overcast type. But here are two offerings I managed to capture today.

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Photo meme

Feb. 9th, 2012 12:09 pm
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Day 11: Something Blue

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This one involved a lot of painting, as I couldn't be bothered to go retake the photograph when I realized the composition needed to be changed. *pats gimp fondly*


Feb. 8th, 2012 03:44 pm
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First, to continue the 30-day photo meme, here's day... erm, 10! Childhood memory:

(Too bad it took till after the clouds rolled in to remember these specific memories!)

The rest of the picspam is random stuff, from Page's holey mouth to oil blobs I thought particularly pretty.

The artier ones are best seen large, so clickety click click click )


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