Apr. 3rd, 2017 12:22 pm
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So those who follow me on that other site will know by now that my life is in major flux right now, as Geoff accepted a job in Albuquerque, NM. Which is approximately 2000 miles from here. He moves (with our stuff) in the end of May, while Page and I stay here for another week or so to finish up the major school events.

It will be excellent, and we're happy and excited and all that, but, well, there's so much to be done in the meanwhile. We're fortunate in that two days after our home went on the market it received an offer (which we accepted). But... omg, there is just so much to do. On both ends. And logistics to unravel out the wazoo.

I'm writing this post as much to try and motivate myself to write a to do list as to communicate, because with the immediate blitz of activity out of the way, I'm struggling to motivate myself into doing everything else that needs doing. Granted, this is my first day of alone-time in nearly two weeks, so I may just take it as a (well-deserved) holiday. I'm happy to do all that I can do, but it's wearing. Especially the patience needed for everything.

That said, I really am looking forward to this move. I will miss my friends around here terribly, but I am so looking forward to sunshine almost every day. And the horizons. Both Geoff and I drifted toward the hotel's driveway to gaze at the horizon the morning after we arrived for our whirlwind house-hunting tour. It'll be weird to have the mountains to the east of us (volcanoes to the west!), but it's a surprisingly beautiful city we're moving to. Not pretty, per se, but beautiful. And the architecture is SO much more to our taste. While I like Cape Cod houses, and New Englanders, the preponderance of salt boxes and colonials here will make pueblo style buildings a happy thing to observe for the next decade.

The main benefit of the move, however, is going to be our proximity to family. It's only a 6-hour *drive* to my sister and her family, so if there are family emergencies or celebrations, we can go! (Alas, we'll be moving two weeks too late to attend my niece's graduation. Boo!) And everyone else in Colorado is way closer than she is. We'll be able to see Geoff's parents every month!

And, did I mention the weather's better in Albuquerque? Because, well, we left New England in the cold gray, and came back to it starting to drop cement-like snow two days later. This last week. We need the moisture out here, but I am not loving the fact we've gotten our winter's worth of snow (and frigid cold) over the past 6 weeks. That's supposed to be a Front Range thing, not a New England thing!

Ah well.

Anyway, that's enough muttering. And puttering, probably. I need to... do stuff. What stuff, I still haven't decided, but do stuff I must.



Oct. 22nd, 2014 05:59 pm
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Page is obviously ill as he seems incapable of being more than five feet away from me at any point. Well, that and the stomach and head aches. (He's perked up a lot since the tylenol kicked in.) This would suit me well enough if it weren't for the fact that I have conflicting needs of getting homework done (1st draft of the story I'm writing) and napping like a napping thing. Oh, and the weight of the house on my shoulders...

Meanwhile, I am very, very glad that I have job. Our bank balance will remain in the black for at least the next three weeks or so! Yay! I will have to start seriously looking for work come December, though. Hopefully I'll find something besides retail because retail won't work. The unreliability of the hours would make life too difficult. Difficulty is too stressful for me and my silly body.

Life is piling up, and with it, anxiety. The more disorderly things become, the less stable I am. I'm not thrilled about that aspect of myself, but there it is. Unfortunately, Geoff isn't really in a position to help out more than cooking dinner every other night. Granted, he's actually been doing the majority of the cooking... And will probably be called on to make dinner tonight... (I'm such a bad wife.)

But otherwise things are pretty good despite fall definitely being on its way out (I think I may have seen a snowflake today. I hope to hell it was just a stray cigarette ash from the car ahead, though!). The colors are turning rusty, and the skies are lowering. Literally. It's supposed to be rainy and chilly for the rest of the week, and I can only hope that it is lighter the next few days than it was today. I don't like persistent twilight. Ah well. That's me complaining again, isn't it?

But I've now pawned my child off on Nanny Telly, so I should use the time to get to work. I only have a fight scene, a denouement and a Chekov-eque set-up description to write, so I should be able to get it all done tonight, right? (She laughs...)

My best to all of you. Keep hanging in there.
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So... I think I've mentioned how Geoff has about a gazillion hours of comp time accrued, right? Like four months' worth? (Comp. time is like paid vacation time without any residual value, btw. It's how we can take extravagantly long vacations now and again.)

Well, anyway, tonight I was pottering around the Kahn Academy site, looking at what I'll have to learn to CLEP out of a couple of my required courses, when I scrolled down a bit further than I had ever scrolled before and saw the job listings.

Curious about what positions might be open, I clicked. And, OMG, ya'll, there's a six-week summer teaching job that is so incredibly up Geoff's alley (I pointed it out to him, and he grinned and said, "Yeah, that would be fun.").

Obviously, it's not going to happen for this summer, but I bet the job posting will be there every summer... and...

It's such a perfect opportunity!

- It's in the SF Bay area. Quite close to where my brother lives.
- It would make a CA coastline drive (a bucket list item of mine) feasible.
- It would basically be a free (or inexpensive) vacation for me and Page, and fun work for Geoff.
- It would put a little recent teaching cred onto Geoff's resume!

All I have to do is remember to look at the site spring after next (next year is conference year. Bleh). Somehow. *chews lip*

Yes, I know I'm counting my chickens before they've hatched on many, many fronts, but, well, that's why I'm calling it a dream rather than a goal. But sometimes dreams do come true...


Dec. 5th, 2012 01:59 pm
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Geoff is on his way home. Today. Like, right now.

I... didn't believe him when he told me. And then I thought that something must have gone even more wrong than usual - that the place he was working had caught fire and closed, or maybe he'd even been fired.

But no. Everything went well. Everything went so well that he and his coworker are on an airplane bus to a different airport to come home. Today. Instead of tomorrow.

This is literally unprecedented. He has returned from this worksite on-time before (once or twice), but that is a rarity, and usually it's a very close shave kind of situation. Usually this place sucks him in and doesn't let him out until a follow-up visit in the near future is scheduled, and only then because he doesn't have the parts necessary to fix what broke. Because things always break at this site. Always. It is a nightmare site because the equipment is (technologically) ancient and way, way overworked.

So, I am sitting here rather dazed and wondering whether the End is actually Nigh. Or if Hell froze over. Or what. However, I am grateful to whatever has caused this to happen. Even if the Flying Spaghetti Monster itself is about to overwhelm the land in a flood of marinara as the skies rain parmesan.


And hell, if this is what happens when I get a low test score (91%), then I should definitely do less studying!
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So, a couple of small birds decided to use a hole in our roof-wall just outside my bedroom to make a nest. Their eggs hatched about a week ago, and I'm pretty sure that only a layer of drywall separates them from us.

It's loud in the morning. Oh god, it's loud.

Sunday, after yet another 5am wake-up chirp, I decided, in a fit of foul-tempered pique, to gather every single unused pillow in the house and stuff them behind the wardrobe on the spot corresponding with the nest-hole. Result? About 2 Db difference. They now sound like they are immediately outside the room instead of in the room with us, thanks to the crappy insulation and the amazing echoing power of the cheep. If I had more confidence in the integrity of the exterior particle board (and studs), I would drill a hole and fill it with foam insulation. However, I really don't feel like explaining a burst roof-wall to the HOA.

I am so bloody tired. I napped for five hours today, I am so bloody tired. (Well... there are mitigating circumstances to that, as well, but still!)

Life )

Now I should go make dinner and maybe weed the veggie garden. We're having friends over on Sunday, and I'd like for all the gardens to look tidy by then. However, I'll admit I'm afraid of the back garden now, what with the mosquitoes. I don't want to lose another two days to allergic inflammation! On the plus side, it's actually a decent temperature out today (unlike what it's predicted to be mid-week!), so I could wear my long socks under long pants and a long shirt and maybe make it out alive. Or just wait until tomorrow late-morning when the bugs aren't quite so active... ;-)
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...why I find it hard to hold a grudge against Geoff's company (even if they are perennially slow to reimburse business expenses):

1. They let Page crash there every morning there wasn't school (and the business was open) while I went to school without complaint.

2. Last night they told all the employees who are still without power to go to a hotel on their dime.

This morning when I dropped Geoff and Page off, I saw the secretary there with her son, and when I picked Page up, it turned out a couple other people brought their little kids in. And the owners just giggled at their antics.


Mar. 1st, 2011 02:33 pm
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I should be making chicken stock, (pomegranate or black cherry?) jello and/or roasted squash right now. However, the roast chicken doesn't have to go into the oven until 3:30, and I figure I can probably stall till then... Without trying very hard.

Geoff )

My ear is overcrowded. I want it to kick out the interlopers and get on with draining, as the neighboring sinuses are starting to complain.

Mucus aside, gross digression ), I actually had a bounce in my step this morning! An hour and a half of running around and doing errands kinds wore it down to a mild vibration, but I do think I'm on the upswing, now. Assuming my ear drains.

No sugar tonight in my coffee... )

My computer has been annoying me lately. I'm up to date on all the updates, but I can't view videos. Or rather, I can view videos if I have supreme patience. It takes forever for even a short video to buffer (that Snape personal ad took three minutes to buffer the one minute clip!) and then, with longer videos, it stops to buffer every two minutes! AAAAHH!

I've done several scans and no spyware seems to have latched on, and the (rebooted) router says it's going great guns, but... It's most annoying. Streaming is completely out until this gets fixed, and neither Geoff nor I know how to fix it. Ah well.

Knitting for Aeternitas )

Aaaaaand, that's about it. I'm sure I could blather on longer, but the laundry is actually calling to me, as is my unmade bed.

"Elizzzzaaaaabeeethhhh!" they whisper tantalizingly, "Come tennnnnnd tooooo meeeeeeeeee!"

You know you've been ill too long when the thought of doing chores is exciting. :-D

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Five minutes in a roasting car (Babe needed the warmth after swimming), and I'm a raw, emotional, self-pitying mess.

And I've been thinking I want to move to Colorado? *boggles*
Bitch, bitch, moan, moan. )

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Acrylic on 8X10" canvas board

Didn't get to paint today, but got taken out to breakfast by a painting/creative group friend with a business proposition. Have mixed feelings about the offer, mostly because it feels as if I'll be robbing her. (I bargained my wage down. I'm sorry, but $15/h is too much to be paid to sit around and be company when I would happily do it for free. Why yes, I am a Hufflepuff. And no, I don't like accepting charity.)

I'm feeling like the last year's whining has come back to bite me on the butt. That and my flakiness. *shrug* Don't know what I can do to fix the damage seeing as I will continue to be flaky and whiny for the foreseeable future.

The Curse of the Conference(tm) has started setting in. Servers at Geoff's work are starting to die off just as the deadlines are crowding in. Never fails.

Need to go work on pre-vacation checklist. And really don't want to.

A storm is looming.


Oct. 12th, 2009 01:17 pm
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I just finished reading Heyer's "A Civil Contract," which was a much more interesting and rewarding read than I had anticipated. Not her usual fluff, but not a thriller, either. I wonder if that was one of the books that inspired Meave Binchy with "The Shell Seekers."

Now I just have to read "Chocolat" and I can return to the library without borrower's remorse.

Rambling on about nothing much )

So, I'm busy, but there's not much to actually talk about. Yet...

The downside to this weekend was that the health insurance quotes came in. On the plus side, we'll be able to afford to cover all of us without going into any more debt. On the downside, it's pretty damn expensive for catastrophe insurance.

Geoff is more open to moving across the border now, which is good, but not without hope of a job, which is reasonable. It's difficult to research jobs, however, when most of the job-search pages are blocked from outside the country. Reasonable, but annoying. I'm hoping my family know some people who might be helpful in this regard.

Anyway, that's enough chattering for now. I need to go get myself some tea or hot water and figure out what I'm going to do with the day. :-)


Jun. 14th, 2009 05:59 pm
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highs and lows )

Thanks for the birthday wishes! It has been a good weekend for the most part. I will answer your posts individually when I have relocated my braincells.

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I don't want to go to bed alone, but it would be sheer insanity (nay, stupidity) to stay up till Geoff gets home, as he's likely not going to get back until the wee hours of the morn at the earliest. He was expecting to go into work after I got back from choir, but he wasn't expecting to have to go into work for the problem he's gone into work for. Clear as mud?

Emergencies suck. At least it's not the "life or death" kind of emergency.

Did go to choir, though. Sang some fairly high notes, too. My throat hurts a bit because of them, but at least my range is back to about normal. Yay! And just in time to sing a tricky little devil of a spiritual ("Elijah Rock" by Moses Hogan). At least we have one more full practice before that happens.

I want to write, but it's a bit like talking on the phone with a toddler in the background.

It was a dark and stormy night

Ooh, solitaire.

She looked around, trying to find the cliff's edge...

What is her motivation for being out in the storm, anyway? And how do I write about her hair getting in her mouth without being verbose or sarcastic?

She called out his name.

Fuck, this is boring.


Ooh, solitaire.

Her voice disappeared in the wind, following the gales over the cliff of doom 's edge.

Yeah. I think I would be better served to just go to bed. Like I know I should. Besides, I've written just enough to get me past that first hurdle and now I can meditate on how to write the next one. One paragraph sentence word at a time.

Ah, yes...

Jan. 23rd, 2009 12:12 am
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I remember why I hate Geoff's work. I haven't toted up what his hourly total for this week is (not counting Saturday, since that is technically from last week), but it has to be close to 70 hours so far. And that's with a 'sick' day, when he only worked for about six hours.

I know I shouldn't be complaining, and I am grateful he has a job, but honestly... He's still not home after fourteen hours, and he has to do road travel tomorrow.

It's completely insane.
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Well, as it turns out, Friday was Christmas after all. Not only was the news good (in a perverse kind of way) but DH came home with news of not only a raise (first since starting here) but also a bonus! On second thought, maybe it isn't Christmas afterall... maybe Hell has finally frozen over. Whatever it is, it's all good.

Yesterday we sent Babe off on his first trip without us. Our friends had a Christmas party to attend at the Children's museum and asked to borrow Babe. I think I finally decided it would be a good idea on Tuesday (DH was out of town again). So anyway, Babe left at 10 am, and at 10:30 DH and I were out the door to go see a movie! First movie in months and months and months.

To bad we went to see Harry Potter. At least DH enjoyed it. Okay, that's not fair. I enjoyed it. I was shaking with silent laughter through most of it. And Ralph's make-up was tolerable, while his performance fit the movie perfectly. Ach well, live and learn. Serves me right for not getting any spoilers.

Then last night, after Babe was returned with glorious reviews of the day, the three of us went to DH's workplace Christmas party. It's a lot more fun with a kid. Especially one who is absolutely beautiful, huge, and being very, very good. (DH and I are so lucky.)

I was actually fairly outgoing, which was nice, and had a good conversation with a nice couple, who are new to the company. One comment upset me, though.

We were talking about home towns (it all started with "It's a Wonderful Life" What is it about that movie?). The wife was saying how she didn't like the movie, because she found the idea of being trapped in one's home town rather depressing. I agreed completely. But a little later on I amended my opinion, saying how I missed certain aspects of Boulder, my hometown. I explained how it being a University town was nice because the populace was mostly educated (and they can converse intelligently on a variety of topics), among a few other positive traits.

A little later the conversation had veered into why I didn't like the wife's hometown (I lived there for a year, and it was a miserable year), and, well, I had to explain where I was coming from, so I started by saying, "Well, Boulder is fascistly Liberal..."

At this point the husband said, "When you said educated, I figured you meant Liberal."

How sad a comment is that? Are conservatives illiterate dunderheads, then? Or is it that everyone thinks Liberals are such snobs that they view the world that way? Either way, it's a horrible, fallacious view and no one profits from it.

Begin rant )

You know?


Snape's Journal )

ETA: Okay, this is funny as all get out. Please read. (thanks [ profile] windypoint!),5744,17563462%255E601,00.html


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