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Yesterday I suffered from a case of domesticgodessitis. Not that you'd be able to tell by the state of the house. No. It still needs to be decontaminated liek whoa (three weeks and two different bugs. It's been gross).

Nope. Instead I tackled the mending pile. Fortunately, it was small. Unfortunately, the majority of it was darning. Two of my favorite pairs of socks needed mending. And, since I had no brain-power or energy for anything else, I sat and darned. And "watched" Voyager. (I'm rewatching all the episodes Page watched without me.) Anyway, it's the first time I darned worth a damn, and, well, it turned out well. Go me.

Today I finished off the pile by finishing up a pair of fingerless mittens (from another pair of holy socks). So yay. I may take pictures of those, even if they aren't perfect.


I am mulling how to write a story idea. I'm kinda wondering if it needs to be a picture book. Thing is, if it were a picture book, it would never, ever, EVER get published.

Still. Mulling.


I took part in Podunk's Spring Art Festival on Saturday, and it was an almost complete bust. The only reason it wasn't a complete bust is because I had the time to finish a note card drawing, and figure out what my newest painting needs to finish it.

So frustrating. The people whose shop I was in said it was the slowest Saturday they'd had in a long time. Maybe a year. *sigh*


I think I'm in my week of misery (PMDD). Life is seeming pretty damn pointless, and I feel like a waste of space. Maybe even worse than a waste of space, given that I procreated and I'm not sure I am up for the task of raising a man. (Oh, yeah. Page has begun the teenage attitude. For real, this time. And who cares if it's two years early, because he sure doesn't. My mum said 11 seems to be the new 13.) I really am scared about that. He is so bad about certain things, especially reading body language, and... *sigh*

I wish I could redo the first few years of his life with the knowledge I have now. Ach well.


And finally, but foremost, my heart goes out to all of you who are suffering real losses, fears, or other stresses. I know a lot of you are, and please know I am thinking of you and sending you light.
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Last night I was on the edge of a panic attack thinking of how life is squishing the joy and stuffing out of me. I had to repeat to myself that the massive negativity I was feeling was due almost completely to my lack of air. Because, ya know, not being able to breathe properly does tend to bring a sense of doom to a person. (But "Oxygen is for looooosers!")

Sure enough, I woke up this morning able to breathe (thank you, Mother Nature, for the cool air), and life has already taken on a warmer tone. Not rosy, by any definition, but not blue, anyway.

Takeaway? Chest colds are evil.

Ooh, speaking of evil, you know what's the devil? Plant catalogs. I am being deluged with them, it being close to planting season, and, daaaaaaaaamn, I wants, precious! But, well, lack of money and space means I will not be adding any potted plants to my garden this year. I did go out and buy $10 worth of seeds, however, two packets of which are for flowers (Picotee Blue Morning Glory, and McKana's Giant Columbines). The others are all veggies, because I haven't given up on veggie gardening yet. Hope really does spring eternal... But now that I have neem oil, maybe I'll be more successful?

Other stuff... You know what? I don't want to get into it. Life is not rosy, though. It's not completely doom and gloom, but it's looking like life will be very difficult for another year at least, especially financially. And I have to decide how much further into debt we'll go... Do I finish off my teeth while paying for Geoff's shoulder surgery or do I put it off (and risk paying more for the delay)?

So yeah. Life is trying to squish the joy and stuffing out of me (us), but it's not as bad as I felt last night. Because I can breathe. Because there are options. Because there is still hope that things will improve in time.


Mar. 23rd, 2016 11:56 am
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If it weren't for the wrong frequency (super fast, like daily switcharoos), I would swear I'm bipolar. I'm not, of course. I am depressed and having the occasional good day, but, geez.

Last night I went to sleep "writing" a screed on how deadly western society is. I'm not going to literally write it out, but let's just say that I'm glad I'm loved, as that gives me strength in the face of society's unending, ghastly pressure.

There have been good things, though. Page is maturing. I'm painting. The snow from the late storm is all but gone, and it came early enough that it didn't crush the daffodils. (The crocuses slough them off without a problem, but the daffodils' egos are too big to survive.) I'd post pics, but apparently I don't have enough space to spare here, so oh well. Maybe I'll get around to posting them on my website at some point. (ha ha ha)

Another good thing is that my GP thinks I shouldn't have a problem being approved for disability. I mean, she told me that I will almost certainly have to apply more than once ("I think they have someone whose sole job is to stamp 'declined' on the first application..."), but that's a weight off my mind. I really, really, really don't want to go to the effort required to file for disability only to find that I'm not disabled enough in my doctor's eyes. She thinks it's a good idea.

What else...

Oh, I've been rewatching (in binge fashion) Avatar: The Last Airbender. It really is a very good show. The Book of Korra sequel is okay, I suppose, but TLA is really very good, and not just as a cartoon. So that's, er, good. (<-- how words have been to me lately. Spoken AND written. *sobs*)

Anyway. Still here. Mostly lurking.

Oh, speaking of lurking, does anyone know what's up with [livejournal.com profile] kribu? I've been gone so long, I don't know if there was an event, or if she just slid away like so many have. I've been thinking about her and her mom a lot, lately, hoping they're okay.
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I am selective about what routines I follow, as I'm rather anti-authoritarian in nature (including the authority that is me), but recognize that I do have a few routines I do not like to have disturbed. One of the most sacrosanct is my morning goof-off routine: I get up, drink a big glass of water (usually with B12, C and D added), hustle the kid into to doing what needs to be done to get out of the house to catch the bus, then I make myself something to eat and sit myself in front of the computer for a sudoku and two crosswords.

I am flexible enough to allow myself to stay in bed and let Geoff deal with the hustling part every now and again (or always).

I have, alas, found that this routine is not necessarily in my best interest, so I have to change it. Which I don't want to, but if I don't, I won't feel good. Ever. Again.

I exaggerate. I won't feel good until the buried remains of today digs itself out of the earth! And then blooms.

So, yeah. My morning routine needs to include a light lamp. And exercise. And god, does that horrify me. (The exercise part, that is. The light lamp part is just boring.)

And there's nothing for it but to start. And restart. And restart again and again and again. Because, darn it, I do have quite the selective memory about things I don't want to do.

So here's to changing one's routine. Because "good enough" isn't.
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So, over the past few weeks, I've been inadvertently weaning myself off my antidepressants by forgetting them at semi-regular intervals (like, taking the full dose every other day or so). A couple of days ago I decided to make it official, and when I took my dose, I reduced it by a third, with the intention of taking that dose every day for a week before tapering off again.

Unfortunately, I'm feeling the lack already.

On the one side, this is depressing in that my mental well-being is dependent on a drug, and, given the amount of time I've been on it (more than enough time to retrain my serotonin uptake regulator into doing its job properly), probably will be for the rest of my life. I hate that. I hate that so much.

On the other side, it's kind of awesome that there is a drug that helps me fight the negativity monsters in my head. I just wish this drug didn't give me dry mouth so severely...

So, anyway, I will be taking the full prescribed dose this morning. And next. And every day thereafter.


In brighter news, my back garden is almost done. I still have to plant all the bulbs (and a few other plants that my clumsy, impatient fingers bought online a couple days ago), make a rock wall border, and build a trellis for the clematis, but otherwise, it's done. And the rock wall and trellis aren't imperative.

So yay. Of course, I ache like the dickens today because of overdoing it yesterday (and the day before), but it's basically done. And once the bulbs are in (I might, if I feel better later on, put 20 minutes into planting some of the bulbs today so as to get that big job going), I will be happily anxious to see how it'll look in spring.

Meanwhile, I have yet to do any house cleaning this weekend, or any shopping, or any homework. Oops. Priorities have been skewed by the fall air, me thinks.

Actually, today is homework day. I am so far behind in my reading it's not even funny. Also, I need to start seriously thinking about my psych paper that's due on Friday. This would all be easier if I could wake up a bit (*points up to second paragraph*) and not need quite so much sleep. (Of course, it would also be easier if I didn't have a family to take care of, but that's moot.)

But Geoff is now home from Brazil, so that might should help. Hopefully. I will be *cough* letting him do the cooking today (and this week, should he not cook en masse), and hopefully the three of us can keep on top of everything else that needs doing while still giving me time to read. (I am such an incredibly slow reader. I'm starting to worry about being able to keep up in later school years because of it...)

Right. Time to get to work, since that's why I stayed home from church today.

Hope all of you are as well as you can be. Hugs and Light to those who need or want them.
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Although it seems like those are mutually exclusive activities...

Busy weekend ahead )


Page came home early from school again today with another stomach ache and slight raised temp. I really, really hope another trip to urgent care or hospital isn't in the near future. Doubt it is, though, as I suspect it's something far more insidious than a lingering infection.

Through all of this stress, I am realizing that I have SO much more energy this year than I did last year. I am able to take all of this and do what is necessary instead of sinking into the trap of "I'll do it tomorrow" like I did last year. I'm even making phone calls. By myself. Without pep-talks.

So that's something.

I am also realizing just how strong my mum was when she was going through this (only worse, and twice, with other kids to take care of both times), mostly alone, since my dad traveled for work all the time. Not that I didn't realize she was strong, just, maybe, not the degree of her strength.

But I've now faffed away a load of time, so I should go. Haven't exactly decompressed, but at least I've got a few things done. Despite the lack of strike-throughs on the to do list.
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Niacin is an antidepressant. I'm pretty sure that it, in concert with my pharmaceutical antidepressant, caused my psychiatric remission (where the citalopram alone was making a huge difference, just not to the point of remission). I've been off niacin for... about two weeks now, so it's no wonder I've been a) craving tea liek whoa, b) foggy brained and c) weepy. I was friggin' relapsing!

I've restarted the niacin as of today. I hope to hell it wasn't what was upsetting my stomach because I'm using most of my willpower trying to just do anything and I don't have much to spare for anything else (like quitting tea, being patient with Page, homework, cleaning, etc.).

(This would also explain why Page has been mopier than usual, given our damned psychic bond. Poor kid.)
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Yesterday, the pain in my shoulder was enough to hamper my breathing, so I finally called the acupuncture studio and now have an appointment for tomorrow morning. Hopefully it will help right away.

Today is to be a full day, if I can manage it. I have a bit of deadline pressure going, as the banner design(s) is due tonight. Unfortunately, I'm coming up a bit blank on it. The banners are for the church, but I've been shying away from the church lately, both physically and emotionally (and I dare say spiritually, though my spiritual attachment to the congregation has always been tenuous at best). I think the separation has quelled my enthusiasm for the project I had in mind, and now only rather sparse and possibly grim ideas remain. But oh well. Need to do it anyway.

Yesterday was a sad day. Being in pain and short on breath was probably the cause, but it's possible there was a bit of a psychic link to Page going on, too, as he had a rather difficult day. And evening. (All set off, I suspect, by my sleeping in. Because I'm not allowed to be tired because that's too scary.) Schoolwork was sent home, and he spent two hours on it in the evening (it was a twenty minute (tops) project), and didn't finish it because there was attitude, which led to yelling which led to tears and recriminations and all that good stuff. The poor kid is really sensitive; he thinks that yelling equals not loving, even though we've discussed this before. Ad nauseum. *sigh* Ah well. I suspect today will be a better day for him, despite getting woken earlier than usual (by me) to finish his bleeping homework.

On the good side, the landscapers are finally digging up the yard across the way in preparation for the sodding, so it's possible we'll all have lawns by the weekend. That would be so awesome! I want a pretty yard! I want to be able to dig in my front garden and get the plants into the ground! I want to get the edging dug in, and the walkway purtied up! So hopefully I will be able to do all (or most of) that this weekend.

Anything else? I'm seeing my drug dealer (psych) today. I should probably report that winter was difficult, but at the same time, I wonder how much that had to do with improper nutrition? Ah well, I'll mention it anyway so it will be in the notes for the next appointment (in six months). Chronic depression is just no fun at all, you guys. It's a total party pooper.

What else... More daylilies are blooming, and I might get outside to photograph them today, seeing as it's beautiful out. Yesterday was rainy and drab the whole day (which was another factor for the sadness), but today the sun is out. Or it is right now, anyway. ;-)

I want more sleep. I think I will have tea, instead. Bad me. ;->
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Religious freedom vs. Health care requirements...


All this hullabaloo about the legality of the Obamacare mandate is making me twitchy and sad. Honestly, I think the conservatives have a point about the legality of the mandate, which is why I wasn't crazy about this plan to begin with. However, I'm trying to be optimistic. Perhaps if this law does get tossed out (though please let it stand!), a single-payer system will be offered as the only viable alternative. (I do not consider rebates of a couple thousand dollars on $15,000 insurance plans as a realistically viable option.)

And it's not like it would be bad for insurance companies! After all, a government provided health insurance system (which is what "single-payer" is) would have to be pretty basic in nature, covering only basic doctor's visits and emergencies procedures/care. So, the current oligopoly of insurance providers would still be in the same business, and employers would still be able to offer "good" insurance as a perk in their benefit packages ("Our insurance covers all prescriptions!" "Our insurance offers chiropractic care!"). Who's to lose?

(The implied argument that breaking the tie between employment and health insurance will encourage layabouts is as false as "trickle-down economics." Getting everyone covered, no matter their employment status, would probably boost the marketplace because it would encourage entrepreneurialism, as people wouldn't feel tied to jobs they hate (and only put in the bare minimum of effort on)!)

Oh, and the best part about a single-payer system? None of these religious freedom claims could be made. Every single person in the world who pays taxes is paying towards something they morally oppose. Assuming they have morals at all (and if they don't, they probably aren't paying taxes). No exceptions. If an employer doesn't like the insurance options (birth control, blood transfusions, whatnot), they don't have to offer it! Their employees will still be covered! It's a total win-win situation!

However, I think that if the law gets tossed out, it's more likely to take us one step closer to revolution, simply because it will highlight even further the disconnect between the conservative ideals of "freedom" and the modern reality of living in civilization.

It will also highlight, once again, the questionable set-up of our unelected, unimpeachable "justices."

The upshot of all this is that I need to stay away from the news from now till June, if possible. I don't see that happening, but I need to make an effort. This plus the other injustices I see blaring out across the internet makes me feel very, very pessimistic about the future.

Well, that and the inevitability of a not-perfect score on my test tomorrow. It's hard to get a perfect score when more than one answer is technically correct (on a multiple choice test). *sigh* I so don't like her tests. (priorities: I haz them!)
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My body is telling me that today SHALL be a rest day, no matter what my plans were. I don't like it when it springs that on me (even though it has been warning me it was going to do so over the past couple of days). And I'm still not really obeying, as there are things I need to get done, like laundry. Page is out of clean pants. That will not do.

I have a strange, painful/itchy rash on my fingertips that's been spreading, seemingly one fingertip at a time, till now it's on half of all my digits. At least it started the day before yesterday, so I know it's not just a reaction to painting. But it's weird in that it really is contained to the distal phalanges (yes, I know the plural is phalanx) and only on the bony sides.

My right middle finger is also threatening to become infected. I don't know when or how, but I somehow managed to puncture a point under the nail bed. I'm hoping it isn't a sliver, as I REALLY don't want to go digging in there. Hm. If that's necessary, I think Geoff and alcohol will be involved. (On the plus side, that fingertip is one of the few without the rash.)

My body in general is rather achy. Random joints, muscles and fasciae have been making themselves heard, and it's pissing me off. I want quiet, damn it! And I'd rather not just drug the masses into sedation. However, I will if I must.

My back-up pair of church pants no longer fit in a flattering way. I've lost too much weight/thickness for them to do so. (This is both bad and good. I really am underweight, and I'd really like to gain some of that weight back, but it's good not to have a swollen tummy anymore.)

I used the last of the especially lovely tea Santa brought this morning. :-( I had to go and share now didn't I? ;-)

The air filter is loud.

And, bummer amongst all bummers, the caffeine from the lovely tea has kicked in and lifted my mood, damn it! I was enjoying that wallow!

Ach well. Life goes on.

Good thing I had in mind even in mid-wallow: )
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I couldn't get to sleep last night because I was cold. I'd also forgotten to take my medicine, again, so I got up, put on my warm, fleece pjs and got myself some food.

It's been a while since I've been so very cold. )

Completely unrelated, I've had a pleasant discovery recently. I don't know how long it had been an issue, longer than I can remember, but whenever an ambulance or firetruck went by with sirens and lights blazing, I would have to fight back the urge to sob.

That's not the case anymore. I still feel a visceral twinge in the gut, but the overwhelming emotion, mostly panic, is absent.

Yay! All this means that I'm not quite as messed up as I used to be! I'm sure I still have quite a bit of work to do to heal, but there's progress. And maybe even a couple less road blocks in the way.
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- Here's a not-so-daft article on animal emotions and the whys of anthropomorphism.

- I managed to make a good start on the penultimate chapter of Shelter yesterday. And, at the end of the day, I got my evil laugh out. Bwa ha ha, ya'll. Bwa ha ha. (Okay, I may exaggerate, but it's certainly not a nice laugh, even if it isn't actually evil.)

- I have done quite a lot of garden work in the last week. I have managed to plant all but two of the two dozen plants my neighbor gave me. In three years I should have a really quite attractive swath of yellow loosestrife fronted with orange daylilies in one of the back corners of the garden. That plus the yellow rocket ligularia will make for a cheerful summer view. (What I'll do with the rest of the back garden, I have yet to figure out. I think I will be plotting and planning with my mum on that.)

Yesterday I managed to dig out a new bed in the back, which meant desodding and then loosening the soil (and hacking out a few tree roots with the mattock), and transplanted my three withering huechera from the front into said bed, along with a couple of the yellow mums my neighbor gave me. I think, in the unforeseen future when we have a bit of money to spare, I will plant spotted deadnettle, lungwort and sweet woodruff in front of and alongside those five.

However, preparation for that can wait till much later. The task for today and the rest of this week is to dig out the edging pavers of the front walkway, extending the walkway to the corner and transplanting the plants in front to out back, in case the association landscaper comes while I'm gone.

- It is so nice getting things done. The drug dealer upped my dose last week, and I think it's helping. Granted, it would help more if I could remember to take the darn pills every day! But the depression is definitely going into remission. I had known I was depressed, I had no idea how depressed I was, though. Or for how very long. No wonder Page was acting out!

- We had a lovely thunderstorm yesterday that cleared up just in time for fireworks. We didn't watch, as per usual. If we had access to the roof, I would have been interested to see the view from there, but honestly, I think most fireworks in this country are pretty pathetic. Especially after seeing the international competition in Vancouver that one year. Now those were fireworks worth watching (and the US did not even place)!

- Geoff and I watched the first episode of "Wilfred" the other night. It's funny, but I'm not sure I'll continue watching it. I will, however, recommend it to my dad, who will think it's a hoot.

- And that's about it, really. My life at the moment is digging and writing with the occasional clearing of the dishes. Later this afternoon, I'll go out to the CSA with Geoff and Page and pick my veggies (mmm... scapes!) and maybe (finally) pick up a replacement tank for the grill, but honestly, life is pretty staid at Casa Goodun. Which is nice. Granted, there's a whole heck of a lot to do in the next week, but I might actually be up to doing it. =)


Jun. 20th, 2011 11:37 am
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Why is it easier for me to confront my fears than deal with my anxieties? Is it just that I have fewer fears and they tend to be disparate, therefore they can't all gang together and overwhelm me like my anxieties do? Or is it something else entirely?

Just doing would help enormously, I know, but that's so much easier said than done.

I hate mental illness. It sucks.

On the good side of things, however, Page was almost manic this morning, he was so happy. He's such a sweetheart when he's not stressed. He's also getting good at taking nice, deep breaths. Yay!

Also good, he wanted to read me the three "comic books" he made yesterday for bedtime. After the stories, he wouldn't let go of me until I laid down with him for a bit. He curled up on me, with his head on my heart, and, I don't know what caused it, though it might have been his fake snores, I got a fit of the giggles. Which made Page giggle, which is seriously infectious. So that was a nice way to end the weekend.

Life will be better soon. It will.
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Well, Page is at school today. His inhaler is with the school nurse. Everything is as it should be and going smoothly.

And I just want to hide under the covers and hyperventilate.

Obviously, I am not doing that (I don't have a laptop, let alone a tablet), but the anxiety level, it is high. *breathes deeply*

I'm not sure why this is freaking me out quite so much. Yes, asthma is not to be taken lightly, but, well, I've dealt with it before and have mine under control, my dad has pretty much beaten his Very Serious asthma down to nothing, and everyone and their brother knows someone who has it, so pretty much everyone knows what to do in the unlikely event that an emergency takes place.

I guess I just feel like everything is slipping out of my control. The house is dirty enough to stink (which is bad for the asthma), I haven't been cooking (which is bad for my energy and health, which in turn affects, well, everything), and Geoff has been so very tired lately...

I am trying to see the good things and concentrate on them (the birthday greetings I received, including two wonderful cards from my boys; banana nut muffins that turned out okay despite forgetting the soda and salt; medicines that will make Page much better; heating pads and naps), but it doesn't relieve the tight feeling in my chest (that has nothing to do with asthma).

It feels like I have become incapable of making good decisions.

However, I do know that life feels better when doing, so I either need to open up my document and write (which hasn't happened since Saturday) or get cleaning. And if crying happens along the way, so much the better.
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So I went to the drug dealer (of the M.D. variety) this morning. I like her. She seems very sensible. Tomorrow I shall start taking the drugs she dealt. Hopefully they will help without the horrid side-effects which got me off them in the first place.


Life is hard here at the moment, but not despairingly so. Actually, it is despairingly so, but I am holding off the despair until a more convenient time. Besides which, I have a very cunning plan... (It involves the use of irony.)

Today I have to research this cunning plan and tomorrow I will hopefully gather useful advice from some friends about the implementation of this plan.

We'll see how all of this turns out. You know me and plans... We have issues.

But anyway.  Happy hump day.


May. 15th, 2011 11:13 am
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Happy belated birthday to [livejournal.com profile] septentrion1970 and [livejournal.com profile] apisa_b! I'm glad to hear your birthdays were nice, and I hope the year ahead is splendiforous for both of you.

Family )

Writing )

Brain )

Art )
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I was wondering if maybe it would be possible to take the whole depression thing off my plate now? I've tried it many, many times and feel pretty sure I've learned all I'm going to from it. I'm also pretty sure that I'm not going to like it any better the next time it's served up.

Thing is, with a little boy growing bigger, a husband growing dumber and my body growing more infirm, I would appreciate not having to worry about growing in the crazy department, too.

Or, if that's not what's going on, how about fixing my hormones so I don't feel like I'm pregnant all the time? Because another baby is NOT happening. As you very well know.

Anyway, just wondering if you could do me this favor.

Thanks in advance,
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First, thank you for all your hugs. I appreciate them, and they did help. Read more... ) Thank you for your patience with me. I know it wears thin at times, and I completely understand. My patience is running rather thin with me as well. ;-)

*hugs back*
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You know how I got tested for allergies on Tuesday (two plus days ago)? Well, the ragweed thing (which wasn't even injected!!!) is still inflamed. Smaller now, but shouldn't the itchiness and redness and weltiness have gone away already? Especially as I'm back on the loretadine!

Good thing I hadn't gone the full 48 hours without antihistimines in my system! Who knows what kind of reaction I would have had!

However, life on the whole is tremendously better. It feels better, anyway. It's easier to not think of myself as a horrible mother/wife/woman/grown-up/person and just enjoy being alive. So the drugs must be working. Thank god.

On the garden front, the spinach is growing nicely, and I think there may even be a few chard that have managed to sprout. The irises are blooming en masse and the other plants are actually looking pretty good so far. The bush I planted is still alive (although poor thing was desperate for water) and even the puny, failure-to-thrive lavender is growing.


Perhaps this weekend will actually see the laundry-line post box made, so that I can start working on the patio again. It really would be nice to get that patio finished this year.

The only downside to life right now is that allergies are hitting the whole family pretty hard right now. Well, that and the place is a mess, but I won't think about that right now. After all, tomorrow is another day!


May. 19th, 2008 05:38 pm
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Bad computer! Bad! )

'Feed your head!' )

Pain is bad, m'kay? )

Bed-head, though, is good. )

And some garden news. )

Now I'm off to either catch-up on the flist... or not, depending on Babe. Cheers!

Oh, and one other nice thing... I finally went out and got new drip pans! Whee! It's silly how happy that makes me, but no more smoking, grimy, uncleanable pans! Whee!


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