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Page is still ill. Actually, that's not true. He's just (just!) suffering the post-mortem of being ill with the culmination of an IBS flare-up.

This was a rough, rough morning. Mostly for Page and St. Geoff of the Heavenly Husbands, though there's still lots for me to deal with.

Next doctor's visit I am definitely asking for a SIBO test for the poor guy!

Oh, but that's the good news, if I didn't mention it. The doctor called, and all Page's blood tests came back normal except he's low on vitamin D. So that's a huge bit of yayness.

But now I should go to work on my homework. I think I have some stuff to hand in tomorrow, as well as Wednesday...


I really would have liked a week off. Oh well. I'll survive.


Feb. 4th, 2014 05:54 pm
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I be brain dedded at the mo. No good reason, either. Just - poof. brain went all dedded.

Worst bit is that with the son grounded, I can't really turn on a show to watch, as he'll inevitably come down and join in, which is against his grounding.

And I'm out of frivolous children's books to read.


This hasn't been a very good week so far, to be honest. )

Good stuff. There's gotta be good stuff...

Pluses and minuses )

But I think that's enough bitching. Life is good overall. Even without caffeine.

ETA: Just to top things off, one forgotten > at the end of the lj-cut html equals a formatting horrorshow. Bleh. Too much computer nonsense in my life! Bleh!


Nov. 4th, 2013 12:14 pm
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- There is a black, life-size, lego spider on the computer desk that gives me a start every time I spot it. It's shaped just like a black widow. I should tape it to the last 'spiderweb' Page had me hang up in a corner however many years ago.

More... )
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Right. Just finished up the first week of the semester, right? Right.

Then why do I have over 100 pages to read (after having already read about 100) in the next 3 days for 2 classes (one of which is an intro course)? (And that's not counting the chapter(s) I have to read for the Microeconomics course I want to CLEP out of at the end of this semester.)



On the plus side, I don't think it's going to be too much of a problem, given how absurdly productive I've been lately. I mean, the house is clean, we still have a few leftovers from last week's cooking spree, I moved and mixed about 3/4 cubic yard of shit compost, AND I've been pretty majorly social without getting too grumpy.

(Granted, there has also been a rather large ingestion of caffeine lately, but if I didn't have a solid base of energy, the caffeine would just be putting me to sleep!)

Speaking of ingestion, I'm thinking of using quince and onions as a stuffing for a couple of chickens I have sitting in the fridge. Any suggestions on spices/herbs/veggies that would go well with all of the above? (If it's any help, roasted sweet potatoes will be one of the sides.) Celery, maybe? Garlic? Sage?

The only thing I haven't done anything toward is the November showing of my work at the church. I really would like to paint an hour a day, but so far I haven't been willing to give up that crossword/dilly-dallying time. But maybe I can start on that tomorrow. After all, miracles are happening here.
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So, I'm trying, for the new school year, to do everything that needs to be done chore-wise in one swell foop... fell swoop, that is... which means only do one (or two if necessary like it was last week) round of shopping, and no going to the store in spurts during the week for stuff I forgot.

Thing is, I'm out of tea. And coffee. And nearly out of coconut milk. And the only kale we have for smoothies is the pitiful stuff I transplanted last week which I'd feel bad about picking.

But shopping day is only two days away, I have cocoa and milk thistle (not to be combined), and cruciforms up the yingyang in non-kale forms (two heads of cabbage, a bag of brussel sprouts, broccoli, and even a bit of cauliflower).

But I'll be going out anyway for school...

This is such a luxury of a problem to have, I know, but, well, I want my tea. Or coffee. Or smoothie...
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Page is a sweet boy. He is. He is intelligent, enthusiastic, loving, kind-hearted, extremely cute and generally loveable.

And then there's the other side of him. )

Hope life is going better for you all.

ETA: Okay, he's taking a nap which means he's coming down with something. Again. His other eye is bothering him now. *sigh* I hope we don't have to go back to the doctor's this week.

Also, I've gotten a few things done which have helped clean up the place, which always helps my state of mind. Living in a pit really, really aggravates me. (The homemade coconut mocha latte I had has also kicked in, which also helps; chemical dependence rocks, ya'll. :-/)

So, yeah. Not everything sucks.
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First, an apology. I'm sorry I haven't been commenting on many (any?) of your posts lately. I have been reading and sending good vibes and well wishes and cheers and such your way, but I have been in a less than communicative mood lately. Basically, I'm so peopled (or stressed) out that I don't even want to interact in the digital sphere.

I'm also sorry for all the whining, but I don't in any way expect absolution for that because I fully intend to continue doing it. In fact, I am about to start another round right now! ;-)

At least I will put it all behind a cut. )

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But it is so hard.

Not only is the weather against me (it's amazingly gorgeous out), but... well, it's hard not to feel like giving up when there's almost no chance of success.

Read more... )


May. 1st, 2013 05:41 pm
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I wasn't aware that the "Keep Calm and Carry On" phrase has been trademarked. Shows how much of my news knowledge comes from across the pond.

When a dentist says "It'll be easier to keep clean this way" when removing the remains of a large filling on a lower molar, don't believe them. That sucker is a magnet for all things edible, and very, very difficult to get a toothbrush into. My nightly routine has increased by at least three minutes, most of which is spent swishing. Which helps a little bit. A very little bit.

The rest of the blather )

And now it is time for me to go pick up Page. I hope he had a good day. And doesn't mind simple, simple food for dinner.

ETA: Oh, and it seems the construction next door is officially over! The place is listed and everything. Yay. (Not listed at a wonderful price, but far better than what it sold for!!!) I wonder who our new neighbors will be.


Apr. 20th, 2013 10:25 am
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Whinge and whine )

It looks like Geoff will be coming back on time, meaning he'll be leaving Brazil tonight. It still seems unreasonable that he'll have to wait for seven hours once he gets back into this country. (His flight lands in Charlotte at 7:30am; his flight home leaves Charlotte at 2:30pm.) I guess he try for stand-by once he gets through customs...

OMG, Page is talkative this morning. His subjects have ranged from ATP mills (demonstrated by legos) and electron prisons to Narnian wars with the inclusion of Sticky Man.

Oh, great. Just hurt his feelings after he hurt himself (by flailing) for attention. I'm a crap mom in the mornings.

I also have a to do list for the weekend. Yay.

Said list )

I think that's more than enough to be getting on with. Now need to go apologize to my son and get a cuddle.

ETA: Also, I want to move out of this country. The bombing suspect isn't getting Miranda rights. I understand the rationale, but it's still the wrong way to go. This is not how justice is wrought, and I wonder if most Americans can even see that anymore...
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Really, I do.

Even when his ODD comes out in a temper tantrum at the bus stop as the bus is pulling up, because I wouldn't let him go home to collect the Legos he wanted to take to school (which he shouldn't be taking to school anyway).

(I love my son. I love my son. I love my son.)

He wanted to stay home with me today, because he knows it's my day off school. Explaining how busy I am didn't touch him. Explaining the reality of how his day would go should he stay home didn't faze him. The explanation of how school is necessary for all sorts of reasons was interrupted as he drifted off into rude noise play.

(I love my son. I love my son. I love my son.)

A lot of this is probably due to the fight we had last night (which involved me having to physically restrain him) over his inability to accept the words "no" and "stop". (Which scares me no end, btw.) That and having his dad out of town.

Knowing the reasons doesn't make it easier to deal with.

I phoned the school with a warning about his mood, so hopefully his teacher can finagle him out of it. Hopefully the two boys who've been bullying him will be kept at bay. Hopefully he'll manage some semblance of self-control as the day wears on.

I do love my son. But that U2 song, "With or Without You" is sounding more and more like a child-rearing song to me rather than about a romantic relationship. (Okay, maybe not, but still.)

*deep breath*

At this point, I'm just hoping I don't get a call from the school to come collect him because he's been suspended. Which I hope is me being grossly unfair to him.
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I'm trying to stay positive. Really, I am. I am trying to do so because I find it is easier to live and be happy with a positive attitude rather than just accept the shittiness of life at face (and present) value.


Geoff is leaving for Brazil at some point today, assuming there's a seat available on a plane. He found this out yesterday after he got back from his overnight "day trip" (he put in damn near 30 hours of work on Monday).

This would bother me at the best of times, because no notice is shitty notice, especially for intercontinental travel, but this week is not the best of times. It happens to be a busy week at school for me, including the (mandatory for me as an officer) PTK induction ceremony tomorrow evening. Which means I have to find an escort for Page (because, selfishly, I want him there to see me, both perform my duty as an officer and receive the honor of being a member, and realistically know that he'll need someone there to rein him in when boredom starts setting in). On top of finishing my essay (due Friday morning), extremely time-consuming biology homework (genetics is a bitch and a half, btw) and such.

So, I'm not happy at the moment.

I'm also not happy because I foolishly asked Page who he wanted to be his escort to the ceremony, and he named neighbor N, who also happens to be a student at this college, but, well, I know she's not a member of PTK, so that's awkward. And the friend I'd really like to ask is out of town till Friday. (And my other first choice lives an hour away.)


Anyway, I need to go to school now. Busy, long day ahead. Whee.
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Rant about rape news. Triggery, I imagine. )

School grump )

Ah well. It's Friday. I have a fair amount to do this weekend, but I think I can safely take some down-time and watch another episode or two of Downton Abbey while I have the place to myself. Since sleeping and gardening isn't going to happen, that is. (It's absolutely miserable out (freezing rain), so gardening really isn't an option. ;-)

So, guilt-free Downton it is!
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I now have a nasty case of conjunctivitis which is making reading uncomfortable/untenable.

I've needed more naps in the last week than I've had all semester.

I was so tired after coming home from church today I was near tears. The three hour nap I had this afternoon helped a very little. (I no longer feel teary, anyway. Just bone tired.)


I'm pretty sure my body is putting its metaphorical foot down.

Which means I'm going to get in trouble if I stay online for much longer...

I'm hoping a full day of rest tomorrow (no errands, no homework, no internet or books - just rest) will make the upcoming week of school possible...


Mar. 4th, 2013 10:09 am
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My neck hurts.

I have a large to do list.

The former might be related to the latter, but probably not. Probably I just never really relaxed when I slept (considering my dreams were rather gory and intense, that seems a reasonable theory) and I screwed my muscles over.

Ach well.

Le sigh: lists. Always with the listing... )

On the plus side, I got the biology lab report to the point of sending it off to my partner and telling her to do the rest. The rest being answering a few review questions (which she'd volunteered to do anyway) and inserting the graphs. Seeing as I really did the lion's share of the work, I don't feel guilty in the least about the graphs. >:-]

Another possible plus side is that I bought, on a whim, Trader Joe's dried kimchi. I imagine it has none of the probiotic goodness left in it, but it says it doesn't contain anything I can't eat, so I'm going to try it with some things as a seasoning. Hopefully it won't hurt.

Bitch and moan )

Good things are around, though. For instance, Page borrowed my biology book to find something to draw, reading up on stuff as he looked. He's been really into the anatomy of an animal's cell, and the making and use of proteins, especially. He made me a nice drawing of the ER (endoplasmic reticulum), Golgi apparatus and other parts of the endoplasmic system. Not terribly accurate, but it's lovely all the same.

I do get the house all to myself today.

I have more to be thankful for than just having the basic necessities!

And I'm getting caught up on cuddles.


Good things are around. In fact, they abound.

Oh dear

Feb. 12th, 2013 11:14 am
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Shoulder injury is sucking up all of my energy.

Page is home sick with a stomach bug.

Geoff leaves for his two-week trip to Brazil in three hours.

There's a test on Friday. No idea if I'll regain higher-level brain function (energy) by then.

There aren't any leftovers. Or food stuffs to make leftovers.


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On the plus side, the only thing I absolutely must do today is go to the chiropractor. Which, I hope, will make me feel better. Down side is that I'll feel terribly guilty if I leave the shoveling out of the trash bins to Geoff.

Whinging and whining )

However. It's not like I'm anywhere near Death's door. For which I'm grateful. And while I really don't want to do anything at all, I think I can do what's necessary. *nods*

Speaking of, I should go start the day. I'd like to get the shoveling done before the chiropractor visit.


Nov. 11th, 2012 10:05 am
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I haz it.

Actually, it might only be allergies, as a LOT of dust was kicked up yesterday in the white tornado that went through this level, but whatever the cause, my sinuses are inflamed, swollen and generally sulky. I think steaming them has helped a little bit, but, gah.

The worst bit is that I didn't get a good night of sleep because they were so upset. Had to raise my head every couple of hours to blow or wipe my nose. And move to a different part of the pillow. (Blech.)

Geoff is off on a week-long business road-trip after lunch today. First stop is Pittsburgh, then on to Buffalo. At the same time, Page will be going through sugar-withdrawal, as his last dose of sugar-bomb antibiotics was yesterday morning. And to try and heal the damage that was done (and there was damage done - underwear and behavior charts attest to that), I will not be buying any more fruit for a week or two. Poor boy. Fortunately, he likes cheese, nuts and sausage. And yogurt.

Meanwhile, I've made progress on my first term paper, although I'll probably have to rewrite it all as I've taken a slightly mocking/snarky tone. Hard not to, though.

FASB (USA): Oh, we are so into the idea of one reporting standard for the whole world!
IASB (Europe et al): GREAT! So let's get it together, baby. Come on over to our place.
FASB: Uh... noooo? Your place is... not up to our standards. How 'bout you come over to ours?
IASB: Um, no. See, you're kinda late to the party, and everyone else is already over here.
FASB: But, well, your party sucks.
IASB: Oh really?
FASB: Um, yeah. And, like, our research proves it.
IASB: Oh, really?
FASB: But we still want to get together... But later, Babe. I needs to do some stuff first.
IASB: ... *mutters* fucking tease.

Anyway, there are colorful metaphors and phrasing that I should probably get rid of ("The problem was, the entire process became one sticky point after another, which, in turn, slowed their progress considerably. However, even with everything moving as fast as molasses in January, the two boards managed to make progress toward agreeing on a path to take. Kind of."), but, well, it's a first draft. Words on a page is what's needed right now. I can edit later.

Speaking of, I should get down to that now. I'm starting to run out of time, and I have yet to start the research for my second term paper. *meeps*

But, before I do go, I'll share something I enjoyed. Geoff and I have been taking advantage of another free trial on netflix and have taken to watching Once Upon A Time. While there are some things that really bug me about it (does it have to be the Disney version of the characters, every single time?), I've been enjoying the complexity they're creating in the fairytale land. Happily ever afters exist, but at a price. Always a price. Last night was especially enjoyable, what with Little Red Riding Hood's story being rather twisty, AND a take on Beauty and the Beast. God, I love me a good Beauty and the Beast story, and that one was an excellent version of it. Spoilerish for first season ) Despite those episodes, I think what keeps me most enthralled at this point is wondering whether Regina actually does love Henry or not. It's really not clear whether she's capable of loving anymore.

But now I'd better go. I only have a couple of hours before the guys get back, and I have lots to do after that.

Don' wanna

Sep. 28th, 2012 01:50 pm
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It's all Fallish out. It's even rainy and gloomy! So much so, I actually went so far as to make soup for my lunch. (That's almost unheard of in this house. I'm not much of a soup maker or eater.) I forgot the celery, unfortunately, and it really could have used some fish sauce, but otherwise it was quite nice. On the down side, the soup used up the last of my frozen batches of bone broth. On the plus side, the weather is at least accommodating for making more.

The thing I don't like about Fallish weather is doing errands in it. And I have a lot of errands to run today. A full sheet's worth. (The sheet is rather small, but still!) Five stops. Or six... A lot of separate stops, anyway.

*overly dramatic sigh*

*points to subject line*

Ach well. The fridge is well and truly bare, so I must go restock at the very least (three stops).

*sighs again*



Sep. 24th, 2012 10:09 am
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I spent the weekend on the couch, feeling rather ill. Yesterday was probably the worst, as I was actually sick, but after taking a couple of benadryl last night (and doing everything I did last Monday throughout the day), I feel a fair amount better today. Well, did. Belly has returned to the dark side, unfortunately. Most aggravating, that.

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