Apr. 3rd, 2017 12:22 pm
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So those who follow me on that other site will know by now that my life is in major flux right now, as Geoff accepted a job in Albuquerque, NM. Which is approximately 2000 miles from here. He moves (with our stuff) in the end of May, while Page and I stay here for another week or so to finish up the major school events.

It will be excellent, and we're happy and excited and all that, but, well, there's so much to be done in the meanwhile. We're fortunate in that two days after our home went on the market it received an offer (which we accepted). But... omg, there is just so much to do. On both ends. And logistics to unravel out the wazoo.

I'm writing this post as much to try and motivate myself to write a to do list as to communicate, because with the immediate blitz of activity out of the way, I'm struggling to motivate myself into doing everything else that needs doing. Granted, this is my first day of alone-time in nearly two weeks, so I may just take it as a (well-deserved) holiday. I'm happy to do all that I can do, but it's wearing. Especially the patience needed for everything.

That said, I really am looking forward to this move. I will miss my friends around here terribly, but I am so looking forward to sunshine almost every day. And the horizons. Both Geoff and I drifted toward the hotel's driveway to gaze at the horizon the morning after we arrived for our whirlwind house-hunting tour. It'll be weird to have the mountains to the east of us (volcanoes to the west!), but it's a surprisingly beautiful city we're moving to. Not pretty, per se, but beautiful. And the architecture is SO much more to our taste. While I like Cape Cod houses, and New Englanders, the preponderance of salt boxes and colonials here will make pueblo style buildings a happy thing to observe for the next decade.

The main benefit of the move, however, is going to be our proximity to family. It's only a 6-hour *drive* to my sister and her family, so if there are family emergencies or celebrations, we can go! (Alas, we'll be moving two weeks too late to attend my niece's graduation. Boo!) And everyone else in Colorado is way closer than she is. We'll be able to see Geoff's parents every month!

And, did I mention the weather's better in Albuquerque? Because, well, we left New England in the cold gray, and came back to it starting to drop cement-like snow two days later. This last week. We need the moisture out here, but I am not loving the fact we've gotten our winter's worth of snow (and frigid cold) over the past 6 weeks. That's supposed to be a Front Range thing, not a New England thing!

Ah well.

Anyway, that's enough muttering. And puttering, probably. I need to... do stuff. What stuff, I still haven't decided, but do stuff I must.

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Five minutes in a roasting car (Babe needed the warmth after swimming), and I'm a raw, emotional, self-pitying mess.

And I've been thinking I want to move to Colorado? *boggles*
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Oct. 12th, 2009 01:17 pm
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I just finished reading Heyer's "A Civil Contract," which was a much more interesting and rewarding read than I had anticipated. Not her usual fluff, but not a thriller, either. I wonder if that was one of the books that inspired Meave Binchy with "The Shell Seekers."

Now I just have to read "Chocolat" and I can return to the library without borrower's remorse.

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So, I'm busy, but there's not much to actually talk about. Yet...

The downside to this weekend was that the health insurance quotes came in. On the plus side, we'll be able to afford to cover all of us without going into any more debt. On the downside, it's pretty damn expensive for catastrophe insurance.

Geoff is more open to moving across the border now, which is good, but not without hope of a job, which is reasonable. It's difficult to research jobs, however, when most of the job-search pages are blocked from outside the country. Reasonable, but annoying. I'm hoping my family know some people who might be helpful in this regard.

Anyway, that's enough chattering for now. I need to go get myself some tea or hot water and figure out what I'm going to do with the day. :-)

Oh, yay!

Aug. 27th, 2009 11:15 am
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Babe is a Canadian citizen! He doesn't have the proof yet, but I won't have to worry about sponsoring him! Yay!

Now I just need to read through all the stuff and figure out if it's better to sponsor Geoff or if he should apply for permanent residence as a skilled worker on his own.

Oh. And I need to reschedule that important appointment so I can go to Buffalo with Geoff, as the Canadian Immigration Office is in Buffalo. Two weeks should be enough time to read through all this stuff and figure out what to do... I hope.


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