Feb. 9th, 2014 10:35 am
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I dreamt that I lost my memory while at school. Not just my knowledge of the courses, but almost my entire memory. I couldn't remember where I parked my car, and then I realized I couldn't remember whether I had even driven. Or where I'd come from. Or where I was going. I knew my name, but that was about it.

To top it off, the class I was taking suddenly veered into learning Ancient Greek. (The worst bit about that was I couldn't keep up in my notes, and the teacher kept erasing the board.) Oh, and one of my classmates decided he wanted to kill me.

So, yeah. Not exactly a restful night.

On the other hand, in one of my dreams, as I was making my way through snowy, cold, empty-feeling neighborhoods, I passed a large man dressed in a dark blue, robe-like, hooded coat. I was keeping my head down, since I didn't belong in that neighborhood, but just as I passed him, I remembered some gleaning of a a community meeting I'd attended the day before (in real life) about the need to greet each other, so I turned and said, "Good day!" He turned and smiled at me, giving me a friendly greeting back which I didn't hear because I was stricken by how much he looked like my brother.

No metaphor there, or anything. ;-)


Sep. 6th, 2013 09:48 am
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So, I've been complaining lately about how tired I've been, though not loudly or vociferously because I know it's my fault for not getting to bed in a timely manner on school nights.

Last night, however, I dreamt that a certain friend recommended I try burdock root to help me relax and feel better. (She also recommended more iron for energy.) Burdock root itself is completely out of the blue, btw, as I have not been researching herbs or anything lately, and certainly knew nothing about it prior to this morning.

So, I looked up burdock root just now, and, well, it sounds like it would be a really good thing for me. And now I'm wondering if it'll be possible to find it fresh anywhere around here.

And, of course, I will need to eat more iron-rich foods for a bit. Anemia, which I am prone to, is a serious bummer, and it is possible it's nagging at me again.

ETA: Jesus, and I thought I was a conspiracy nut! The first link to burdock root (which I have since changed to webmd) was... beyond the pale for paranoia. Their "most popular" articles would be amusing if they were satirical, but I don't think they are. *backs away slowly, avoiding eye contact*


Sep. 2nd, 2013 09:08 pm
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Well, whatever was wrong with me yesterday was cured by judicious lounging and dosing of medicinal teas. I lounged today away as well, just in case there was a relapse waiting in the wings. (And I mean "wings" almost literally, as it's been my pecks and shoulders that have been giving me the most bother.)

Tomorrow, school starts. I'm obviously prepared for it, as I've already had at least one anxiety dream about being so late for class that I missed it completely. Gotta love my brain.

I think that the pressure to finish this degree is starting to sink in, though. I suspect it will actually be better for us financially for me to be paying more to go to a big four-year university (though hopefully with lots of scholarships, so not too much more?) and get health insurance for the family through them than it is to remain/go back on Geoff's insurance (and ironically not be able to afford to go to a doctor, hence my decision to remain uninsured til then despite the law). So really, really need to finish before 2015, when the law will undoubtedly be in full effect for everyone.

Sigh. Stupid!Country is so stupid.

My Photography textbook is huge, ya'll. At least twice the size of the psychology text. Granted, I imagine it has at least twice the number of pictures, too... ;-)

I'm considering switching my psych class to the mornings, as that would eliminate a lot of extraneous stressors I hadn't thought of when I signed up for the afternoon classes. Such as early release days and odd acupuncture clinic hours... I guess I'll see if I like the teacher I've got before I meddle with things, though.

Aaaaaand, that's about that.

Hope your week goes well, and wish me luck in mine!


Aug. 26th, 2013 10:10 pm
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I had a nap this afternoon, and oh was it good. I dreamt we arrived at a destination and found out there was an open bar at the resort's pool house, and, well, yeah. It was a good dream full of really good spirits.

(There was also a bit about being able to buy a mountain in New Zealand for US$100K, and being really tempted because of the really, really cool minerals that were in that mountain. Very pretty, with awesomely cool properties that I can't remember now. Unfortunately, I didn't really have the cash on hand...)

So I feel much, much better now (not even a tinge of hangover! ;-). And hey, I even got the laundry advanced at some point in the day!

And while tomorrow starts off too damn early, it will (should) be a day completely to myself. *bounces*

ETA: And HA! I just got my two textbooks (one of which is a rental, but I'll deal) for so much less than $100, I felt I could afford Terry Wahls' "Minding Your Mitochondria," which I've been looking at longingly for some time now. So yay. It's been a good day.
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- Well, I'm glad I took Page into the doctor, as, apparently, the skin all around his left eye is infected. It does look absolutely terrible, with red, swollen lumpiness taking over, and I gave him a tylenol tonight because the pain started spiking. I can't remember her diagnosis, but, yeah. Oral and topical antibiotics have been started, as well as lots and lots of mandatory cuddling (his insistence, not mine. I only use the corporate cuddling tactic in extreme anger situations).

Plus side: it isn't contagious.

- I am on the second to last week of computer class. Thank god. It is kind of nice to learn all some of the things that Word 2010 can do, but, lord I don't like my teacher's rubric. Still trying to decide whether to take the Excel class with her next semester or save it for the Spring when I can choose a different teacher... I think I'm starting to lean towards a computer-filled Spring semester. Maybe take Human Growth and Development this fall...

- It's hot out. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwt. And it's supposed to get hotter as the week wears on. I suspect that tomorrow will find me actually dailing a phone to call friends with pools. (That is if Facebook messaging fails.) At least it dips into the 70's at night, which lets the (rising) humidity sink onto the ground a bit.

- The backyard might be completed soonish. The last pile of dirt was spread out today and the capstones were put in place, so it looks like they only have to have a few guys with rakes come over and finish up the smoothing out before they spray grass seed everywhere. Except, of course, for where they're still trying to figure out the drainage problem related to this house.

Did I mention how the other night I dreamt that the construction of a throughway was endangering the entire neighborhood, with houses of incremental closeness being torn down by earthmovers, and the neighbors in complete denial? *rolls eyes at drama queen subconscious*

- My bowl of rocks is very pretty... (Geoff isn't here to mention how tempted he always is to reach in and grab one of the "cookies". They are nice and round-like. :-)

- I have the foundation plants of my backyard design picked and planned out. Basically. I still have to choose a variety of rhodo, but otherwise I'm set. The fence will be lined with evergreen shrubs (the rhodo, pieris, and one each of China Girl/Boy hollies), and a golden elderberry will stand in front of the rhodo and pieris. I have yet to figure out the placement of the detail plants (hostas, ferns and the like), but I will. Oh, and a Sweet Autumn Clematis will be encouraged to climb all over the shed.

Oh, I am looking forward to having a shed!

- Bully for England, passing the gay marriage law. I wish conservatives here could see it the way Cameron does. Ah well. In time. Related to that, Page and I watched ST:NG, season 5's "The Outcast," which was a blatant allegory about the place of gays in American society. I am glad that in twenty years it isn't quite so bad in most American urban areas anymore, but it is discouraging that we have to keep having the same conversation over and over again. And that Riker's voice of reason gets overruled again and again and again...

Aaaaand, that's about it. I am feeling better, both mentally and physically, than I was yesterday around this time, even if it doesn't show through my words.
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My legs feel three times as heavy as they're supposed to feel, and I don't think it's just the benadryl hangover. In fact, I don't think I have a benadryl hangover. I am just really, really tired.

My dreams last night were about trying to get alone time, and failing miserably. I couldn't even take a shower in peace. And the funny bit was that when I complained in the dream about it, everyone sympathized and said they understood and made certain accommodations (like refraining from moving furniture that made a bathroom private while I was using the bathroom), but no one left me alone.

So, I think I may be peopled out.

It was a good weekend, though. Just... I need a day off now.

Ramblings )

But now that the coffee is starting to kick in, I should go do... something. Coursework, probably. I'd like to get done well before Sunday this week. Last week was a bit more overwhelming than I expected.


May. 6th, 2013 09:00 am
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Horrible, nasty, vile, just... awful dreams last night. So many things were wrong, and wrong in such awful ways. Some minor details )

It was a relief to wake up and find that ALL of it, including the bits in which I had supposedly woken up (with relief), was a dream.

So. Need good things to counteract all that... nastiness.

Good thing 1: Gardening is a joy. It really, really is. I've been sneaking bits of time here and there to go take care of things (usually when my eyes have started burning from reading too much), and I always come back in beaming. It's difficult to limit myself, time-wise, but even ten minutes outside weeding will perk me up. I think it helps that the sun has been shining, so I'm getting my vitamin D. :-)

Good thing 2: Impromptu invites. In exchange for an aloe cutting (I recently repotted a few of my plants, and ended up with two aloes from one massive one), we were invited to dinner at a friend's house. It was lovely. It's been a long time since I'd seen any of them, and it reminded me of how much I do miss my friends. Almost enough to rejoin the church choir. Almost.

Good thing 3: There's only three days of school left. I will be studying for my accounting final today (I'd really like to ace it), and I am actually well on my way to getting prepared for the biology tests, whatever doubts and frustrations I spouted yesterday.

Good thing 4: It seems I was correct about the old car's driver's seat being the cause of my hip pain. I realized this weekend that my hip hasn't hurt to the same degree in a few weeks. In fact, my hip has been pretty much complaint-free. It's gotten to the point where I'm considering starting up walking again! I miss walking in the woods...

Good thing 5: Page picked up his legos from the common areas yesterday. You have no idea how much of a difference that makes to me.

Yes, (real) life is pretty good.
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Has been a day off. I got to bed at a reasonable time last night (my eyes were burning with exhaustion so there was nothing for it but to go to bed), woke up before the alarm went off, about eight hours later, and after I'd seen Page off to the bus, I went back to bed and slept for... what, five hours? Six? (Didn't look at the clock when I went to bed, so couldn't say for sure.)

I'm still tired.

And a bit frustrated because I woke up just as my restauranteur/spy/robot/friendship dream was getting really interesting. Even if the robots' natural forms were in the guise of Bender.

And I don't think I would be able to write the friendship story (arguably the best part) without it seeming really creepy, even if it wasn't. (Thanks for nothing, Nabokov.)

I do love dreams...

Anyhoo, I should probably get moving. Yep. Studying to do, kid to pick up, dinner to serve and all that. And maybe a short stroll through my garden to see how it's growing.

One more actual school day, and then two finals to go. Almost there... almost.
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So, good things!

1. The best of recent good things. )

2. A neat dream was had last night. )

3. The rest of them. )

And now I need to go, as my eyes are starting to complain again.
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Last night I dreamt that I had loads of tea, and then couldn't get to sleep on time. I wonder what that was about...

*sigh* I'm starting to really feel the need for alone time. The last couple of nights I stayed up far, far too late (unconsciously) trying to capture some of what I've missed. Of course that has backfired a bit, as I can't sleep in late enough to make sure I'm well rested, but...

*blinks drowsily*

At least Page is being nice, for the most part. He's needing me very close by, but he isn't in my lap the entire time. A fair bit of the time, though. He obviously is still not feeling well. Must keep that in mind when I deal with him. I just really, really wish he didn't need to put sound effects into all his play.

I wonder if part of what's wrong with him might actually be something as mundane as a corn. He has a nasty one on his ring toe, and it's very sensitive. I wonder if it's been there the whole time, or if the new (and really expensive) shoes caused it. Or just exacerbated it. Considering it's grown quite a bit in the last couple of weeks, I think it's time to get it checked out by the professionals. So it's back to the doctor again next week. Bleh.

Right. Enough stalling. Bed needs to happen now. Else...
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So, this will sound bad, but, well, it's an interesting experience not being the smartest kid in the class. I haven't been in this position since high school (AP physics). It's both humbling and invigorating, actually, as it's spurring me to really work at figuring this stuff out.

'Science is hard!' says Barbie. )

I'm a delicate flower. Boo. )

Dreams )

But now I need to get going. No idea how much energy I'll have today, so I'd best not use what I do have on anymore verbal spewing.


Feb. 3rd, 2013 07:31 pm
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Odd dream )

The funeral and a poem )

Fun with friends last night was fun. Mostly.

I got a better grade on this week's biology homework (98.5%). Would have been even better if I could distinguish my left from right reliably.

The best laid plans and all... Health and Page woes. )

Anyhoo. Don't really have anything to say. Mostly I just wanted to get that dream kernel down, and the link to "The Pond". Hope your weekends were good.
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I dreamt Geoff and I went to hear a modern witch talk about her experiences with healing. While a lot of what she said seemed counter-intuitive and silly (avoid all hot water because boiling water harms?), the idea that resonated was, "[Modern] medicine is not rational. If it were, we would have benign medications."

Her thesis was that western medicine pumps us full of toxic chemicals to try and kill the sick parts of us when there are other options that are more beneficial, even if they aren't "scientific" and therefore "rational."

Of course, science is trying to catch up with the alternative and intuitive remedies, like they now know why garlic might be an effective medicine, though they haven't, to my very limited knowledge, examined ginger in the same way, let alone the 'magic' combination of garlic, ginger and honey in hot water). Because, of course, science is limited to a very constrained methodology which is more about disproving rather than proving hypotheses. It takes a very long time to empirically "prove" anything. Especially in medicine where the placebo effect is a very powerful (counter)agent.

And, it seems to me, that healing is as much about intuitive knowledge of oneself and others. To be a healer of others, one needs to leave behind the personal blinders that are developed by dealing with our own issues, and be open to other possibilities we haven't experienced.


Jan. 23rd, 2013 10:06 am
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I slept quite poorly last night, so I'm quite tired today. Which is, of course, my quite long day.

Unpleasant dream )

It's quite chilly out (7F/-14C). Chilly enough that I exchanged one pair of long underwear for another, quite thick, pair so my legs don't freeze going to and fro outside. The result is quite cozy. Unfortunately, the coziness is helping me relax, which is making me quite sleepy. Ah well.

I'm also making sure the fat content both within and without are adequate, as I need all the help I can get to keep warm. Central heating just isn't enough when this tired. I'm also not going to have any more tea today, as I'm pretty sure the amount of tea I had yesterday was partially to blame for the bad night. Not to mention that I think the cup I already had today is part of the reason for my sleepiness (caffeine either gets me gabbing and energetic or puts me to sleep. Depends on my adrenaline reserve, I think). If I want a warm drink, there are herbal teas as well as chicken stock. Quite a lot of chicken stock. *nods*

But now I should go get my lunch together and be off. I hope I will wake up at some point during the day.
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I think I'm in a rather stroppy mood again, seeing as I'm taking offense at silly things said online. This time, I think I will step away from the computer before I get fully enraged. I don't have the time or energy to spare for such silliness. Especially knowing it's of my own making, seeing as it's all a matter of interpretation.

Health woes ) I guess rest and drinking lots and lots and lots of water is the ticket.

But there's so much to doooooooooo...

On the other hand, that couch does look inviting. And the new mattress pad makes the bed quite comfy... And I got another book out of the library.......

In other news, I got my haircut yesterday, and it's fabulous having short hair again. I took lots of pictures, but I can't share any of them as my computer isn't recognizing my camera anymore. Stupid computer.

And in further random news, I have started my travel anxiety dreams already. Last night's involved driving down to DC (where we have, in RL, a six-hour layover) in the pouring rain with streets flooding here, there and everywhere. The rain stopped just after we got into town, but we didn't have enough time to stop and really enjoy the delights of the city (which most definitely was NOT the real DC, as it was way too quirky and cool and hilly; it was much more like a huge Provincetown than DC), so as I was trying to find our way to the airport (following the directions of a curbside sombrero maker), I was telling Page what I would do if we did have the time to explore. Namely, I'd choose one major museum, finally see the Mall, and maybe go explore the shops in Georgetown.

It was kinda cool, as far as anxiety dreams go.

But now I need to actually decide what I'm going to do - work on the stuff that needs to get done or rest. I think I'll put the decision off for the moment and go bathe. Which, hopefully, will help with the decision-making. *nods*

ETA: Shower had, hair washed, and no decision made, so I'm going with resting. And I am pleased to say that the chicken stock I made the other day is really frikkin good. I think the key is the addition of a few cloves of garlic and bay leaves to the pot. I doubt that adds any nutritional value, but it sure makes it tasty!



Nov. 12th, 2012 11:45 am
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Page has the day off school because of Veteran's day. Hopefully "Swiss Family Robinson" will keep him entertained throughout the day...

I didn't get any homework done yesterday. My brain didn't ever turn on. I was lucky to think of a topic for covenant group to discuss (and I have to thank "Once Upon a Time" for that; the topic I finally came up with was "What causes people to refuse needed help? Fear? Self-loathing? And is there a way to help others overcome self-loathing from the outside without pushing them further away?").

I took two benadryl and aleve last night, and I feel somewhat better this morning, though perhaps more gross.

Dreams were about finding a home to visualize my future self in. Small subplot was following Bill Maher around small towns in Canada as he managed to insult everyone equally, no matter their political affiliations, and not realize how insulting he was being. At least his rudeness was uniting everyone rather than polarizing them...

And that's about that. Gotta get to work. Goal is to finish the rough draft of the term paper today. There's lots of other homework I need to do as well, but, well, hopefully my brain will be able to cope with a long day.
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Frankenstorm is coming!

I shall not mock the Fates and tell the truth about how utterly and completely worried I am. Suffice to say, we have not been part of the rush on the stores, or even (due to long lines and impatience) gas stations.

I suspect "Sandy" (Frankenstorm's official name) will be very much like Irene was last year, which was more bluster than muster up here. Unfortunately (although I can understand the reasoning), the school district has decreed tomorrow to be null and void. So yay. Page gets an extra long weekend. I don't get any.

School blather )

A nice dream, for a change! )

In less inspiring news, Geoff and I may have reverted back to the plan of replacing the car sooner rather than later. There really is something wrong with the front suspension. And the transmission is getting clunkier and more reluctant, too. Those two things, added to the list of things that we know are wrong, might actually negate the financial favor of keeping it. But, I don't know. It's still rather up in the air.

But, to end on a good note, I'm rewatching "Slings and Arrows" and reminding myself about what a wonderful show it is. Seriously, if you haven't seen it, do!

Also, because political season is (fiiiiiiinally!) coming to an end, I thought I ought to report that Joss Whedon has put in his figurative oar and endorsed Romney:

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I did not sleep well last night. Not only was temperature a concern (cuddle up to hubby and I was too hot, without him I was too cold), but I had... sad dreams.

Dream )

*shrugs* It's probably from having a rather social weekend. And having worked a bit too hard and too long yesterday, seeing as Geoff got the day off (Genocide Day aka Columbus Day). (Oh, but happy belated Thanksgiving to any Canadians out there.)

Anyway, I should go start my day. I would much rather go back to bed and sleep for another few hours, but I have homework to do. And focaccia to bake.
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Well, I may have just received my first low A on a test. Not sure, but a few of the multiple choice questions were tricky in their wording, so it's possible I may have misinterpreted stuff.

I'm pretty sure I rocked the problems, though... Even if it made me twitchy not to do a journal entry for the last one but just calculate the amounts. (I triple checked the instructions, and it only said to calculate. No other instructions.)

Unfortunately, the shininess of school has officially worn off, and I'm beginning to not care. I mean, I do care about getting educated, and I will continue the slog, but... it's harder to care about the material. It's requiring discipline, darn it! I'm not good with discipline.

Of course, it doesn't help that I've determined I'm not going to go for a bachelors in accounting after all. Even if it is easy. But I am going to get my associates in accounting, and there's still 39 credits to go for that to happen. After this semester. *yawns*

Ach well.

Randomness )

Dream )

And now... I should go start some bone broth. Or have a nap. Or do my homework...

ETA: Oh, and I have a feeling that this is going to be a splendiferous winter. I think the exiting neighbors are stripping their place of anything and everything that can be removed. Including, if neighbor's help of a friend's pre-foreclosure stripping suggests, the furnace, kitchen cabinets, water heater and other basic things we here in the US tend to expect to be there when we move into or leave a place.

Which means, should someone buy it at auction, a noisy winter. If no one buys it, it means an expensive winter, as their place will be sapping the heat from ours. (I guess I should break out the blankets and decorate the inner walls, eh?)

I wonder if Geoff asked nicely whether they'd leave the building's sump pump in place and running? *sigh*

Ah yes...

Aug. 18th, 2012 12:00 pm
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I remembered the good thing. A very good thing it was, too! It's Saturday, and I was able to sleep in! Damn near 12 hours of sleep. I think I must be fighting something off, considering the amount of vitamin C my body is asking for, as well as the oodles of sleep it's taken (not to mention the rather severe case of the grumps I've had).

Trying to decide what to do today. Have already cleaned off the #1 suspect in the allergy attack department (ceiling fan blades. Were revolting. Ew), and now have to figure out whether to get Page to ride with me up to the art fair (2-3 miles each way) or sit around and read while he does his lego thing. I also have to do a bit of laundry...

I probably ought to write. My dreams have all been stories lately, with last night's being so interesting that I consciously put off waking up, if that makes any sense. I don't think I would like to write up last night's dream as a story, as it was rather misogynistic in its basis, but on the other hand, it was more a look at the power women can derive from what appears to be misogyny...

And the other night I had a surprisingly sweet parable of a dream about my character marrying the Devil (played by Benny C with long hair (and no horns)). The sweetness came from the revelation of what the Devil's job entailed, and how its overall purpose was for the Good.

However, I think I'm going to continue to laze and read. And drink tons of water. *nods* And maybe look for dairy-free pate recipes...


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