Mar. 23rd, 2016 11:56 am
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If it weren't for the wrong frequency (super fast, like daily switcharoos), I would swear I'm bipolar. I'm not, of course. I am depressed and having the occasional good day, but, geez.

Last night I went to sleep "writing" a screed on how deadly western society is. I'm not going to literally write it out, but let's just say that I'm glad I'm loved, as that gives me strength in the face of society's unending, ghastly pressure.

There have been good things, though. Page is maturing. I'm painting. The snow from the late storm is all but gone, and it came early enough that it didn't crush the daffodils. (The crocuses slough them off without a problem, but the daffodils' egos are too big to survive.) I'd post pics, but apparently I don't have enough space to spare here, so oh well. Maybe I'll get around to posting them on my website at some point. (ha ha ha)

Another good thing is that my GP thinks I shouldn't have a problem being approved for disability. I mean, she told me that I will almost certainly have to apply more than once ("I think they have someone whose sole job is to stamp 'declined' on the first application..."), but that's a weight off my mind. I really, really, really don't want to go to the effort required to file for disability only to find that I'm not disabled enough in my doctor's eyes. She thinks it's a good idea.

What else...

Oh, I've been rewatching (in binge fashion) Avatar: The Last Airbender. It really is a very good show. The Book of Korra sequel is okay, I suppose, but TLA is really very good, and not just as a cartoon. So that's, er, good. (<-- how words have been to me lately. Spoken AND written. *sobs*)

Anyway. Still here. Mostly lurking.

Oh, speaking of lurking, does anyone know what's up with [ profile] kribu? I've been gone so long, I don't know if there was an event, or if she just slid away like so many have. I've been thinking about her and her mom a lot, lately, hoping they're okay.
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I hate making calls. Really, I'm almost phobic about it. Not quite, but it's amazing how long I have to psych myself up to make any call besides one to Geoff. Even calling family makes me nervous.

Ah well. I do need to find out whether Page is a Canadian citizen due to the date of his birth or not. So I guess I will call. At some point. Soon. Honest.

In other news, it was almost 80 degrees here yesterday. I sunbathed (for vitamin D purposes), and even as exposed as I was (sports bra and swim-skirt), I was getting uncomfortably warm by the time my 15 minutes were up.

However, later in the day, I persuaded Page to come outside with me, and I cleaned and weeded the garden while he regaled me with details about the new world he's creating. I had the thought that perhaps JRR Tolkien's mum (or, more likely, his nurse), went through something similar. It wasn't too bad, as my body was busy and my mind idle, but, wow. He can still talk.

While he was talking, I managed to weed most of the strawberries out of the ornamental garden out back. I still have a dozen or so to pull up, but I think I may have a chance of keeping up with them come spring. I also managed to pull up most of the alders that had taken root last year. My poor neglected garden really was neglected last year. I think I got out only a few times in the spring, and then... nothing. For the entire summer. And fall. (I lay the blame on the basement. It sucked everything out of me. Everything.)

But spring is definitely coming. Crocuses are blooming, daffodils and hyacinths are emerging, my honeysuckle is budding, and the creeping phlox is greening. And the grass, too. It even smells oddly fertile around here. It's a month early, but spring is definitely coming. Most people are pretty happy about this, and I figure I might as well join them. As long as we don't get a front-range spring with two foot snow drops that break all the trees and kill all the flowers, I'm okay with winter being done. I certainly don't want a deep freeze to come along at this point!

I have also been productive in the basement. Two wall panels are done(ish), and cabinets have been installed on them. I've also put up one unit of pegboard and organized the more necessary tools on it. It's a temporary storage solution, as many things will go on the as yet unfinished walls, but it's getting there. And it's all accessible!!! Oh, man, is it nice to be able to use the basement to construct things again. And, I am constructing things. I've almost finished the column to cover the support beam, which is the first step to creating the storage cabinet for the laundry area (which will double as an art storage place; it'll be double sided), which should improve life for us me significantly.

Painting... I haven't been so productive. I did put in a week of labor getting "Herald" framed up nicely (enough) so as to put it in the Art Association's Spring art show at the mall. That went up last Saturday. I still have yet to go down to the mall to photograph the show. Ah well.

I've also started sketching with watercolors (well, watered-down acrylics; use what you have) in preparation for a painting I want to do. I overworked the first sketch, but it's not too bad. I'll share a photo of it eventually. I think that also happened on Saturday... Heh.

Otherwise, life has been spent drinking tea and running around in a daze. I sure would like this basement done so that I can take a guilt-free weekend off. But it's getting there. It is. Finally. Almost a year later... *grunts*

Anyway, I ought to go. Lunch to eat, instruments to deliver, husbands to ferry... Yep. Exciting stuff. ;-)

Good things

Feb. 4th, 2016 11:44 am
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Since I seem to be in a bit of a funk...

1. The lengthening of the days. Not just the lengthening, but the lightening of the days. It feels wrong to have a warm wind blowing in February in New England (in Colorado, sure! Chinooks are de rigeur, but not here!), but I can't help but be a little excited to see some dogwoods and magnolias thickening up with buds already. I just hope we don't get a Colorado Spring (i.e. all the wet snow that winter didn't bring just as all the flowers and leaves come out, crushing everything).

2. Free trials. I'm trying out Acorn TV for the month because they had immediate access to season 2 of Miss Fisher's Mysteries. I've been enjoying various other shows since I finished off that series (3rd season wasn't nearly as good for UST, alas). Lots of good fodder for painting sessions, except I had the unfortunate luck to have three (different) shows in a row focus on incest. Incest is one of the few things that completely squicks me out (that and blood play). But otherwise, I've been entertaining myself with lots of good quality murder mysteries. Yay.

3. Our internet is now reliable. I don't know what it is about me and phones, but we have a problematic relationship. Maybe they sense my fear and react offensively, like a wild creature... Except the problems occur even when I have no fear; my cell phone often refuses to let me talk to Geoff (seriously, it will cut the connection as soon as he's picked up, if it allows the call to go through in the first place), and our DSL service through our phone company was getting beyond frustrating in its refusal to work for me (and pretty much just me). So we switched to cable internet (deal with the devil, unfortunately) and a VOIP phone service. Both are in perfect working order. The internet is still slowish, though that may have more to do with our processors than the speed, but it's available and reliable. And uploading pictures takes about 5 seconds as opposed to the 3 minutes it used to take. So that's awesome.

4. This painting of mine. )

It makes me very happy.

5. Having my little studio set up again. I was going to leave the living room in the configuration it was put into for Christmas until the basement was finished, but I kept tripping over my easel's legs and having to shift my painting things again and again and again, often while I was painting... It was a bother. So I rearranged the sofa ends to remake my little (seriously, it's an area of about 5 sq. ft./ .8 sq meter) painting nook. And boy, did that open up the rest of the living room! I am still anxiously awaiting getting the basement finished so I can move things around to better use the space (and make the book shelves behind the sofa accessible again!), but the room is functional again, which helps a lot.

ETA 6. Geoff gave me a hair cut last night. While it isn't the best haircut I've had, it did get rid of my mullet and make my head tidier overall. I am very pleased. :-)

It's unfortunate that I had to really dig for those five things, because really, there's a lot more good about my life than not, but, well, my health is getting spotty again, which makes it harder to see the good. But I'm still trying, at least.
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On the friendslist, that is. Nowhere near caught up on things that need doing in the here and now... Ach well. If I didn't comment on your entries, I apologize, but I have read back a couple of weeks now. You all got very active here while I was gone and didn't let me know! ;-)

Life here is... life. I think I'm doing the post-stress burn-out thing. I never realize how stressed I am at the time of the stress (school), and I'm great for about three days after the stress ends, but then... boom. Or should I say "crash"? Anyway, I'm okay, but so tired because the subliminal pain is disrupting my sleep. I'm still not sure what to (realistically) do about it at this point. I did take a benadryl last night (I had been itchy all day), which resulted in me waking almost rested, which was nice.

God, I'm bored just typing this out. You've probably already skipped on to the next post. I don't blame you.

Spring here is in full swing, and it's more or less lovely. A lot of rain and cloud-cover, though. My daffodils were glorious. Absolutely worth every penny and bead of sweat. And now my bleeding heart is putting on quite a show, which is also lovely. Next up are the irises, and it's looking like they're going to be kicking it up to fantabulous this year. It makes this garden mum proud, it does.

And it looks like every plant I planted survived. Well, non-bulb plants. I have no idea how many of the 300+ bulbs I planted last fall survived, though a good deal of them obviously did based on the spring show. But even my late-hard-frost-bitten clematis is alive and growing! I hope to get its trellis made before it needs it too desperately.

Page is also doing pretty well. Since he started the controller asthma meds, he's had a LOT more energy. It's been wonderful to see him running and playing and being happy! He's still got issues, but, by gum, there's progress. (Which is something I need to remember, especially as I focus on the stuff that still needs improvement.)

Geoff is... tired. He's been pushing himself lately, and probably will be pushing himself even more in the month to come as the biannual Conference of Doom approaches. Fortunately, he's not going to be on-site. In fact, it's almost guaranteed he won't be on-site, as the site is in China this year, and he doesn't have an entry visa. YAY! (Three weeks is too little time to get even an expedited visa, yes?) However, he's taking a full month off later this summer, so he should be feeling better by the time school starts up again.

Let's see... what else? Geoff and I spent Mother's Day staking the arbor into it's final resting place. I have a bit of repair work to do on the side of the arbor thanks to wind-damage (i.e. it being felled twice by a sharp breeze) but that will happen. Soonish. Maybe. I also made a garden bed out of pallet crate slats. I don't particularly recommend it unless you really have NO money to throw around. Those boards are... cheap. My goal is to have my back garden in good enough shape to have friends over to celebrate my birthday. That's only 3 weeks away, so it might not happen, but we'll see.

I suppose next week I really need to buckle down and start studying for a CLEP. Haven't decided which it's going to be, though - business law or microeconomics? And at some point I need to work on my resume. If I'm going to be applying to temp agencies in the fall, I suspect I need to start compiling and editing now. Because, yeah. :-P

And that's about it except for a to do list that's even more boring than what I've already written. Fun stuff. :-)

Read more... )

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and for the Americans, may it be a lovely Memorial Day.
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I think Spring has arrived! It's still early spring, as the cars and grass are still frosted over in the mornings, but, well, crocuses! Blooming, even! And signs of life from other plants! And surprises! Like, I gave my neighbor my orange poppy, because the color didn't go with the surrounding plants. I was away when she dug it out, and it seems she left bits of root, because I have three tiny little poppies sprouting up around where the original one was! Their color still won't go with the surrounding plants (and there's now a purple sedum there that'll crowd them horribly), but I figure I'll have prepared room to transplant them into as soon as they die back this summer.

Of course spring also means the onset of allergies. I've started Page on his inhaler and the controller medicine that he was given at his physical. I'm hoping his wheezing and cough is asthma, actually, as a friend recently had a bad case of pneumonia, and since we were all exposed to her germs pre-diagnosis... (After breakfast he coughed a deep-sounding cough and said it hurt, pointing to the middle of his left rib cage. *meeps*) Well, I'll know by tomorrow, I suspect. I was bad and sent him to school even with the wibbles.

Meanwhile, I've been single-parenting since Sunday, and it seems I will be doing so through Saturday. We both miss Geoff. And poor Geoff is going to be utterly wrecked when he comes home. I wish I could make doctor's appointments for illness in advance, because I'm pretty sure he'll be needing one by Monday.

And my school continues. Only a month left of classes, actually! This semester has been such a breeze so far! It's been far more restful than last semester was! Excel is fun, and Sage is... well, it is. At this point, it's routine. Easy as long as I pay close attention to all the details, especially dates and GL account numbers.

The thing that is stressing me out about school the most is the extracurricular stuff, actually. Like, I feel guilty about dropping out of PTK, but, well, also glad, because there's drama going on in there that I really don't want to deal with. And there's an art fair that I'm participating in on Saturday, but I'm woefully unprepared for. That's what I'll be doing tomorrow... *meeps*

But I should go and get moving. A friend is coming over to help me cook today, so I need to at least make sure the kitchen is presentable and the bathroom is clean. Oh, and do the shopping... :-)

Happy Spring, ya'll. Happy, happy Spring!
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It is now Allergy Spring. I itches, precious.

It's still beautiful out, though. The flowering trees have pretty much ended, but the rhodos and azaleas are coming into their own, and, oh my, I think I'm going to have a glorious crop of irises this year! I will be taking pictures of my garden. Tomorrow.

Tomorrow, my new camera should be arriving. I went ahead and got the Canon Powershot SX500. The SX50 was out of my price range, but the SX500 should do pretty nicely, even if it doesn't have a viewfinder. The macro feature is far, far better than my SX100, its range is 24mm - 700mm (whereas my current camera only goes down to 28mm) and it gets pretty solid reviews for its class. Not the best, but solid enough for an amateur like me. Plus, I can list it as a school expense on this year's taxes. :-)

Today is... going to be a lot more work than I want. It seems Geoff was right (or closer to right than I was) about the difficulty level of moving the planter boxes. We moved the long, narrow one and all its dirt yesterday, and, well, I was frustrated to start with (I actually had a mini-temper tantrum, bashing my thumb as I did so), and the frustration did not improve upon learning that, despite our best efforts to protect it, the wood of the boxes is starting to rot. We actually had to replace one of the uprights because it disintegrated as we took the planks off.

Ah well.

The other planter boxes should be easier, as they aren't as embedded as the long one was, but it's still going to be an awful lot of toiling. I hope to get one more moved today (with or without dirt, I'm not picky) before we start the cooking extravaganza. Because cooking also has to, has to happen.

Of course, all I want to do is go back to sleep, but that's likely the benadryl talking. Well, the benadryl, stress, and achiness. This has been a long week. And I am very glad to have the morning alone. God, am I glad.

Other good things are:

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Right. Off I go to... collect rocks for the rock "wall"? Bed? Unscrew the planter box? *shrug* Don' know. But off I go.
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And by that I mean that I can now feel it through my warm fuzzy.

However, the air is still cold (there was a layer of frost on the car this morning), so the warm fuzzy is definitely still needed.

My front garden is giving me almost no end of pleasure. As soon as the sun is shining on it today, I will be taking pictures. I've already taken a couple pictures of my backyard daffodils (lovely, lovely flowers) through the window. When I'll post these photos is another question entirely, as I'll need to figure out where. I suppose my deviant account would do, but I'm not sure I want random garden photos there, and I'm not sure I want to take the time and effort to make these garden photos something that could be described as "art". *shrug*

But really, I need to concentrate on getting a fair amount done today.

I really don't want to.

I read so much yesterday that my eyes were stinging by the end of the day. Dimming the lights in the evening helped, but, sheesh. Such sensitive organs, eyes.

But. Need to get reading again. And editing. And write that damned bibliography (I really, REALLY don't wanna do that). And finish the stew I started yesterday...


And, really, there's no time like the present, is there? *blows raspberry in Buddha's direction*

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1. It's beautiful outside. Seriously, seriously beautiful. It's about 12 (C), the sun is shining and the breeze is nonexistent. Beautiful. I plan on raking the front yard today as I soak up the sun.

2. I lost a filling last night as I was brushing my teeth. On the plus side, it doesn't hurt at all unless I happen to gnash the points of the remaining tooth with its corresponding upper tooth. On the downside, those points are sharp! Also, money I didn't want to spend getting it replaced.

3. I think I did well on the test this morning. I studied for most of yesterday, and even though I couldn't remember some of the topics when I started the practice problems, I did figure them out (for the most part) through logic, rather than cheating and looking in the book. Anyway, I think I did respectably on this one. (Being healthy helps. So much.)

4. Geoff, Page and I are watching "Avatar: The Last Airbender" (TV series) on Amazon, and, damn, but I love it. Last night I actually gasped in shock at a scene, though that might have been as much because one of my favorite characters was struck down as for the effectiveness of the scene. But, that's the thing - this show has characters! They have depth! They grow and change! Well, for the most part. Still not sure about Azula (the little sociopath), but I'm not ruling out the possibility of finding some depth to her. Yet. I'm looking forward to learning more about Mai and Ty Lee, though.

(And sorry, Ash, but right now I'm really not loving Toph. But it's early days yet. I didn't like Sokka much at the beginning, either.)

Anyhoo, it's something we all look forward to at the end of the day. And it's also a motivator for getting Page to do things in a timely manner! Whee!

5. Did I mention the weather? *happy sigh*

6. Yesterday was Page's first day after school on Thursdays, and daaaaaaang, what a difference that made to my day. Having the entire day to study (and play) was so much better! I respect his desires where after school attendance is concerned, (what non-essential days he wants to attend, for example), but I might have to put my foot down and insist he stay in Thursdays as well as Wednesdays for the rest of the semester. If he wants to attend a different day, we'll add it back in rather than changing out of Thursday!

7. I can take a nap if I want or need to. Also the guys are seeming like they're feeling okay, so I can guiltlessly toss them out of the house to do stuff this weekend! (Vacuum out the car, rake the back yard, go to the library, etc.) That will be nice.

But now I should go rake the yard. And maybe talk to the neighbors/contractors about NOT starting construction before 8 AM on weekends.

Happy weekend! And happy birthday, shiv!

E) Other

Apr. 2nd, 2013 08:04 pm
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I should be taking advantage of the quiet house to try to catch up on my homework. Yep. I probably even will do that... in a few minutes. Especially as the construction next door seems to have halted for the day. Thank goodness. (IMO The worst thing about a neighbor's construction is that you don't get to see what was done.)

However, I have had a productive day, so I'm not feeling too terribly guilty about a few minutes frivolously spent saying in typed words what I probably wouldn't say in spoken words. (More for lack of opportunity than lack of discretion.) (Not that I'm necessarily going to be lacking discretion in this post.)

The next few weeks of school will probably be pretty stressful, as the snow days really cramped the teachers' schedules, especially where the testing was concerned. The second accounting test should have taken place last Friday, but seeing as we hadn't even started one of the chapters it covers, it was moved to this coming Friday. I hope to do well, but seeing as I was in a bit of a brain haze when we went through taxes and leases, it's possible I might not ace it. Those darn multiple choice questions always seem to trip me up even on the best days.

Laptops and tablets and Microsoft, oh my! )

Hellth care law shenanigans )

To art or not )

Spring! )

But now I have spent far more of my time than I intended on this. I should go open my term paper doc and work on that a bit.
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And wibbly. But first, the tired:

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Now to wibbling:

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...for not putting off what one needs to do till later. As I need to go do the dishes, I am very, very, very aware that I have been more active today than I have been in aaaaaaaages. My body doth protest. Too much.

*shifts uncomfortably*

Ach well. On the plus side, I got my garden (not yard) raked and the veggie beds cleaned and fertilized, so basically I'm all ready for spring. And seeing as the crocuses are blooming and the spring peepers are cheeping (they're frogs, btw), I'd say that Spring actually has sprung.

And besides getting Page off to the bus tomorrow morning, I can have a physically lazy day. Lots of reading to catch-up on on my list of doom. *nods*

But now I'm off to take some niacin and do the blankety-blank dishes. On the plus side, putting off the dished this long means there's a full load. Whee.
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First, go look at the Astronomy Picture of the Day (it's actually a timelapse video):

Nothing undercuts a guided relaxation gig like remembering near the end that you have an appointment in two minutes and you don't have the car. On the plus side, as I was calling Geoff for the car, I looked at the calendar and found the appointment (my placement test) is tomorrow, not today. Phew. (Downside, of course, is that all the relaxation was erased in that moment of realization. Plus side: I wasn't panicked.)

Geoff's sick. He's at work, but he's developing a chest thing which I really hope won't be bronchitis. He's prone to it. He hasn't had it in... gosh, ten years, but before that, it was a horrible yearly occurrence. (Maybe I'm good for something after all! ;-) No coughing yet, so hopefully it'll peter out, but... :-(

The robins have come back. Can hear them chirping away, even though it is bitter out. Beautiful, with the sun shining and bright, blue skies, but the wind feels arctic. And, of course, it is constantly breezy.

Made some Chinese chicken stock yesterday, and boy did it smell good. I still need to strain it, but seeing as there isn't all the detritus of western stock, it should be a small task.

I need to dust. Fortunately, there aren't any vampires around to dust, thereby creating more dust. Small consolation, though. (Season 4 Buffy is the best yet. God, it's good to laugh!)

Last day of algebra and math study, and then I can switch to writing and painting. I'm looking forward to doing both.

ETA: Oh, and this is going to sound very odd, but god, I love the smell of kimchi in the morning. I am so happy to have some in the house again!
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Pictures. Loads. Part two. )

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand that's all for now.
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I was super crabby today, and Babe was super chipper. And talkative. And bouncy. And... yeah. Fortunately, I needed to go out, so I put a sandwich, a couple of fruit bars and a bottle of water in my purse and we stopped in the park for an hour or so.

Pics )

We walked until he said he needed to use the bathroom, at which point we turned around (the boy has a bladder of steel. He can and will hold it for literally hours). We stopped at the store, bought some essentials and picked Geoff up for lunch.

Then, when it was time for Geoff to go back to work, Babe and I escorted him on bike. The three of us rode the mile (of flat land) to his work. When we got there, Babe and I consumed a fair amount of their nice, cold, filtered water while we cooled down, and Geoff disappeared into the back.

After we were sufficiently rested, Babe and I left, riding a block over to a pond with a playground. We had fun on the teeter-totters until my legs got sore, and then played cops and robbers with the jungle gym until I said we needed to go. I didn't want him to use all his energy on the playground, not when we still had a mile to ride.

But, well, he wanted to go back the way we came, and when we got to the street across from Geoff's work, it became obvious that someone needed to use the bathroom. So... into the office we went again, but this time I decided it was just best to chill there. Literally. It was hot outside, and Geoff's office is always nice and cold in the warm weather. Need to keep the computers cool, after all.

So we went in, watched a show Geoff was QCing and rested. Before we knew it, it was seven o'clock. Well past time for all of us to go.

So then we rode back.

By the time we got back, I was much, much happier. Babe was still super chipper and bouncy and... yeah, but having been on that ride, seen those sights and breathed the sweet spring air, I could deal with it. Mostly.


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