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- I accomplished the task I set for myself today (move and remove. Move a (small) cabinet so as to remove the half tiles underneath it). Unfortunately, I discovered that mastic supports life of the fungal variety. I vinegared the shit out of it, but it's discouraging to know that the battle of the mold is by no means won and will have more casualties than expected. (I knew that, but it still sucks to have it confirmed.) But still. I got those tiles up, and only shorted out the blow drier once. (It overheated, nothing dire.) I did not finish removing the mastic so as to prep the area for tiles, but that wasn't part of the task, so ner.

- Page and I finished Star Trek: Voyager, and a very satisfying ending it was.

- I more or less finished that painting. )

The colors aren't quite right in the photograph, nor does the lighting show off the texturing to best effect, but I think I like it anyway. Not sure I'll continue in that direction, but it was an interesting experiment.

- I was able to just chill for most of the day. I have set myself a task a day so that the depression doesn't eat me whole, but I mostly need to rest, I think. So achy and tired... So it's good that I'm able to do what my body requires. I'm lucky.

- I was able to help a friend in a professional capacity this morning. She said, "You've just given me a million dollars! No! Seriously! That's how excited I am about this!" And considering I was feeling pretty sluggish and brain fogged, that's pretty cool. I hadn't even had any tea yet... though I had consumed some magnesium and tylenol...

- Page is doing better, but not well enough yet to take him to his sax lesson tomorrow, which is all good where I'm concerned, given that his teacher is a 1/2 hour's drive away. I'm not up for that.

In other news, I'm trying to figure out a way to get a live furry pet into this house (after Purgatory has reached it's conclusion). We can't afford a dog, no matter how much Page and I want one. And we really, really do want one. But, well, realities being what they are, I've decided that we might get a rat (or two). Rats are the only rodent I have any interest in (besides rabbits, which I am even more allergic to than cats, if that can be believed) given their intelligence level. But, well, Purgatory MUST be finished before we introduce a slinker into the house. Not only will we need the room for its habitat (what a nice name for "cage"), but also because intelligent creatures tend to escape their confines, and I do not want to have to dig through the heap of our basement to find said creature's corpse.

I'd also like to get a betta for my desk, but I think a pothos for my bedroom is first on the expenditure list. One living addition at a time...

Speaking of living additions, I'm starting to think about what I'll be planting in spring. Lettuce for sure. Kale, probably (even if it's just to harvest what sprouts up on its own). Chard, probably. And maybe one of the beds will be devoted to the three sisters, even if I can't eat the corn or beans. It would be cool to try and grow a native species of maize in the traditional manner.

I'm also determined to finish the entryway to the garden this spring/summer. I want to have another garden party, and it would be nice to show that I haven't completely ignored my garden the last couple years (even though I pretty much have). Nice thing is I have a couple more pavers thanks to the basement quikcrete bucket leftovers. And I could probably use one or both of those buckets as lemonbalm and herb planters... Anyway, I need to get outside more often this year. My body has told me it's not negotiable. Even with mossies.

Anyway. That's the state of being here. Pretty good, all said, despite colds and looming flares and a demon in the basement. :-)

Hope all is well with you.
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I knew I was signing a deal with the devil when we switched to Comcast, but the bleepers bleeping bleeped up with their bleeping billing. AGAIN. I am not pleased. This means I have yet another phone call (or possibly three, depending on whether I need to call the credit union if Comcast says it's their fault) to make tomorrow. I hate making phone calls. So draining.

Ah well.

The good thing I forgot last night was that this weekend (shut up) Geoff and I managed to get the kitchen floor clean. Considering we were both feeling off, that was a major accomplishment. And the best(/worst) part is that our work shows. It pleases me to see the floor clean.

Good things

Feb. 4th, 2016 11:44 am
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Since I seem to be in a bit of a funk...

1. The lengthening of the days. Not just the lengthening, but the lightening of the days. It feels wrong to have a warm wind blowing in February in New England (in Colorado, sure! Chinooks are de rigeur, but not here!), but I can't help but be a little excited to see some dogwoods and magnolias thickening up with buds already. I just hope we don't get a Colorado Spring (i.e. all the wet snow that winter didn't bring just as all the flowers and leaves come out, crushing everything).

2. Free trials. I'm trying out Acorn TV for the month because they had immediate access to season 2 of Miss Fisher's Mysteries. I've been enjoying various other shows since I finished off that series (3rd season wasn't nearly as good for UST, alas). Lots of good fodder for painting sessions, except I had the unfortunate luck to have three (different) shows in a row focus on incest. Incest is one of the few things that completely squicks me out (that and blood play). But otherwise, I've been entertaining myself with lots of good quality murder mysteries. Yay.

3. Our internet is now reliable. I don't know what it is about me and phones, but we have a problematic relationship. Maybe they sense my fear and react offensively, like a wild creature... Except the problems occur even when I have no fear; my cell phone often refuses to let me talk to Geoff (seriously, it will cut the connection as soon as he's picked up, if it allows the call to go through in the first place), and our DSL service through our phone company was getting beyond frustrating in its refusal to work for me (and pretty much just me). So we switched to cable internet (deal with the devil, unfortunately) and a VOIP phone service. Both are in perfect working order. The internet is still slowish, though that may have more to do with our processors than the speed, but it's available and reliable. And uploading pictures takes about 5 seconds as opposed to the 3 minutes it used to take. So that's awesome.

4. This painting of mine. )

It makes me very happy.

5. Having my little studio set up again. I was going to leave the living room in the configuration it was put into for Christmas until the basement was finished, but I kept tripping over my easel's legs and having to shift my painting things again and again and again, often while I was painting... It was a bother. So I rearranged the sofa ends to remake my little (seriously, it's an area of about 5 sq. ft./ .8 sq meter) painting nook. And boy, did that open up the rest of the living room! I am still anxiously awaiting getting the basement finished so I can move things around to better use the space (and make the book shelves behind the sofa accessible again!), but the room is functional again, which helps a lot.

ETA 6. Geoff gave me a hair cut last night. While it isn't the best haircut I've had, it did get rid of my mullet and make my head tidier overall. I am very pleased. :-)

It's unfortunate that I had to really dig for those five things, because really, there's a lot more good about my life than not, but, well, my health is getting spotty again, which makes it harder to see the good. But I'm still trying, at least.
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Good: Parenting win. On the way to school, I suggested that Page view the kid who annoys him as a person who just wants to get to know him and see how that affects his perception of the kid. When I picked him up from school, he said he thinks he's starting to get along with that kid. Yay!

Bad: Parenting fail. I can't seem to find a way to get through to Page how important it is to not smell of poop. Or rather, I can't find a way to tell him that without making him feel super insecure. :-( Issues, he haz 'em.

Good: Whatever was weighing me down was lifted off of me. Who knows why I feel so much better today when so little changed, but I do.

Bad: Found out in class that for the next speech, I go the first day. That means I have one week to prepare for my midterm.

Good: I just spent an hour and a half playing and rough-housing with Page.

Bad: I'm exhausted. And I still have a fair amount of homework to do.

Good: This fall is a beautiful one. Simply gorgeous.

Bad: I haven't had the time or opportunity to get out and photograph the places and scenes I really want to capture. Maybe tomorrow...

Good: I didn't have a single smidgen of grain or starch today.

Bad: There is no bad side. I was a good girl and I felt good being good.

And now I have to get to my homework... At least the really hard part is done. *omgpunctuationisimportant!!eleventy1!*

Hope your day was good and that tomorrow may be as well.
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It is astonishing to me the almost miraculous ability for love to survive under the most horrible circumstances. For love to not only survive, but to heal the wounds inflicted is very nearly incredible except for all the evidence proving otherwise.

It is also amazing how resilient the human mind and spirit are. Utterly amazing.

And I need to remember, when I have the urge to complain, that my life has been incredibly easy. So very, very easy.

To do

Dec. 13th, 2013 08:33 am
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More or less in order:
Read more... )

So glad to be done with school for the semester. So. Glad.

And I will be so glad when, after I do my errands today, I will be done with this household's Christmas shopping and errands. So, so glad.

And, honestly, I am also glad that it is cold out. It makes it so much easier to want to get into the Christmas spirit, and, well, since I want Christmas-time goodies, I'd better get into the Christmas spirit toot sweet!

The only thing I'm not satisfied with in my life right now is that my words haven't returned yet. I assume they will, but, well, I have notes to send, and I'd like that to be a less than painful exercise. :-/

But, on the whole, life is good. I'll post photos at some point, but not today. Today's to do list is already full enough.



Oct. 21st, 2013 11:46 am
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I think I'm finally coming down with the cold that's been haunting this house. I say it's been haunting the house because it hasn't actually shown itself through manifestation, it just hints that it's there, lurking... an unwanted presence that will try to possess us should we make one misstep. All of us have been feeling off for a couple of weeks (since the last cold/infection), and, well... I guess I misstepped.

Tired. Really. )

Anyway. That's my little bitch and moan session.

Good things abound, but they're just a little harder to see through the blur of tiredness. However, the fall foliage has been beautiful, and I have had a very good view of it from my living room. Took a couple of photos of the currently glowing maple that colors our view orange. I missed the opportunity of photographing the other maple that made sitting on the couch a restorative affair. Ah well. Next year.

I had the time to just lounge yesterday away without getting behind on too much.

I was able to be the good guy to Page, despite my off-putting lounging.

I have about 10 quarts of chicken stock on the stove, needing to be dealt with. That should last a while (assuming I deal with it).

My problems are mostly first world problems. Not only first world problems, but (lower) middle class problems. We have a nice home in a safe neighborhood that we're not in any immediate danger of losing because Geoff has a good job with good people. And there's almost always enough food in the fridge (and if there isn't, it's usually because it's shopping day). That's always worth remembering.

ETA: Another good thing is that I won't have to go back to the money grubbers for my next scrip. I mean, I like my psychiatrist, I really do, but I hate the center she works for. So yay. And I just counted up the days and my pills, and I have enough prescription (and refill) to last until well after my initial visit with the new center. Yay!

But, yeah. Tired now. Gonna go make myself something to snack on. I may even choose something healthy. Maybe. It's been known to happen on occasion. ;-)
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Geoff and I are going to go on a date! Not today, 'cause I'm all tired from cleaning (not to mention there's a metric tonne of cooking to do), but on Thursday afternoon.

We're going to go see "Gravity" on the 3D imax screen up in Big Town (Manchester).

We're both psyched.

And tonight we're going to watch, er, something as a reward for getting the cleaning done.

Another good thing is that I think I've found a doable recipe for Page's birthday cake (gluten- and egg-free makes for difficult baking). It will involve prunes... It actually does sound delicious and adaptable.

I also perfected the chocolate almond pow* into a really delectable candy. The trick is to coat it in coconut powder.

(* Almond pow is the name Page gave to a goopy combination of almond butter, honey and coconut (either unsweetened shredded or coconut powder). When I make it without cocoa powder, I like to add a lot of ginger and/or garam masala, which makes the "pow" in the name a little more sensible, but Page prefers it plain, or with only a bit of cinnamon. Very adaptable little candy, though.)

Probably the best thing is that this is a four day weekend for me, and I'm almost all caught up on schoolwork. Only thing I have to do is my photo assignment, and I'm probably going to do that on Tuesday when my hostas arrive. (The assignment is tell a story in 10 pictures. I'll show myself planting the hostas. If it doesn't work out, I still have a day left to do something else.)

Yay! Relaxation!

So, I hope everyone else is having a nice weekend.

Holy moly!

Sep. 12th, 2013 01:33 pm
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I... am rather glad not to be living in Colorado (especially the Boulder area) right now. Wow. They are getting pounded like nobody's business. By rain, of all things. And this rain storm's conditions might even be worse than the one that caused the Big Thompson flood (1976? '77?), because of the extreme heat drying out the ground (making it impermeable), along with the lack of trees due to fire. The landscape will probably be visibly different next time we're over there... Fortunately, there's a significant improvement in the alert system since the Big Thompson, so there should be far, far fewer deaths this time round.

But yeesh. Three dams have broken, Boulder is closed, Lyons and Jamestown are completely isolated (and very vulnerable), and the only way to get to Estes Park is by Trail Ridge Road...

I've heard from several of my friends in the affected areas already, kindly letting us know they're okay (though one has been evacuated, and I'm worried about her for her house because it's basically right on a stream), and I'll assume that the rest are okay until I hear otherwise, but my thoughts are definitely going out to all of them right now.

And then there's me... ;-) )
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Oh, I should have seen it coming... My chiropractor claims (from the car accident) are being denied by the city's insurance because, get this, I had a previous injury. Never mind that said previous injury happened 28 years ago...

Okay, just talked to Geoff, and he says that it's a matter of paperwork. The claim adjuster who had worked on this case was a bitter, spiteful person whose last day was last Thursday. The new person, whom Geoff has talked to, said it's just that the paperwork was muffed, so please to be sending the right person the right things.

*rolls eyes*

Good. I guess I can list that under Good Thing #1.

Good Thing #2 is the perfect iced coffee I had this morning. I had saved the leftover coffee I made a couple days ago, and blended that up with (cold) coconut milk and honey, poured it over ice in my thermos and mmmmmmmm!

Good Thing #3 is being invited to a pow wow in September. It sounds awesome, and I'm very much looking forward to seeing if it could be a thing for me to do.

Good Thing #4: Got shit done. Not only have I gotten shit done, but I've done it (so far - knock on wood) without breaking myself! As I told Geoff on Sunday, "Don't worry, I can do it. I'm not disabled anymore." SO! FREAKING! GOOD!!!

Good Thing #5 is that it was the first day of school for Page. And a bonus to that lot of goodness is that it was a pretty good day for him, too!

So, yeah. Life is pretty good. Despite bitter, vindictive insurance adjusters. :-)
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- The humidity level is down to something reasonable, finally. The air isn't hard to breathe for its thickness, anymore. Yay!

- I got a bit of a back rub this morning, which helped tremendously. I might be able to skip the painkillers today because of it (though probably I'll still take the anti-inflammatories).

- I submitted my final Word Lab last night and got a 95%. Normally, I'd be a bit upset about that grade, but this prof is so persnickety that I'm happy. Only the final to go, and I'm done. I'll find out my final grade on Saturday or thereabout.

- Page is busy reading an old Superman anthology of Geoff's, meaning he's not talking or otherwise making noise. It also means he's no longer trying to jump on the furniture in a way that isn't disallowed.

- Shiv updated "A Law to Herself"! (Has it really been 5 years since the last update? Really?!?)

- I got my guys to pick up their stuff, leaving the house reasonably tidy once again.

- Upcoming vacation. Oh, god yes.

- I'm going to paint again today. In fact, I'm going to go do that right now.
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- Got my final Word lab to start on. It's due Wednesday. Don' wanna.

- Geoff is home (though not at this exact moment as he's taken Page to the last swim lesson of the session), which is marvelous. We've been walking hand-in-hand wherever we go.

- Lord the acting is terrible in 1st season ST:NG. Absolutely horrible. Not even Patrick Stewart is good. Actually, I think Jonathon Frakes is probably the best one of the bunch, which I find highly amusing. All the others make me cringe. Cringe!

- My house is pretty when it's tidy.

- I've painted this week. Twice. I thought I had finished one of the paintings, but on further reflection, I haven't. It needs glazing for more depth. The other painting is nowhere near finished as it still needs a bajillion layers of glaze to get it to the right colors/intensity. A layer a day should get it there within the next century, though. :-) (<--Artist's math is cool, isn't it? It's like the opposite of Writer's Math!)

- Alone time is happening. Right now! And I expect I can get more of it later on today, too! SO COOL!

- My stomach, while still on the fragile side, seems to have basically recovered from the rancid mustard of yesterday. No more cramping, anyway. Yay!

- Related: we now have non-rancid-mustard-infected food to eat in the house. Double yay!

- Have I mentioned how happy I am to have Geoff back? Cuz I really, really am. Just want to snuggle into his arms and stay there all day. Page wants that too, though, so I guess we'll have to work out a compromise. ;-D

- I suppose I've stalled long enough. Gotta go do my homework. I must say I am really looking forward to Freedom Friday (first day after the last day of class)!
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Annoying first so as to get it out of the way:

Read more... )

So, it's not too bad around here. Honest. I'm just wordier when I bitch and moan. ;-)
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My finger slipped and I bought a Chromebook (Samsung version) for a song on Amazon. First a cell phone (a smart phone at that!), and now a netbook? I do believe the end of the world might be nigh.

Though mostly it's all just for convenience. Page needs to start learning how to code, and, well, combine that with my increased computer needs over the next twelve months, and I came to the conclusion that more than one computer will be needed in this house. (It also means that I will be able to move to a different room and still be able to do my homework, if necessary. Or send the distractor to a different room with it.)

As for the cell phone... I've conceded that it's rude to not have one nowadays. And, well, I'm not going to be sharing my number widely, so I'll know that if I do get a call (in class, say), it's really quite important.

School-related kvetching )

Page, meanwhile, is doing remarkable well. Today, as we were driving back from dropping Geoff off at the airport, he said his stomach hurt but that it might just be from the anxiety of not having his dad around. !!! O_o !!! If he keeps this up, he will be a very centered, self-aware person, which would be awesome. (As long as it doesn't result in egoism, that is.)

He's actually been really great lately. I think it's the whole gamut of things we're doing - physically, mentally and emotionally - not just one or two things, but whatever it is, it's working. Hmm. Not being in school is almost certainly one of the elements... :-/

But, I mean, not taking into account when he's super hungry or tired, we can ask him to do something, and he'll do it! This is monumental! I just hope it continues for this entire developmental stage!

But now I've stalled for long enough. Need to go get a midnight snack and head to bed. Too bad the most pleasant part of the day is that which is designated for sleeping...
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Right. To balance out the crud, here's some good things I have been grateful for this very morning:

- My Clematis survived! I bought it in mid-May, brought it home and found it was infected with leaf wilt, a nasty fungal infection. The treatment for leaf wilt is to chop the infected vines off at the ground, as the roots aren't affected. So, that's what I did (rather than return it). I chopped off the lone vine and planted the young roots where I want the clematis to be. I figured that I wouldn't see hide nor hair of it till next spring, if it survived at all. Well, it now has four leaves with buds for more! Yay! And best of all, they look like healthy leaves, just like the advisers said they would!

- Three of my hardy glads have survived and sprouted! I had given them up for dead, seeing as I planted them in early May and haven't seen any signs of life. But, well, here they come! Hopefully more than those three survived, but I guess I'll have to be patient in finding out.

- My mum is arriving tonight! And on Sunday, she, my sister and I are off on a week-long road trip to PEI!

- Tea. Plain, unflavored black tea with honey.

- Alone time. Geoff's been taking a bit of time off work lately (he never changed his June time off form from three weeks to one), which is nice and all, but, well, it also means little to no alone time for me. Today he's off to do a favor for Former!Neighborlady, leaving me blissfully alone for a few hours. Yay!


Jun. 11th, 2013 10:43 am
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Okay, I know I've complained about Page's school a fair amount, and I still think their communication channels could be better (well, if they existed they would be better), but I have to own that we are so damned lucky to be in this school's district.

First, the school counselor is awesome. Not only do the kids love him, but he really excels at dealing with parents. Or maybe just us, but anyway, he's awesome. So, so glad he's there.

Second, this is a Title I school, which would be considered a bad thing by a lot of people, but it's almost certainly because most of the kids in the school are at a disadvantage somehow. Either English is their second language, or they have emotional/behavioral/medical issues, or they're poor. And this means the school has vast experience in dealing with non-normative kids. The counselor explained to us how they're changing things (really just expanding programs already in place in individual classrooms) to make it easier for all the kids, especially the ones with issues. I don't know how much of that is due to the new principal or if it was already in the works with the old one, but the programs are Good.

Third, perhaps partly because of the second, all the teachers have experience with kids on the spectrum. They all have training and education about dealing with kids on the spectrum.

And fourth, definitely because of the second, Page is never going to be the oddball of the school. And, as his classmates progress and see that Page is not even close to being the oddest (or most difficult) kid they've ever known, they will, hopefully, fully grasp that there are all sorts of people in the world, and that's okay. With luck (and good teaching and management), it'll lead to a more accepting generation of adults.

So I'm happy. Still freaking out at the necessities facing me (Socializing! AAAAAAAAH!!!), but much less so. So yay.

And now I need to get my brain in gear for homework. Yep.

After I do a couple more crosswords. *nods*

Good things

Jun. 9th, 2013 10:46 am
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Because I have been far too negative and bitchy and whiny lately. Far, far too much for the relative comfort of my position.

Seven good things for seven grumpy days )

And now I should go finish this week's homework. :-)


May. 23rd, 2013 09:30 pm
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First, I want to do this (#4). I very much doubt Geoff will let me, considering he likes to have drywall screws for hanging up half pound, glassless pictures that can literally be held up by thumbtacks. (I do the majority of picture hanging when he's not around. ;-)

Of course, I'm not sure where I'd do that, but still...

Mostly good stuff, but rambly and random )
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It is now Allergy Spring. I itches, precious.

It's still beautiful out, though. The flowering trees have pretty much ended, but the rhodos and azaleas are coming into their own, and, oh my, I think I'm going to have a glorious crop of irises this year! I will be taking pictures of my garden. Tomorrow.

Tomorrow, my new camera should be arriving. I went ahead and got the Canon Powershot SX500. The SX50 was out of my price range, but the SX500 should do pretty nicely, even if it doesn't have a viewfinder. The macro feature is far, far better than my SX100, its range is 24mm - 700mm (whereas my current camera only goes down to 28mm) and it gets pretty solid reviews for its class. Not the best, but solid enough for an amateur like me. Plus, I can list it as a school expense on this year's taxes. :-)

Today is... going to be a lot more work than I want. It seems Geoff was right (or closer to right than I was) about the difficulty level of moving the planter boxes. We moved the long, narrow one and all its dirt yesterday, and, well, I was frustrated to start with (I actually had a mini-temper tantrum, bashing my thumb as I did so), and the frustration did not improve upon learning that, despite our best efforts to protect it, the wood of the boxes is starting to rot. We actually had to replace one of the uprights because it disintegrated as we took the planks off.

Ah well.

The other planter boxes should be easier, as they aren't as embedded as the long one was, but it's still going to be an awful lot of toiling. I hope to get one more moved today (with or without dirt, I'm not picky) before we start the cooking extravaganza. Because cooking also has to, has to happen.

Of course, all I want to do is go back to sleep, but that's likely the benadryl talking. Well, the benadryl, stress, and achiness. This has been a long week. And I am very glad to have the morning alone. God, am I glad.

Other good things are:

Read more... )

Right. Off I go to... collect rocks for the rock "wall"? Bed? Unscrew the planter box? *shrug* Don' know. But off I go.


May. 6th, 2013 09:00 am
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Horrible, nasty, vile, just... awful dreams last night. So many things were wrong, and wrong in such awful ways. Some minor details )

It was a relief to wake up and find that ALL of it, including the bits in which I had supposedly woken up (with relief), was a dream.

So. Need good things to counteract all that... nastiness.

Good thing 1: Gardening is a joy. It really, really is. I've been sneaking bits of time here and there to go take care of things (usually when my eyes have started burning from reading too much), and I always come back in beaming. It's difficult to limit myself, time-wise, but even ten minutes outside weeding will perk me up. I think it helps that the sun has been shining, so I'm getting my vitamin D. :-)

Good thing 2: Impromptu invites. In exchange for an aloe cutting (I recently repotted a few of my plants, and ended up with two aloes from one massive one), we were invited to dinner at a friend's house. It was lovely. It's been a long time since I'd seen any of them, and it reminded me of how much I do miss my friends. Almost enough to rejoin the church choir. Almost.

Good thing 3: There's only three days of school left. I will be studying for my accounting final today (I'd really like to ace it), and I am actually well on my way to getting prepared for the biology tests, whatever doubts and frustrations I spouted yesterday.

Good thing 4: It seems I was correct about the old car's driver's seat being the cause of my hip pain. I realized this weekend that my hip hasn't hurt to the same degree in a few weeks. In fact, my hip has been pretty much complaint-free. It's gotten to the point where I'm considering starting up walking again! I miss walking in the woods...

Good thing 5: Page picked up his legos from the common areas yesterday. You have no idea how much of a difference that makes to me.

Yes, (real) life is pretty good.


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