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And they're riding just a wee bit high... But fortunately I have to go back to the dentist to get my new cavities filled in two weeks, so the high bite can be dealt with then.

I hate my mouth.

In related news, I think I may have gotten stoned today off of aleve and tylenol during my dentist visit. Not quite sure "stoned" is the right description, but it was close. It felt nice, if a fair bit soporific.

Ah well.

It is school vacation week, so I am trying to cope with the constant company as best I can. This has involved escaping into the basement to work (or just stare) for as long as I dare to (I don't want to incite the pouts of the emo-demon that's taken up residence - things start breaking or going wrong when we interrupt its alone time), and sleeping as much as my schedule allows. And coffee. Coffee is wonderful stuff. Too bad I can't tolerate it more often.

Hell, I even delved into coloring this week. Normally I can't stand coloring because it feels like cheating to me. I'm all for other people coloring for any or no reasons, but it ratchets up my anxiety rather than relieving it. However, I found myself in that uncomfortable state where I was physically fatigued, but not quite brain-dead enough to just watch videos. So, I colored as I watched... whatever it was that I watched. (Fatigue does not help one retain memories.) I chose a geometric design that I've colored like a quilt, though I'm not sure I'll ever finish it. I s'pose that depends on how I feel tomorrow.


Stress sucks. Literally. I am trying to hold onto all the advances I've made health-wise, or at least be able to compare myself favorably to some time in the past, but... I need the basement to be finished and usable and my teeth to be dealt with pronto. And for Geoff to heal! Lord, I miss his touches, but I don't complain (to him) because I know he's in pain, and touching me makes it worse. It's got to be hell for him... But, yeah. I miss that form of comfort and love.

So, yeah. Stress sucks. But I'm - dare I say it? - hopeful that some of the stressors are coming to conclusions. Maybe by the end of March the basement will be finished and usable. Maybe Monday's doctor appointment will be the start of Geoff's healing. Maybe with both of those calmed, I'll be able to deal with my mouth issues without needing ice cream and cinnamon rolls and other (GF) goodies to go with the buckets of tea I'm consuming. Because, yeah, I know that's not doing my body any favors. But I'm not going to beat myself up about it, either, because there's only so much a person can deal with without breaking. And since sticking to the diet along with dealing with everything else was breaking me, and the diet was the only variable I could (and can) control, it's the one that gave.

We do what we must to survive.

Right. Enough rambling. Time to put the bone broth in the fridge and go to bed. Tomorrow has errands and crap to do, so rest is needed.

I hope all is well with you. And if it isn't, I hope you can find the comfort you need to get through it.
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Good: Parenting win. On the way to school, I suggested that Page view the kid who annoys him as a person who just wants to get to know him and see how that affects his perception of the kid. When I picked him up from school, he said he thinks he's starting to get along with that kid. Yay!

Bad: Parenting fail. I can't seem to find a way to get through to Page how important it is to not smell of poop. Or rather, I can't find a way to tell him that without making him feel super insecure. :-( Issues, he haz 'em.

Good: Whatever was weighing me down was lifted off of me. Who knows why I feel so much better today when so little changed, but I do.

Bad: Found out in class that for the next speech, I go the first day. That means I have one week to prepare for my midterm.

Good: I just spent an hour and a half playing and rough-housing with Page.

Bad: I'm exhausted. And I still have a fair amount of homework to do.

Good: This fall is a beautiful one. Simply gorgeous.

Bad: I haven't had the time or opportunity to get out and photograph the places and scenes I really want to capture. Maybe tomorrow...

Good: I didn't have a single smidgen of grain or starch today.

Bad: There is no bad side. I was a good girl and I felt good being good.

And now I have to get to my homework... At least the really hard part is done. *omgpunctuationisimportant!!eleventy1!*

Hope your day was good and that tomorrow may be as well.
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Diet-wise I've been not so good lately, with a major dip on Friday when I had some non-GF-free candy bites that were offered for free at school, and then GF pizza for dinner (cheese and tomatoes being personal no-nos).

And today I am reaping the rewards due to me.

Ow. Ouchie ouch ouch ouch ow. My poor small intestine is very unhappy with me, and I have a feeling I will be paying for the indiscretions for a few weeks (at least) of unhappy GI.

However, it is a good reminder that this is why I invest so bloody much time cooking. It really does beat feeling like this even a minority of the time.

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Geoff was a bit silly and booked a business trip today, so he's off in the wilderlands (OK, Boston-Lite (or dark, depending on your view of Worcester)) while I'm sitting here trying to get motivated to do the stuff I need to do. But computer programs are booooooooooooooorrrinnnnngggggggggg.

And I'm sleepy.

But. Needs must.

Just a regular 'To do' list )

Life has been relatively calm of late (well, except for my intense bursts of anger, which I've mostly held in check to maintain the outer calm). Page's health hasn't been top notch, but then, that's not surprising given how many bananas he's been eating lately. And he whines about me not buying anymore raisins... *rolls eyes at him* I'm trying to provide him with lots of foods he does like, but, being the negative nellie that he is, he's focusing on what he can't have.

On the plus side, for the most part, I'm feeling more energetic on this diet. I'm not yet convinced it's worth it, and I have "cheated" with a few cups of tea with honey in the past few days (probably why I'm so tired today), but it's interesting having the energy and the will to cook properly. And, oh my god, what a lot of food we eat! I've been filling half our large kitchen table with each week's shopping, which consists mostly of vegetable matter. I am very grateful we are able to eat this way.

ION, A lot of my friends around here have been wondering if they, or family members, have mono in the past few weeks/months. That makes me think that Geoff and I really did have it in November. No wonder that was such a tough Fall! At least we've both basically pulled out of it. Geoff hasn't really regained much energy, though, so his meds are now being adjusted. I hope that goes well and solves the energy and motivation issue.

Even though we now seem to be in the snowy season, I am starting to feel like Spring is coming. I think it's the lengthening days. Anyway, it's making me more flighty than usual, as well as making me anxious to go seed shopping! I might not get to buy any decorative plants this year (except for those mosquito-shoo geraniums), but my veggie garden needs planting! Of course, that means I have to decide what I'm going to be planting this year, especially as I have to give kale a break so the aphids don't take over again. :-( Turnips, I think. And cucumbers. And celery? And squashes of all sorts, of course. And that's on top of the garlic I planted in October.

But, it seems I've run out of quiet time. Page has decided it is story time and is dictating at me. *sigh* I love him, and his imagination is enviable, but I wish he were an introvert and would just write the stories down.

Ah well.
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So I was utterly useless yesterday because I had the absolute temerity to shovel out half the driveway the day before. It seems moving six inches of powder is too much for my delicate system, but it was too shy to say anything at the time.

*blows raspberry at shoulder and back*

On top of that, I actually missed church this morning because my back was hurting so much. As I was going through my early-morning ritual, I realized I was taking extreme care of how I positioned myself just so I wouldn't be setting off the huge pain sensors.

Fortunately, Geoff spared a few of his precious (not being facetious) pre-church minutes to give me a back rub. That and the short nap afterward seemed to help enough that I'm not clenching my jaw to the point of pain. Still sore and needing to be very, very careful about lifting things, but I can at least get comfortable in various postures.

But, oh, I do hate being utterly useless. Especially when everyone else around me is being active and helpful. Ah well. I will pacify my guilt with the knowledge that I have been doing lots and lots up until now. And there's lots I can do that won't injure me further.

And I have been helpful lately! tl;dr: A longer than expected winter vacation equals seriously hyped up kids )

My hair is no longer wonderful to me )

Today's activities )

Geoff starts his high travel season tomorrow )

Aaaaaaannnnnndddddd, that's about it. Given the time it is and the lack of people home from church, I'm guessing Geoff got Page a playdate, and is spending that time at work preparing for tomorrow's trip. He's such a good husband, giving me so much alone time. Although, really, what I'd like is a bit more time alone with him, but, well, it's human nature to never be happy with what blessings have been bestowed, right?

Hope you all are safe, warm and doing what makes you happy.
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- New Year's intentions:

-- call my diet what it is - a lifestyle. 'Diet' implies impermanence, while 'lifestyle' is a far more accurate description of what needs to happen.
-- exercise at least half an hour a week. Build up my sodding muscles to the point where I can start exercising my heart.
-- attend those parent corner meetings at the school.
-- Cut down on ellipses.

The rest of the bullet points )

That's about it. I hope this coming year brings all of you more pleasure than pain, or at least brings the changes that are necessary for you to become healthier, wealthier, and wiser. ;-)

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Read more... )

I have been turning my mind to the topic of presents, and, oh dear it's going to be an uneven year. My eldest niece is going to be getting a valuable, if grubby, present of used oil paints and a few other supplies that I can no longer use. *sniff* Meanwhile, her younger sister is going to get a matching hat and scarf set I will be making.

As I said, uneven...

While on the topic of presents, did I mention that I managed to score a (used) Wii for $30? That, plus four games and a fit board for under $80 makes the big family gift a lot easier to manage! Poor Page will not be getting an iPad, though, even if all his classmates do have one. *rolls eyes*

But that's about all that's going on now. The adrenaline from semester's end is finally starting to wear off, so I'm pretty tired. I assume I'll be better by Christmas. I'd better be better by the 1st, as that's when this family is going on the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP), which means cutting nuts, eggs, nightshades and dairy from our already restricted diet. It's only for a month, though, but then the slow reintroduction to those things starts. I really hope none of us are sensitive to nuts. Or nightshades... (though I'm not very hopeful on that one). But we've all been so sickly this Fall that something needs to be done, and if it can be helped by lifestyle alone, then yay.

Anyway. Should go. To do list to tackle, and all.

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Dairy and egg free. AIP friendly (well, except maybe for the nutmeg). I think I may have doubled the cinnamon and added a couple of dashes of mace and cloves to the spicing. I also used fresh-made coconut milk, so the fat content was nice and rich. Oh, and I used butternut squash instead of pumpkin because that's what I had.

Anyway, it was really, really good. Really good.
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So, I spent a good hour of this morning looking in my archives for the actual year of Page's last birthday party (Geoff thought it was pre-Meningitis, I thought it was last year; it turns out it was 2 years ago), and came across a few posts that make me so, SO glad that things are better now. Page really was Demon!Boy for a while there, and, with my 20/20 hindsight, I can see now that he was really not well. His moods have evened out so much, his meltdowns are so much less severe, he's happy more often than not, and he's not nearly (not even close) as obstinate as he was at five. OMG, how did I survive those years? (Oh, right, I nearly didn't.)

So, yeah. Grateful for progress. And a diet that seems to work (there was a lot more attitude this morning after a sugar-full party yesterday. Kid has been reminded of the correlation (which is almost certainly causation in this case)).

Speaking of diet, I've been looking over the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP), and I actually don't think it's going to be that big a problem for us. Still not starting it until the new year, but with coconut still available to us, we'll definitely be able to make do! Snacks will be tough, but there are tons of ways to make it work. Actually, the hardest part will be getting the organ meats into me and Geoff. Page actually likes liver, and while I like pâté, Geoff doesn't like either. But, well... (And this is assuming that the chicken guts in the gravy doesn't amount to enough organ meats for our needs.)

Well, that and getting Page to eat enough bone broth... Kid hates soup.

But I am positive we'll see a difference in all of us on this diet. I am scared of finding out who reacts to what (because I am pretty sure each of us will be reacting to different foods, making the cooking job that much more difficult), but it will be worth it.


Oct. 21st, 2013 11:46 am
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I think I'm finally coming down with the cold that's been haunting this house. I say it's been haunting the house because it hasn't actually shown itself through manifestation, it just hints that it's there, lurking... an unwanted presence that will try to possess us should we make one misstep. All of us have been feeling off for a couple of weeks (since the last cold/infection), and, well... I guess I misstepped.

Tired. Really. )

Anyway. That's my little bitch and moan session.

Good things abound, but they're just a little harder to see through the blur of tiredness. However, the fall foliage has been beautiful, and I have had a very good view of it from my living room. Took a couple of photos of the currently glowing maple that colors our view orange. I missed the opportunity of photographing the other maple that made sitting on the couch a restorative affair. Ah well. Next year.

I had the time to just lounge yesterday away without getting behind on too much.

I was able to be the good guy to Page, despite my off-putting lounging.

I have about 10 quarts of chicken stock on the stove, needing to be dealt with. That should last a while (assuming I deal with it).

My problems are mostly first world problems. Not only first world problems, but (lower) middle class problems. We have a nice home in a safe neighborhood that we're not in any immediate danger of losing because Geoff has a good job with good people. And there's almost always enough food in the fridge (and if there isn't, it's usually because it's shopping day). That's always worth remembering.

ETA: Another good thing is that I won't have to go back to the money grubbers for my next scrip. I mean, I like my psychiatrist, I really do, but I hate the center she works for. So yay. And I just counted up the days and my pills, and I have enough prescription (and refill) to last until well after my initial visit with the new center. Yay!

But, yeah. Tired now. Gonna go make myself something to snack on. I may even choose something healthy. Maybe. It's been known to happen on occasion. ;-)


Sep. 1st, 2013 02:19 pm
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Judging by my exhaustion and ache levels the last couple days, I either broke myself on Friday by screwing the final planter box together and putting the small, nearby pile of dirt back in (the least amount of work I've done on that project within a day so far), or I'm sick. Judging by Geoff's congestion, I'm guessing I'm sick, though with different symptoms. Perfect timing, too, as school starts on Tuesday.

Ah well. Better a bug than a flare. And hopefully the flu/cold brew, naps and lots of doing nothing will help enough so that I'll be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed on Tuesday.

In the meantime, I've got the house to myself today, because I am definitely not feeling up to going out role-playing/socializing. The fact that the role-playing/socializing takes place at a cat-infested house did influence my decision... Even if one of the cats is still up a tree... (Hopefully it's come down by now, poor thing.) :-/

Both my textbooks have arrived, plus some. Brief review of Dr. Terry Wahl's 'Minding My Mitochondria' )

Anyhoo. I'm gong to go rest some more now that I've finished my cup of brew. Hopefully that will lead to more napping, which in turn might lead to less aching. (I'm eschewing the pain pills today, unfortunately, because I want my immune system in fighting form.)

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend.


Feb. 17th, 2013 11:35 pm
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While I've spent most of the evening on the computer researching negotiating start prices for cars (I spent the daytime hours doing homework (I want a day off)), I decided to look up the validity of my rant the other day about fenugreek. It occurred to me that it's possible that fenugreek is a polysaccharide in structure, thereby making it very difficult for the impaired GI to digest, even when it's been pulverized.

So I looked up it's chemical structure, and, ya know, it looks more like a steroid than a carbohydrate to my ignorant eyes. I mean, compare it to cholesterol or vitamin D. In essence, it has the same core structure. Yeah, fenugreek expands on it rather a lot through branching, but at the heart it's four fused hydrocarbon rings like the other steroids. (Here's amylose, a starch molecule, for comparison.)

Granted, I am a novice (who is still trying to wrap her mind around atomic orbitals and bonding), so I could be WAY off base.

So that makes me wonder if Mrs. Gottschall saw steroids as indigestible along with starches. She had little problem with the other lipids, though...
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So, I'm on this ridiculously restrictive diet nicknamed SCD. It's done a world of good for me, and heaps of good for Page. We're on it because, unlike another ridiculously restrictive diet that shall not be named, it is based on sound scientific principles and explanations, a long history (over 60 years now) of medical success, and a good deal of common sense.

Oops. I seem to have had a bit of frustration to unload. Cut for length. And rantiness. )

Hum. Didn't mean to get into full rant mode. Sorry. I'll go now.


May. 7th, 2011 03:38 pm
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Diet explanation )

Well, I've been on the expanded version of this diet, more or less, since December. It has helped a heck of a lot staying off of all starches and most sugars (honey being a godsend of an antibacterial sweet). I've gone through a good deal of detoxing in these past months, so I wasn't really prepared to be slammed with fatigue and brain fog for this round of detoxing.

But, yeah, I've been slammed.

Every now and again it lifts. I wrote over 2000 words and figured out how to solve a problem with my outline in a couple of those respites. That was awesome.

Then the fog sets in, and... I'm dumb again. I very nearly lost all of those 2000 words (a complete chapter) because I did something screwy when modifying and saving the story. I have no idea what. I can't remember which draft has what changes, so I need to read through everything again and again and again and again. If I'm suffering from fatigue as well, that makes everything take that much longer because I fall asleep in the middle (or beginning or end) and then need to reread what I read before because I need a refresher before I can (maybe) move forward.

And my complaint is that I don't know whether I'm suffering from detox or if I'm reacting. Because god knows my system is overly reactive. I could be reacting to something in the beef. It could be a reaction to the grape juice. Or the chemicals on the grapes... It could also, in the best case scenario, just be the bugs dying off which means it will lift soon and leave me feeling more energetic and healthy. But, it will be at least a few days before I know which is which.

Which is a few days too many in my book.

It will lift, and it should lift soon. But golldarnit, I'm tired of being tired.
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I made an approximation of vindaloo last night. I only added half the peppers called for, and it's still rather too hot. Poor Geoff wasn't able to finish his portion.

I'm starting to think it's possible those ground peppers are made from the ultra-nasty Thai peppers. Seriously hot stuff. *wipes brow and nose*

Ach well, it's a good way to get lots of water in me, right?

Happy Easter )

Roommate stressing )

Energy and weather frustrations )

Garden )

And I guess I should start thinking up a pre-con to do list. I really should. And I will.

Just not right now.
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I love being a Gemini with Pisces rising. My horoscopes for today:

Lately you've become so engrossed in the exciting changes going on in your life that you may be missing some long-range opportunities. Try to move your focus away from current tasks and toward what's left to tackle on your ambitious to-do list. It's time to think about your future -- and start laying the groundwork for the new direction you want to take. The scope doesn't have to be too wide -- just contemplate where you'd like to be by the end of the year.

A sweeping momentum carries you through the entire day, and it's quite a ride! But don't get too caught up in the excitement or laughter that surrounds you. There are many details you need to pay attention to if you want to keep on a positive track. Thinking big or getting distracted by long-range ideas won't help you right now. Instead, listen to the words people are using and the dates being chosen. These small details will have a huge influence.


Fortunately, I don't take newspaper style horoscopes seriously. Most of the time.

I've had a good and productive day. I was annoyed the DDoS attacks meant limited LJing, but on the other hand, I got eight out of ten things crossed off my to do list. I know there is a correlation, even if I don't want there to be.

Health and girl stuff )

Dinner was yummy. I put a small pork roast on top of a bunch of granny smith apple and onion slices and coated the roast with coconut oil and an almond crumb mixture (roasted almond crumbs that were left over from ages ago, cinnamon, white pepper, salt and mustard powder). God, that was good. I also parboiled and roasted a bunch of "baby" carrots in coconut oil, and they were faboo as well. The burned ones were dessert.

Aaaannnnnnd... that's about it. I need to go watch season 5 of Buffy with Geoff. Yes, that's a need, not (just) a desire. ;-D

Happy Thursday to you all should the DDoS boogieman strike again.
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2011: New England. Going back to school, this time starting off with a community college so as to avoid massive, untenable debt, to train to be an accountant. Started new diet which seems to be helping me solve a number of health problems, though it's slow going and frustrating but is looking like it will give me enough energy to be able to go through with the schooling.

2001: Decided to go back to school after a four year gap. Chose The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Awesome, awesome school. So, moved to Chicago with boyfriend!Geoff and lived with him for about three months before he found a job in Indianapolis and we ended up having a long distance relationship despite his moving with me to avoid that. The year started off awesomely, no matter how crummy it was at the end.

1991: Boulder. Seventh or eighth grade. Horrible. No memory of either.

1981: Boulder. Two or three years old. Don't remember much about it.

Life right now )

Aaaaannnnnd... that's about all I can think of. I need to get started on the day. I have little idea of what to start on, though it'll probably be making a pair of sweat pants for Page to wear to karate. I don't know where his other sweat pants got to, and I'm not buying the official outfit until this month's fees run out. Make sure he likes it. Besides which, I've been meaning to make him these sweat pants for about four months now. :-(

Oh dear

May. 31st, 2010 12:03 pm
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Shit week seems to be contagious. I'm sorry.

That said, shit week seems to have ended promptly on Saturday night for me. My mood has improved enormously, even if everything else is pretty much in the same state of being. I don't feel like giving up the ghost now, which is a relief. It means I probably was just exhausted/ill/overwrought rather than coming down with another batch of depression. Yay!

That said, I (really) am restarting my diet today (honest). My body is quite unhappy with me, so it's off the dairy, tomatoes and, most important of all all, sugar (morning tablespoon of molasses and most fruit excepted). Nuts too, at least for a little while.

Bleh. But being in a better frame of mind, I think I can do it without feeling deprived. I think. I hope.

Gods, it's nice to have hope again.

And, thinking about being good to myself, I need to go restart my morning routine. (What? There's still a couple minutes left in the morning! Besides, it's Monday. Monday is the morning of the week.)

*hugs* to those who want them.
*and gas masks for those who need them* (There's lots of smoke in the air from Quebec's wildfires.)
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Anyone willing to host a vegetative humanoid in need of a week's rest? Anyone? Beuhler?

I'm tired. It doesn't seem like I've done all that much, but I guess what I've done has caught up with me. That, however, is better than being depressed, which I thought I was this morning until I had a good (teary) look at what's going on.

So, I've rearranged my thinking and action a fair amount.

Read more... )

I'm still not feeling very communicative, but I'll leave the comments on just in case you care to weigh in. I probably won't respond, but, like the flist, I will read, think and feel.


Dec. 4th, 2007 03:20 pm
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The only thing that was of concern at Babe's check-up yesterday was that he's more or less gone off dairy. The doctor is concerned that he may not be getting enough calcium.

I'm realizing that I will *laughs* have to start making bread again. My bread is pretty healthy stuff, even if I don't do the whole grain thing. It certainly has more calcium and protein than the breads I buy. And it is far, far cheaper... about 1/5 the cost, including yeast, honey and all that.

Of course, this is just as I'm finishing up the dregs of all my baking supplies...

*laughs again while shaking head*

At least the only 'bad' ingredient that bread requires is flour. The yeast can proof in honey water, or maple water or even applejuice. The bread can be sweetened with any of those things. No more cinnamon rolls, but that's probably for the best anyway.

And when I finally get down to Whole Foods, I can pick up some protein laden powder (soy flour, for example) of some sort, as well, although just adding evaporated milk will substantially boost the protein content as well as calcium. That reduces the savings to only about 1/2, but it's not realy about money, is it?

But now to keep my diet from reverting to being bread dependant...


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